CENSORED: Parler founder says ‘We’ll be back Tuesday’

UPDATE: On Feb. 2, 2021, Matze announced he had been involuntary outside from the Parler organization.

The following is a compilation of posts on Saturday evening Jan. 9 from Parler’s John Matze regarding the Big Tech censorship of the free speech social media platform:

How to Help 
1) Tuesday come back to Parler . Com OR use the side loaded version of android OR use your already installed versions of Parler. (or maybe we will be back on the stores ?)
2) Check your email and spam for messages from Parler 
3) Call, write and email your congressman and senators and expose this anti-competitive behavior. On both sides of the isle. 
4) Cancel your Amazon subscriptions and dump Apple. Google/android is not much better, but it will have to do until the Linux phones are finally ready. 
5) DO NOT leave angry messages however DO complain politely to Amazon, Google, Apple via mail and via phone. 

We should be operational with less then 12 hours of downtime after Amazon abruptly pulls our access. This is unprecedented.

Earlier post:

Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight Amazon will be shutting off all of our servers in an attempt to completely remove free speech off the internet. There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on the internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch. We prepared for events like this by never relying on amazons proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products. 

We will try our best to move to a new provider right now as we have many competing for our business, however Amazon, Google and Apple purposefully did this as a coordinated effort knowing our options would be limited and knowing this would inflict the most damage right as President Trump was banned from the tech companies.

This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place. We were too successful too fast. You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out. 

We are the closest thing to competition Facebook or Twitter has seen in many years. I believe Amazon, Google, Apple worked together to try and ensure they don’t have competition. 

They will NOT win! We are the worlds last hope for free speech and free information. 

What they are doing is unprecedented, unfounded and absolutely disgusting. Shameful.

This is a battle against all of us. Liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians, black, white, etc. They want to keep their monopoly over speech. They want us fighting. They don’t want us working together. They don’t want us working with each other, they want us hating one another. 

Parley – brings two people with conflicting ideas together. Our mission is free speech, democracy and us the people having the power. The elite don’t want us to be free, they want hate division and power! 

For us to win this fight we need everyone back on Parler Tuesday. By Monday at noon we will be fully operational again.

Earlier post:

Apple will be banning Parler until we give up free speech, institute broad and invasive policies like Twitter and Facebook and we become a surveillance platform by pursuing guilt of those who use Parler before innocence. 

They claim it is due to violence on the platform. The community disagrees as we hit number 1 on their store today. The same day “Hang Mike Pence”, a disgusting violent suggestion, was trending nationally on Twitter. Displaying the horrible double standard Apple and their big tech pack apply to the community. 

Apple, a software monopoly, provides no alternatives to installing apps on your phone other then their store. We do not own our phones, Apple simply rents them to us. Apple, Google and the rest of the anti-competitive pack of big tech tyrants coordinate their moves and work together to stifle competition in the marketplace. 

More details about our next plans coming soon as we have many options.

Fight improper government surveillance. Support Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI over the government computer intrusions of Attkisson’s work while she was a CBS News investigative correspondent. Visit the Attkisson Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund. Click here.

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50 thoughts on “CENSORED: Parler founder says ‘We’ll be back Tuesday’”

  1. I thank you for all you have done and are doing to preserve our right to free speech, and pray you beat these horrible companies at their own game. Don’t ever give up

  2. This has gotten scary about how these Big Tech companies are shutting people or just republicans up. This is not what our founders visioned when they left England. If Trump allows Biden to actually take over the presidency the 150,000 million of us will be pushed into a corner that we will all come out fighting but as single individuals not as one large group unless we have a leader. The fact that they were able to Steal the elections and not even worry about getting caught. The actual leaders need to be taken down Now. The other 200 million don’t even know what is actually happening. And they may never know either. That’s the thoughts of a ordinary guy and citizen that’s Scared of the new USA.

    1. Actually there are no journalists any longer. They all publish blatant lies and when called out they just say…well it was an op-ed (opinion editorial) so the truth doesn’t matter. Even worse are the editors who allow the lies to go to print (like Steve Forbes). Screw them all….and not the way they like….

  3. Frustrating times…
    As a Retired Marine.. I want to Stand AGAINST oppression.
    But HOW??
    Who or Where do I address that opposition.. when THEY hold the Legal Strings..?
    I helped to organize MAGA Rides… And Never any violence. Now we have a Rally in Washington… and
    Someone, Under OUR “Banner” does this DISGUSTING behavior and it Smears 75 Million People that had NOTHING to do with this… And successfully ENDS the Legal Fight against FRAUD.
    Did George Soros WIN..? By sending in these MORONS wearing Trump Flags Over their body armor and battle helmets… to ’emerge’ out of our group… fully PLANNING to “Paint” MAGA with the same Terrorist behavior they inserted into BLM..??
    What CAN we do… LEGALLY … to fight back..???

  4. Let’s support Parler any way we can. Buying subscriptions to support them and fighting back against the Google, Facebook and Apple monopolies.

  5. Can you post a template for emailing Congressmen? I would like to say more than this is anti-competitive. Our free speech liberties are generally considered to be with regard to government, not private companies. Effectively, it doesn’t matter when the tech companies are more powerful.

    Thanks. My Congressmen will hear from me about these outrageous actions.

  6. 4) “… until the Linux phones are finally ready.”

    Purism Librem 5 phone – $799.00
    Purism Librem 5 USA phone – $1,999.00
    And, no. I don’t sell these phones. (I’m just a rideshare driver, for now.) I just want to help people to get away from Big Tech, and to help people to get out from under their thumbs..

    1. Thank you, I’m considering purchasing one now, they are little expensive, I would go with the USA version but I really want to get away from IOS and/or Android. Do you know if they work with any cellular provider or does one need to go to a specific provider?

  7. The Apple monopoly is already committing violence. Can’t kill off the animal spirits of the marketplace, even though they brought the heavy guns.. But most of these “high tech leaders” dropped out of college before they got the course in free market economics.

    This is the equivalent of a wild west cage match. For someone outside of all social media and not even owning a cell phone, this is all pretty funny to watch from the outside. Life exists outside of tweets and sound bite junk. We lived without all this stuff only a few years ago. We will survive yet again.

    I agree with those who say social media obsession has not been healthy. for anyone. Personal blogs have been great, but this 24/7 silly stuff makes no sense. Too bad Trump gave it too much attention.

    Life is too important to reduce ones thoughts to small screen with a tiny keyboard and letter count limit.

  8. Living in Australia I’ve been concerned about the toxic influence of China within our University’s and now on our trade. But possibly more toxic is the rapid erosion of our freedom of speech by the likes of Twitter, Google and Facebook. If this attack on our freedoms of free speech isn’t addressed we will eventually be living in are own “China” . Its heartening that there are still independent investigative journalists like Sharyl Attkisson shining light on the activities of these unelected “Orwellian” technocrats. I only recently became aware of Sharyl when listening to her being interviewed about here new book “Slant”. I’ve downloaded the book and she will have my full support going forward

  9. We will prevail, Psalms 23 is our guide in times like this.Those who put their trust in the Lord will find peace and joy in times of trouble. Let’s us continue to pray for our President Trump ?
    For our people and country.
    God bless you.

  10. Apple thinks they are so good well here you go i will be trading my phones in for Android until the new line of phones come out I will NOT GIVE. Apple another penny of my money I will be getting a computer I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. I Will fight you I will start Law Suits !!! Apple is going DOWN. Move to CHINA anti American company needs to be DESTROYED!!

  11. I never thought that I would say this but perhaps the future for free, independent social media is for it to be offshore of the US. India springs to mind; they have the world’s largest software industry and enough resources to make it work. The CEO’s of google, Microsoft and so many others are of Indian sub continent origin. The Europeans could also do it Is there an Indian Elon?

  12. Getting good luck getting back up online and I hope you can get off of AWS. I wonder if the electronic frontier foundation would help you it seems like their responsibility. Also since Yahoo is struggling to compete with Google now you might want to approach them maybe they could host you.

  13. Full Measure Team,

    —see CBS This Morning, at 07:31?, reporting Fort Bliss murder of a mixed race girl.

    —4th report!, no photo of the perpetrator? Find that post of mine, re BAD statistics.

    —Thereafter: Brady’s win // two female coaches // oppositional: My term, “Firstocracy.”

    —Billy Jean King, as EXCLAMATION Mark, for B/W coaches . . . He threw that match !!!

    —Default position for L E F T I S M is the LIE; Left,: always Brain-Blind to Logical Facts.

    —AGENT provocateurs, every Time! / Agent’s threats against Hunter’s repairman? zzz!

    —Inaugaration?, AGENT-provocateurs, but BIGGER!, as slam-dunk on Logic/Reason!

    —combatants: Left-Hemisphere Masculine vs. Right-Hemisphere Feminine (see posts).


    1. P.S.


      Dictionary :


      [[ in-suh-rek-shuhn ]]

      noun :

      —an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an ESTABLISHED Government [[ my emphasis ]].


      insurgency, uprising, mutiny.


      4-YEARS, and some months, of a C O S P I R A T O R I A L INSURRECTION against President Trump !

      False Flags are MOST effective at
      seizing power over, and control of,
      the People

      What would crooks be expected to
      do, facing charges of TREASON and
      public humiliation ?

      Lincoln covered his DEADLY tracks,
      by pretty/flowery words,

      Well, the SWAMP now knows :

      You Can FOOL All of the People—All
      the Time !!!

  14. CW’s are messy, confusing, and bloody affairs. We are in a CW, how it plays out going Kinetic or not?
    I have no crystal ball, just following the bread crumbs like many.
    After plugging into Sky News from Australia and getting a World View, especially Economic as well as Political, this is a WW Coup Completion on the sheeples of Earth. Will it also go Kinetic? WWIII?
    We should have FOOD Stores to the ceiling as well as self-defense in place. Not just for ourselves but to strengthen the Whole of our Tribe and Locality. Do not be a Burden on others, be Self Sufficient as much as possible..
    This can get very spicy very quickly. Very Quickly according to NWO ProgreSSive Klaus Schwab and bff George Soros.

  15. Just saw the CEO of Parler on Mornings With Maria. He said he didn’t know whether Parler would be back because he is having a hard time finding other server sites that will work with him.

  16. Monopolies like AT&T were fractured by government. The monopolies who are acting like cyber-bullies need to be taken down. Free speech is dying a long slow death one day at a time. I was going to buy a new MAC but now I’ll spend money elsewhere. Apple is dead to me. This will be my last iPhone. Cancelled prime membership today and Amazon is dead to me. The shareholders of these stocks will be left holding the bag.

  17. Is Parler back up yet? I cannot get connected. I pray that John Matze will be strong enough to withstand the tremendous pressure for standing up for our freedom. Thanks so much Sharyl for your hard work and providing us with so much information.

  18. Thanks for info but it’s looking like parler is down for s very long time if they ever come back? Please keep us informed. Dont let them win!

  19. The entities that need to be attacked are the tech monopolists and the corporate media. They’re absolutely the “enemy within.” Without them, retards like AOC would continue to be bartenders whose tips get smaller the older they get. The Rats are nothing without the aforementioned carrying their water and propagandizing the willfully stupid who believe the vomit they spew on a 24 hour cycle. They MUST BE DEALT WITH!!!

  20. Remember Obama had closed door meeting with all CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google in his 1st term. They probably have been planning a take over all this time.

  21. Just met the CEO of Parler on Mornings With Maria. He said he doesn’t know if Parler will come back because he’s having a hard time finding other host sites that will work for him.
    Thank you for sharing the article about android apps i am an android lover and those apps i will learn

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