Wisconsin Supreme Court rules coronavirus is not reason for voters to be exempt from proving identity

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court today ruled that coronavirus and stay-at-home orders were not legitimate reasons for people to vote without ID under the status of “indefinitely confined.”

In the decision, the court sided with the state Republican Party.

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In this year’s presidential election, about 215,000 voters in Wisconsin said they were indefinitely confined, which allows them to vote without proof of identity. Four years ago in the spring election, only 55,000 Wisconsin voters said they were indefinitely confined.

Democrat Joe Biden’s tally in Wisconsin is about 20,000 votes more than Republican Donald Trump’s.

Republicans sued claiming that the status of “indefinitely confined” was abused by some people to avoid voter ID laws.

The court ruled that votes would not count for any voters who falsely claimed the status of indefinitely confined. It’s unclear as to whether that decision has implications for the presidential election or is simply for future reference.

However, President Trump has lodged a similar claim about “indefinitely confined” status in a lawsuit in Wisconsin where arguments were heard Saturday.

No decision in that case had been announced at time of this publication.

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17 thoughts on “Wisconsin Supreme Court rules coronavirus is not reason for voters to be exempt from proving identity”

  1. Bravo. True journalism was severely challenged with the deaths of Ben Bradley and Alicia Furman. We need to reimpose limits to media outlet companies to leves that were in place prior to Bill Clinton’s administration.

  2. They should up hold the law of the land which is the constitution, if they don’t the generals are keeping an eye open and a military intervention might be the only way to clean house and stop this coup once and for all.

  3. If we are actually serious about doing something about Communist acting social media platforms, we should replace facebook twitter and youtube buttons with Gab, Parler, Rumble etc. It’s past time to leave these commie jokers behind.

  4. HI Sharyl, Sharyl’s readers,
    Wow, that’s surprising news! How will this affect WI? Will they have to go ballot by ballot?
    I have some late breaking and surprising news from Michigan as well.
    Antrim County is usually very conservative, but this year went Democratic. (I think you include this story in your “hard to find” section.) Investigating this oddity eventually led to a forensic audit of the county, with the following result, reported at Let’s Fix Stuff: “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”
    You can read the story here: https://letsfixstuff.org/2020/12/smoking-gun-antrim-county-dominion-system-analysis-released/

    The story includes a link to the 23-page forensic analysis (parts were redacted by the asst. attny general, which is sure to raise eyebrows).

    I hope this story will be of interest to everyone in the country, but especially to those in states that have signed on with Dominion voting systems.

    I do not see how the MI vote can be certified at this point (though that doesn’t mean the SoS will not go ahead and try anyway….)

  5. Biden should concede. They are taking advantage of him. It won’t take long before they find him unfit mentally and Wa La we have President Kamila . This was what the Dem’s in charge wanted all along. I think Biden should blow the whistle on the whole deal and at least save face. Maybe President Trump will feel bad enough for you to pardon your treasonous son.

  6. Not sure I know who won the election. Would be nice if Biden and Trump collaborated in discovering the real winner. If Biden won legitimately – then he has nothing to fear.

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