What you’ve been asking for: A (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud.

It’s easy to find articles claiming that there was no election fraud, or that it was “not widespread,” or that it was not enough to “make a difference.” It is less easy to find some of the actual complaints and allegations, unfiltered and undistorted. 

Here is a (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims involving 2020 election miscounting, errors or fraud.

Please note that this resource lists allegations. It is intended neither to validate nor disprove any particular claim. The information and links help provide counterpoints to widespread, one-sided media reporting so that you can research and make your own judgements. All elections officials accused of improper counting or fraud have denied any improprieties.

The legislatures of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan and Arizona are among those who have been holding public hearings on election fraud issues.

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An anonymous email sent to the Justice Department criminal division and Arizona legislature alleged that in Pima County, 35,000 votes were fraudulently embedded in advance of the election on behalf of each Democratic candidate at the local and federal level. The allegation coincides with a spike or “injection” of 143,000 votes noted at 8:06 p.m. on election night.

According to the email, discussed at a hearing, Pima County Democrats held a meeting on Sept. 10, 2020 in which plans were detailed to illegally inject 35,000 votes for each Democrat at the outset in statistically adjusted embeds that could be written off as human error if audited.

There was no proper validation of 1.9 million signatures on mail in ballots.

Dominion machines were connected to the internet, according to a witness at a GOP hearing, raising serious security issues.

A hearing witness states she was instructed to allow people to vote who were not registered in the state, who were not on the voter rolls, who had out of state driver’s licenses, who not had been residents long enough, who had not registered in time or who said they were registered in another state. However, pro-Trump voters from other counties were sent away, she says. She also says somebody apparently brought homeless people from outside the precinct in to vote. She also says 13,000 votes, when counted, were unobserved by Republicans.

She says just what she personally observed over five hours in one day impacted approximately 2,000 votes. She also said a poll observer for Democrats from California told her he was there “to help turn this precinct blue… this is one of our problem ones.” He told her they were also focusing on Maricopa County.

A Republican Party leader says she watched votes for Trump be changed to or counted for Biden once they were place in the machine. In a lawsuit, she also says in parts of Maricopa County there were not proper safeguards verifying that mail-in ballots came from registered voters. She also says Republicans were not allowed a proper view of the counting process. (More to come from Arizona hearing soon…)

Watch: Arizona hearing

State officials blame “a data error” for conflicting and fluctuating results in one county that dropped the appearance of Biden’s lead by 6,000 votes, and then posted it back again.

Read More


Two men are charged with voter fraud after they allegedly submitted more than 8,000 fraudulent voter registration applications for homeless people between July and October 2020.



Allegations of “clear evidence of vote switching” from Trump to Biden, including 30,000 votes among several counties.

There were illegal votes from as many as 2,560 felons; 66,247 underage residents; 2,423 people who were not registered; 4,926 people who registered in another state after Georgia; more than 395 people who voted twice; 8,718 dead people; 2,664 who received absentee ballots outside the deadline; illegally blocked observers; failure to properly match signatures and verify identify and eligibility. That’s according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of President Trump on Dec. 4.

Statistical analysis shows Biden pulling from behind in improbably consistent increments in Georgia and other states. “On Wednesday, Nov. 4, the New York Times reported President Trump was leading in Georgia by 103,997 votes. Then the Times’ continuous voting updates showed ballots arriving for Biden in multiples of 4,800 votes over and over again. In some vote dumps, the President actually lost votes.” This continued until Biden pulled ahead by almost exactly 1,000 votes, gaining 104,984 votes in multiples of 4,800. 

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In Fulton County, all 900 military ballots went for Joe Biden. The 100% military vote rate for Biden seems improbably in conflict with the 2016 split, where Trump reportedly won the overall military vote 60% to 34%, according to attorney Lin Wood.

On election night, Georgia election officials suspended the vote count, citing a water leak in a master pipe. When Republican observers left, thousands of votes were counted, exclusively for Joe Biden. When people inquired, there was no work order for any leak. The only reported leak that night was a small leak in a toilet that “had nothing to do with a room with ballot counting,” according to a lawsuit filed by attorney Lin Wood. This was confirmed by a later investigation held by a state official.

Read Lin Wood Lawsuit

Election workers put masses of ballots in the wrong stacks and blocked Republican observers; there were suspiciously “pristine” “pre-printed” ballots; thousands of voters registered at specific, fraudulent addresses; 20,311 absentee or early votes were cast by people who were registered as having moved out of state; 96,000 votes were illegally counted for Biden; absentee ballot signatures were not properly matched. That’s according to attorney Sidney Powell’s lawsuit. The lawsuit also states that Dominion voting machines allowed for manual manipulation of vote tallies and alteration of settings to put ballots in a “question” pile where they can be deleted.

Read Sidney Powell Lawsuit

Attorney and registered Democrat Carlos Silva says he observed “widespread fraud” in several precincts, always benefitting Biden. At one precinct, a stack of absentee ballots had perfectly filled out black bubbles and, as poll workers went through the stack, he heard them call out Biden’s name “more than 500 times in a row.” At a second precinct, he observed similarly filled in black bubbles for Biden on absentee ballots and poll workers moved him away from his observation position. He observed absentee ballots for Trump counted for Biden; says the required signature verification process was not being followed; and thousands of the “perfect bubble” ballots were for Biden, with no state or local candidates selected. The claims are filed in a sworn declaration.

Read Declaration

Government data indicates “well over 100,000 illegal votes [in Georgia] were improperly counted, while tens of thousands of legal votes were not counted.” That’s according to the Thomas Moore Society’s Amistad Project, which has filed litigation questioning more than 200,000 Georgia ballots.

Read More

Gov. Brian Kemp illegally authorized election officials to open outer envelopes of absentee ballots three weeks before the election, which is prohibited by state law, according to a lawsuit.

A Project Veritas video claims observers heard votes for Trump being counted for Biden.

See Video

Some voters who requested a mail-in ballot but instead decided to vote in person on Election Day were denied the chance to vote in person, according to a witness. The witness also said many such voters were denied the opportunity to cast a “provisional” mail-in ballot on Election Day. Signatures on mail-in ballot envelopes weren’t verified during the recount, says a witness. Some counties didn’t recount ballots by hand, but improperly used machines. One observer said he saw a batch of ballots that was suspiciously “pristine,” almost all for Biden, and “there was a difference in the texture of the paper.” 

At a Milton, Georgia, precinct, poll workers were asked to sign a chain of custody letter a day and a half before the voting machines arrived, according to a witness. She also said the machines were not sealed or locked as required, and the serial numbers didn’t match.

One observer described many batches of ballots in which every vote was for Biden, and says he saw that the watermark on some ballots differed from the rest. 

Read More

Read Declaration

More than 1,000 early/absentee votes were cast by people whose registered addresses are at post offices, UPS, and FedEx; willfully disguising the box numbers as ‘Apt,’ ‘Unit,’ etc. in violation of state election law. That’s according to Matt Braynard, former data and strategy director for President Trump’s 2016 campaign. (A sample of 15 such address entries in a Nov. 24 tweet):

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The hand recount was not legitimate because pro-Trump observers were not allowed proper access, according to multiple observers. Some votes for Trump were placed into piles for Biden. Some ballots from the “No Vote” and “Jorgensen” candidate trays were moved to the “Biden” tray, according to one witness. 

A recount monitor flagged a 9,626-vote error in the hand recount in DeKalb County, according to the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party in a declaration. One batch had 10,707 votes for Biden and 13 for Trump. But the true count was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump. Two official counters had signed off on the miscounted batch.

Read Affidavit

Read More

A post-election audit and recount discovered memory cards with thousands of uncounted ballots, most of them for Trump, two weeks after the election: 508 in Walton County, 2,600 in Floyd County and 2,755 in Fayette County. The discovery cut Biden’s lead in the state by more than 1,400 votes.

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In one county, 3,300 votes were found after the election on memory sticks that had not been loaded into the central vote tally system. There are no procedures to ensure the security of the USB drives reporting vote tallies, according to a lawsuit.

Georgia election officials allegedly intended to alter and/or wipe machines. A judge granted attorney Lin Wood’s emergency request to preserve the machines as-they-are while other motions are considered (Sunday, Nov. 29).

Read Judge’s Order

Security camera video presented at a hearing in Georgia purports to show while a room was emptied and counting paused, a few officials pulled groups of ballots out of four suitcases and counted them without legal observers present.

Watch the video here

Watch Georgia Senate hearing here

Multiple poll observers claim they were not allowed close enough to do proper observation or were moved out of the counting rooms entirely.

Supervisor Marcia Ridley of the Spalding County Board of Elections said a “technical glitch” in two Georgia countries that caused machines to crash for several hours on Election Day was triggered by something Dominion Voting Systems uploaded the night before. However, the Secretary of State’s office contradicted that information when questioned under oath stating: “It’s not true … I’m not really sure why she said that.”

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An analysis of a Dominion voting machine shows 37 votes were moved from Trump to Biden in one small county, according to information presented at a state hearing. Trump attorneys claim when extrapolated statewide, it would add up to 14,000 votes, while Biden won Georgia by 10,000 votes.

On Nov. 18, Cobb County shredded white privacy envelopes for absentee ballots, which are required to be saved under Georgia law to show if each ballot arrived via mail Nov. 18; stacks of absentee ballots had never been folded though they would have to be to be properly mailed; some ballots were kept in Dominion officials’ cars in violation of security procedures; when observers were dismissed from State Farm Arena, counting went on for two hours without them and during this time period Biden pulled ahead; for 2% of ballots in Fulton County there was no proper chain of custody (an amount greater than Biden’s lead in the states); ballots were transported in an insecure fashion without the required security tags, 25,000 people voted who had filed permanent out-of-state change-of-addresses. All of that is according to witnesses at a Georgia State House hearing on Dec. 10.

Watch Georgia State House hearing


Live online election results from Associated Press (AP) appear to show some sort of glitch, with Trump seeming to lose 6,000 votes in a span of two minutes.


A forensic analysis of two Antrim County Dominion voting machines reportedly shows: data from the election was improperly deleted on Nov. 4, the software is designed to have an unacceptably high “error” rate of 68% when federal law only allows a fractional error rate. An attorney representing a voter in a lawsuit says the high error rate allows for unsupervised “adjudication” of the bulk of the votes, which opens up the possibility of fraud. Dominon denies any impropriety.

Listen to interview with attorney here

Read Sidney Powell lawsuit

Read More

Forensic analysis by a former military intelligence analyst alleges proof of foreign interference and/or access in the election. It shows Dominion’s voting machine server connected to Iran, China and Serbia. Also, the analyst says records show HongKong Shanghai Bank became collateral agent for Dominion voting systems on Sept. 25, 2019. The declaration is contained in the lawsuit filed by attorney Sidney Powell and includes screen shots and a summary of the evidence. 

Read analysis

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Detroit worker Jessy Jacob states in a declaration that she and others were directed to backdate about 100,000 absentee ballots, or about 10,000 per day to make them appear legal even though they were not in the Qualified Voter File and had not arrived by the deadline. She also testified that leading up to Election Day, Detroit poll workers skipped voter ID checks.

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Read Jacob Declaration

Wayne County Board of Canvassing member William Hartmann, a Republican, says in a sworn declaration that Michigan’s largest county certified results knowing there were massive discrepancies between the approved voter files and the ballots cast and counted in Detroit. 71% of Detroit’s 134 absentee voter counting boards were “left unbalanced” and many unexplained, he said in a statement. He also said birth dates in voter ID files were “altered.”

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In an Oakland County commissioner race, incumbent Republican Adam Kochenderfer was told he lost, but a later review determined he won. The director of elections blamed the mistake on “a computer issue” that caused Rochester Hills to incorrectly send in results for “seven precincts as both precinct votes and absentee votes” when they should only have been counted once, as absentees. 

Results were reversed in Antrim County after it first appeared Biden beat Trump in a landslide by 6,000 votes there. Michigan officials later blamed “user error” for the incorrect results, and declared Trump actually won the county. The state blamed an Antrim County clerk for failing to properly “update software used to collect voting machine data.” The reason the information got a second look is because people who know the county thought the initial Biden landslide seemed unlikely. But officials say the mishap never affected totals.

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An observer in Detroit told a Michigan State Senate hearing that numerous military ballots that looked like “Xerox copies” and were all marked for Democrat Joe Biden. She said election workers manually entered fake birthdates on the records of non registered voters to override the system and allow their votes.

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Michigan observer flags chain of custody issues, machines improperly collected to Internet, and other problems.

Watch for Details


A lawyer for the Trump campaign alleges that 40,000 people voted twice in Nevada.

Voting machines were not secure or password protected, according to a Trump campaign attorney at a Dec. 3 court hearing, and votes disappeared on machines between logging off and logging in. However, they point out they cannot get access to the machines to examine and figure out why.

Watch the court hearing

There was an inexplicable jump in voter registrations with unusual addresses and incomplete information. That’s according to an affidavit  filed by a data scientist who said there was a “historically strange” spike of 13,000 voters who registered with missing information, such as gender and age. There were also registrations that used casinos and RV parks as their address.

The Trump campaign claims gift cards and other incentives given away in a a get-out-the-vote effort aimed at Native Americans was illegal. The organizing group says it is not.

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Republicans say they identified several thousand voters who appear to have cast ballots after they moved from Nevada.

The Voter Integrity Project says 8,443 people who voted in Nevada did not meet the legal residency requirements.


At a hearing, the Trump campaign said over 1,500 ballots were cast by dead voters, 42,248 people voted more than once, of those who are on record as not voting: 1% actually did, and 2% of those who supposedly voted by mail say they never got a ballot.


Ballots of approximately 1,400 voters illegally listed postal facility addresses as residential. That’s according to Matt Braynard, of Trump’s 2016 election campaign. Braynard also says large percentages of registered Republicans say they voted absentee, while the state data indicates they didn’t.

A statistical analysis of New York Times data in Philadelphia claims a suspicious string of voting “ratios” benefitting Biden, as also happened in Georgia. By 11pm Election Day, Trump was leading Biden by about 285,000 votes. Then, 347,768 votes from somewhere dumped into the system in 44 batches in increments of approximately 6,000, 12,000, or 18,000 additional net votes for Biden. As a result, Biden came back from an election night deficit of 285,000 to a 46,000 vote win four days later.

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1.8 million absentee ballots were mailed out for the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, but 2.5 million were counted, according to testimony at a Pennsylvania state hearing.


One incident recorded on video indicates 2,600 to 2,700 votes were not initially counted, that “ballots didn’t transfer over like they should have.” The voting machine company, Dominion, was troubleshooting, but nobody could explain.


Dominion Voting Systems’ executives canceled a planned appearance at a hearing in Pennsylvania on Nov. 20.

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Read More

Registered Republicans requested 165,412 ballots that ultimately were not returned or counted. A statistical analysis determined up to nearly 54,000 ballots were improperly requested by someone other than the registered voter and sent to people who did not request them; and Republicans mailed up to nearly 45,000 ballots that did not ultimately get counted.

Read Declaration

A poll watching attorney in Pittsburgh, David Shestokas, says observers were kept from observing the ballot tabulations, saying the ballots are therefore illegal.

Read More

There were 47 missing USB cards, according to a poll worker.

Read More

A truck driver for a subcontractor with the U.S. Postal Service claims that a trailer he was driving with as many a 288,000 ballots disappeared from its parked location, at a Lancaster, Pa., USPS depot, after he dropped it off. He says he transported them from New York.

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Gregory Stenstrom claims he saw a Dominion Voting Systems vendor inserting flash drives into voting aggregation machines in Delaware County, and co-mingling flash drives from aggregation machines, possibly hurting the ability of auditors to properly certify results, according to a Pennsylvania legislature hearing.


A social worker at the Mexia State Supported Living Centers in Texas is charged with illegally submitting 67 voter registration applications for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities without signatures or meaningful consent, including some who are not eligible because they are totally mentally incapacitated.


Affidavits and statistical analyses allege more than 318,000 illegal ballots were counted, 15,000 mail-in ballots were lost, 18,000 were “fraudulently recorded” in the name of voters who never asked for mail-in ballots, 7,000 ineligible voters who had moved out of state voted illegally, Biden over performed in places using Dominion voting machines, and elections officials directed workers to “cure” or fix ballots with no witness address, or with voter certification missing on absentee ballot certificates and envelopes even though the law states such ballots are not to be counted, according to a lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell.

Read Sidney Powell lawsuit

A USPS subcontractor claims he was told the postal service planned. to improperly backdate tens of thousands of ballots after the Nov. 3 election.

Read More

Elections officials twice found batches of missing ballots in voting machines. 

Read More

A disability service coordinator who works with adults in assisted living facilities and group homes in and around Milwaukee, says every one of her more than 20 clients told her that they were either pressured to vote for Biden or had a vote cast for Biden before they ever had a chance to see their ballot.

Read More

There were illegally altered and illegally issued absentee ballots; and government officials gave illegal advice to voters. That’s according to a Trump campaign filing.

Read More

The Trump campaign questions an estimated 238,420 ballots from two counties, Dane and Milwaukee, where election clerks filled in missing information on the certification envelope; where voters declared themselves “indefinitely confined”; and roughly 69,000 absentee ballots cast in person before Election Day. Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes.

There was a suspicious spike in voters registering as “indefinitely confined,” which allows them to be exempt from presenting a photo ID to vote. Year to year, the number of voters calling themselves “indefinitely confined” increased 238% from 72,000 to 243,900. UPDATE: Wisconsin’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of Republicans in a lawsuit stating that coronavirus and stay-at-home orders were not legitimate reasons for voters to vote without ID as “indefinitely confined.”

Read More

Nearly 400 absentee ballots that were not initially counted were later found. Officials blame “human error.”

Read More

A trickle of votes that had Trump in the lead all night suddenly shifted when 170,000 votes, 5% of the total state count, came in one giant dump 17 times larger than average.  Before the dump, Trump was ahead by 108,000 votes. He fell behind by 9,000 votes an instant later.  

Read More

Allegations about Dominion voting machines

Dominion machines can be altered to manipulate tallies in just a few minutes, using malicious code, according to Princeton professor of computer science and election security expert Andrew Appel.

A ballot can be spoiled or altered by the Dominion machine because “the ballot marking printer is in the same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot box,” a study by University of California–Berkeley said.

The voting machines are susceptible to hacking or remote tampering because they are connected to the internet, even though they’re not supposed to be, according to a lawsuit. “If one laptop was connected to the internet, the entire precinct was compromised.”

There is evidence of remote access and remote troubleshooting, “which presents a grave security implication,” according to Finnish computer programmer and election security expert Hari Hursti. His declaration also claims the activity logs of the voting machines can be overwritten by hackers to erase their steps.

Dominion machine operators can change settings to exclude certain ballots from being counted. The ballots can be put in a separate file and deleted simply, according to Ronald Watkins, a software and cyber-security expert who reviewed the Dominion software manual. He also said final vote count involved machine operators copying and pasting the “Results” folder onto a USB drive, a process he calls “error-prone and very vulnerable to malicious administrators.”

Read what Dominion has to say:


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225 thoughts on “What you’ve been asking for: A (fairly) complete list of (some of) the most significant claims of 2020 election miscounts, errors or fraud.”

        1. …and our Attorney General reports that the Justice Department can find no substantive evidence of voter fraud…this tells me either they did not look for evidence, or they do not want to find evidence of widespread voter fraud.. ATTY GENERAL BARR…I AM EMBARRASSED FOR YOU, AND BY YOU…You should turn in your license to practice law anywhere in the nation..Such corruption is breathtaking!!!

          1. Either that or you’re simply wrong. You may want to consider that very real and distinct possibility. In fact no claims of widespread voter fraud have been proven, despite 60+ lawsuits and two tries at the Supreme Court.

            This may come as a surprise to you but not everything Trump says is the truth. In fact much of it isn’t, like these false claims he won the election. Supporting an undemocratic coup are you?

      1. ‘He said – she said’ doesn’t hold up in court… for a very good reason, this country is the home of liars on both sides. (guess who ‘their father’ is?). Wish the Dems had gotten as excited when Baby Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004 (for starters). We have to grow up, pay attention to the details (it is hard for most Americans) and be willing to ‘get involved’. We are soooo lazy.

    1. What about Va? There was corruption here too with polls being shut down and them pulling out votes that were ONLY for Biden-statistically impossible!

      1. Yes, I’ve seen info that VA was stolen too. I don’t have links, but people were looking into it. I think I saw something on Sidney Powell’s twitter about VA. I have a friend who lives in VA and she’s convinced it was stolen from Trump. Also, I believe there was a Democrat woman running for Congress, who is apparently former CIA, and she magically found thousands of votes for herself on a USB stick. Democrats seem to find ballots all over the place. I can’t believe they are getting away with this massive theft. If nothing happens to rectify this, then we know this nation is lost. FBI, CIA, DHS, and DOJ are totally corrupt.

    2. Google put up a targeted block of the web resource at that URL. It is interesting due to the unique characteristics of the “something went wrong” content. Google must have something to block specific things outright without regard to other internal functions. It looks more like a security block than, say, something wrong with internal functionality.

  1. Thank you for this. I hope for the sake of our Democratic Republic that all of these questions about voter fraud and election fraud will be answered completely

    1. Democratic Republic is usually a euphemism for a communist state, such as the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) or the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North).

    1. Excellent question We might start a movement to defund the FBI and go back to funding the local police departments whom do their job when permitted.

  2. Thank you Sharyl for the compilation of Voter fraud that occurred in the election.
    Now, not withstanding this plethora of mounting evidence, why is it that so many Americans either don’t know or don’t care? I need a simple, straight forward comment that will stick my pencil through a liberal Attorney’s fraud deniers heart

    1. Sadly Al, these are all allegations and have been not founded to be true. I have a friend actually listed in one of these supposed fraud cases of voting from out of state in Nevada. Her husband is in the military among many others on that list which was part of a frivolous lawsuit. Please do read the outcomes on many of these alleged cases.

  3. The maddening part of this that makes me sick is how any judge could rule against this. That our country is being stolen right in front of my eyes. That despicable characters have purposefully done this. Why would any candidate not be America first? That we could be ruled and controlled by Hollywood actors and media pundits supporting a corrupt Democrat party who lies freely and has no fear of suffering a consequence for their speech or actions.

    1. I totally hear you Brian. I’ve always known the govt and courts were corrupt and this is unfortunately proving that I was right. I don’t know where we go from here. The only positive I see is that there are about 75 million Trump voters who now realize that our elections are rigged. The fix was apparently in for Hillary in 2016 with Hammer and Scorecard (according to Lt. General McInerney), but apparently there was a glitch, so Trump was an accidental President and they made him and his supporters pay for it. (also, fwiw, Dr. Kershavarz-Nia says CIA’s Hammer and Scorecard are real https://www.zerohedge.com/political/smartest-man-room-just-joined-sidney-powells-team)

      I personally think this is all about the central bankers being ready to usher in the WEF’s Great Reset (not a “conspiracy theory”–look it up, they even wrote a book on it), and it comes from the left, so they need the Dems in power. I think the Dems and their deep state partners in the intelligence agencies went on a stealing rampage because they want the Dems to have the Presidency, House and Senate, so they can claim a “mandate” for radical changes, like the WEF’s Green New Deal and more. Trump is not on board with the covid scam (he wants to open up and rebuild the economy), so he had to go.

      America is basically run by an oligarchy behind the scenes. And what we have is a two-party dictatorship.

  4. We need a revote. Done in 3 days only…no ballot harvesting — WHICH IS ILLEGAL!! And what about California, Oregon and Washington state?? They verified their elections WAY WAY WAY before the polls closed!! PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO JAIL OVER THIS!!! I will N-E-V-E-R recognize a fraudulent President Biden. NEVER.

    1. I agree 100% not 0nly will he never be my president, honestly he is not even the democrats president as he was not elected but installed. ONLY a democrat could be cold hearted enough to ignore this evidence.

    2. Here in Colorado Ballot Harvesting is not only legal but there is almost no restrictions and NO oversight, the democrat party controls this state and allows just about anything to take place during harvesting. There is no one minding the mint.

    3. I’m with you on that! Unfortunately Washington State is ran by majority Democrats so nothing will be done unless “We the people” do something about it.

    4. I live in California and i can tell you for a fact that California didn’t even count all the ballots before calling the count in Creepy Joe’s favor
      there is video of people collecting unopened election ballots from the Facebook funded ballot dropboxe’s day’s after the election but somehow they called it for the Democrats

      The worst thing is that the liberal democrats i know are more than willing to let this happen because they have been brainwashed by the Anti Trump propaganda to believe anyone is better than Trump and don’t care what is done as long as they can say they got Trump out of office…. And it makes me sick to see Americans acting like 3rd world countries that profit and grow personal wealth off of the pain and suffering of the weak the poor and the innocent while seeing the citizens as nothing more as tools to be used and cast aside for their personal and political gain

      Even the corrupt African governments are laughing at us now this is No joke you know something is wrong when African war lords take it upon themselves to interject in the election affairs of a country they hate just to tell us that even they see the numbers not adding up and would know for a fact fraud happened if it was their country and not ours

      We are now demoted to a 3rd world class thanks to liberal democrat corruption the only profits off of the pain and suffering of the people it rules over

      1. I ? agree with most of what you said except that Africa is corrupt. Are you saying the whole continent is corrupt?
        As someone from a country in Africa, I take offense to that.

  5. The evidence of vote tampering is evident but the important question is who is going to bring the manipulators to justice and who will be the adjudicator?

  6. Great work Sharyl,

    Please keep doing what you are doing. We need more of this if we plan to keep America free. The people who are okay with allowing this election to go unchecked are not thinking beyond the present. If we can’t be sure our elections are correct, when will we ever be able to know our vote is being counted?

    1. Well said Eric, I agree with you.
      I have a strong feeling that these same tricks occured in the Obama election!
      It is very hard for me to accept we true Americans honestly voted him into office two times. I firmly believe ballot box stuffing was born and brought to life in that election. It’s too late to prove that not but it is how we allowed him to take office.

      1. Ken you are dead on correct. I personally was able to convince 14 prior Obama voters to vote for Romney, easily pointing out how Obama has negatively affected their lives, they were excited to get rid of him, I saw him drawing crowds in the hundreds even with celebrities while Romney drew thousands, I even went to a rally with only Paul Ryan and they expected dozens and thousands showed up. I feared that the only reason Trump won last time was because the democrat machine was so certain Hillary would win that they did not bother to cheat, they were not going to let that happen again. That party is dirty to their very core.

        1. Trump won against Hillary because Trump’s votes were Underestimated and overcame the cheat. Same thing happened again in 2020.
          That’s the reason so much fraud has been found but courts are unwilling to look at any evidence & dismiss immediately

        2. a variation/alternative hypothesis is that cia/dnc hackers got hacked (possibly russian) via ddos choking off the hammer/scorecard capabilities.

          this explains why they were so sure of interference (just could not talk about why) and hillary so pissed. expected to steal and felt “robbed” that she was not allowed to cheat with impunity.

          this time around the chimping out will be legendary if they are not allowed to cheat.

      1. Sharyl is one of many, keep looking for insightful courageous individuals who write meaningful stories with good information.

  7. Thanks for listing all these instances of fraudulently counted and originated ballots. Are you looking into the whereabouts of the Durham report?

  8. Thank you for taking the time to compile this data in such a consolidated format. I only wish there were share buttons for Parler and MeWe as many I know will no longer used the boast Twitter and FaceBook apps.

  9. Glad you are including fraud in other states. It’s clear that Democrat Party intended to defraud the American voting public by every means possible, and everywhere. Thanks for your compilation..

  10. I can’t get over the DOJ,NSA, and the FBI turning a blind eye to all the FRAUD and CHEATING. The Court system has become a Political tool. The blindfold has been removed from the LADY of JUSTICE. WE the PEOPLE are at the ABYISS.PERIOD

    1. I may be reading your comment wrong and if I am I apologize. But the DOJ and NSA are part of the Executive Branch and their head report directly to the President. The FBI head reports to the Attorney General who reports to the President.
      That said, the Political Tool, formerly the Courts, are part of the Judicial Branch.

  11. Elections in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin were obviously and blatantly fraudulent.

    Election integrity is absolutely critical for a democracy. If we do not have thst, we fo not have a democracy.

    This election should be thrown out and sent to the House of Representatives.

    1. About the only constitutional remedy but regardless of the outcome the entire plot needs to see the light of day and those whom planed the overthrow need to be brought to justice. Mark Twain said “If voting mattered the wouldn’t let you do it” that was a long while back.

    2. I’m worried about the Rhinos located in the House GOP! There were too many Rublican House and Senate leaders that were not supporting our President Donald Trump and have stayed quiet! Will they be there to support him to remain President??

    1. That subject was addressed in the original “Declaration of Independence” We can not tolerate an illigitimate Government and have a duty to restore our constitutional republic. Too many have sacrificed life and limb for our freedom to allow this to stand; and many have sworn a sacred oath “To Protect and Defend the Constitution from enemys both foreign and domestic” I took my oath seriously; If elected and appointed officials will not do their duty it will fall to the citizens to protect our Republic.

  12. I believe that our country is under attack, and hope people realize that this was no coincidence. Sharyl, thanks for sharing this list of information, which only proves that something fraudulent was going on, yet it continues to be brushed aside by the media, the Democratic Party, and those Trump exposed. They don’t appreciate an outsider doing what these politicians should have been doing all along, I personally have stopped following most news as well, since using your word “slanted” rings true.

    1. Sir I believe you are correct… are adversaries know all of the fraud is difficult to prove in a couple months, They are using are rule of law against us! I hope other countries see what is going on here because there country could be next.

  13. Excellent job, Sharyl! I ALWAYS look for ur articles and analyses. You are a true “journalist”. Almost a forgotten trade. I hope ALL these will be looked into. More than the presidency is at stake here. It is our entire republic! I and all my family and friends are watching this every minute, hoping the true winner will be installed and that the American ppl wake up to the dangers of putting our civic duties on auto pilot. It takes an educated populace to maintain a democracy. You have contributed greatly to that end here. God bless you!

  14. It’s amazing that every evidence of voter fraud was in Trump’s favor and not one in Biden’s favor .that seems to be unusual.

  15. Fantastic job! I just signed up for Parler today and was told to check out your posts. Do you mind if I copy the url and post on another site?

  16. Massive corruption! A lot of people need to be charged with conspiracy to commit voter fraud and even treason — many even in the corrupt Democrat party and the corrupt media, who have made an effort to cover it up. It even looks like this may have been a worldwide conspiracy.

    …..a Republic if you can keep it. — Thomas Jefferson

  17. Thank you for putting these all together. This only confirms my belief that this election was fraudulent in all of those swing states. Please stay with the honesty.

  18. LtCol S.K. Coker, USMC (Ret)

    Thank you for your work, Sharyl. I applaud your investigative zeal for truth and professionalism. I too, would be very interested in the status of Durham’s report.
    Semper fidelis!

  19. You can add NJ to the list too. Many fo my family and friends have yet to have there bot counted. No one paying attention to NJ

  20. There is evidence of remote access and remote troubleshooting, “which presents a grave security implication,” according to Finnish computer programmer and election security expert Hari Hursti. His declaration also claims the activity logs of the voting machines can be overwritten by hackers to erase their steps.

    The above reminds me of the scam where someone from overseas calls an unsuspecting person and tells them that the person’s computer is throwing off some suspicious signals and for the amazing low price of $500 “we can fix it remotely for you. Just give us your username and password and we’ll get right on it.” The caller purports to work for an affiliate of the “Windows Company “

  21. Sharyl please read this about time limits on constitutional challenges.
    The Pensylvania judge is wrong! It cites case law that could help the Trump team. I can’t post links on Parler. Can you check it out, verify and share with all the lawyers. Thanks. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://ideaexchange.uakron.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi%3Farticle%3D1131%26context%3Dakronlawreview&ved=2ahUKEwj75c-49aftAhW1PH0KHXLDCYgQFjANegQIHRAB&usg=AOvVaw3HYN7_TTbFNLSxjg7reBkr

  22. Thank You for your honest reporting. I wish everyone could know what’s honestly going on. I never in my lifetime thought something like this, in the USA, could happen. I have no faith in our judicial system. They are part of this coverup.

  23. Lol at claiming to be nonpartisan. ? You didn’t try very hard to make it clear these are just their allegations and not facts.

    1. (What are you smoking?) I only wrote at the very top:

      Please note that this resource lists allegations. It is intended neither to validate nor disprove any particular claim. The information and links help provide counterpoints to widespread, one-sided media reporting so that you can research and make your own judgements. All elections officials accused of improper counting or fraud have denied any improprieties.

      1. Also, I believe most states enable a voter to go online and confirm that their vote was counted. Did any Repubs do this and confirm that theirs was not? We’re not going to prove anything with ‘he said/she said’, etc…. and I want all voter fraudsters to be convicted (going back to at least 2000)

  24. NC warrants investigation as well. There was a long lag where 93% of votes were in for almost a week. It stayed at 93%. The numbers did not change for all of that time. Governor Cooper was not favored to win, yet he somehow did. But we went red for Trump, eventually. Shady.

  25. If there is so much evidence, why have 30+ judges dismissed just as many cases in several states? Many of these judges are lifelong republicans, court transcripts show a serious line of questioning, and yet what Giuliani says in court is the opposite of what he says in public. Why is that? It seems deceitful and makes one wonder why a sitting president would go through such trouble to undermine the very institutions we as Americans believe in! Makes one ashamed to be associated with the republican party!

  26. this is an efficient format to continue organizing the mountains of evidence as it manifests through process. Joe Biden bragged about putting together the most widespread and inclusive voter fraud scam this country has ever seen. Joe’s dementia makes him forget to keep his secrets. He secretly prides himself, and he boasts about his accomplishments. He is proud of the election fraud and considers it his accomplishment. The evidence suggests that he told us the truth.

  27. this whole crime NEVER passes the “duck test” … “if it walks like a duck, and quacks … it’s national election FRAUD by the demon-rats” !!!!!!! reverse the vote and jail every guilty demon-rat involved !!!!

  28. Sharyl: thanks for consolidating. I just tried to share it in a comment on a WSJ editorial, and they have not posted it (at least not yet). Pretty sad. Anyway please keep it. Honest reporting is dying right before our eyes.

  29. In GA it says the batches came in increments of 4,800.

    in PA, it says: 44 batches increments of approximately 6,000, 12,000, or 18,000 – but at the bottom of the PA chart, in yellow, it says “in multiples of 4,800.” I think this yellow highlighted line in the PA chart must be a mistake?

  30. Wow!!! Journalist really do still exist!! Great work!! Missing though is the US post office’s hand in all the fraud. I have a friend who saw two postal workers here in Woodland, Ca sitting on the drop box cement platform going through a huge bag of voter ballots putting them in two separate boxes. I broad daylight!! Why separating ballots? One box for garbage perhaps?

  31. Fantastic work Sharyl!
    American Patriots Don’t Back Down
    We need a nationwide petition presented to every single state govt. demanding full audit/re-vote.

  32. I looked at the AZ claim. It’s easily refuted. I looked through the list and found several more that have been easily explained. This is a list of rumors, not a list of election fraud.

    1. Nobody said it was a list of election fraud. Please re-read. Also, you certainly are entitled to claim they are easily refuted; but that may or may not mean anything in the scheme of things.

      1. Especially if your goal is to gin up the ‘civil war’. … ‘divide and conquer’ has been a very successful strategy throughout history. (But, Americans find history boring, no wonder we are such sheep. Although maybe that’s changing, and TPTB know it and are thus closing down websites, etc)

        My favorite question is: “Would they, if they could?” followed by ‘Cui bono’ (who benefits?).

  33. Why aren’t these (proven?) allegations holding water in court? Everywhere, it is being said that there has been no election fraud. Then why are all these allegations bring denied as being relevant? This is bigger than Trump. Our democratic elections in the future (2022 etc) are totally dependent on the American people knowing that out elections are true and fair, an untampered with. Perhaps we need to go back to showing up and voting in person on election day. Only requested legal mail in ballots would be those personally requested as an absentee ballot mail in. No others, and certainly no mass mailing NON REQUESTED ballots should be allowed.

  34. This means nothing when the entire system is corrupt. Growing up in the 70’s I knew it was corrupt back then, I don’t why it takes everyone 50 years to figure it out. You reap what you sow.

  35. This story dovetails with one of the central themes of Sharyl’s latest book, “Slanted.” The mainstream press is actively suppressing these stories, calling them “unsubstantiated” even though hundreds of notarized affidavits and other expert testimony have been provided in the various lawsuits. The press clearly does not want the evidence to be examined, so is pre-emptively dismissing it as bogus or nonexistent.

    Meanwhile, any reckless accusation against Trump or his supporters is given instant credibility, and no evidence is asked for. For example, the other day Joe Scarborough opined that Trump will probably sell state secrets to the highest bidder when he leaves office, and that the FBI should therefore closely monitor him with various forms of surveillance. As far as I know, none of the fact-checkers took issue with this, no one in the MSM criticized him for it, and nobody in Big Tech censored him or flagged his comments as “disputed.”

  36. Who could fathom this could take place in the US and the national most trusted media would virtually ignore it. Our Republic is in dire straits, headed for ruin.

    1. “the national most trusted media” hasn’t been that for decades and until that changes the nation will be in constant turmoil with itself, half of the country getting one version of “truth” and the other half another version.

      If Trump does pull this out “the national most trusted media” won’t admit they were wrong, that the fraud was rampant and justice has been served. They will instead present it as Trump’s minions succeeded in overturning a legitimate election and he was (again) fraudulently elected and not a legitimate president.

      And “the national most trusted media” isn’t going to become unbiased until we take control of our education industry away from leftists. We are looking at a process that will take at least two generations once it starts and I don’t see it starting anytime soon.

  37. Thank you, Ms. Attkisson, for being a reporter whom I can sincerely respect. I know you strive to be fair and honest in your reporting and that comes through. Keep the great work! You are one of the best!

  38. I see two possible outcomes. Either everyone not well-connected to the Ruling Class becomes their slaves, or else the Slavocracy’s tyrants experience decimation by blood letting and will then yield to the Will of The People. Didn’t Jefferson write something about doing that?

  39. How is it that our AG Barr says there is nothing to see here, no illegal activities or fraud? This is so frustrating! The clock is ticking! Please tell me Trump knows about this and is working with the military to bring all involved down! Our country is lost! I so appreciate your work and I’m forever grateful for the risk you are taking to fight this battle. My only hope is that all this is not in vain! God bless you!

  40. Sheryl, thank you so much for putting this together. I’ve recently learned you’re one of the very few TRUE Journalists left in America!

  41. Thank you Sharyl. You are and for many years have been a trusted rare investigative journalist. Your clear and concise compilation of suspicious election occurrences is timely and much appreciated. You are a patriot.

  42. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for a single source that summarized all the claims and allegations. Very useful/valuable!

  43. Thank you for your books. Much like this they put things in order and save me all sorts of missteps in both searching for things and for categorizing them all on my own. The Court of Public Opinion is handing down a damning indictment with everything from Veritas exposes to Giuliani’s political theater to Powell’s expert investigations. In the end we will have to see if the media’s Orange Man Bad Literal Hitler pogrom vs Trump’s MAGA did draw 20 million additional voters out of the woodwork or if it was all fractional distribution in software along with the Democrat ground game ward by ward. The Republicans don’t get a pass here but their game is usually decided in the districting where they have power. The Constitutional Convention creeps ever closer and it would be nice if things were cleaned up before then.

  44. Just simply amazing compilation of the frauds committed in this election.Stunning effort to shine light on multifaceted deceits.
    Greatly appreciated with wish it will bring about honest and fair election results…

  45. We have until December 20 to prevent a man who has never held a single job not in Government Service and still became a millionaire from being certified as our next President!
    Biden’s own words “If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the billion dollars. Well son of a bitch(laughing)he got fired.

    Joe Biden is not and never will be MY president!

  46. Thank you for taking the time to accumulate the evidence, Iam sure it wasn’t easy. I wish there was someway to fix this State Media problem , do you think there is anything that can be done to change the ongoing of biased media? Thanks again

  47. I hear claims that “there is no evidence of massive voter fraud” which, to me is irrelevant. Every instance of intentional election fraud is treasonous and should be prosecuted.
    Thank you for your diligence.

  48. Hi Sharyl, readers,
    I want to draw your attention to the Michigan website Let’s Fix Stuff, created by former MI senator Patrick Colbeck, who has written extensively about the ballot chain of custody and other issues in a clear, logical fashion. His was one of many affidavits submitted regarding election malfeasance in MI. A former NASA engineer as well as elementary school teacher, he has a unique way of presenting complex information. Here he explains How Legislators can Protect Election Integrity.

    There are many other useful articles on the site that can help you make sense of what might be taking place in your state, and around the country.

  49. Thanks for compiling all of this. I’m sure there’s also some stealing going on in NJ. I’ve long suspected that the Dems were stealing it via their control of the corrupt cities in this state. Blagovich said this has been going on for decades.

    I don’t understand why a lawyer can’t make a case that these voting machines are un-Constitutional because of their weighted race feature (that’s one of the ways they’ve been rigging elections) –it seems that is completely in contradiction to the idea of one person, one vote.

  50. Sharyl there’s a typo in the section on Georgia where it says 37 votes moved from Biden to Trump.

    It was in fact from Trump to Biden – and was a repeatable algorithm as every time they fed a couple hundred evenly matched Trump v Biden votes into the machine the investigative team got a court order to inspect – the machine repeatedly stole the same number of Trump votes & gave to Biden.

    If they can wheel that machine into SCOTUS & run the ballots in front of the nine Justices – that’d be a scene for the history books & movies of the future!

  51. The election needs to be VOIDED, and a New Election held by the
    US Military with Democrat and Republican supervision every step of the way.

    When the results show the greatest landslide in American History for
    Donald Trump EVERY PERP in this STOLEN ELECTION must be HUNTED DOWN
    like DOGS, and thrown in FEDERAL PRISON, along with the MEDIA COMMUNISTS.

  52. Sharyl, there is a lot more fraud in Michigan than stated. The youtube channel of Church Militant has all the info.

    On the snarky side, the media will say none of this constitutes evidence. Sort of like the same thing they did with JFK or Area 51 or the mafia, or The Maine, or RFK, or MLK, …I could go on obviously.

  53. Great summation and compilation of the facts, but another very important point to make is the illegal changes in election rules made by Secretaries of State and/or State Governors that paved the way for all of the fraud!
    The extent and degree of 2020 election fraud is exposing the depth of the corruption in our legislatures and judicial system! We must hold the line and keep fighting!

  54. WestcoastDeplorable

    Thanks, Sharyl..you’re the best!
    BTW I’m enjoying your new book “Slanted”. It’s a winner, and I enjoyed “The Smear” as well. Keep telling it like it is!

  55. And what is anyone going to do about it? I will tell you. NOTHING. People will curse and swear online about it, call everyone evil, and then log off and go back to watching their favorite show on TV. What is it going to take to have American patriots actually stand up and fight for America. America is on its way out the door and by the time people have the balls to stand up for it, it will be too late.

  56. Well stone the flaming crows.
    I am a newby here.
    An Australia to be exact, living in the land down under.
    My thoughts are mine and I won’t bow down to any man or machine.
    I have followed US politics since the days of JFK.
    And boy oh boy, lately I just don’t get it how could TRUMP lose!
    It has to be the worst case of fraud, I have ever seen or read about.
    It is that like in Australia too, we have the “tall poppy syndrome” as any one better than you is fair game for ridicule even though they are really nice and honest people and worked hard for their lifestyle.
    Now the country America is like a big business and you need a good honest person to run the business and a good business plan RIGHT as if the business succeeds the ripple effect flown on to all.

    Now Trump had made his money before winning the election to be President (so no financial gains to be made like the previous presidents and senators, look up their net worth now, then check before taking office……..as Gomer Pile (60’s TV show) would say and I quote ” GOLLY GEE” will ya look at that Mmmmmm.
    So what was his motivation to become the President, well he saw that system was broken and the American people needed someone strong at the helm to steer the US back on track, economically and socially and lest of all morally. Back to the days of prosperity and common sense.
    Ya still with me!!!!!
    Trump listened to the people and had his advisours and his team to be proactive in the things that mattered to the American people. Immigration (illegal), the wall building, tax’s etc

    But! to the Democrats that was his crime. Oh! the Democrats were up in arms big time.
    But! and a big BUT! did they (Democrats) help the American people, no they held back bills and spent 4 years and more with their cronies and ex Presidents and senators on an hourly and daily on the news spewing forth vile and bilious nothing-ness to discreadit Trump in the eyes of the American people and the world and then try to suppena impeach etc hinder, tell lies more lies with the help of the so called tell the truth MEDIA. With the wastage of time $$$$ and effert that could have been used on productive offerings but no they are so Brian dead and selfish for their own need$

    In Australia the media here was the same even the talk back radio jocks (I emailed them and told them their left leg is 5 inch shorter than their right), which shows their and their stations political leanings.

    No need for me to talk of the so called in comming president (but I hope that civility will prevail and Trump gets his second deservedly term).
    If the worst scenario happens then it won’t be Trump that has lost it will be THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    Yes it will be THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Thanks for listening etc
    An Aussie point of view.

    Chris Parris

  57. Hello Sharyl,

    Is there a chance that you could follow up your excellent summary of voter fraud claims from November 29th? You do more for truth than anyone I can think of. The gift of truth about the allegations of election fraud would be the best and most important Christmas present the nation could receive.

    Thank you!

  58. I love this summary. The question I continue to have is, why did 90% of the witnesses and people who filed affidavits, decide to withdraw their claims and affidavits instead of making the same claims in court under oath?

    Powerful claims all around. So why did nearly every person decide to not go “the final step” and speak in court? :( Look at the verdicts from Arizona and Michigan: The plaintiffs were actually No Shows, and opted to not speak on the record. WHY?!?!?!?!!!

    1. That is very compelling but where is your evidence or sources or links? 90% is a large and definitive number. Where’s the data?

    2. I wrote an affidavit. And I was not contacted to testify in court. There was a polite exchange with a law firm who took my affidavit. But that is where it ended.

  59. I can’t get a few Twitter links to work, even with wayback machine. As far as I can tell, just not loading. Thank you for this list. It’s not complete, but it’s great. Veritas helped get another arrest in Texas too. I watched all the hearings live, except half of the Nevada hearing and ~1 hour in Michigan. I’ve watched video from Ga concerning Dominion that I can never unsee. Also, Ruby Freeman “incident” in Ga is beyond the scope of debunking in any way. The explanations by SoS and Governor Kemp are attempts to gaslight and are reprehensible.

    Now that Jan 20 has passed though, there is nothing to be done to correct the past. The only thing to do now is to shore up election integrity for the future. That needs to happen sooner rather than later.

    Thank you Sharyl, for you objective reporting.


  60. Can Trump Return (or at least have his day in court) Via A Writ of Quo Warranto?



    With a Quo Warranto demand, standing is based on all the people of the United States bringing the demand – represented by a prosecuting attorney (although a civil case). How can it be denied that ALL the people of the United States have an interest in establishing the integrity of a federal election and potential damages if election fraud is legally determined?

    Quo Warranto could not be filed UNTIL and WHEN Biden was inaugurated. There is a window now with the Senate agreeing to move the trial back to the week of February 8.

    This is why Trump must officially request that Biden’s DOJ institute quo warranto against Biden immediately. It creates a catch 22 for them. If they do officially refuse Trump’s request, this makes his case ripe to petition the D.C. District Court directly. But if Biden’s DOJ pulls the same tactic as was done to the plaintiff in Sibley v. Obama, then Trump can rely on the precedent stating that the DOJ is still considering an action against Biden to oust him from the Office of President.

    And if Biden’s own DOJ won’t stand up for him by officially refusing to institute a quo warranto to oust him from the Office of President, then how can the Senate convict Trump for insurrection resulting from his questioning the legality of the election? It’s all a ridiculous absurdity.

    Let the poison flow out from the wound. Institute a quo warranto request now. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain, possibly the Office of President of the United States of America.

  61. So happy to see someone still fighting for Americans and election integrity. To know that all this occurred & we are still stuck with Captain Pike as our “President” is sickening! Thank you Sharyl! You were one of the original ones that were spied on from the Obama/Biden admin and look at your balls! Thank you for fighting for Americans who care about being energy independent!

  62. Sharyl, The big story and one you have not covered is why have the courts refused to entertain some of the evidence listed? Why has nothing been done on this front other than to convict a couple of small fry players, probably acting on their own and not a part of the bigger picture? Why have courts, some conservative, refused to consider these cases often on the idea that the suits are ungrounded? These are questions I would like to see answered as when I present this sort of info to friends who may not buy into this story, they always point to the idea that if there was any validity to this, the law suits would have gone further. Please use your platform to help uncover the truth, whatever it might be.

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