POLL: Few blame Trump for Capitol riots

Only 2% blame President Trump for the Capitol riots.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 1,900 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Thirty-six percent (36%) say they blame Trump’s opponents.

A near equal number blame “The rioters” (27%) and “Antifa” (28%).

Who’s to blame for the Capitol riots?

2% Trump

36% Trump’s opponents

<1% All of Trump’s supporters

27% The rioters

28% Antifa

7% FBI for not investigating crimes against Trump

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17 thoughts on “POLL: Few blame Trump for Capitol riots”

  1. If those illegally arrested for their peaceful protest at the Capitol, and their lawyers, are smart they would all say:

    Yes, your Honor, as an American I was at the Capitol on that day, supporting the legally elected President, and until Jan 20th, Mr. Trump is still our legally elected President, and protesting a highly questionable election.

    Your Honor, Mr. Trump did not incite me, or even encourage me to attend. I was there for several reasons:

    1) Maxine Waters encouraged all Citizens to confront them where they work, where they shop, at the gas stations, let them know they’re not welcome.

    2) Speaker Pelosi telling us that we can do what we’re going to do

    3) Alexandria Occasio-Cortez saying the whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable

    4) Vice President Elect Harris saying the protests should not stop and arranging crowd funding for bail for those arrested during protests

    5) numerous other politicians and media outlets that said things like destruction of property isn’t violence (New York Times Hannah-Jones) and violent protests work (GQ magazine) and don’t be afraid of democracy (Seattle Mayor Durkin) and standing in front of burning looted buildings say this is peaceful.

    After months of encouragement by all these people I finally decided to take their advice, to listen to them, and go to DC to peacefully protest in the name of Democracy. This is what our political and social leaders have told me, told the country, for months. Were they wrong?

    1. That might work if the Judge is not a liberal, leftie wingnut! It’s like we have entered the Twilight Zone, I’ve been on the lookout for Rod Serling!

    2. ED (metaphorsbeithu)

      Exactly … if said with a touch of sarcasm. In truth, this was just an typical rally of support, peaceful and filled with love and hope, tainted by operatives from the left, various anti-Trump activists and a small number of useful idiots. The left has a hundred years experience using such tactics. Is there anyone among the professional and intellectual crowd who will admit this?

  2. Will the arrested ‘protesters’ be questioned with regards to the new impeachment? What if the all state Trump had nothing to do with why they were at the Capitol.

  3. Oh, Tammy … really? “those illegally arrested for their peaceful protest at the Capitol” …. seriously? peaceful? illegally arrested? Cupcake, you really need to join reality.

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