POLL: Trump approval quietly nears 3 year high

As President Trump has largely been thrust out of the spotlight, with removal from social media and attention focused on President-elect Joe Biden, his approval rating today reached a threshold just shy of his three-year high.

That’s according to the Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll.

On January 19, Trump’s approval reached 51%.

Over the past three years, Trump’s popularity peaked a few times at 52%, according to Rasmussen Reports’ graph, and once at 53%.

The number of Trump’s popularity peaks past 50% during the past three years topped the number of Obama’s peaks at or above that level during the same time period.

Trump’s lowest popularity mark in the past three years was 42%, most recently last June. But Trump’s approval never fell as low as President Obama’s during the same time period of the Obama first term: 41% in June of 2010.

In the weeks before the 2020 election, President Trump’s popularity frequently bested Obama’s at the same point in the Obama presidency, even though President Obama was elected for a second consecutive term and Trump will not be serving a second consecutive term.

After his re-election, Obama’s approval skyrocketed briefly to 58%.

See the graph and details at the link below:


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17 thoughts on “POLL: Trump approval quietly nears 3 year high”

  1. Can you imagine what all Trump could have accomplished if Nancy Pelosi and the rest of Congress had went along with him instead of wasting all that energy against him. I’m going to miss him.

  2. Bernadette Howell

    Sheryl, you are the most Honest and thorough journalist there is today. Thank you and keep up the Great work. ?you?

  3. Thank you Sharyl for honest and objective reporting.
    And thank you for posting to Gab, even though it’s not a ‘popular’ thing to do for “legitimate” reporters. The truth never gets revealed in the dark, and twitter loves to turn out the lights.

  4. different interpretation that was offered by a recent PEW poll, which had President Trump losing 25% of the support they say he had over the summer.

    Guess it all depends on your point of view, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t surprise me if the PEW poll, which almost always favors democrats, was a push poll.

    Ms. Attkisson, I share fellow commenters about your unbiased approach to NEWS reporting, and I find it quite refreshing. It’s unfortunate that your unbiased nature didn’t make you a good fit with CBS. Their loss.

  5. Reading your book now. I suspect your investigation of CBS itself barely scratches the surface of the powerful network’s corruption and intellectual dishonesty. Perhaps you have plenty of subject matter there on CBS for your next book.

  6. Peter Navarro has compiled the 2020 election statistics and the evidence for how the Democrat Machine stole the 2020 Presidential election. But they did not do it all on their own. The CCP’s COVID was a great help. And DNC had great compliance/assistance from the Republican establishment. Even at a common sense level, people smell the illegitimacy of China Joe and his Party.

    So now that the American people can see the ruin coming at them in the form of mass importation of cheap labour, the clear choice to reject America First, it only makes sense that not only is Trump’s popularity growing but that the anger of the average voter is going from smoldering to flame.
    The only question now is whether or not the populist Republicans can take appropriate charge of the 2022 election process in order to halt further election fraud. If they can, then the American people will have a peaceful outlet for their anger and their despair.

  7. I already miss our president. This fraudulent impostor sitting in the White House now needs to b dragged out and… tarred and fethered…scratch that. Just put the sleepy old man a nursing home.

  8. Rassamusen 1st presidential approval rating after inauguration.
    Obama 1st 67%
    Trump 1st 56%
    Biden 1st 48% !! Biden has no political capital.

    1. Isn’t that interesting! with over 80 million votes, he should be litterally tripping over political capital. Wonder how that works?

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