Wikipedia manipulates definition of “President-elect”

The following is an excerpt of my article in The Epoch Times.

Wikipedia Redefines ‘President-Elect,’ Previous Versions Go Down the Memory Hole

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There’s no more timely example of how special interests are controlling our information online than the example of the definition of “President-elect” as provided by the controversial online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Ever since the day after the election, people in the media have been arguing over when it would be appropriate to use the term “President-elect” to refer to Joe Biden, particularly with the election disputed by President Trump.

Most of the media quickly took sides against Trump, adopting the term “President-elect” for Biden, pointing to various definitions that they felt weighed in their favor.

And the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia clearly says they are correct.

But wait until you see how Wikipedia’s definition of “President-elect” has conveniently “evolved.”

By way of background: In the presidential election of 2000, Republican George W. Bush clinched the win only to have his challenger, Democrat Al Gore, pursue a recount in the critical state of Florida where Bush’s margin of victory was razor thin.

But the news media didn’t appear to be in a rush to declare George W. Bush the “President-elect” as they did with Biden.

A full three weeks after the election, the left-leaning Salon website just calledthe candidates “Bush” and “Gore.” Same with the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, which referred to them simply as “Mr. Gore” and “Mr. Bush.”

Of course, there was as of yet no “Wikipedia” and its agenda editors to shape the public and news narrative.

By the time there was a Wikipedia, on March 26, 2009, the definition of President-elect was less definitive than Wikipedia says it is today. Here’s what Wikipedia said then:

“The title is used for the apparent winner and is finalized when the Electoral College votes in December and when their ballots are counted by a joint session of Congress in January.”

Wikipedia further acknowledged there is legitimate dispute on the question.

“Some commentators doubt whether an official President- and Vice President-elect exist prior to the electoral votes being counted and announced by Congress on January 6…”

Then, three days after the 2020 election, Wikipedia first told us that in a disputed election, it was not appropriate to use the title President-elect:

“If the result of an election is unclear or disputed, no person is normally referred to as president-elect until the dispute is resolved.”

But not long afterward, even as legal challenges were underway, Wikipedia agenda editors took sides and went to town. Biden’s picture was authoritatively pasted on the page defining “President-elect” with the statement:

“Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States, having defeated incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.” (Continued..)

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1 thought on “Wikipedia manipulates definition of “President-elect””

  1. Hi Sharyl A.,
    So many turn to wikipedia as a reliable source. Thanks for pulling aside the wikipedia curtain so we can see some of the gears working. I find it interesting to check out the edit history on any controversial topic, to see what has been added and removed.
    Recently I came across this interesting history about one of Wikipedia’s founders;
    The site that it comes from, like other similar sites, has been banned from wikipedia:

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