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2 thoughts on “The great SALT debate (State And Local Taxes) (PODCAST)”

  1. Hi! first let me say many years ago when you were on a Tampa, FL “local” news, and went to CNN my dad commented you’d go far :) Just wanted to say we always record your programs so we don’t miss any. On 12-13-20 program you had a man near the end of your program talking about racism – I think this part of your program should be shared. Would you consider putting on facebook so it can be shared? Thank you for your consideration. Will be praying to see what God directs about donating.

  2. Yes, the man discussing racism was fantastic! Maybe there will be more from him.

    The question of SALT was also very good and thought provoking. On that matter, it seems only a matter of time before push comes to shove. The exodus from high tax jurisdictions is very apparent.

    I can’t find any sympathy for the traitor John Yoo however. He deserves what he gets.

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