BREAKING (READ): 11 “Crossfire Hurricane” transcripts released from FBI’s secret probe of Trump campaign

From the Senate Judiciary Committee (news release follows):

January 15, 2021

Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) today released 11 transcripts of interviews conducted during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.  (press release)

Handling Agent 1: Interviewed on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 (Transcript)

Michael B. Steinbach: Interviewed on Friday, June 12, 2020 (Transcript)

Stephen C. Laycock: Interviewed on Monday, June 15, 2020 (Transcript)

Dana J. Boente: Interviewed on Monday, June 22, 2020 (Transcript)

Bruce Ohr: Interviewed on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 (Transcript)

Stuart Evans: Interviewed on Friday, July 31, 2020 (Transcript)

Supervisory Special Agent 1: Thursday, August 27, 2020 (Transcript)

Jonathan Moffa: Interviewed on Wednesday, September 9, 2020 (Transcript)

Deputy Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Justice Department: Interviewed on Friday, September 18, 2020 (Transcript)

Case Agent 1: Interviewed on Friday, September 25, 2020 (Transcript)

Supervisory Intelligence Analyst: Interviewed on Thursday, October 29, 2020 (Transcript)

Judiciary Committee Releases Transcripts of Interviews Conducted During Oversight of Crossfire Hurricane Investigation

WASHINGTON – The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), today released transcripts of interviews conducted during its inquiry into the origins and aftermath of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

“I consider the Crossfire Hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership, but not representative of the dedicated, hardworking patriots who protect our nation every day at Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.

“As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I have decided to release all transcripts of depositions involving the committee’s oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. We have released as much material as possible, but some classified material has still been withheld.

“I appreciate all those who participated in the depositions and their candor. They have charted a path to allow us to reform the system.

“I believe that Crossfire Hurricane was one of the most incompetent and corrupt investigations in the history of the FBI and DOJ.

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes. The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America.

“The leadership of the FBI under Comey and McCabe was either grossly incompetent or they knowingly allowed tremendous misdeeds. There was a blind eye turned toward any explanation other than the Trump campaign was colluding with foreign powers. At every turn the FBI and DOJ ran stop signs that were in abundance regarding exculpatory information.

“The FISA warrant applications against Carter Page were a travesty, and those who signed them have acknowledged that if they knew then what they know now, they would not have signed it. 

“It is hard to believe that the senior officials at the FBI did not know that the Steele Dossier had been disavowed by the Russian subsource. It is equally hard to believe that the warnings from the CIA and other agencies about the reliability of Christopher Steele and the dossier were not known to senior leadership. It is my hope that the Durham report will hold those accountable for the travesty called Crossfire Hurricane.

“There was no ‘there’ there. The investigation was pushed when it should have been stopped and the only logical explanation is that the investigators wanted an outcome because of their bias. 

“Former FBI Director Comey and his deputy Mr. McCabe, through their incompetence and bias, have done a great disservice to the FBI and DOJ, and the senior DOJ leadership who signed off on the work product called the Crossfire Hurricane investigation have created a stain on the department’s reputation that can only be erased by true reform.

“I hope that the media will look closely at what happened and examine these documents, but I am not holding my breath.

“I appreciate the hard work of Inspector General Horowitz who uncovered the massive abuses of Crossfire Hurricane. His team should be proud of the work they did, as it will be used over time to reform the DOJ and FBI. 

“I’m proud of the Judiciary staff and the work product produced by the Senate Judiciary Committee. I am disappointed that Democrats did not take it more seriously, but I do believe what the committee did will pave the way for much-needed reforms regarding future investigations.

“I will be pursuing reforms of counterintelligence investigations and warrant applications, and hope that my Democratic and Republican colleagues can find common ground on these matters. I also hope and expect that FBI Director Wray will continue the reforms he has started. It is hard to believe that something like Crossfire Hurricane could have happened in America.

“The bottom line is that going forward we must have more checks and balances when it comes to political investigations. We must have more meaningful sign-offs on warrant applications, and we need to restore the trust to the American people in this system.”

The committee released 11 transcripts of bipartisan staff interviews conducted from Tuesday, March 3, 2020 to Thursday, October 29, 2020.

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25 thoughts on “BREAKING (READ): 11 “Crossfire Hurricane” transcripts released from FBI’s secret probe of Trump campaign”

    1. I seriously doubt it. The Fix was in from the beginning.
      Session & Barr, unknown to Trump, were Swamp Creatures and their j0b was to prevent indictments against the guilty. Before them, Lynch was to keep things under wraps.
      Comey was Meuller’s minion and followed him as Director of the FBI. McCabe and Wray were also Swamp Creatures. When Meuller could not find or make any evidence with which to indict Trump, his finished his investigation by destroying evidence against the people I named and many others.
      The Deep State, Swamp, got by with this and followed up with fixing the election, knowing full well no one would call them on it.

      0bama, Illegal Alien-in-Chief began this attack on Trump, since no one had called him on his citizenship, he knew he would get by with this.
      America is going down for the count. We ceased being a nation of laws, Biden intends to Amnesty 10s of millions of Illegal Aliens, Biden intends to throw out the welcome mat for thousands of Moslems from the countires Trump stopped. Then there is the debt.

    2. It’s pretty convenient they release them now…. I am so disgusted with the spineless Republican Senators. This should have been released for us to see last spring. They wanted President Trump gone, so they held them until the documents he declassified are released. I have a feeling some of them are going to be in the documents President Trump is having released and they needed to get out front to try to say they were working to get to the bottom of things. I wish the President would have been more forceful and less trusting of these people. I have lost faith that people in that swamp will ever face justice!

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    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  2. Hello, the files can’t be opened? This is the message I get for every one I tried: Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /index.cfm on this server.

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  3. I opened and read the Bruce Ohr transcript. I attempted it open and read others but got the following message:

    You don’t have permission to access /index.CFS on this server

    Any idea why this is happening?


  4. Graham hopes that people will be held accountable, and that it never happens again, what has HE done to try to ensure this?

    The referrals for prosecution and other sanctions?

    Words without action are meaningless.

  5. I attempted to access these several times during the day, using a VPN and was blocked. I disconnected from the VPN and was finally able to see them. When I tried to download/save them I got a failure error.

    I ended up using the Microsoft Print to PDF function in the Print menu.

    After all this I reconnected on the VPN and the links were displaying the documents.

    This was on one computer.

    I’m now on a different computer, connected via VPN and the links seem to be working. So maybe they got it fixed. Or the government hacked my network and is allowing all devices to work on this network

    I’m still not sure the links aren’t honeypots, get people to download the documents, get their IP addresses, reclassify the documents then prosecute those who downloaded them on the supposition those who are interested are Trump supporters

    Maybe I’m being paranoid, our government wouldn’t do that, right????

    1. Paranoid or not, the govt is capable of it, or at least people within the govt who serve the Deep State.
      I doubt they would prosecute you, but they would tell you to stop what you are doing and they will not prosecute you. Tell you not to oppose Biden’s agenda and everything will be okay.

  6. I was under the impression that these transcripts were “DECLASSIFIED”. If so, then why are there names still redacted? I’ve only downloaded one file so far for Bruce Ohr….it has information that is blacked out and judging by the context they are names. Am I misunderstanding the term ” DECLASSIFIED”? Otherwise this is more phoney gaslighting. Will we ever get the truth? “THE WHOLE TRUTH, AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH?” Not in my lifetime. C’mon Sharyl….did you even look at this stuff?

  7. The document will open in a web page one you click on the link above, then it has the option to download to your computer using the icon on the top of the page (a file folder with a down arrow).

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