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4 thoughts on “WATCH: Dominion Voting CEO testifies”

  1. Sharyl,

    Are trying to be “FAIR” and “BALANCED,” by
    posting a spokesperson for the Shadow Cabal’s
    (S)election of Chinese-controlled Biden & Co.
    —of this massive left-wing vote-theft ?

    A more revealing post might be news of
    Rothschild having patented Covid-19 in 2015,
    or of Hillary’s 8 felonies (( Comey had buried )),
    or of Epstein not having transitioned out of this
    plane—if truly Agency-hired/-connected, or . . .

    There’s a rule in debate contests:

    Never repeat your opponents’ case; a mistake
    Rush Limbaugh has made many, many times
    since beginning to air his show in ‘88 (( I’ve
    been sitting on a 10-chapter book on the many
    grave political/cultural mistakes which served
    Leftism’s march toward-hell-on-Earth politics.


    1. BTW:

      Your search engine can’t find subjects in posted messages, re “ravens and writing desks” (( the occult-interested actress, Shirley M., is privy to my Muse’s “rabbit hole” revelation )) :

      “Both Raven and Writing Desk
      may be used to send a message
      of impending death.” -RB



  2. Sharyl,

    Here’s another topically important phenomenon, to report, regarding those enemies of Sound Logic and friends of Devilish Emotion—enemies of the Founders’/Framers’ meritocratic America :

    certain brain-damaged religionists
    certain brain-damaged journalists :


    U.S. Bishops are DEMON-Possessed! – as is pretty leftist, Mary Bruce et al. – (( I’ve warned about/AGAINST those bishops for 3 decades!—explaining exactly what “possession” means in them, described in my “Psychology of Political Cross-Lateralization”; also known as, “The Donahue Sydrome” )) :



  3. Con's Piracy Watcher

    Let’s suppose for a moment that Dominion’s CEO is actually clueless about political intrigues-collusion-and any con-artist’s profit motives. But wait–he’s a CEO of a multimillion-dollar company that was purportedly acquired by Staple Street Capital in Nov. 2020- a company with ties to Obama. There’s also this tweet re Elizabeth Warren:

    Zach Vorhies
    Nov 15
    Why were Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar investigating Dominion Voting Systems and Staple Street Capital in December 2019? And why aren’t they speaking up now?


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