The Righting interview about SLANTED and media criticism

The following is an interview about SLANTED conducted for TheRighting. Please note, Sharyl Attkisson, her news program, and her work are nonpartisan, though they have drawn interest and critical praise from many conservative observers — and liberal ones, too.

TheRighting Interview with MSM Critic and Author Sharyl Attkisson

Sharyl Attkisson has a list of journalism awards longer than Kayleigh McEnany’s eyelashes.  She’s reported on some of the biggest stories of our time for CBS News, CNN, PBS and Sinclair.  Yet after leaving CBS News in 2014, she has become a critic and watchdog of mainstream media which has, according to Attkisson, an underlying political narrative. In her latest book, “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism,” Attkisson takes aim at the practices of several of today’s mainstream media outlets that she charges are leading to the death of news as we once knew it.  These practices include: the abandonment of journalism ethics, the ubiquity of false media narratives,  the melding of facts and opinions in daily news reporting, and the proliferation of talking heads at the expense of actual news coverage on cable news networks.  TheRighting’s Howard Polskin reached out to Atkisson, who hosts Sinclair’s Sunday morning news program “Full Measure,” to conduct this email interview. 

Q.  Assuming I had an Aunt Ethel in Iowa who was a small town accountant or librarian, why should tell her to read your book?

Aunt Ethel has probably grown disgusted or disillusioned with the news or maybe has stopped watching altogether because she doesn’t recognize “the news” as being like it used to be or like she expects: a factual recitation of information that’s important and interesting. “Slanted” explains what’s behind the death of the news as we once knew it, tells where to go for reliable information, and provides a sliver of hope for the future.

 Q.  Several books about media bias have already been written charging the media with bias.  What’s different about “Slanted?”  

I don’t consider “Slanted” a book about media bias. It’s the third in a trilogy of my books that have tracked the death of the news as we once knew it. The devolution of journalism. This is an even bigger story than simple media bias. What’s different? I include insider insight, not only from my observations and experiences at CNN, CBS and PBS, but I also include never-before-heard reflections from top industry insiders who are also worried about the turn journalism has taken. This includes former top news division executives, reporters and producers at NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times and more. Also, I explain how the control of news narratives is linked to the Big Tech control online.

Q. What’s in the water cooler at CBS News that makes former star correspondents like you and Bernie Goldberg spill the beans about how the news gets shaped and supposedly pasteurized before broadcast?

(Continued…read the full interview at the link below)

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5 thoughts on “The Righting interview about SLANTED and media criticism”

  1. Sharyl,

    Re MEDIA Bias,

    And, by the way, somewhere in your website
    is my essay on media bias, “Lying Liberal . . . .”

    Any ideas in there may used without attribution!, as I’ve done with all recipients of scribblings
    over 30 years.

    Being a pamphleteer, in the mold of the Founders/Framers, I give my ideas away—having
    expended over $100,000 to date in that effort, here and across the Pond (( Levin attacked
    me one evening on-air, because I had provided no footnotes in something I had mailed to him—which is unnecessary whenever one EXTRAPOLATES to draw NEW ideas/material, as Aristotle had done )).

    Re this interview, the “They” are not LIBERALS
    but L I B E R T I N E S (( find and study this
    1994 book, by Leddihn :

    “Leftism From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse” )).


    1. P.S.

      Part of the expenditure has been my NEVER
      having recommended any book without my
      offer, firstly, to buy the book and send it out.

      I’ve 3 copies of Leddihn’s book—but can’t get it
      to you (( recall my initial efforts at finding a way
      to hand-off material to you, or an agent – office? –
      of yours, but . . . )).


      1. P.P.S.

        Extrapolate/Investigate this, captured from Helena’s page :

        “Robert Grant Laverty commented on About.

        “in response to Helena:

        “Growing up in Germany, my father was stationed there as head of Defense Intelligence for Europe, – and my brothers and I necessarily tagged along. We lived in East Berlin before the wall, Nurnberg and Heidelberg. Most often we lived off-base in crumbling mansions rented to the Army. Underground tunnels, fake libraries, bombed stairways that […]

        “Pleasure to come across you, via Paul Craig Roberts. Integrity, honor, and respect… wholeheartedly agree. I’m ex-Navy Surface Officer… ran into a spook party New Years Eve in Tel Aviv many years back. An odd game! My wife and I concur we’re also a little off, so your insights resonate. Keep it up, and have faith.”


  2. Quote, below, posted under this link :

    “ Did you know POTUS can use the insurrection act to call into service the US Armed Forces to address a conspiracy, in any state, which results in the deprivation of Constitutionally-secured rights, and where the state is unable, fails, or refuses to protect said rights? ”


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