WATCH: Adam Carolla: “You can’t cancel me”

(Original air date: 11/15/2020)

Entertainer Adam Carolla frequently addresses cancel culture and the seemingly-widespread chipping away at the First Amendment. His documentary No Safe Spaces examines this challenge to free speech on college campuses. I spoke with Carolla in Los Angeles about his latest book “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal: Navigating Our All Woke, No Joke Culture.”

Adam Carolla: I just try to figure out which way the wind is blowing and I write my books, and my jokes, and my commentary based on things that either have happened, are happening, or going to happen. So you’ll read stuff in the book like it’s in the book, which is ‘we’re going to cancel Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima,’ except for that was written six months before they canceled Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima. So if you kind of have your ear to the ground and your antennas facing true north, you’ll start feeling and hearing things happening before they happen. That’s what’s in the book.

Sharyl: What is the value of knowing it if you can’t, if you disagree with it, stop it or change the course of it?

Carolla: I would say, take something like diversifying your portfolio, and I’m not talking about your stocks and bonds, but I understood which way the wind was blowing in Hollywood over a decade ago. The reason I make documentaries and we’re sitting in one of my warehouses where I do podcasting, and the studios that I built, and I write books, and I travel, and I do stand up, is because I understood. I didn’t know if there was going to be a place for me in a traditional Hollywood model doing a sitcom or whatever format. I knew I liked to speak my mind. I knew that my ideas did not comport with many other people in Hollywood. I suspected I’d be unable to earn a living if we got to where this is going, which is where we are now. But, you can’t cancel culture me. I own the building. You can try, but I make the docs, I write the books, I make the building. I live outside of the Hollywood world and that was intentional.

Sharyl: Looking at “No Safe Spaces”, you have liberals and conservatives agreeing about the value of free speech and looking at some of outrageous behavior that’s happened. But what kind of reception has that gotten and what’s your response to that?

Carolla: Well, I think the people who went into it with a preconceived notion of not wanting to like it, those people have sort of made it into a self-fulfilling prophecy, where ‘I told you it was right-wing propaganda’ or whatever it was. I think anyone who watched it, who entered from a neutral kind of balance, open posture which is, “Oh, what is this? I would like to consume it,” they probably walked away with a completely different point of view or opinion. Like many things in our society, it’s been kind of predetermined by whichever side you’re on, to either embrace it or reject it before it’s been sampled, which is not what we’re looking for as a society, but it’s definitely where we’re at.

Sharyl (on camera): Carolla’s “No Safe Spaces,” is out now and features comedian Tim Allen, and former Obama adviser Van Jones among others.

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5 thoughts on “WATCH: Adam Carolla: “You can’t cancel me””

  1. I loved your book which was badly needed. I always felt the news had become too much about the reporters opinions. You explained it all. I have also learned that Bill Gates gives hundreds of millions to the media and reporters and actually trains them in how he would like them to handle issues. Keep up the good work we need you.

  2. Full Measure Team,


    “ Sharyl (on camera): Carolla’s “No Safe Spaces,” is out now and features comedian Tim Allen, and former Obama adviser Van Jones among others.”

    See below, “Tim Allen is . . . “


    Possible Clarifications of your program’s title :

    —“Full Measure of Truth”?
    —“Full Measure of Facts”?
    —”Full Measure of How They Might Be Lying to Us”?
    —“Full Measure of Anomalous Events”?
    —“Full Measure of Journalism as Factualism”? (( Jeff Katz passed along my idea, so that a local reporter now says, “I’m a FACTUALIST!” )).


    Tim Allen is left-hemisphere LOGICAL while
    Van Jones is right-hemisphere EMOTIONAL.


    Other steps used to cover-up a false-flag operation :

    1. Apply “Hero Status” upon unaware actors, to psychologically block would-be whistleblowers.

    2. Create a compensation fund for victims, to psychologically block those might-be-inclined lawsuits;

    3. Send out witness-tampering agents, to warn folks against any attempt at “conspiracy theories”;

    4. Demonstrate control of a potentially unflattering public narrative, by death of a few “troublemakers”;

    5. Hammer approved narrative into the public mind, using ANTI-anomalous-reports and name-calling.

    6 . . .



    Dictionary :

    “anomalous [ uh-nom-uh-luhs ]


    “adjective :

    “deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal:

    “Advanced forms of life may be anomalous in the universe.

    “not fitting into a common or familiar type, classification, or pattern; unusual:

    “He held an anomalous position in the art world. incongruous or inconsistent.

    “Grammar. irregular.”

  3. Ed (metaphorsbwithu)

    Yep. Carolla makes a good point about seeing what’s coming down the road. People were mocked for years predicting what we see now and the kicker is even saying what everyone sees is true will still get you mocked and even “disappeared”. Btw, the cancel culture” had many test runs to determine how far they could go and still get away with it. I remember decades ago when the picture of “Aunt Jemima” was “modernized” because it was considered a racist stereotype. Many of us said back then it was only a matter of time. This long-going war against cultural staples like Amos ‘n’ Andy, the “Frito Bandito”, Sugar, Big Gulps, beef, ethnic humor, Christianity, Christopher Columbus, anything the left loathes, were all steps in getting to

    1. Re “even disappeared,” Ed :

      January 3, 2021

      My Post Below

      Sharyl’s PAGE :

      Full Measure Team,

      Saturday night news – NBC News, by Lester Holt –

      reported a VERY C U R I O U S phenomenon, in

      order to GET OUT FRONT of a growing number of

      people ASKING : Where is the normal year-to-year

      FLU-bug statistic (( that graph-line!, which is NEVER

      shown in news reports next to the Covid-19 line )) ?

      Well, NBC had reported this Orwellian reason/LIE:

      “Flu and cold cases
      are down 98%.”

      Why ? ! /

      What ? ! /

      Huh ? ! /

      Where’s my “Take-A-Bromine” pill ? !

      —Because, claimed the reporting PHYSICIAN :

      “All of the efforts
      used to combat
      Covid-19 dropped
      cold an flu rates.”

      So, our INSANE keep-safe efforts can knockdown
      the normal flu-rate, down 98% ! ! !—but can’t knock
      back that LOCK-Down-the-Christian-West Covid-19
      bug? – and its STAY-Locked-Down V A R I A N T ? ! –
      while the Christian-hating, ATHEIST-steeped China
      is COVID-Free, and back to NORMAL, as reported by
      both CBS and ABC last week ? !

      Now, YOU may SEE/FEEL just how DEEP and EVIL
      this Deep State’s Control and Power is—as if its having
      stolen this election from Trump for that BABBLING
      BUTT-Head Biden is not PROOF Enough for YOU !


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