Misinformation from CDC on Covid-19 vaccines; Decentralizing power in DC; and Prayers for Congress

A big question during a time of Covid-19 vaccines shortages is whether the estimated 100 million Americans who have already had coronavirus should go ahead and get the shot.

The CDC has said they should.

But the problem is: top scientists at CDC have falsely quoted vaccines studies as saying the vaccines have proven effective for people who previously had coronavirus. That’s untrue.

The studies did not find effectiveness for people previously infected.

Scientists criticizing CDC for misquoting the studies say the agency has, in effect, used the bad information to encourage people who need the vaccine the least –to get it, depriving others at high risk who need the vaccine most.

Sunday on Full Measure, my special investigation into what happened when an outside scientist, who happens to be a member of Congress, found the error and tried to get CDC to correct it.

Also, on Full Measure this week, there’s a bipartisan push to decentralize Washington D.C.

Slowly but surely, federal agencies have moved thousands of positions out west.

The idea is to chip away at the singular power base for the federal government and save a lot of taxpayer money in the process.

We’ll tell you who’s moving out of D.C. and where they’re going.

And a prayer to open each session of Congress is a tradition that dates back to our nation’s beginnings.

Author Howard Mortman of C-SPAN tracks Congressional prayer and, in particular, the history of rabbis praying for Congress.

Find how to watch at the link below.

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5 thoughts on “Misinformation from CDC on Covid-19 vaccines; Decentralizing power in DC; and Prayers for Congress”

  1. Sharyl
    Full Measure Team :

    Are you folks “journalists” or “chroniclers,” if
    you withhold any opinion from your reports ?

    Which above term invites injection of an opinion ?

    My sister kept a JOURNAL in high school, entirely
    mixed with FACTS and her FEEELINGS.

    If her diary had been only a chronicle, it would’ve
    been devoid of ANY subjective opinions.

    Consider my below adjustment to the term,
    “chronicle”—altering that term by using “ER”
    attached to it :


    — C H R O N I C L E —

    [ kron-i-kuhl-er]

    See synonyms for: chronicle / chronicled / chronicles / chronicling on Thesaurus.com
    noun :

    a chronological record of events; a history.
    verb (used with object), chron·i·cled, chron·i·cling.
    to record in or as in a CHRONICLER.

    recounter, relater, narrator, reporter.

    See synonyms for chronicle on Thesaurus.com


    Today, hasn’t J O U R N A L I S T
    become a pejorative term ? !

    Possibly,, you folks are CHRONICLERS
    by reporting just the facts; and, then,
    JOURNALISTS whenever OPINIONating
    around “JUST-THE-FACTS, mam” ? !


    1. Glenn,

      Twilight Zone
      episodes were
      a collaboration
      between show
      producers and
      Military Industrial
      Complex—as any
      close examination
      of THAT episode,
      reveals clever


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