POLL: More people have acquired guns than pets in the past year, among a list of items

Fifty-five percent (55%) of people have acquired a generator, a gun, a pet, cryptocurrency, or more than one of the mentioned items, in the past year.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 750 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

In all, 22% say they have acquired more than one of the items; 5% say they have acquired only a generator and 16% say they have only acquired a gun (among the listed items). Five percent (5%) say they acquired a pet. And 7% acquired Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

In the past year, I have acquired:

5% A generator

16% A gun

5% A pet

7% Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency

22% More than one of the above

45% None of the above

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5 thoughts on “POLL: More people have acquired guns than pets in the past year, among a list of items”

    1. P.S.

      Full Measure Team and Sharyl,

      The late Democrat Party’s conscience, Seth Rich,
      was targeted for betraying Leftism’s devil-worship
      (( paganism, witchcraft, black magic ))—for having
      a Christian sense of moral conscience!, about
      some seriously evil/devilish machinations (( see
      emails referencing satanic rituals, which Seth
      had provided Julian Assange, via thumb drive;
      and, then, buy and study this book :
      “The Franklin Coverup,” for a far deeper
      understanding )).


      1. P.P.S.

        Sharyl, Deep State machinations run
        very deep, re our health :

        Which natural agent does this anti-cancer
        article HIDE from all women—worldwide ?

        “Breast cancer is the leading cause of
        cancer-related deaths in women


        The answer :

        I O D I N E .

        Find and study this book,
        about the hidden healing
        power of iodine (( removed
        from our bread products in
        1972/‘73, by Deep State
        operatives in Big-Pharma/
        -Medicine—one of many
        secret attacks on America :

        “The Iodine Crisis—what you
        don’t know about iodine can
        wreck your life,”
        by Lynne Farrow ( ( 2013 ))


  1. Someone has to call out Biden’s team calling him a “Devout Catholic”. A Devout Catholic would never support: abortion, homosexuality, gay married or having an affair with another man’s wife. Why does he even stop at the church? Is he intending to repent from his sins?

  2. And I bought my only gun, a Glock, the day of Uncle Joe’s inauguration. ( I used to own a small .45 some years back, but like a fool, I sold it.)

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