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29 thoughts on “READ: Supreme Court order declining to hear Texas election case”

  1. We already knew we could NOT trust Democrats (who are all communists or at minimum agree with 100% of the communist agenda), and we knew we could NOT trust the media to tell the truth, but I am shocked that the gutless wonders at the Supreme Court now also CANNOT be trusted. With the FBI a totally corrupted, criminal enterprise and the CIA being run by a communist like Brennan, exactly what can we trust in. We have Republicans, but half of them are RINOs and corrupted fools. The only choice left is rebellion.

  2. I get this news with a heavy heart, I’m not a snowflake by any measure. What I am very worried about are my kids and grandkids and what we are getting ready to leave them. I’m reading Slanted and while I knew there was a problem I really don’t think I realized how bad, it seems like there is no escape. People say you can vote your way in to socialism but you have to fight your way out. God help us all

    1. What do you think socialism is? It’s using tax money for the common good: like schools, libraries, highways, bridges, firemen, policemen, airports, hospitals and military. Which of these do you want to give up?

  3. We have no Law at all in our country, when states can cheat on voting, how are we leagally put a President in office when there is no Law in our country !!’n the Supreme Court won’t punish the states that change there Laws illegally aren’t punished by someone, I think the Biden’s let the Chinese release COVID on purpose!!!!

  4. This document points out that Texas did not have a remarkable complaint. By my opinion. We need to be more creative and point out something very interesting to the court. Perhaps with a bit of mystery. Another State has introduced a petition that focuses on the bad voting machines! That may be the one that gets the attention of the court.

  5. I say we should just start a civil war and retake our nation arrest all the elected officials hold tgem over and try them for there crimes against our republic as we all are aware are to numerous to even put down on paper besides its a waste of paper lets make all of it digital like they have pushed so hard for its time we stand as a nation or be enslaved and killed ill gladly die for my country on my feet. Not on my knees.

  6. America re-elected President for his nonstop hard work to make America great again, but the fake news media selected Joe Biden as the deep state told them to do. The 2020 election and it’s result was a third world election .Now we are scared to open our mouth in the public places to talk about it. We are getting a death threats for standing with president trump from those angry mobs every day. The person who could not even get more than 1000 people in his rallies could not defeat president trump. They selected him before even the ballots counted all over the country..The media they don’t have a right to decide and selected a president for the American people and they are not trusted no more.

  7. Very sad time to be a American, breaking my heart to know my grandkids will not know what freedom is and was . All are looking for what they can get and have now for nothing….. well the free isn’t our Forefathers gave everything for us and we have gave it away to be safe …. from what ?! A virus that death rate is .095 ? Kill off all hopes and dreams and any kind of small business? For what ? The unfortunate fact is people do die and what this ugh…… bs pandemic!!! All it did was soften you up for what’s to come . Only thing I can be happy and thankful for about what’s about to happen is I am here to help my kids , sorry but this is my heart talking

  8. Shoshana Petrushkin

    Dear Ms Attkisson,
    MY name is Shoshana Petrushkin and I just heard you on Glenn Beck Podcaste.
    Currently, I am living in Israel.
    What you said about getting the full and true news out to the people is a very important issue in my life.
    When you talked about donors who want to use their resources to help get valid news out, my ears pricked. For many years, I have been a major donor to Israelnewstalkradio.com which comes out of Judea and Samaria.
    I would like to ask you if you would be interested in being interviewed by Tamar Yonah who runs the station?
    Thank you for your attention.
    Shoshana Petrushkin

  9. The Democrats with the support of China appear to have already taken over the administration of our government at many levels. Americans that still recognize the difference between true and false will have to keep their mouth’s shut! Take down their social media accounts and hide the fact that they ever supported Trump unless they don’t need a job or career. American media has already converted to propaganda and those that haven’t will be shutdown by regulations from the CCP backed government. They apparently took over the United States without firing a shot. After the inauguration they can begin rounding up and “disappearing” dissidence. By 2024 the Democrat Socialist Party will win by a landslide! The judges and legislatures that chose to stay out of the fight in 2020 will be openly supporting the CCP and the Democrats Socialist Party.

  10. Lame reasoning to justify dodging a difficult case. We are all wronged when a state’s unconstitutional actions open the door to corruption in a national election. To my knowledge no court has had the courage to decide on the evidence. All have evaded justice.

  11. How can 18 states not have standing when constitutional law was violated in at least four other states where election rules were illegally changed and voter fraud was perpetrated on the voters for a national election that denies the real Presidential winner. All states and all Americans are impacted by this. It’s the same reason we have interstate commerce law. When individual states are involved in issues that cross their borders and affect other states it becomes a Federal issue. The election rules for national elections should trigger the same justice. The Supreme Court is obviously not made up of people with courage, vision or patriots. They are small minded, easily intimidated judges no different from the political hack judges in the lower courts.

  12. Sharyl,

    Impenetration of KARL-MARX-like mind-sets, from Abraham Lincoln
    forward, explain those FEMALE minds’ rejection of LOGIC (( btw, Roberts
    is psychologically female, as are the other leftist “men” on that court )).

    MASCULINE, Logic-driven Antonin Scalia’s murder was a MESSAGE
    by the Shadow CABAL, to the other jurists—not to stray from its Marxian
    ORTHODOXY, of an eventuated Global Economic Socialism—to
    be FAIR !


    1. P.S.

      You and Megyn,

      being both feminine

      and LOGICAL, comprise

      just 10%, or so, of the

      female population—to

      explain feminine and

      LOGICAL Ann Coulter’s

      frustration with female

      voters, blurting out one

      day, ANGRILY so :

      “I wish women didn’t have the vote!”


  13. Censorship is on us at lightening speed. I don’t know how much longer you’ll be able to be a true journalist. You’ll have to parrot the rest of the news media or you’ll be smeared or censored. With Google, Twitter, and Facebook (oh and let’s not forget Amazon) proving that they have more power than the President of the United States, they are poised to take power. Don’t be surprised to see Comey, Brannon and Clapper hailed as heroes in the not too far off future. The Democrat coup has been successful and there’s a lot of fools that have no idea what they’re in for. Guns, not a problem.

    1. When will the Media corpse be held accountable for fomenting division-distrust-and concocting propaganda in support of CCP objectives? …I guess following the money might yield a clue or two. If only five or six conglomerates own the Global News syndicate, is it unplausible to presume that some CCP-friendly Chinese oligarchs have already bought the US News platform? We also know that social media tycoons and avowed leftist Globalist minions were instrumental in spreading vicious slander and smears against President Trump, while enacting draconian censorship and shadow-banning initiatives against citizen-journalists, as well as the POTUS!
      At what point is a shutdown of the media corpse indicated in order to preserve the Republic and protect the constitutional rights of the US citizens?

  14. We get the government we deserve. We have allowed our government from the local community to Washington to drive us into the ditch and now we want a non accountable jurisdiction to pull us out.

  15. If unconstitutional irregularities are what determines a candidate who will be the President of the FEDERAL government of a nation that includes Texas, how does Texas NOT have a standing or a “cognitive interest”?

  16. JFK in the 1960’s permanently divided the nation into two separate and unequal classes: (1) unionized government employees and (2) the rest of us who pay them.

    The growing power of the unionized government workforce – now 20 million strong — who feed only off tax dollars and produce nothing —- goes a long way to explain our current national crossroads. And the very curious Biden-Harris election.

    Until we as a nation identify this growing enemy from within, that we created, and continue to revere the JFK legacy while overlooking this self-serving fatal act by JFK EO in the 1960’s, we will never understand our long slow decline into this current governance dysfunction.

    If re-patriating ten million illegal border crossing immigrants was thought to be impossible, try getting rid of 20 million government employees. Biden-Harris intends to grow those numbers with every program they present, as their new future for America.

    Pay attention to this hidden agenda in everything they say.

  17. Correction- 20 million is the total government employee work force, majority of which are unionized; not all 20 million are unionized. But listen to Biden-Harris who have stated upfront they intend to remove all barriers to workforce unionization.

    Also included in the Green New Deal and BLM agendas: eliminate right to work legislation, regardless of recent SCOTUS ruling to the contrary (Janus vs AFSCME).and demand all new jobs created by government funding be only union jobs.

    Net effect: Our tax dollars used to fund government employee union dues, which in turn funds even more Democrat political campaigns to create even more government employee union members..

    Government employee unions built the Trojan horse carrying in Biden-Harris. And counted the votes.

  18. It would seem to me that for Texas to be successful in its challenge to the changes in voter rules in the 4 states they would have had to challenge those changes at the time they were made. If that were to be the case then Texas would have had to believe that the changes were intentionally made to interfere in the results of the election.
    If that were the case then Texas would have had to assume that the 4 states were guilty before they committed a crime which I am sure AG Paxton would never allege. Now that we are all aware of the nefarious reasons for the change of the rules, it’s too late to challenge the results and we have very little to prove our case especially when the defendant states are using every means possible to preclude us from confirming what we know by denying everything and making us go through the courts who are demanding facts that the 4 states did something wrong but at the same time stop us from getting the facts via the courts and the time to cover up their tracks by wiping their records clean. A Rock and A Hard spot at its finest.

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