New Covid-19 Treatments; Election Aftermath; and Custer’s Last Stand

This week on Full Measure, beyond the Covid-19 vaccine, what else is emerging to protect American lives?

I’ll speak to a top government virologist who gives us the inside scoop on what seems to be promising.

We’ve already profiled one of those treatments on Full Measure: plasma therapy.

Another treatment that seems to be effective, according to Dr. John Dye, is one that involves injecting antibodies into a sick patient. The antibodies come from someone who built them fighting coronavirus and work for a couple of weeks to help the ill person get past the danger zone.

Also on Full Measure, after a turbulent election season, many are demanding for change in our election systems, and there’s a bipartisan call for reforms.

The problem is both political parties have opposite ideas on what election reform looks like.

Scott Thuman has been looking into what’s most likely ahead.

And on a recent trip out West, I stumbled upon the grounds of Custer’s Last Stand. That got me wondering… see what I found.

Local historian Putt Thompson shows us Custer’s Last Stand

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8 thoughts on “New Covid-19 Treatments; Election Aftermath; and Custer’s Last Stand”

  1. Thank you for your service to truth, and for raising the quality of the otherwise dismal performance of our “news media.
    Regarding treatments for C19, I would love to see a Full Measure interview of Dr. Pierre Kory, spokesman for the Covid Critical Care Alliance of 600 clinicians and researchers, whose testimony was featured in the US Senate hearing on early treatment of Covid held December 8, 2020. ( is the website for the Alliance) Their research on ivermectin as an effective anti-viral in all stages of treatment, as well as in prophylaxis, is game changing. Ivermectin has been treated largely like HCQ was early in the game, with suppression of information and foot dragging by bureaucracy, for purposes that remain unclear.
    Re: today’s poll question, how about a follow-up. “Would you support EJECTING one or more states from the US?” (Only half kidding… “YOU’RE FIRED!”) ;-)

  2. Election Reform:
    To the Democrats means that Election Reform means anything that ensures their winning.
    To the majority of Republicans, it means don’t make waves.

    We need to return to and ensure the idea that one person means one vote. Photo IDs would go a long way in ensuring that. ND had voter ID since the 1990s, it was only that it became a political issue that the courts tossed it out.
    = One objection was lack of photo IDs would disproportionately affect the Indians. I have no idea how the Whiteman would have anything to do with that, since the photo ID is obtained from the Tribe or Nation to which they belong. That being the same ID required for them to receive care from Indian Health Services and any other benefits provided by the Tribe. This was trotted out for the 2016 election.
    = The second objection was invented for the 2020 election. It seemed that Indians lacked permanent addresses and the implication being that Trump’s post office did not provide street names on the Reservation. Government entities make their own street names.

    As far as the rest of America,, it is the disproportionate impact on people of color, even though that photo ID is needed to write a check, obtain a hotel room, deposit money into a bank account, get on an airplane, file taxes if you go to a tax preparer, even the free preparers, and I have no idea how many more things.

  3. Also, require that the voter is required to request an absentee ballot requiring a signature and then vote requiring another signature..
    There was no reason for my wife’s mother with dementia to be able to get a ballot in a skilled care facility, My wife’s sister filed it in the circular file.
    I can provide a couple more examples.

  4. I’m expecting Joe Biden – fabulist that he is – to be the Rosie Ruiz of the Covid-19 epidemic. He will jump in near the end of the race and claim that he is the man who beat Covid-19.

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