LISTEN: President Trump’s call about election fraud

Click The Washington Post link below to listen to the entire one hour phone call President Trump made to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on Saturday, January 2, laying out factual allegations about voter irregularities and fraud.

President Trump alleges there’s overwhelming evidence he actually won Georgia by a large margin.

“The data you have is wrong,” Raffensperger told the president.

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25 thoughts on “LISTEN: President Trump’s call about election fraud”

    1. Sharyl provided you the phone call to listen for yourself, why do you need her to tell you who is right? That is the exact problem in our country right now!! People are LAZY and want to be told what to believe and think! Listen to the phone call and make an informed decision for yourself!! Spoonfed information is why we are failing and so divided! Don’t be LAZY!! Look for the whole story and don’t listen to BIASED media to make your mind up for you!! You and people like you do not deserve the blood shed for your freedom!!!

      1. Yes! Excellent point. Stolen election is crime of the century but CNN has brainwashed everyone to think “everything is ok, move on”, politicians included. So sick of RINOs who don’t support our President. They should just go ahead and switch to Democrat party.

      2. Sally Wilson Spiewakowski

        So true and just what the media rely on. People are too busy or too lazy to read beyond the headlines and simply allow themselves to be brainwashed by propaganda. Do the research. Do the homework.

  1. I would like to have had SCOTUS take a case and issue a finding saying what constitutes an election which States must meet. That would include a definition of what a legal voter is including registration to vote. It would also define a voting time period, how votes are to be counted and what an observed vote would be. The most attention would be paid to what constitutes an absentee ballot in terms of how they are distributed and returned. Our current electoral process is probably unconstitutional because it likely deprives a large number of voters the knowledge that their vote counted.

    1. I agree… but, I am quickly loosing faith in our elected and appointed leaders to do anything about it. Integrity is a forgotten word and Justice is definitely not blind!

      1. Sally Wilson Spiewakowski

        I feel helpless and totally disenfranchised right now. I am depending on a few good men & women: Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, President Trump, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and others to stand up in D.C. and fight for the truth.

        1. Imagine being a democrat… according to the president of the the USA, Dems don’t vote in elections.. they steal elections. That is being disenfranchized.

    2. Unfortunately as Fed gov grew the leadership of state government has declined. This issue is Constitutionally the sole responsibility of the State legislature as the most contemporary representation of the voice of the people, but they have taken a back seat to the Fed and have forgotten their responsibilities.

      Further, it is difficult for anyone whose power derived from an election to vehemently complain that election fraud has overtaken the process.

  2. SCOTUS have now rendered themselves as useless. They utterly failed the highest test that could be given to that 3rd Branch of Gov. Thus, we now know, that our FBI, DoJ, CIA, and SCOTUS are corrupted.
    That means we are in a full on Tyranny of Federal Government, without any say or representation.

  3. Mark Lavigne lays it all out for everyone, even low information voters. Every bit is unconstitutional. The ONLY one with the power to change election law is the state legislature.
    Everything else is a federal

  4. Regardless of what must happen, these #Courts simply not taken up any of these case’s , simply shows, they don’t want no parts of starting #Riots and #Looting again! We must not allow this 2020PresidentialElection to get stolen from #US Conservatives!#stopthesteal,#fixthefraud,#KAG,#DT,#CE!

  5. Well Mr secretary seems to me he’s asking you to do the right thing for the country and if you are going to be part of the swamp then you will be another to go down with that sinking ship. Foreign interference is a huge deal which Obama did nothing about. President Trump will and maybe you are confident in your decisions by what others are showing you but when I tell you there is hard evidence to back the presidents claim you might want to think about what he’s telling you because once this all comes out into the light there is no second chances for anyone involved. Now of course I don’t know what evidence they have but from all the videos I’ve seen where you have these democrats making people leave and saying there is a water main break in the building only to find out there isn’t then to watch them on video pulling out cases of ballots and continue fraudulently counting is pure fraud!! Now again it is your decision and maybe you’re not a Trump supporter and that’s fine but it’s the respect for the office and this great nation that is being trampled along with many Americans who’s vote did not count!! You had the chance and I do believe he wanted to call you to give you the chance to get on the side of the constitution. If you don’t and IF you know there was fraud then you deserve everything you got coming to you and nobody will have any remorse for your consequences this President is about to give to all those involved with fraud and foreign interference. We all know China is behind this whole thing. We’ve all seen the hack of the servers and China being the ones who were being communicated to and we’ve all seen the hack from a mobile phone while live!!! Money will not save any of you from what’s to come. Nothing will!!

  6. Why are they refusing audit in Fulton county? Why this jerks refuse transparency. They count the votes and it matches dominion votes. They are hiding something.
    However, Trump should have not made that call. He should let his lawyers do the talking. Because Schift is again listening.

  7. Good points, but Fed still has a responsibility to act when the state doesn’t. The rest of the states are being disenfranchised by illegal voting in said swing states who bent their rules to accommodate the lefts claim about the pandemic stopping in person voting. They illegally prevented poll watchers from viewing the counting process and are mostly run by the party that won, so the states will not act and so in future elections they have their blueprint on how to successfully steal an election. What is the remedy if the Federal Courts do not do their job? We are headed down a road that is corrupt and we have been negligent of the future we leave the next generation. I don’t care which side cheated at this point, they cheated, and either side doing it nullifies our REPUBLIC! We are leaving a mess that unfortunately will more than likely have to be settled with war! Not what I want to leave my kid saddled with!

  8. The proof of election fraud is overwhelming, passing 5 minutes online would suffice to find the evidence. Just one example here:
    And while you are online, you can also check about the fact that Biden “withdrew from the 1988 presidential race after admitting to plagiarism and exaggeration of his academic record.” Imagine that, even Snopes cannot deny it. Biden said that Trump refusing to concede is an embarrassment.
    By the way, talking about making up stories and lying…
    So let’s see who is a liar and an “embarrassment”:

  9. A couple of comments:
    1) A previous post to this article claimed to be providing evidence of voter fraud by posting a link to an article pointing out that Trump “lost” votes in some of the updates as the votes were being counted. A poster has already provided an explanation for that phenomenon in a previous newsletter. The story is that the number of votes for each candidate that is posted is not the actual count, but is back-calculated from the total number of votes (which is an accurate number) and the percentage of those votes going to each candidate. Because of quantization and rounding errors in the percentages (the percentages are only given to tenths of a percent), that can make it appear that the number of actual votes for a given candidate has gone down. I can’t claim with certainty that that is what happened, but I can claim that it can mathematically happen. And if you look at the voting updates snapshot provided in that article, you can see that the numbers don’t all add up unless you consider the quantization and rounding effects. So the “lost” Trump votes is not proof of anything.
    Moreover, why would a group that has supposedly designed such a diabolically clever fraud scheme leave something so open and obvious as subtracting votes for anyone to see? The answer is that they wouldn’t if it would undermine their fraud.
    2) Another poster complained about people not “thinking for themselves” which I take to be a euphemism for not “thinking like me”. In other words, because most, if not all, respondents herein believe that the election was stolen, it seems that those of us who don’t aren’t capable of “thinking for ourselves”. So in what way is continuing to perpetuate the election fraud narrative actually “thinking for yourself”? The facts, to this point, are all on the “no fraud” side. And not only has no fraud been proven, but in most, if not all, of the cases that have made it to court, no fraud charge was actually brought up. There were sometimes allegations of fraud made in the original complaint, but the complaint was later amended to remove it. Not only that, but reasonable explanations have been given for all of the supposedly nefarious dealings that election officials have been accused of. For example, much was made of votes being brought in in suitcases in Georgia and stored surreptitiously under the table only to be brought out in the dead of night and counted. But according to Georgia election officials, the carriers were the standard ones used to carry ballots, and they were stored under the table to get them out of the way until they needed to be opened for counting. Do I know that is true? Of course not. Do you know that it’s not? Of course not. So why is the default setting to believe there was fraud?
    Georgia did a hand recount of all 5M ballots and found that it matched the machine count. Yet we still see Dominion claimed to be part of the scheme. So who’s not thinking now?
    Let’s just take the 30,000-foot view. Which is more likely to be true: (1) the election was fair, or (2) a group sabotaged the election process, something that would have had to involve lots of polls workers and state election officials (including many Republican ones) in five or six states, all without leaving any hard evidence behind (none has been presented in court as of this date)? And, for some reason, these really diabolically smart people didn’t make sure that the Senate went to the Democrats as well. I guess they weren’t that smart after all. This question doesn’t prove anything one way or the other, but Mr. Occam and his Razor would tell you which one is clearly the more likely correct answer.
    Yet the fraud claims herein are made with almost religious zeal, completely at odds with the lack of evidence. It’s one thing to believe that fraud was committed, and evidence of that fraud will come to light at a later time. I admit that might happen. But those beliefs should be tempered with the reality of the lack of evidence found thus far. And it’s quite another thing to believe that evidence has been presented when it hasn’t. That’s not just a failure to think for yourself. That’s delusional.
    Those on the “fraud” side need to ask themselves if there is anything that will convince them that fraud did not occur. My guess is no.
    So tell me where I’m wrong.

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