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3 thoughts on “Wikipedia and Information Manipulation (PODCAST)”

  1. Mark and Janice Kulis

    Sharyl, Thank you so much for all you do to bring corruption, dishonesty, collusion, and similar evils to light. In this case it is such a shame that a valuable resource has been so insidiously taken over by those with agendas, like many of our institutions and branches of government. It seems our only hope is in prayer. God bless you, please keep up your invaluable contributions.

    You might also include links to Parler on your pages, and consider phasing out those that foster disinformation in various ways.

  2. Hey Sharyl, I just heard of you via the Joe Pags Show. Got here and I am totally impressed.

    Looks like you graduated from UF in 1982. That’s when I graduated from UF also! They called it a BSJ, Bachelor of Science in Journalism, though I never heard of other grads getting a specially designated BS degree. No BSPs or BSEs for degrees in psychology or engineering as I could tell.

    Alas, I don’t recall running into you back at UF. Because if I did, I would have asked you out! You are gorgeous — in addition to being amazingly intelligent.

    I spent 30 years in local papers across Central Florida. And I, too, recall when being objective and neutral was BASIC to the profession! When did journalism veer away from that? And is it only national journalism? That’s my take, because I NEVER took sides in my career.

    At home, I let my wife, an avionics technician, research and opine on national stuff while I stick to state of Florida and Brevard County. Peace in the wigwam!

    But it does piss me off when right-wingers slam The Media for being liberal, etc. I consider myself as being in The Media. So I challenge local rightees to state which newspaper reporters they are accusing of being liberal. Is our buddy Lamaur one of those irresponsible liberals? Am I? “Oh no!” they say. “We’re not talking about you guys. We mean, you know, the REAL Media!”

    Ah, so you have to be working for a Northeast paper, like the NY Times, or a national TV network to count as Media.

    I guess that’s good to know. But why don’t they just say “Beltway Media” or “Metro Secular Media” if they don’t mean small-town dailies?

    Oh well. Take care! If you want, let’s correspond as News Gators!

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