Most never saw Trump’s second impeachment coming

Only 18% of those who answered the latest poll at thought President Trump would be impeached again. Three percent (3%) predicted he would be impeached and 15% said he would be impeached along with other actions.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 2,100 people at

A majority of those who responded, 56%, predict Trump will serve a second term. Seven percent (7%) said they expect him to be criminally prosecuted.

What’s next for President Trump?

56% Another term

3% Impeachment

7% Criminal prosecution

19% Media star

15% All of the above

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5 thoughts on “Most never saw Trump’s second impeachment coming”

  1. Ed (metaphorsbwithu)

    There is already a ton of evidence, from communications to video documentation, that the Capitol riots were planned ahead of time and the bad actors like Antifa and BLM were involved. When is this going to hit the mainstream news narrative? Any talk of impeachment should be aimed at Democrat leaders, from mayors to governors and up, not President Trump. The tactics never change for the left. They ALWAYS accuse their opponents of doing what THEY do. See Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. The go by the book again-and-again and for some reason Republicans are either clueless or complicit.

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