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3 thoughts on “The Incredible Mr. Lundgren (PODCAST)”

  1. I enjoyed the story that was on TV this morning.. Going back to the initial prosecution, I believe the scale of his refurbishment business is what ultimately led to his initial demise and prison sentence in 2018. Restoring one or two discs isn’t going to garner a prison sentence. In part two of his business, post prison, I’m assuming that he isn’t facing further legal troubles for the following reason: While he is recycling Tesla batteries for example, he isn’t refurbishing and recycling actual Tesla vehicles, therefore legally he is in the clear.

  2. Nicely done; informative stuff! I checked out Mr. Lundgren’s operation via a Gizmodo piece. This the type of topic and emerging story that might trouble and shock some in the coming years, but your listeners now have a good and helpful impression of it.

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