Big Tech censorship of Trump and our information

There’s an epic battle going on for our information online and it didn’t just begin in the weeks before the 2020 election with the social media clampdown on President Trump.

This week on Full Measure, we speak with a former Big Tech insider who blows the whistle on efforts to shape and manipulate our information online. He’ll tell us about their genesis and the tools online companies use to slant information and try to color the public’s view.

Former Google insider Zachary Vorhies

I’ll also Follow the Money: Tens of millions of dollars are being poured into the move to “fact check” and shape online material. Some of the groups funding it all, and their donors, have a vested interest in how the fact checks come out– and usually seem to get their way.

Our special investigation: Sunday.

Also, it’s been one record high after another in the stock market in recent years. But a lot of people don’t know exactly what the stock market is and how it works.

We have an eye opening tour of of the major stock exchanges in New York City.

Sharyl with NASDAQ’s Joseph Brantuk

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13 thoughts on “Big Tech censorship of Trump and our information”

  1. You are doing a great work. Please keep working for the American people. Please encourage people to use protonmail to ensure their privacy when communicating by email on the internet. Also please warn your viewers about the dangers of posting photos and information about their children on social media. It will be used to silence Trump supporters.

    1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

      —watch Gayle King this morning?,
      as she – with her Sixth-Grade Social
      Studies aptitude – tears into that young
      woman?—accused of “attacking” that
      ‘ LITTLE ’ . . . Oops! . . . “Young black
      boy!” — she quickly corrected herself —
      while the two girly “men” at her table
      joined in an assault against innocence ?

      The 22-year-old was circling to reach
      the boy’s pocket!—not TACKLING him,
      which could have been avoided if the
      always-taunt/-trick Whitey father and
      his Knows-Better son had simply said :

      “Here is my phone.
      See! It is not yours!”

      All police officers are TAUNTED by ‘Get
      Whitey’ black men—most times!, to sue
      for money, as compensatory payment
      FOR F A L S E Charges against cops
      (( after resisting and resisting and resis-
      ting arrest—and trigger police to over-
      react )).

      Gayle doesn’t see that—she is Brain-Blind
      to that REALITY !


  2. Phillip Hendricks

    Is the Italian server and German voting servers the problem with the vote switch? You were one of the few that talked about these dump votes in multiples within some of the state votes. I would like to know if it is for real or a scam.

  3. Big money has morphed into a new, more devistating form of mafia with Nazi tactics of tracking, threatening or destroying the characters of any and all resistance they find. The problem I now realize is seeing the posers from the paitrotic heroes of today .

  4. Sharyl,

    Speaking of Brain-Blind people :

    Recall how Facebook got started—to
    separate beautiful girls from ugly ones.

    Conservatives are culpable in that practice!,
    as, for examples, Limbaugh and Beck and
    Hannity like to NEGATIVELY remark against
    less attractive Leftists—VERY B A D form !

    Recall how Zuckerberg stole from his college
    partners, to keep it all for himself.

    Well, the venue ought to have nixed then,
    because of it original CRUELTY/purpose.

    So, now . . . :


      1. P.P.S.

        And more, regarding BEAUTY :

        —Socrates had often lamented his lack of beauty.
        —Aristotle would hire according to attractiveness, not a recommendation..
        —Maury Povich proved a black kid was the father of a “white” girl—to kid’s delight.
        —Fifty of “The Most Beautiful Women in the World” has photos of “black” women.

        Recall – I had warned – you were targeted because of your beauty, not programs.

        I had been targeted, similarly!, as that model, Natalie Portman, my sister, and my father would appear to be from the same family lineage (( I had suffered embarrassments – from childhood forward – by people commenting in public, on my Hollywood good-looks—and why I’ve always collected psychology books and articles about WHAT defines, “beauty,” and WHY )).

        If that subject interests you, study Barbara Oakley’s books (( she was a correspondent of mine ))—particularly this book :

        “Evil Genes—Why Rome Fell,
        Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and
        My Sister Stole My Mother’s

        Barb is average, and her late-sister
        was beautiful—to explain Barb’s
        exposition on that sibling combat.

  5. Prez Trump could make a lot of money by establishing a competitive site to FB and Twitter in which there’s no censorship of conservative voice. Newsmax and OAN are coming on strong by people switching from ABCCBSNBCMSNBCCNNFOXPBS liberal NY and CA networks. It would give an appreciated voice to the silent majority

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