3% of people in survey say they became “very ill” from COVID-19

Seventeen percent (17%) of people who answered the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

About 2,400 responded to the question: “Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?”

Fourteen percent (14%) of them reported “mild” or “no” symptoms. Three percent (3%) said they became “very ill.”

Among those who say they have not been diagnosed, 14% think they have had it. Fifty-nine percent (59%) said they don’t think they have had coronavirus or aren’t sure.

Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?

1% Yes; no symptoms

13% Yes; mild symptoms

3% Yes; very ill

14% No, but I think I’ve had it

44% No, I think I haven’t had it

15% I’m not sure if I’ve had it

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17 thoughts on “3% of people in survey say they became “very ill” from COVID-19”

  1. This “survey” isn’t reflective of the journalistic quality you’ve followed for years. I’ve no idea what it was you were attempting to discover or communicate.

    I’d suggest an unscientific survey asking for responses only from those who have been diagnosed (or a positive test) with Covid 19. Then, of those, chose the degree of symptoms. Very Ill, Ill, Flu like, cold like, no symptoms.

    Nearly 45% didn’t report having it. 55% did and of the total surveyed, 3% said they were very ill. That seems to indicate that 7% of those who believe they were infected were seriously ill. We’re they hospitalized? We’re they intubated?

    Why bother without a more thoughtful, better designed survey?

    1. Gary,

      Find and study Jon Rappoport’s many blogs on the COVID Hoax :

      No such virus exists, as labs have
      asked the CDC for a sample, but
      none is forthcoming.

      Use DuckDuckGo.com for better privacy, and find his reports.


      P.S. What you ask of Sharyl, is to conduct a non-scientific SCIENTIFIC Poll.

      1. I and my mom are currently hospitalized with serious covid infection. There are several sections devoted to covid. I’m just about to be moved from the floor with the very sick who are one step below ICU.

        1. I take things of supplements for good health, too include for COVID. when a friend wasn’t thinking and visited a nursing home then went to church, she showed it all over the church. I got so sick, so fast. So did nearly everyone who for sick.

        2. Oh my goodness! I do hope you and your mother are recovering. My 30 year old daughter was positive for Covid a month and half ago and she was very ill. She said it was much worse than the flu for her. It took two weeks to get better. She lost all taste and smell. Her body aches were horrific. It was terrible to see her going through it. Her husband was positive but had very mild symptoms and her children never manifested any symptoms.

  2. I didn’t participate in the poll, only because of time restrictions. I was tested in April, with a negative result.

    I take elderberry syrup, which I make myself using raw honey harvested from my bees, and dried elderberries from the health store.

    Do some research on this.

    Hippocrates called elderberry his medicine chest. Been used for many many years as a natural flu preventative. Not just an immune booster. Elderberry disables the spikes of the virus, to where they cannot attach to our cells. Our body then passes the virus out of our system. Big Pharma will never promote elderberry, as there’s no intellectual property they can capitalize on.

    Be well

  3. Please remember that any COVID-19 test generated by PCR with a cycle count higher than 30 will generate a positive result AKA false positive.

  4. Oh hell, that’s nothing! In the actual vaccine trials with 73,603 participants there were a total of 322 (0.4%) who reported serious effects. A rate of 0.4% is completely unacceptable!!!!!!

    1. These numbers certainly don’t prove CDC’s reporting! Why are hospitals reporting “overloads”?? I have not seen 2020 death #’s Compared with 2019??

      1. Full Measure Team,

        Saturday night news – NBC News, by Lester Holt –

        reported a VERY C U R I O U S phenomenon, in

        order to GET OUT FRONT of a growing number of

        people ASKING : Where is the normal year-to-year

        FLU-bug statistic (( that graph-line!, which is NEVER

        shown in news reports next to the Covid-19 line )) ?

        Well, NBC had reported this Orwellian reason/LIE:

        “Flu and cold cases
        are down 98%.”

        Why ? ! /

        What ? ! /

        Huh ? ! /

        Where’s my “Take-A-Bromine” pill ? !

        —Because, claimed the reporting PHYSICIAN :

        “All of the efforts
        used to combat
        Covid-19 dropped
        cold an flu rates.”

        So, our INSANE keep-safe efforts can knockdown
        the normal flu-rate, down 98% ! ! !—but can’t knock
        back that LOCK-Down-the-Christian-West Covid-19
        bug? – and its STAY-Locked-Down V A R I A N T ? ! –
        while the Christian-hating, ATHEIST-steeped China
        is COVID-Free, and back to NORMAL, as reported by
        both CBS and ABC last week ? !

        Now, YOU may SEE/FEEL just how DEEP and EVIL
        this Deep State’s Control and Power is—as if its having
        stolen this election from Trump for that BABBLING
        BUTT-Head Biden is not PROOF Enough for YOU !


  5. I and my mom are currently hospitalized with serious covid infection. There are several sections devoted to covid. I’m just about to be moved from the floor with the very sick who are one step below ICU.

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