Covid-19 Treatments and Immunity (PODCAST)

Virologist Dr. John Dye of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases gives the government’s latest thinking on COVID-19, natural immunity, successful emerging treatments, and what lies ahead.

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7 thoughts on “Covid-19 Treatments and Immunity (PODCAST)”

  1. Could you also report on:
    – Claims that the COVID19 vaccine does a better job of protecting against variant strains than does immunity gained by infection.
    – Claims that the PCR test is inaccurate (too sensitive) and the recent WHO suggestion to change to the number of cycles to reduce the test’s sensitivity.

  2. What I wished your interview with Dr. Dye would have made evident to your viewers is the efficacy of Vitamin D as both a treatment and preventative in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
    Other research, pre-dating the SARS-CoV-2 virus, has pointed out the deficiency (and insufficiency) levels of Vitamin D in at-risk groups such as the overweight/obese, the elderly (and those who stay indoors), and people with dark skin pigmentation.!po=4.54545
    I have been frustrated that local, state and federal departments of health have not been forthcoming on simple and cheap measures people could take to boost their immune systems to help ward off and/or early treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. I was hoping your investigation might act as a national PSA to that effect.

    1. Bud,

      “. . . [ I am ] frustrated that local, state and federal departments of health have not been forthcoming . . .,” you opine.

      Well, it’s far, far worse than you may think, as there’s a more deadly PANDEMIC in need of a WARP Speed vaccine, which deadly bug they are mostly hiding, in order to protect Hollywood and the other porn industries from any bad press—and bug which is spreading unabated around the world : the venereal disease HPV.

      We recently learned from Science Daily that that virus crosses the blood/brain barrier, and can hide in the brain—to eventuate cancer there, TOO (( see below link )).

      I recall libertine liberal Phil Donahue mocking “prudish” conservatives, during one of his TV talk shows in the early Eighties, for their warning about the seriousness of that STD, as he defended the Sixties Sexual Revolution and claimed HPV to be of little or no concern!, which revolt’s savage attacks AGAINST the SACREDness of keeping sexuality within Holy Matrimony — thank CRAZY libertine liberals Hugh Hefner (( Supreme Court win for publishing his LECHER-serving porn magazine Play Boy; to eventuate the WH_RE-serving Play Girl magazine )); that once-child-prostitute and man-hating Gloria Steinem; those sex and violence obsessed Hollywood moguls with insatiable S&M sexual appetites; and the rest of the anti-Christian Leftism infecting the West — now grows unabated (( and worsening! )) to this day :

      — Cancer from HPV —


  3. Q for Dr Dye:

    1) Does the vaccine prevent you from getting the virus, or does it lessen the symptoms once you get it?
    2) after you have been vaccinated, can you still pass along the virus?


    1. Please consult other expert resources but my understanding is:
      1. For some it prevents you from getting it. I’m not sure if this means just lesser symptoms or you always fight it off entirely if it “works.” For a certain percentage it is not effective.
      2. With the 2 approved RNA vaccines, my understanding is yes, after the first dose, and perhaps for a period of time until immunity is full after second dose. Or, for those for whom the vaccine doesn’t work, yes, you’re still in the same situation as someone who isn’t vaccinated.

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