The last place in America to get coronavirus; unfinished federal investigations; Big Tech censorship

Turn on the news and when it comes to reporting on the coronavirus pandemic, you tend to see worst-case-scenarios, hot spots and big cities– which is understandable.

But in much of rural America, they’re having a very different-looking experience.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’m off to one of the last places in America to get its first case of coronavirus.

We’ll see how the rural community of Ekalaka, Montana is dealing with the pandemic.

One of the most interesting facets of their response is how they handled schools. When they got their first case of Covid-19 in the town not long ago, they held a school board meeting to discuss the possibility of closing schools. But students attended and pleaded for the schools to remain open. They’ve not only been able to stay open, but they played a full season of fall sports.

We’ll let you know how they did that, and how it turned out as part of my cover story Sunday.

Also, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, led by Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, a Republican, held a hearing this week that examined how tough it’s been for members to do oversight with so many federal agencies stonewalling, withholding documents and blocking information.

I was asked to give testimony about how journalism trends in covering such stories has impacted what happens in Washington D.C., and to discuss the lawsuit I’m pursuing against the federal agents who spied on me remotely via my computers while I was a reporter at CBS News.

It’s been seven years since CBS News publicly announced remote intrusion into my computers and the CBS News system, but the Department of Justice is still using taxpayer money to defend the guilty agents in court.

And there’s a lot of talk about Big Tech censorship. Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube– they’re all making sure you don’t see certain information, views and scientific studies.

The heavy hand of censorship is being criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. I decided to take a look at the questions Congress is asking and what they say they may have to do about Big Tech censorship.

And my new book, “SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism,” was released last week. Sales are strong as people are thirsty to understand what happened to journalism as we once knew it. Thank you for helping to make SLANTED an Amazon bestseller and listed on the USA Today list of top sellers!

There’s still time before the holidays to order SLANTED for yourself or someone who cares about trends in the news and where we go from here.

I have insider accounts from executives who led news divisions at CNN, CBS, ABC and more. You’ll also hear candid analyses about what’s happening to our industry from reporters and producers at news organizations from the New York Times to MSNBC.

There are chapters on the devolution of CNN, where I used to work, and the New York Times. And a list of more than 130 media mistakes in the era of Trump.

We never waste your time rehashing the same news you’ve heard all week. Find out where and when to watch on TV or online by clicking this link: How to Watch Full Measure

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4 thoughts on “The last place in America to get coronavirus; unfinished federal investigations; Big Tech censorship”

  1. It’s frightening to see that federal bureaucrats believe they are above the law and withholding information from the people they work for. What are they afraid of?

  2. Sharyl,

    What matters the corralling of Big
    Tech, if Black-Robbed Wh_res rule
    us ?

    [[ copy my below essay to paper, then remove it ]]



    Caligula Had Appointed His Horse

    to the

    Roman Senate !

    – – –

    President Obama Has Appointed


    Hispanic ‘Partialist’ Judge to the Court

    – – –

    Coining a Term

    Befitting Our


    U.S. Supreme Court :

    ‘Black-Robed Wh_ores’ :

    – both men and women –

    – – –

    Note: “Judicial Partialism” means: any court decision based upon a judge’s EMPATHETIC F E E L I N G S, such as empathy towards his/her own ethnic group—or dislike for another ethnic group; a heads-up warning for soon-to-be genocided and culturicided Whitey in this 21st Century America.

    21st Century America is Caligula’s Rome—all of Western civilization is!, if you’re honest about how far the Founders’ America, the West, has D E C L I N E D—beginning with Marxists’ Sixties Revolution; and declined in every :
    defined by the term,
    “C I V I L I Z E D.”

    We can be very thankful to President Obama—for having resisted appointing an affirmative-action HORSE to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    But, are we more secure or less secure in our Constitution, in our Bill of Rights – in our constitutional protections for, say, white men – for his having appointed, (( and for senators to have cowardly confirmed )) an Hispanic, affirmative-action and PARTIALIST judge ?

    Rule of law is badly damaged by her sexist and racist PARTIALISM—by her soiled appointment.

    Judge Sonia Sotomayor boldly, brazenly, shamelessly lied to senators, when she had responded: “Fidelity to the law,” after being asked about her judicial philosophy; a question that had probed her several SEXIST and ANTI-WHITE musings (( on at least four separate occasions, during her years-long judgeship )) to large groups of people, about how:

    “A Latina woman would make better decisions than a white man.”

    The Founding Fathers aren’t just spinning in their graves, but gathering their dusty remains to flee planet Earth, as Sonia Sotomayor takes her AFFIRMATIVE-Action seat on the U.S. Supreme Court!; and as white Americans await the next attack against the Founders’ America—in an affirmative-action appointment of the FIRST Gay-American or the FIRST Native-American or the FIRST Filipino-American or . . . , rather than a RATIONALLY/JUDICIALLY competent AMERICAN !

    America now is – actually – a “F I R S T O C R A C Y”—a poignant term coined by this scribbler years ago, after calls for the “FIRST Woman President“ got louder and louder by emotionally hysterical Leftism.

    One awaits – soundly!/logically! – for our FIRST openly PEDOPHILE President; or our FIRST REHABILITATED Murderer-in-President; or our FIRST brain-enhanced chimpanzee ?

    On the very day of her confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court, one deaf-and-blind Democrat senator had chided oppositional Republicans (( during an interview with an NBC reporter )): He had chided conservatives for “[their] taking one word out of one speech,” in order to vote AGAINST her!

    WHAT? / Huh?—and after we all heard that recording of Sonia joking about making law – about being an ACTIVIST judge! – and social-engineering from the bench ?

    That woman isn’t just an-in-our-face liar, she’s a La Raza member, which organization is as anti-white and anti-West as the KKK is anti-black and anti-Africa—and, yet, she DISGRACEFULLY occupies a seat on the highest court in the land, now ?

    Her confirmation hearings were one long string of Twilight-Zone-type, lie-by-evasion, non-responses to don’t-upset-the-Hispanic-voter “questioning” by de-testicled, cowardly, white senators—Left and Right.

    This is Twilight Zone, for every logic-driven mind that resides in America—fewer and fewer every year, while the Marxian Left’s emotion-driven feminism EMASCULATES rational MASCULINISM, in order to destroy the Men-Made West’s MERITOCRATIC capitalism for the East’s totalitarian communism—BECAUSE, as that dim-bulb and socialist/communist, Gloria Steinem, has EMOTIONALLY informed us :




    Read/study “The Greek Way,” by Edith Hamilton, to understand better the history of the free and democratic West (( America )) vs. the brutal and autocratic East (( China )).

  3. P. P.S.

    I had misspelled, “Robed,” in first line.

    It ought to read:

    “Black-Robed Wh-res” (( male! AND female ! )).

    “To us Russians…….Communism is a dead dog.
    But to you Westerners it is still a living lion.” -Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


  4. Sharyl
    In light of the new vaccine coming out there are two very important articles you should know about.
    Alert COVID-19: RNA-Type Vaccines Which Modify the Human Genome. Crackdown on Free Speech
    Former Pfizer Vice-President Dr. Michael Yeadon Questions Company’s Vaccine ‘Breakthrough’ Spin

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