WATCH: Fire destroys Rochester, New York printing business after Nashville bombing and fire

A Christmas Eve night fire that bled over into Christmas Day destroyed a Rochester, New York printing office house in an historic building.

Officials say they don’t know the cause of the giant blaze at City Blue Imaging.

Watch the building collapse below:

Read more about City Blue Imaging at this link:

Separately, on Christmas Day, an explosion of an RV in Nashville destroyed numerous buildings including one belonging to telecom giant AT&T.

Police say the bomber was a man named Anthony Warner, who died in the blast. Three others were injured.

Authorities say the reason more people weren’t injured is because a warning announcement was made from the RV for some time before it exploded. A woman’s voice could be heard, apparently recorded, telling those within earshot that “This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now.”

Police reportedly said the van had also broadcast the 1964 hit song “Downtown” by Petula Clark.

Here’s an alleged view:

Watch surveillance video showing the moments before the explosion as well as the explosion itself:

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27 thoughts on “WATCH: Fire destroys Rochester, New York printing business after Nashville bombing and fire”

  1. It’s only a rumor, but I seem to recall hearing that this print shop produced ballots sent to PA. Is there more to this story?

  2. Maybe a link to the ballots that were printed and driven across state lines to Pennsylvania? I read somewhere that a former employee was shocked that there was no printing equipment in the fire?

  3. My first thought was why would anyone take out a printing operation… unless of course there were ballots printed there. Maybe some that were shipped via USPS to Pennsylvania in Gaylord boxes.. Who knows, let the spinning begin.

  4. Doesn’t it seems strange that these explosions were so close and may continue. We all know antifa will do anything to destroy our country and this seems to be doing rge same amount of damage I do not dobbt that these are domestic paid terrorists actions. We will see what happens next. Its sad. And our governor Gruesome Newsom is releasing a child killer who i am sure will do this again to another innocent child. Our democratic leaders need to be held accountable for damages and many deaths from their horrible leadership. They must be stood up to and stopped along with their fraud election procedures. .

  5. Was this printing facility the same one that printed fake 2020 ballots that were shipped to Pennsylvania? Was this fire an attempt to destroy more voter fraud evidence?

  6. We Know there was rampant Election Fraud, in All Cities that stopped counting, on Election Night! I suppose people could be attempting to eliminate some forms, of “Evidence!” As if it really matters, at this point! WE Will NEVER Trust, Another National Election!!

  7. If you’ve ever read Ty Bolinger’s “Monumental Myths” both of these events (considering the “timing”) fall right into place – remember who’s doing all the “reporting”
    Further consideration of a much bigger picture (where these events fit right in) is at:
    (starts with a 03:52 commercial)

    If you haven’t read Sharyl’s book, “Slanted”, get it …. lot’s of pieces, one puzzle.

  8. We would be amiss if we did not connect the dots. We also know who pays Antifa.
    We know who used Dem donations (laundered from actblue ) to bail them out when arrested.
    Antifa does act beyond the orders of Dems and associates, shall we say. They are demanding much more from the Dem party for helping them fraud the election. The woman cofounder said she is Marxist trained and here to destroy, not negociate.
    Add to those remarks of hers ,the question trained by whom?
    We have to get this solved now. Waiting by to see if they will do what they tell us they will do is fatal to WTP of America

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