READ: Adverse Events reported after COVID-19 vaccine, so far

The online Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is where medical professionals and patients can report issues following vaccination.

The mere reporting of an illness following vaccination doesn’t mean the illness was caused by the vaccine, but all reactions are supposed to be reported so that analysts can ultimately determine if a particular vaccine might be responsible for a previously unknown reaction. It can also indicate how common a known side effect turns out to be in the general population. And it can reveal which types of patients might be at greater risk of adverse reactions from a particular vaccine.

According to the government, reports available on the searchable VAERS database are several weeks behind the actual occurrence.

See the VAERS website here

The following are some of the several hundred events reported after Covid-19 vaccinations so far. They include complaints ranging from many relatively minor reactions to dozens of trips to Emergency Rooms.


The majority of cases generally described appear to line up with what scientists and the vaccine makers have said are expected, potential side effects of Covid-19 vaccines.

Public health officials say that the benefits of the coronavirus vaccines outweigh the risks. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not recommend everyone receive a coronavirus vaccine, at this point. Beyond the fact that supplies are limited, there are individual considerations that CDC says may exclude someone from receiving the vaccination. Further, the Pfizer vaccine is not approved for anyone under age 16, and the Moderna vaccine is not approved for anyone under age 18.

Consult for more information.

VAERS IDResults are sorted in by-variable orderAdverse Event Description
C/O Headache
felt warm, hot and face and ears were red and flushed.
within 15 minutes progressive light-headedness leading to near-syncope and diaphoresis. After 20 minutes symptoms subsided.
Pt felt wave come over body @ 1218 starting in head and going down. Bad taste in mouth, tingling in body , legs, back , across stomach, BP 150/100 P 120@ 1219, EMS activated. BP 120/80, P 80 Pt alert and oriented, Pt declined transport and Benadryl. Symptoms come and go, pt feels better but then bad taste in mouth starts, shaking of hands, tingling starts again in stomach and back. @ 1300 pt requests Benadryl, 25 mg administered. Pt notified family by phone of circumstances and family in transit.@1324 BP 120/80, P 84, tongue tingling and pt reports smelling chemical smell. @1345 Pt complained of mouth itching, EMS activated and will transport to Medical Center. Pt oriented and transported at @13
“rPfizer-BionNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA 5-7 minutes after the vaccine Associate stated she did not feel right, mentioned chest pain. “”My chest feels funny. It feels like when you have really bad heartburn coming on””. “”I feel flushed like when you get contrast for a CT””. Pulse 90 BP 160/90 checked later 130/90″
Headache, body ache
Within a few minutes of receiving the COVID 19 vaccination, patient developed lightheadedness, shortness of breath, headache, and some nausea. She did get some redness to her neck and upper chest. No recent illness. Had elevated BPs ranged from 158/103 to 207/126 . HR ranged from 82-106. O2 sats always > 96%. Temp 37.1 C. Received Tylenol 1000 mg PO, Dexamethasone 10 mg IV, diphenhydramine 50 mg IV, famotidine 20 mg IV, ketorolac 30 mg IV, ondansetron 4 mg IV, and 1 L NS. Patient prescribed EpiPen and prednisone and discharged.
About 25 minutes after receiving vaccine complained of dizziness and being hot and nauseated. No difficulty breathing. No chest pain. B/P was 130/90 and was monitored. It went down to 124/80 after he started feeling better. He was wearing sweater over shirt and it was warm in building. Took sweater off. Cool wet cloth applied to back of neck. States he had only had a donut and cup of hot chocolate before receiving vaccine. Sprite and peanut butter crackers given. Became nauseated after eating peanut butter crackers Blood pressure monitored monitored. He laid on exam table for about 15 minutes. He felt better. Stood up and walked to conference room for another 15 minutes. Stated he felt much better and was ready to leave. Coworker drove him back. Received email from him letting us know he had made it back and they had stopped and eaten pizza on the way. Received text from coworker that he was dizzy and seeing spots and that his blood pressure had been 120/80 and then spiked to 160/100. Coworkers taking him to ER for evaluation.
At 12:55 pm 10 minutes following vaccine being given states feeling lightheaded and flush. Was sitting in the chair. Encouraged him to lay down on the floor which he did on his own. Feet elevated. BP 174/70 pulse 82. Denies any other complaints. Laid on floor for 15 minutes then sat in chair. Denies complaints. 1:15 pm was allowed to leave. BP 120/80 and states feeling fine.
She claims she experienced tightness in the right side of throat and her tongue started tingling. Took her the Emergency Department, She decided to go and buy Benadryl
System was not populating immunization record, member denied having immunizations within last 14 days. Vaccine given, record populated and patient had anthrax on 12/10/20
Tingling of upper lip and cheeks, warmth in face, and itchy eyes Treatment: diphenhydramine 50 mg PO x1 Outcome: symptom onset within 15 minutes of vaccine administration. Symptoms resolved within 20-30 minutes of diphenhydramine administration.
I am a immunization nurse at this location. I gave 2 of the first 4 Covid vaccinations given at our location. Then I received dose # 5. It was easy. I did a couple of things and then returned to my desk. As I sat down, my arm started feeling very heavy. I was unable to send a text. I told staff that I was feeling funny and that I was going to the other room to lay down. Staff followed me and took my Pulse 100 and BP 164/ 82 (high for me!) . I felt shaky, but my hands were not shaking. Put a wet cloth on my head and laid there a few minutes, telling staff stories and laughing at my BP. When I sat up, my BP was 126/74 and pulse was 80. I stood up for a minute or two, then my legs got heavy and I sat down for a few more minutes. I went to the bathroom and came back to my desk, but was weak and tired. I ate and drank some fluids. Because it was snowing and I live 25 miles away, I accepted a ride home from a co-worker. I walked across the parking lot without problems and talked all the way home. At home, I was tired, but had a sandwich and talked on the phone. I would still describe myself as tired, but functioning.
1750- IM injection ot R Deltoid. She was sitting, and felt short of breath without wheeze or tightness in the chest or throat. She stood up, and then felt tunneling. Assisted to chair and floor. Pulse weak, skin flushed, sweating on torso. Face and Neck remained flushed and red. She refused epi at first. So we gave her benedryll 25 mg po with apple juice. She said she just had a big meal 30 min prior, but we checked her blood sugar- it was 85. 10 min after the first SOB feeling, it returned. BP was recorded as 160/100.
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Developed chills, nausea and vomiting beginning at 2 AM the night after receiving the vaccine. Potential fever as well (I don’t have a thermometer to check). Symptoms have lasted over 3 hours thus far, still continuing.
Pain in deltoid muscle upon pressure at night. Hard to lay on the side of the vaccine due to pain in the arm
I received the vaccine @ 3:40 pm 12-15-20 and felt fine until around 9:00 pm 12-15-20 when I noted headache, nausea, no energy, overall not feeling well, and injection site pain. I did not have a fever. Symptoms still present @ 6:00 am 12-16-20.
Right sided facial/lip swelling. Started about 0200 on 12/16/20. Patient sometimes gets angioedema, so unsure if this is related but wanted to report
Patient received shot around 1pm later that night he started to experience chills, hot/cold, nausea, headache, extreme fatigue, low grade temp (99.1) Associate vomited several times the early the next morning. By the next day, day patient was vomiting less and was able to keep food down. Patient is feeling better the second day, experiencing some nausea.
diffuse rash at anterior and right lateral neck associated with feeling of warmth
Patient received shot and sat for 15 minutes, left and came back and reported she felt woozy. She felt dizzy. Patient stated she felt dizzy off and on while she was in clinic getting shot, patient left.
chills – 0730 body ache, headache – 1000 headache significantly worse – 1110
sore throat, headache, lightheadedness
“Pt. became lightheaded, and clammy. noted heart rate to be 51, oxygen saturation 100%. after sitting for a few minutes, she felt better, but then became dizzy and had some chest tightness and bilateral hand tingling. Pt. noted to have respiratory rate 22-26 with deep breath, but other vital signs were stable. (Blood pressures 108-138/70’s to 80’s) Heart rate remained stable in the 70-90’s range, lungs remained clear to auscultation through out. No rash or swelling noted anywhere. No itching, no throat tightness. Pt. repeatedly stated “”I think I am having a panic attack””. Due to the continued complaint of chest tightness, pt. sent to the emergency department for evaluation.”
redness around the injection spot, fever chills, Stomach Ache, Body Ache, Short of breath (walking up stairs ), Headaches no appetite, Dry heating .
After patient received vaccine had localized reaction in left deltoid. Redness and firm to touch. Patient observed for additional time frame and redness lessened. Patient released home.
About 12 hours after the injection woke up and body was hurting all over, chills, body aches, felt feverish, temperature was 100.3F and really tired and hurting all over. Took Tylenol and returned to sleep. Woke up some hours later and took an Ibuprofen. rested for the rest of the day and now the only side effects is a little soreness on her injection mark. No other symptoms. Only the first 24 hours after the shot.
Immediately after the vaccine, I got severely nauseaed, got a yucky metal taste in my mouth and got super lightheaded and hadnt even gotten up. The agent helped walk me to a chair and I felt really loopy in the head. After the 15 minutes, I got up and immediately felt the whole room was spinning causing me to have to sit back down another 15 minutes. Closing my eyes made the dizziness much worse. I was given juice, my sugar was checked at was 115. After about 30 minutes I stood and felt alot better. I went back to my assigned duties but was feeling super bad and my supervisor sent me home because they states I didnt look good. On the drive home I threw up and my PCP called in Zopran to help with the nausea.
“After patient received vaccine had complaints of being “”lightheaded and slightly dizzy””. Monitored vital signs and patient symptoms. Resolved after 20 minutes and patient was released to go home.”
Left arm swelling of forearm, old L wrist tattoo because raised and lifted out of skin approx 3 mm, whole arm was itching with several red dots; reaction resolved within 8 hours without intervention body wide itching persisting now
Patient had sudden onset of nausea . Patient was laid flat on the floor and given and alcohol. Symptoms resolved and patient was released home.
Patient has a prior anaphylaxis reaction to Doxycycline. 10minutes after immunization, she developed sweaty palms and lightheadedness. No throat swelling or difficulty breathing. Placed supine, BP 160/100, HR 60-70, O2 97% RA. After a period of monitoring the symptoms improved. No intervention given.
Pain; This is a spontaneous report from a non-contactable physician. A 39-year-old male patient received BNT162B2 (Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA vaccine), via an unspecified route of administration on 14Dec2020 at 12:00 (at the age of 39-years-old) as a single dose for COVID-19 immunization. The patient’s medical history and concomitant medications were not reported. On an unknown date in Dec2020, the patient experienced pain. The clinical outcome of the pain was unknown. No follow-up attempts are possible; information about lot number cannot be obtained.
Bp of 85/44, nauseous, body aches, chills
I worked overnight after getting the vaccine. I felt really tired and came home and slept until 3 pm. When I woke up I had a dull headache and felt crummy. Decided to sleep the remainder of the day but no fever just was fatigued and had a headache. My arm was hurting at the injection site but the pain has sense left and the headache is gone also.
I experienced a sore arm and could not lift my arm.
Swelling on arm. Placement lower than deltoid, 4 cm. treated with corticosteroids, antihistamines
Pt started to have a metallic taste in her mouth immediately after administration of the Covid-19 vaccine. She started to feel nauseous and myalgias. The patient was seated, given Zofran 4mg once and Benadryl 25 mg once. After 10 min patient was eating juice + crackers. Reports she feels better. A co-worker verbalized he would drive her home, patient agreed.
12/15/2020 5:00 PM Nauseas(worst ) 5:30 Pm Headache 6:00 Pm Stomach Pain
Following first dose, patient became hypotensive, pale, and diaphoretic. Denies syncope. Patient went to nearby emergency department at Hospital. Was monitored for several hours and was discharged in stable condition.
Chills, Body Ache, Fever
The employee experienced headaches the evening after receiving the vaccine. The next morning he experienced improvements in the headaches but developed chills, fatigue, and fever, all of which have improved somewhat by the afternoon when he reported these adverse effects to our employee health service. As he is recently recovered from COVID, a repeat COVID test may not be helpful. He was advised to call our employee health service and followup with his own doctor if these symptoms do not improve or resolve after 3 days.
Headache, onset ~45 minutes after injection
I got it about 10 am I went home I attempted to work from home for about an hour and had a headache, took a 3 hour nap and felt much better after waking up, I felt like I couldn’t concentrate. I felt fine this morning 12/16/2020 and I went to work just fine. I don’t have a headache and don’t feel like I need a nap, my arm still hurts but that is usual. I called my provider and asked if I could take Tylenol, but they were unsure so I did not take medication
“@ ~5 min felt cotton mouth. Got up to ask if he could go early. Then at 10 min post injection, felt eyes feeling weird and he felt “”high””. As in lightheaded. @ 10 min, skin surrounding the eyes are puffy. Given 25 mf benedryl. No immediate SOB or wheeze. No lip or mouth or throat swelling. Taken to ED. Given IM epi 1:1000 0.3ml. Pepcid and more benedryll PO.”
Fever , chills, Body Ache all over body, Joint Pain (worse in hips ) Injection site swollen The PT cannot life her arm
Burning and itching at injection site
Soreness and swelling at injection site
.5 inch bruise at injection site, slight swelling, sore muscle, ibuprofen, ice bag,
Vaccinator Nurse noted upon vaccination there was bleeding from site and immediate bruising. Extended post vaccination monitoring to 30 minutes and asked patient to not leave before being reevaluated. Visual monitoring in post vaccination space by this RN. á Upon reassessment @ 1352 pt stated she felt the need to use her inhaler and chest tightness. Pt denies SOB and able to transfer independently to wheelchair. Pt began to cough and was immediately transferred to ED per FNP. á á Upon ED arrival, pt was transferred to back hall 9, report given to RN and assessed by physician. Vital signs 98% on RA, t- 98.2, HR 78.
Nausea, tremors, and decrease in HR. Patient taken to ED. No epinephrine injection administered.
Patient started to develop maculopapular rash and itching starting ~15 minutes after the vaccine administration. The patient did not report shortness of breath or other respiratory symptoms. The patient was given IV diphenhydramine 50 mg, famotidine 20 mg IV, and methylprednisolone 125 mg IV. The patient’s symptoms resolved and was sent home with a Medrol dose pack and antihistamine.
redness, itching to face, armpit, and neck
Swelling and numbness at injection side. Increased blood pressure 199/99. Immediate headache. Workplace clinic called hospital ER, clinic administered Benadryl. Symptoms resolved.
The patient got a rash on the upper chest and neck approximately 3 hours after vaccination. The rash was self limiting and no treatment currently needed.
Pt presents to the ED for c/o L anterior chest wall pain after receiving covid19 vaccination today around 1030. Pt reports she received the first dose in the L bicep. Pt reports after she received that shot she started having L anterior chest wall pain. Pt states she doesn’t have any chest tightness but does have stabbing pain to the L anterior chest wall. Pt denies any difficulty breathing or hives or any allergic reaction. Pt was hooked up to cardiac/sp02 and BP monitoring equipment. Medication: Ibuprofen Route: PO Dose:800 mg Patient tolerated medication well; no adverse reaction noted. Medication: Tylenol Route: PO Dose:975 mg Patient tolerated medication well; no adverse reaction noted.
Received Pfizer Covid Vaccine – Had fever of 102 and flu like symptoms. Took Tylenol and temp resolved to 99.
11 minutes after first dose of Covid Pfizer vaccine, patient became unresponsive, pale, diaphoretic with possible seizure activity. Patient dropped all belongings, leaned to the left side, with eyes rolling back in her head. Episode lasted about a minute. Patient could not remember what had happened. Vitals were BP 110/60, HR 64, RR 22. Patient was advised to go to ED for further evaluation but she refused. Patient was given a snack and an RN stayed with her for about 20 more minutes to monitor.
“:1039: Responded to notification of potential adverse reaction after receiving COVID-19 vaccination. Pt had been escorted from observation area to emergency area with PA with c/o tightness in throat. On my arrival, pt was eupneic, p/w/d, ambulatory, NAD. á Vitals @ 1039: P72, 100% pulse ox on RA Vitals @ 1056: P72, 98% pulse ox on RA, 112/78 seated. á Administered 25mg diphenhydramine po per PA @ 1050, pt swallowed with water. á Called 911 for EMS response @ 1103 per instruction from provider. á Vitals @ 1103: 98% pulse ox on RA, P74, denies shortness of breath or pain. á Off phone with EMS @ 1108, en route. á EMS on site @ 1115, report given to medic. á Pt left with EMS en route to ED @ 1116. á Report called to ED Charge Nurse @ 1121. Patient presented to vaccination clinic. Patient received her vaccination at approximately 1021. Patient reports symptoms onset at approximately 1038 with tightness of the throat and difficulty swolowing. She described it as a swelling of the throat sensation. She states she had a sensation moving from her head to her toes as in a “”wave “”. Patient denied shortness of breath, chest pain denies nausea. Patient denies hives or rashes or pruitis. á á Patient was assessed and moved to the emergency area. á Her symptoms continued with some improvement. At this point time 25 mg of Benadryl was administered orally. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes after administration the patient developed numbness tingling around the upper lip, the right upper extremity. She denied shortness of breath or chest pain. She denied increasing severity of the throat sensations. á Pertinent past medical history: Reactions bee stings currently carries EpiPen. á She is not had any previous reactions to vaccinations. á á áAllergic reaction. á The patient symptoms seem to continue with the numbness tingling around the lips after administration of the Benadryl. Hand tingling of the right upper extremity also continued although it was decreasing. á Her symptoms of the tightness of the throat remain the same. She did not develop shortness or breath or chest tightness or pain. á At this time I feel be prudent to evacuate the patient to higher level care. á Patient was evacuated at 11:16 by ambulance service. á á á”
1-2 minutes later patient felt nausea, palpitations, and lightheaded
My symptoms started about 15 minutes after shot. Initially I felt slight dizziness begin in my head. Then I felt slight uncomfortable feeling in my lungs, throat, and tongue. They were very slight so I left the vaccine center about 25 minutes after injection. On drive home my lips started to feel numb as well as my tongue & throat. Arriving home very tired. BP 135/ 80 P70 R20 T97.6 Blood sugar 101. Slept for about 4 hours. Called in sick for 7PM shift. Too weak & tired.
“””Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA””: Acute onset of tongue swelling, throat tightness, and diffuse erythema approximately 5 minutes after receiving COVID-19 vaccine. Patient transferred to emergency department. Patient treated with Epinephrine 0.3 mg IM X1 dose, Dexamethasone 10 mg IV x1 dose, Diphenhydramine 25 mg IV x1 dose. Patient discharged same day with resolution of symptoms.”
“When injecting the vaccine fluid, the vaccine administrator noted about 4 drops of liquid that leaked from the area of the syringe tip / needle hub connection. This particular dose was administered by a pharmacist who has experience administering vaccines. In speaking with a few other nurses who administered COVID-19 Pfizer vaccinations at the same clinic (this was the first clinic day), the consensus was that they all did not like the syringes/needles provided by Pfizer. It was a shared opinion that they felt “”cheap”” and “”flimsy””. Going forward, our site is not going to use the Pfizer supplied syringes/needles but will be using our own syringes and needles for vaccine administration.”
I inserted my NuvaRing birth control on 12/14/2020. I have the Covid19 vaccine on 12/15/2020 at about 8:30am. The injection site was mildly sore and that continued into the next day. I woke up on 12/16/2020 feeling a little off and it progressed throughout the day. I felt a headache that I knew was turning into a migraine, threw up a few times (this is normal for me when I get migraines), and started having hot flashes. My temperature never went above 98. After sleeping a few hours and taking some Excedrin migraine I was feeling much better, though still a little sickly, by 4pm. I really think this is due to my migraines (which I get roughly once a month) even though it was a day later than normal.
Patient marked that he had received the flu vaccine 7 days ago. This was missed on screening procedure and patient received the vaccine today. Contacted the CDC and instructed to enter a VAERS report.
Patient was feeling nauseated in the morning prior to coming to work and prior to receiving vaccine. He had a banana thinking he would feel better. He then received the vaccine and felt progressively worse experiencing diarrhea, weakness, and malaise.
Patient complained of feeling dizzy, anxious, shortness of breath. Did have some pain with injection. Did have mask on while waiting standard 15 minutes.
Associate received vaccine at 12:15 pm and was monitored for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, associate went to check out table. While at check out table, associate fell to ground and was experiencing seizure like activity. Supportive treatment was administerd and associate was transferred to ED.
Dizziness that lasted for about an hour. Weakness, extreme fatigue lasted the rest of the day.
Feeling flush and wheezing when walking.
Patient was in observation area after admistration of covid vaccine. At 15 Minute mark patient stated throat felt tight and like it was closing up. Assesment of patient showed tongue PWD, vital signs as follows. 97.6, 118/72, 66 pulse and 100% pulse oxygenation. Observed patient for 15 minutes more, gave patient water and monitored for full 30 minutes. Breathing normal at this time. States feeling better. Discharged and advised to monitor throughout night and if worse go to emergency room. Patient agreed and stated understanding.
Fatigue, nausea, muscle aches
Redness at injection site
Headache, body aches, low grade fever (99.3 F)
Severe muscle aches Diarrhea Headaches Feverish Nauseous Left arm super sore Sore throat
I developed a new rash on my torso and have had three bouts of diarrhea.
Redness to injection site
myalgia, joint pain, local site pain
Within and hour and a half of receiving developed tinnitus in both ears lasting 6 hours. The night after receiving vaccine also developed orthostatic hypotension and started to pass out but caught myself with an assisted fall. Fever(102 F with temporal and oral thermometer) body aches/sweats/general malaise lasting close to 24 hours after receiving vaccine. Fever/aches treated with acetaminophen.
Immediately after injection of vaccination her left deltoid started swelling. Complains of pain at injection site. No other complaints. Applied ice. She took Tylenol and Benedryl. Stayed 30 minutes after vaccination without further complaint.
Patient received covid-19 vaccine. 20+ minutes later patient states she began feeling flushed and nauseous. Patient states she look at her injection site, and it was hot and red. Local reaction approx. 2 inches x 2 inches. Dr. ordered 25 mg oral Benadryl. Vitals stable at 1840 133/88, 66 for pulse and regular, SPO2 99% on room air, respirations 20. Patient continued having complaints of light headedness and nausea. 1850 119/79, 74, 99% RA. Dr. states patient may depart from clinic if able to sit up and walk out, patient given instructions go to ED in symptoms progress. 1857 120/82, 70, 99.4. Patient’s face becomes flushed and hot on left side, patient states she is shaky, and does not feel well at all. 1905 patient transferred to ED on 2L O2 for further evaluation and workup. Narrative ER Medical decision making narrative: Accu-Chek was obtained noting a glucose to be at 80. She received IV fluids as well as Solu-Medrol Benadryl and IV Pepcid. She also received IV Tylenol as she developed a headache while in the emergency department. Headache resolved and she was able to ambulate without assistance. Requested to go home states she felt much improved near normal. Clinical Impression: Adverse reaction to drug Patient Education: Anaphylaxis (ED)
Patient feeling very anxious before and after vaccination. Described having difficulty swallowing water shortly (~15 min) post vaccination. Patient was tearful but breathing normally. Walked under her own power from the pharmacy down to the Emergency Room for anxiety over anaphylaxis. Given dose of Vistaril in ER.
Local pain and swelling of the injection site
Local Pain and swelling of the injection site
Started with onset of fatigue and disorientation shortly after receiving the vaccine. Several hours after the disorientation got worse, a headache came on and my whole body aches fatigue is bad. I feel like the flu just hit me.
“Allergic reaction with facial swelling, eye tearing, “”itchy”” throat”
Systemic rash, dry cough (causing cough); 650mg Tylenol every 6; 50mg Benadryl to start then 25 mg every 6, Pepcid 20mg every 12 hours; rash is slowly resolving; throat still very dry with dry cough
Nausea started about 8 hours after getting vaccine and progressively got worse over 12 hours
Day 0 of injection that evening , experienced fevers, chills, rigors, malaise. Day 1 morning experienced nausea
60 minutes after receiving the vaccine the patient became very dizzy and was unable to walk. After a couple of hours dizziness lessened and patient was able to ambulate.
“Patient presented with feeling of “”headrush”” dizziness, tachycardia to 130’s, itching to neck, visible hives to face and neck.”
Hives within 3 hours lasted 12 hours. Left Arm edema and erythema 24 hours
Extreme fatigue, felt very warm all over body for 14 – 16 hours, exceptional pruritus on head and back, all joints are exceptionally achey
Patient left the vaccine clinic after waiting 15 minutes. While driving home, she began to feel clammy with a tightness in her chest and throat. She reports that it felt harder for her to breathe. She describes the onset as 20-30 minutes after vaccine was administered. She returned to the vaccine clinic where she was given diphenhydramine 25 mg PO, and her blood pressure was ~130/100 mmHg. She reports that she is usually normotensive. Patient was observed for 30-45 minutes, and she reports feeling better.
02:45 PM walking , dizzy, rapid heart rate, mild chest pain. Directed to ER in hospital, CT Chest — normal, EKG — normal, Lab test– normal. Xray Chest results — basilar atelectasis, Hyperinflation of lungs. Blood pressure 171/109. No treatment given in ER — f/u with PCP 12/18/20. 08:00PM nausea, headache, vomit 1x. 10:00PM fever 104.00; Tylenol extra strength dose. 12/17/20 6:00am temp 99.00, Tylenol dose extra strength; body aches, fatigue, mild headache.
caller reported Flushing, redness around face and nauseous. Advised that Number for IMT (Incident management Team)will be activated. Caller declined. Advised to return to observation room where shot was given. Caller stated she would. Called her 5 minutes and left a message to call back if symptoms also persist or worsens
Injection site swelling and pain
Stomach crump & vomiting
left arm soreness/pain tender to touch/palpation
“After receiving the injection the patient stated “”my throat feels funny, similar to how it has felt in the past when I have had a reaction.”” Pt. transferred from the vaccine clinic location to ED.”
Patient reports of itching immediately after vaccine, dizzy, feeling of flush. Medical directive given for itching that include OTC antihistamine (Claritin). Incident Management team activated for dizziness and feeling of flush.
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fever, chills, severe body aches. Fever resolved with ibuprofen
0749 – tingling in body, scratchy throat for 10 minutes, flushing
Patient was given to co vid injection- developed numbness and tingling inside bicep- speech- slurred speech- tongue speech- tongue not swollen- feels like novican. Takes lisinopril, novolog jardiance, lansoprazole, and mirena.
0752- numbness and redness left arm (inj site)
throat dryness and scratchiness, numbness. hoarse coughing
Headache, Left arm and shoulder pain
Headache, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, sweating
shortly after patient received vaccine became flushed, bottom lip went numb, vitals were in normal limits. 911 was called emergency staff came and patient went to ER to be monitored.
immediate burning upon injection, VS stable
Swelling of hands follwed by angioedema
Papular, pustular rash on back occurring approximately 6-10 hours after injection of vaccine.
“While waiting the 15 minute after vaccination the Patient noticed a “”tingling”” feeling in throat about 5 minutes after vaccine was given. Time: 0930 – Oxygen Saturation was 98% Pulse Rate 100. Patient stated that the feeling went away and then came back. Time: 0938 – Again vital signs were taken BP 156/88 Oxygen Saturation 100% Pulse Rate 83. Time: 0942 – 50 mg of Benadryl PO were given with water at this time. Patient was taken to ER for evaluation.”
Dizziness, headache, chills
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA. Injection site pain, headache, tiredness, muscle pain, chills and fever. Took acetaminophen, no longer have fever after 12 hrs.
Patient stated she started to feel a burning sensation in her chest about 7 minutes after receiving injection. Lasted about 5 minutes, then left.
Basically after I took the vaccine I took the vaccine, about 10 min later, my heart was racing, I felt very hot and sweaty, hard time breathing, chest tightness, my hands were tingling, went to ER to be observed and although I would feel out of breath they said my oxygen was fine. My heart was racing. First my pulse was low, and then later on got very high. My BP was bouncing all over. Now, I can’t raise my left arm my arm hurts I can’t move it very well and I feel fatigued.
Medication error – reached the patient no harm, additional monitoring to preclude harm. A nurse (RN) diluted new vial of vaccine at 10:41 am. In the midst of adding diluent to vaccine vial, a patient arrived at our vaccine station. After drawing up and administering the 0.3 ml vaccine the RN looked at the vial again and noted that it was almost empty. She became concerned because she had just mixed a new vial and the amount of fluid remaining was not at the expected level. We immediately stopped and reported this to an employee who contacted pharmacy. We notified the patient that there was a discrepancy and had him wait for > 30 minutes to watch for any reaction. (APRN) called him at 1:30p to check on him and apprise him of the possibility of receiving higher than recommended concentration of vaccine. He stated he felt fine and felt no unusual symptoms.
I was tired and took a two hour nap
Headache, fatigue, temperature of 100.3. Lasted about 8 hours.
fever, cough,chills,body aches, weakness, loss of smell
rash – treatment: acetaminophen and diphenhydramine
fatigue, soreness, headache occurred the night after receiving vaccine ( approx. 8 hours later) lasting into the following day. I did not take any medications for this .
pt developed chills, nausea and vomiting. Reports > 10 episodes of vomiting total. Went to lunch and continued to have chills and vomiting. Also developed chest pain – described as burning and heaviness. Denies any shortness of breath. CT negative for any changes. Chest X ray normal.
Morning after injection: mild fatigue, arm soreness; later in the morning-headache then chills, muscle aches, joint pain and low grade fever (99) and nausea/loss of appetite. These persisted for approximately 12 hours then cleared completely.
12/15/2020 615 received vaccine 2pm belly pains, relief ‘not like normal bowel movement’, ‘urge to go’ 5 belly pain, relief self’not like normal bowel movement’, ‘urge to go’ 8-10 pm body chills, covered with 3+ blankets 10 pm body chills subsided 12/16/2020 fatigue; not exercise; 5miles per day (only able to walk 2 miles) Flu vaccine; ‘pretty sure it was 09/2020’; Unknown brand
Patient received the vaccine. During the 15 minute observation period she developed chest heaviness, arm tingling, and throat tingling. BP elevated at 169/79. The patient was sent to the ED and evaluated. Diagnosed with more anxiety type symptoms. Discharge from ED stable.
Patient received the vaccine. During the 15 minute observation period she developed chest heaviness, arm tingling, and throat tingling. BP elevated at 169/79. The patient was sent to the ED and evaluated. Diagnosed with more anxiety type symptoms. Discharge from ED stable.
17 minutes after vaccine, suddenly had a , crushing squeezing chest pain, very severe lasted 45 seconds. after 45 seconds continue to have moderate chest pain, light headiness, diaphoretic, very hot. NO fever, elevated BP. Mild to moderate chest and light headiness for about 3-4 hours and it self solved.
She had received a shingles vaccine on 12/10/2020.
I had a headache, body aches and fatigue.
Patient complained of vision disturbance confusion dizziness, chills, clammy, no trouble breathing. Nausea, Patient stated she did not have any breakfast. gave patient diphenhydramine 25 mg and EMS arrived to take her to the hospital.
After receiving vaccine patient started complain of vision disturbance, confusion, nurses started he was slow to respond. Nurses also documented that he was acting the same way the day before due to UTI. No SOB . no signs of allergic reaction
started feeling nauseated, had her sit until feelings resolved.
Patient reported to CNA that they felt like they soiled their pants. CNA confirmed that patient did not soil themself and transferred patient to the restroom. While the patient was on the toilet attempting to have a bowel movement the CNA reported patient had 10 seconds of tonic clonic behavior and then went unresponsive and then back to tonic clonic behavior. This happened 3 times prior to getting patient put back into his bed. Patient went unconscious after last episode while on bed for a more extended period of time while a STAT page was called. Physical Therapist and Aid sternal rubbed him and he had gasp and woke up. Prior to and immediately following the episode his vitals were within normal limits. Neuro exam was unremarkable after patient came to. When he woke up he knew his name, date, and day of the week. He was only confused to where he was. Patient was agreeable to be transported out. EMS was called and transported the patient to Hospital. Patient displayed no seizure activity or neurological deficits in ER. Patient had a CT scan, which came back normal. Virals remained within normal limits and laboratory values were noncontributory. He was diagnosed with a UTI due to the presence of hematuria associated with a syncopal episode. Patient had a Foley catheter upon admission to the nursing home. Patient was administered Ceftriaxone at the hospital and discharged back to Nursing Home on Omnicef the same day. Patient is back at nursing home facility and has not displayed any additional signs of seizure. He is stable and Foley catheter has been removed. Facility spoke to wife who reported that patient did not have a seizure history.
Fatigue, migraine, muscle fatigue on site, diarrhea.
Approximately 11 minutes after receiving the vaccine, the patient complained of shortness of breath, tingling in arms and hands, numbness and tingling in legs and feet, and was observably shaking, with no complaints of swelling in throat or other signs of anaphylaxis. Patient was brought to ER in same facility via stretcher and was examined by staff there. ER report states the patient presented with shortness of breath and what appeared to be a panic attack, with fast breathing, slight flushing, and shaking. Per ER report, the patient was treated for an acute anaphylactic reaction, with clear lungs and given an EpiPen shot in the right thigh. IV was initiated and given a fluid bolus, solu medrol, famotidine, and lorazepam. Labs and a chest x-ray done and reviewed. After treatment, patient found to be stable and was discharged home at 4:42 pm with orders for famotidine, albuterol inhaler, and epinephrine pen.
The nurse was tapping the syringe to get all the air out and the needle popped out of the vaccine vial and stuck to the sticker that was on the vial. 0.3ml of the vaccine was discarded with the syringe into the sharps box.
I woke up at 6:15am had a terrible headache, low fever 100.1. I took Tylenol for the headache and fever. Throughout the day exp muscle aches and joint pain. I also exp hot/cold flashes and fatigue. Around 6:00pm on 12/16 started to l feel better and was able to return to work on 12/17.
I took tylenol for fever and headache and rested, left side lymph nodes were swollen on 12/16/20 which was the worst day, and has gotten better today 12/17/2020. Did not go to the doctor.
Caller stated at 11:30 a.m caller had right arm pain at injection site and headache. 12/17/20 headache and arm paid has subsided.
Fever (37.8 ¦C) and muscle pain.
Headache, right retroocular pain, exacerbation of rosacea Tx. acetaminophen Duration: 3 hours
12/15/2020 Around 7:30pm, I started to itch on neck and face. Progressed to scalp, stomach, back and whole body; ears, top of head to bottom of toes. Called critical care healthcare staff; 1 25mg benadryl Had nausea, fatigue, hip and joint pain 12/16/2020 Still itchy not as severe as 12/15/2020. Still joint pain and achiness. Nausea was a 8/10. 12/17/2020 feel better. About 80% . Mild itchiness. ‘letting it run its course’ and haven’t taken any other benadryl since 12/15/2020. Joint and nausea has subsided. Flu shot 09/2020 Second dose of Pfizer shot is scheduled for 01/05/2021
~30 minutes after vaccination, patient reported lightheadedness, difficulty swallowing, SOB, feeling flushed, pallor, bilateral arm tingling, brief chest pain and tremors. Symptoms lasted approximately 30 minutes and then resolved. Benadryl given after resolution of acute symptoms. Reported a metallic taste in her mouth immediately after receiving the COVID vaccine (dose #1). Had uneventful 15 minute recovery period immediately after vaccination.
2 hours later pain in arm approximately 4-5 inches. Was not able to utilize left arm on yesterday. last night experienced muscle aches and chills. Taken Tylenol and rested. This morning experienced a really bad headache.
“Individual received vaccine on 12/17/20 at 0815. Began with feeling faint and “”spinning”” at approx. 11:00 am, reported resolution of symptoms at approx. 11:11 am on 12/17/20.”
“Stayed for 15 minutes after the vaccine given and no reaction was noted and she left. States she got into her car about 20 minutes after the vaccine and started to “”itch”” all over and noted “”red bumps”” on the back of her neck. She had a flushed face by the time she arrived home but remained afebrile. Her itchiness is better but only concentrated on the back of her neck on 12/17/20 when she reported the reaction to Employee Health Services. She denied any further issues today.”
I have a sore arm and I am experiencing severe back pain, nausea and a headache that comes and goes.
arm felt hot to the touch, felt arm heavy very difficult to move the arm, felt feverish, took temperature but no fever, but hot to the touch, lots of chills, nausea, body aches. Took some tylenol and at night it started getting a little better. This morning the injection site is red and is sore but I can move my arm again.
chills, headache, weakness, fatigue
stated her lips started to feel numb, like she was at the dentist. lips did not appear cyanotic.
about 1 1/2 hour after receiving it I felt a pain and numbness down left arm into pinky and ring finger. That only last about 2 minutes. Then the pain radiated to left side of neck and head and headache is still there at 1pm.
Caller had vaccine and at 12:30 at night caller had extreme paid in left arm and had to take Tylenol. Next day caller stated pain had subsided.
Employee states that there was confusion at the time of vaccine injection, and that she was possibly given a second injection right after the first. approximately 45 minutes later she experienced headache and dizziness and had an observed syncopal episode. She was taken to the ER, evaluated for MI. Was found to be stable and was discharged.
Headache at base of skull near spinal cord 3 hours after dose given
12/15/2020 I felt terrible with muscle aches, shivering, chills, fever was 102.8,I took tylenol and ibuprofen (alternated) 24 hours after initial fever I ceased meds and fever was still 101.5, this morning I was 98.6. The course of the fever was 36 hours total
Around 630pm I began to have a really bad had a bad headache, feverish and body aching. Tenderness in the injection site area which eventually turned into full body aches and was tired. No vomiting or nausea. No redness at the site or injection site issues
Muscle ache, fatigue, drowsiness, brief confusion, bilateral headache, onset 11 AM, duration 2-3 hours
Persistant cough, dyspnea, sweats, myalgias, mental staus changes and diarrhea, still resoving
“1145: Patient complained of minor left eye swelling. Vital signs 99%, 83, 141/80. 1155: Vitals rechecked 1155 100%, 79, 112/80. Patient has new complaints of itchy ears, facial “”heat””, and slight tingling in fingers. 1200: 25 mg of oral Benadryl given. 1211: per RN, patient states symptoms are resolving. 1230: Patient still feels slight eye discomfort, all other symptoms have resolved. Patient states she feels comfortable leaving vaccination clinic, her son will be taking her home.”
Headache , dizziness, neck pain, left flank pain, fever 100.2 , chills,fatigue and muscle aches.
I noticed the injection site was sore, swollen and warm. As the day progressed headache, fatigue, joint, legs aching and feeling heavy tires. Also had a fever of 101.2.Around 9:30 pm on 12/16 started to feel better fever was down.
12/15/2020My arm was really sore at first, and then my arm was worse the next day on 12/16/2020 as the morning went on my temperature felt like it was going up and down I felt body aches and felt really tired I had covid in June and it wasn’t as bad as when I had it in June but it was still pretty bad, I also had a headache, I took tylenol and my fever broke but after a few hours my headache was worse and I started to take tylenol and ibuprofen. 12/17/2020 Under my left arm my lymph nodes are swollen but I feel much better and will go to work today 12/17/2020
40 min after shot experienced dizziness, feeling like was going to pass out, not coherent, BP high, fast heart rate, light headed. Got chills, freezing cold, shivering, and later in the day my ears were ringing. Extremely fatigued.
Approximately 10 minutes after receiving the vaccine in the left arm, the patient began feeling lightheaded and had some chest heaviness. They became diaphoretic and at this point blood pressure and heart rate were checked. HR was elevated to 90 bpm from patient’s baseline of approximately 60-65 bpm. Blood pressure was elevated at 150/100 mmHg. Pt was provided water and symptoms resolved. Patient was monitored an additional 30 minutes and did not have any recurrence of symptoms. Blood pressure and heart rate returned to baseline.
Patient felt flushed, heart racing. Had irregular rhythm. Transported to Emergency Department. Treated with epinephrine. EKG performed, having pre-ventricular contractions. Checked in to ED for further evaluation.
Fever, severe body aches, severe chills, still have symptoms this morning although less severe.
Patient came to workplace clinic 12/17 @ 1215 saying she had a reaction to the COVID vaccination. She stated she took ibuprofen in the morning for the headache, however, rash was still present. N/V on 12/16 at night. Patient reported no throat swelling or SOB. Rash on injection site (left) arm and chest. Patient received Benadryl 50 mg po x 1 dose and Tylenol 500 mg po x 1 dose. After Benadryl and Tylenol, patient felt better and was able to go back to work. recommended to go home and rest.
12/16/2020 episode of abdominal cramps I had a BM episode of loose stools and soon after that within seconds I started profusely sweating on my forehead and felt lightheaded and very weak, My wife noticed how much i was sweating my body was cool and clammy, episode lasted at least 5 mins if not more so I just laid down until I started feeling better. Once symptoms subsided I took 1000 mg of tylenol, Heavy head throughout the day.
Myalgias, headache, neck pain
Injection site soreness started about 3 hrs post-injection. By that evening I was experiencing body aches & chills. I took Advil 400mg with dinner and felt okay for about 4 hours. As soon as the Advil wore off, body aches & chills returned. I did not take anymore Advil that night. My sleep was restless with body aches, chills, & pain at the injection site. I took my temperature during the night and was afebrile. I woke feeling tired with a mild headache. I took Advil after breakfast and currently feel okay.
About 5 minutes after the vaccine developed chest tightness, increased work of breathing, palpitations and severe dizzyness. Transferred to the ED where i received oxygen, IV benadryl, IV fluids and monitoring. Released after about 4 hours and continue to take benadryl 50 mg PO q 4 hours. Also developed red facial rash (unknown time) Pain at injection site began the morning after the injection.
tachycardia, flushed,low grade fever
My left arm was very sore and very painful to move and ached.
Throat swelling, raspy voice, tachycardia, itching, anxiety, rash
patient felt jaw pain, a strange taste (unable to describe), and numbness in her right arm patient was monitered and symptoms resolved within 30 minutes of vaccine administration
Shortly Administration of vaccine I experienced a metallic taste. approximately 40 minutes after administration of vaccine I experienced difficulty swallowing, dyspnea, tachycardia and numbness in tingling in bilateral hands. I am a healthcare provider and I received the vaccine at my place of employment. I was taken to the emergency department for monitoring.
Nausea, fatigue, body aches, joint pain, malaise
40 year female received Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine today Patient reported prior h/o severe allergic reaction to influenza vaccine with eggs preservative. She has received flu vaccine w/o egg w/o problem. Due to her prior history of severe allergic reaction/ anaphylaxis to another vaccine, in this case flu vaccine with eggs, we should proceed with caution. She was told we could defer vaccination until more information becomes available. She opted to proceed with receiving Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and be observed for 30 minute observation period. Patient developed throat tightening approximately 20 minutes after vaccination. She received EpiPen within 1 minute of symptoms and was sent to ER immediately in wheelchair by nursing staff. Patient was evaluated in ED and was hemodynamically stable. She was given IV benadryl and was stable throughout observation
“1204 Patient became flushed and started saying she was having a difficult time “”catching her breath””. She then became tachycardic (upper 90’s- low 100’s). 1205 Benadryl given (25mg). Physician called down to clinic. Vital signs obtained and showed increased BP (145/90) and pulse. 1214 Patient verbalized she was feeling a little better. Monitoring continued until 1245, vital signs were improving and patient no longer had symptoms. She was released at 1252 but encouraged to seek medical attention if she developed new symptoms or had symptoms reoccur.”
At 24 minutes after vaccination, pt experienced chest tightness, shortness of breath, cough, flushing, and rash on chest and neck.
woke up the next day and felt nauseated, could not stand up, my heart started racing, I had to lay down, felt cramping, extreme fatigue, felt overall sick, and the pain at the injection site. No fever. Just lasted that day. Feel better today.
during the administration of vaccine patient developed a wheal at the site on injection. Pressure and message reduced the wheal.
Today I have really bad stomach cramps and diarrhea. Yesterday I had a temp 101.2 with tylenol, chills, joint pain and really bad headache
Caller stated after injection at bout 9pm caller had severe headache with nausea and pain at injection site . Caller stated this morning she felt a bit better.
Pt showed for Covid Vasc #1, received the immunization in left deltoid. minutes later, felt numbness, in arm, the a lump in the throat. Denied SOB, or Dyspnea. Patient the stated weakness in the legs. Assisted to the restroom, x 1. no difficulty. after 30 minutes and no relief from symptoms, patient was wheelchaired over to urgent care, and treated there. Patient was able to leave urgent care on her own, with no problems Patient transferred to urgent care for evaluation. Left from urgent care on her own
Employee had tingling sensation in Right upper extremity, and heaviness in bilateral lower extremities 5 minutes after receiving vaccine. These symptoms resolved approximately 2 hours after they began
Patient states she got a headache 30 minutes after taking the vaccine. Checked on patient 4 hours later, still complaining of a headache.
Pain at the injection site and the whole arm felt sore. Felt like a pressure behind my eyes, very tired, extreme fatigue.
1215 pm on 12/16/2020: pfizer covid vac in left arm Poor nights sleep with left arm pain at injection site 500am on 12/17/2020: stood up to get ready and immediately started to dizzy. Then immediately threw up and had darker green diarrhea. Once that finished I had the sweats and felt cold with a subjective fever until around 9 am with continued nausea. Symptoms resolved 11:40 AM.
“Patient state, one hour after vaccination, “”I got the warm feeling, I got hot”” Temp taken at 2 hour, no temp. Temp taken 4 hours later, no temp.”
Chills, Body Ache, Hard around the injection
12/15/2020 I was tired, body chills, pain in left arm but was all very light until 12/16/2020 headache was more severe
Immediately after the injection the tips of my finger began to go numb my hand started itching my throat started to go numb and itch and I got 25mg of Benedryl symptoms got worse so they had to give me in IV injection of benedryl which made the symptoms a litter better. I was released and when I got home I went to sleep. When I woke up my body felt like I had been run over by a big truck. I took my temp and it was 99.8. I laid back down and decided to sleep it off and woke up this morning not feeling any worse but not any better. My hands got red from the rash and is still a little red.
After receiving the injection, patient felt flushed and lightheaded. Began to feel like heart was racing and chest tightness. The patient’s heart rate was checked, the patient was provided with Tylenol and water, and observed for an additional 15 minutes. Symptoms resolved during this time.
At 11:15am, patient received first dose of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. At 12:00pm, patient began to develop a rash and had mild edema noted in the uvula. She did not have difficulty breathing/swallowing/speaking. She was given prednisone 50mg x 1 and diphenhydramine 50mg x 1 in the ED.
1450 COVID19 vaccine given. 1503 Patient verbalized a racing heartbeat. 1504 Vital signs obtained, BP & HR were elevated. 1507 Physician paged. 1509 Patient reports feeling much better. 1511 Physician arrived to evaluate. 1516 Patient no longer had symptoms. Vital signs improving. Verbalized understanding to seek medical attention if symptoms reoccur or new symptoms begin. Patient left.
Dr.; the following day 12/16/2020, I woke up feeling more fatigue then usual with a migraine. Severe with nausea and light sensitivity. AE occurred about 4 hours. Resolved with Advil and Zofran. Missed work 12/16/2020. 12/17/2020 feel back to normal
Sensation of swelling around the mouth and throat felt funny
Allergic reaction to vaccine +1 more Dx Referred by MD Reason for Visit Progress Notes PA-C (Physician Assistant) ? ? Physician Assistant Cosign Needed á Patient was seen at COVID Vaccine Clinic today for her first dose of the COVID 19 vaccination. She denied any history of previous adverse reactions to vaccines. á She was given the Pfizer-Biontech (lot: EH9899) vaccination in the left deltoid muscle. á During her 15 minute waiting period after the injection, the patient began to experience oral tingling (upper lip and then into the lower lib) It then progressed to the tongue and she reported tingling to the tip of the tongue and further back to the middle of tongue. She thought there might be some mild swelling to the tip of the tongue. She denied rash, hives, welts, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, wheezing, throat tightness, hoarseness, stridor, itching, lightheadedness, dizziness, facial swelling and lip swelling. á This Staff member was notified of patient reaction and she was then assessed in the emergency bay area. á PMH: Hx hypertension but did not take her medication today. Patient had recovered from the COVID-19 virus about 2 weeks ago. á Vitals Time 1130 BP 170/90 HR 86 s/r RR 14 nl O2 97 % á Physical Exam Constitutional: She is oriented to person, place, and time. She appears well-developed and well-nourished. No distress. HENT: Head: Normocephalic and atraumatic. Right Ear: Hearing and external ear normal. Left Ear: Hearing and external ear normal. Eyes: Conjunctivae are normal. Right eye exhibits no discharge. Left eye exhibits no discharge. No scleral icterus. Neck: Normal range of motion. Cardiovascular: Normal rate, regular rhythm and normal heart sounds. Pulmonary/Chest: Effort normal and breath sounds normal. No stridor. No respiratory distress. She has no wheezes. She has no rales. Musculoskeletal: Normal range of motion. Neurological: She is alert and oriented to person, place, and time. No sensory deficit. Gait normal. Skin: Skin is warm and dry. She is not diaphoretic. Psychiatric: She has a normal mood and affect. Her behavior is normal. Judgment and thought content normal. Cognition and memory are normal. Vitals reviewed. á á Treatment included antihistamines. Patient was given 50 mg of benadryl at 1138. á Vitals Time 1147 BP 160/100 HR 90 S/R RR 14 nl O2 98% á Response to care: Patient states the upper lip resolved but the lower lip and tongue sensations remained but did not worsen. Patient was recommended to go to the hospital given her sudden response with concern of tongue swelling. Patient did agree to this. COVID staff was made aware that the patient would be leaving her SUV in the parking lot. á Patient was transfer by Response team to the hospital at 11:53 AM. á á
Pt underwent 15 minutes observation and felt fine during that time, while walking back to work on the way to work unit noticed tingling on the L side of her lower lip and a few inches back along jaw. It persisted so she returned to the vaccine clinic for evaluation. She was evaluated by a physician and had a normal cranial nerve and motor exam other than diminished sensation CN5- no change in appearance of lip. There was no other reaction at vaccination site or change in symptoms during a further 30 minute observation period. She was released back to work. Checkin after a few hours the tingling had improved.
On the night 12/15 exp body aches typically how you feel when having a virus, no fever, no gi symptoms. The following day I had fatigue and one point had chills, body aches. Then took Motrin on night of 12/16 and felt better on 12/17.
Began to feel weak, felt as though going to faint, became cool and clammy, BP 100/70 P 46, O2 Sat 100% on room air, no loss of consciousness. Taken to ED – noted patient did not eat prior to getting the vaccine
Light headed, felt faint. Vitals remained stable. Did need to lay down for approximately 30 min. then sent to ED for evaluation
I had pain at the injection site, swollen, body aches, and headache. It eventually just went away on its own. Did not take anything for it. Arm feels better after using it. Now I am just tired.
On day after vaccination: Left arm soreness, chills, headaches
sudden onset of rinorrhea 5 minutes after receiving vaccine. then itching near ears, 5 minutes later had diffuse itching a rash, was sent to ED. There was evaluated for mild shortness of breath and hives on wrists. Did NOT et epi but did get benedryl and steroids, discharge home
Two minutes after vaccination, she reported itching at the site. Upon assessment, red hives started to develop. Dr. came and assessed patient. Benadryl 50 mg. PO and 2 puffs Albuterol administered by Rapid Response Team RN. Tightness in chest, lightheaded, lungs clear throughout, itchiness in left arm. Resolved within 15 minutes.
Muscle aches , Joint aches, cold sweats, chills, Stomach Pain, Diarrhea
tingling in arm at the time of admin down into fingers which faded over 15 mins and then soreness in arm
Last night I was slightly nauseous, tired and full body aches and today I am just tired and still suffering from the full body aches.
tingling in lips no treatment
headache, red raised area at injection site, 100.6 fever, fatigue, muscle aches
Itching all over the body
12/15/2020 little bit of a headache at night and took an ibuprofen, intermittent nausea the next day, around 530 pm 12/16/2020 fatigue joint pain chills, I had a fever but I did not take my temp, nausea at 9pm I took ibuprofen and this morning 12/17/2020 I woke up fine.
Immediately after the injection, site turned red, I got hot and began sweating profusely. This lasted about 10 minutes and resolved.
Within about an hour headache and mild pain at the injection site, around 4:30/5PM all other symptoms hit: chills, fever, fatigue, runny nose and diarrhea, joint and muscle pain, very sweaty and clammy skin
Paresthesias of lateral tongue and throat, subjective swelling of tongue and throat, subjective shortness of breath
Caller stated that headaches occurred at 12 in the afternoon and fatigue set in through out the day. Caller took Tylenol and Advil with no relief. Caller stated 12/17/20 headache and fatigue went away.
Patient may have received undiluted Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 0.3 ml= ~120 mcg
Headache , fever 100.8, chills, Fatigue, body ache . Nausea
Swollen tongue, scratchy throat, rash, tachycardia, and raspy voice
Morning after he got the shot….Wave of severe fatigue, had to lay down as he thought he would fall over. Temperature went up a 1/2 degree celius. Went back down later that day. 12/17/2020 2:34 am he woke up with rigors and chills, went away in 3-4 min. Had abdominal pain later during the day.N
2 1/2 hours after the shot, I felt pressure building in my head, my eyes felt bulging, my throat felt tight, and I started having an asthma attack
Symptoms- light headedness, dizziness while in the 30 minute observation window, EE reports she drank water and immediately felt better. EE also endorses mild HA shortly after. EE endorses symptoms completely resolved by 1:30 pm. Called vaccine support line at approximately 3:43 pm to notify us for our records.
During COVID vaccine administration being held at Medical Center, vaccine was administered by Health Department staff on 12/17/2. At 1:30 pm, during observation, patient stated he was having mild chest pain that was not there prior to vaccine. Client walked to observation room, blood pressure taken 169/89. Patient rated chest pain 1/10, described it as random sharp pain. In ER observation room, client was offered EKG which was declined. Patient was then offered to check in through ER for monitoring, patient also declined. Continued to monitor patient until 2:00 pm, at which point patient stated chest pain had subsided and he requested to go home to relax. Encouraged to return to ER if chest pain returns.
Severe dizzy spell about 5-10 following injection, helped to the floor, this lasted approximately 30-40 minutes after start of symptom. Hot flashes and visual disturbance lasting into following day.
12-16 I was nauseous, I received the vaccine and walked to my department, I ate a graham cracker and didn’t subside the rest of my shift at 130pm and went home and ate lunch took Tylenol laid down, at that time my arm started to hurt at the injection site. And when I woke up later that night around 5pm and was feeling better kind of tired but good. Coworkers could tell I didn’t feel good. I felt like I needed to have a Bowl movement and urinate more than usual
woke up at 3am with diarrhea and nausea . Woke at 6 am with fever of 101.7, joint pain, Headache and fatigue any myalgia
Fatigue and headaches 12/14/2020 about 12pm , Caller took Tylenol and advil with no relief and next day pain had subsided.
I had headache, muscle fatigue, nausea, stomach pain, severe joint pain in the shoulder where I received the injection. I got Covid tested yesterday afternoon to be safe and I’m waiting on the results.
Chills nausea sweats headache
Patient reported feeling fine for the first 15 minutes after the vaccination was given then reported itching of her face excluding her forehead. Patient was given 25mg IM diphenhydramine. Pulse ox was taken and read within normal limits. Within 5-10 minutes after the diphenhydramine was given patient reported itching involving her arms, facial flushing but no shortness of breath. An extra dose of 25mg IM diphenhydramine was given and an IM EpiPen.
Facial swelling, slurred speech, taste in mouth (medicine like), heart palpitations, rash to chest and face.
Joint Ache , Dizzy, tickly throat, Tiredness,
“Patient complains of “”tingling sensation down arm radiating to the hand”” Patient given 25 mg PO Benadryl.”
COVID vaccine administered to patient. She began to have lightheadedness and dizziness. She disclosed she had not yet eaten for the day, except for a glass of milk. Writer brought her to an exam table and had her lay down. After 5-10 minutes, she was given a banana and two small apple juice boxes. She then laid back down. After another 5 minutes, she complained of headache and slight phlegm development in her throat. Dr. was called to evaluate- after an assessment, she asked for a BP. Writer completed the vitals and found her BP was 113/77. 5 more minutes passed. Dr. advised that since her situation was not improving and headache and phlegm appeared to be getting worse, patient should receive epi and go to the hospital. Writer administered 0.3mg/0.3mL of epi and drove patient to the Emergency Department of Hospital. She was there for about two hours before being discharged. Symptoms largely resolved by the evening.
Patient reports chest heaviness, muscle aches, loss of energy. No fever or chills noted.
Pain in right arm , Pain in shot site
Patient with tachycardia and elevated BP about 20 min following vaccination; O2 sat okay; sat down for 15 min and symptoms resolved without treatment
Patient is suspected to have received 0.3mL of undiluted vaccine (150mcg vs 30mcg). Patient reported having a dull headache 3/10 pain scale since yesterday afternoon post vaccination. Patient also reported soreness in her right arm down to her elbow. She did not experience any other symptoms.
12/16 It’s hard to know because I have a fever but I work on the COVID unit and there has been an outbreak, chills, fatigue, and the thought of moving to take a shower I feel in pain
“Heart rate increase, flushed for about 20 minutes. She has an internal monitor/defibrillator. States “”it feels like when they do a dvice check.”””
about 15 minutes after shot, pt had itching. After another 15 minutes the itching resolved and patient left facility
12/16/2020 Pain in the left deltoid uncomfortable to elevate and abduct my arm, it feels better today but it hurt yesterday to even elevate my arm to the steering wheel of my car
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA within the first hour of dose, facial numbness on right side of face that migrated to lips. Within 2 hours of dose, nausea.
Patient experiences palpitations, dizziness, and hypertension within 10 minutes of receiving the vaccine.
Patient reports it started as a tingling, pain and burning in the elbow and travelled up the shoulder and up the chest and to the heart. Pain felt like a cardio thump . Grabbed the epi. Sitting forward. Talked Dr. Doctor stated to sit back and uncross legs. Initiated slow breathing. Pain subsided to a tolerable amount. Not short of breath but tachycardic. Still dizzy. Stayed an hour sitting position, after injection. Felt there was an irritating sensation around the heart. Left and walked back to clinic. 10 minutes after arriving to the clinic, dizziness, flushing , came back and irritation around the heart was still noticed but tolerable. 2 minutes after, voice started cracking and drank some water. Intensity of dizziness increased and overall symptoms also intensified. Returned to COVID immunization clinic 15 minutes later. Patient was moved to direct observation in a chair. Given oral benadryl. Instructed to stay and would evaluate if new interventions would be deemed necessary. Benadryl helped. Symptoms were relieved in 15 mins. Patient has been in the clinic under direct observation for about 3.5 hours.
I got the injection on left deltoid and went to sit doe town. seafood allergy started to get hot, flush nasal passage way got really dry and got headache, face and mouth tingling. The headache felt like a rubber band around my head and continued to get hot 20 mins. When I got up to walk out felt light headed. Then went to the clinic dint feel right couldn’t focus, temp was 100.Also exp gi problems had loose stool. I took Tylenol and Motrin for headache/fever and also on 12/17. Had to leave work early on 12/16 and was able to return on 12/17.
Headache and, limited motion to the Injected arm
Fever 102, nausea, headaches, muscle pain, lightheaded, chills
Right ankle swollen within an hour of injection. Felt like sprain. Still swollen but pain better today. Took naproxen.
elevated heart rate 102, flushed, cold, tingly fingertips
Pharmacist was diluting doses of vaccine for vaccination clinic in hospital. After dilution of 3 vials, the compounding pharmacist passed off to the on coming pharmacist. The on coming pharmacist grabbed one of the empty vials of vaccine and added diluent to the empty vial. 6 doses were drawn up and delivered to the vaccine clinic with only diluent in the syringe. The pharmacist in the clinic noted the number of syringe doses exceeded the number possible from the amount of vials used and sequestered all vaccine doses in clinic. It is possible some of the patients in the first hour received diluent instead of vaccine but is not known for certain. The pharmacist at the clinic kept the record of all the patients in the morning clinic. Would you recommend any actions prior to the second dose for these patients? Is there any utility in antibody testing the identified patients prior to administering the second dose? Have parameters been established for titter? Please provide direction.
I work night shift so when I got home 12h after my injection and at approximately 11:00 (am) my back hurt but not terribly. When I woke after sleeping today at 4:00 (pm) I experienced joint pain in my bilateral elbows, bilateral shoulders, neck, lumbar spine & bilateral knees. It’s mild pain and I will not be going in for an MD appt. It does hurt a little more if I bump into something.
“1658 Patient reports feeling lightheaded after receiving COVID vaccine. VS obtained, BP & HR are elevated. 1700 PA called 1702 PA arrived Patient remains lightheaded with some palpitations but denies any trouble breathing. 1711 VS are improving 1716 Patient states she starts feeling better but then gets a new wave of lightheadedness with “”fogginess””. Monitoring continued. 1741 Patient starting to feel “”extra lightheaded”” 1742 Benadryl given per PA 1748 Patient verbalized a headache 1818 Medic called because BP & HR have not improved after 1 hour of monitoring. 1825 Medic team transported patient to the ER”
Immediate swelling at injection site, approximately 1.5cm diameter and raised about 1 cm
Patient developed hives, facial swelling, throat swelling/itching, and nausea approximately 13min after vaccination while in observation. Patient immediately taken to Emergency Department where epinephrine was given IM in the left thigh followed by 125mg IV solumedrol, 50mg IV benadryl, 1000mL NS, and 20mg IV famotidine. Hemodynamically stable throughout ED course.
I had arm pain. Yesterday I had a hot flash with throwing up and diarrhea.
Approximately 5 minutes after receiving vaccine I noted an intense flushing and burning sensation from my waist up followed by tachycardia with heart rate in 150s elevated BP 150/100. These symptoms subsided after approximately 10 minutes but were then followed by a ?cloudy? feeling in my head as well as tingling in bilateral hands that lasted the rest of the day but had resolved by the next morning. The next morning I felt very well until 2 pm when I had a short period (approximately 2 minutes) of elevated heart rate (120s) that then resolved.
End of monitoring period, when staff asked how he was feeling he said he was having palpations. Nursing checked his HR and associates HR was 100-120BPM. But denied chest pain and SOB.
Soreness to arm , Couldn’t lift arm above shoulder
Fever of Tmax 100.5, chills and headache 24 hours after receiving the covid vaccine
Left arm pain. Painful enough it awoke from sleep when I would roll on it. It is tender to touch. However no limit to range of motion or use
Within 10min patient first experienced feeling hot and tightening of throat. Patient visibly sweating on forehead. Patient expressed feeling extremely flushed. No meds given per patient request. 30 min post-vaccination, patient now feeling very cold, throat feels better but still a little tight, and a little dizzy. No nausea.
After vaccination in the medical office building adjacent to the hospital, the hospital employee felt palpitations (within 30 minutes of shot). Employee went to the ED at the hospital and was evaluated by medical personnel. Employee was SOB but did not have difficulty breathing. No other untoward reactions were observed. All other ROS was unremarkable. Sinus tachycardia of 140bpm observed in the ED, repeated ECG was sinus tachycardia of 119bpm, no other abnormalities. IVF, 50mg IV diphenhydramine, 40mg IV famotidine, and 125mg IV methylprednisolone given. Symptoms of palpitations and SOB resolved. Discharged with instruction to return to the ED if any symptoms returned.
Elevated temperature, muscle pain, tiredness
Approximately 10 minutes after vaccine administration, patient reported wheezing and coughing. Patient received epinephrine IM, IV Benadryl, IV solumedrol and racemic epinephrine SVN. Patient never developed a rash, hypotension, swelling of the lips, mouth or tongue, other GI side effects . Per ER attending and admitting physician, this reaction seems to be a clear exacerbation of the patient’s tracheomalacia. The patient was more responsive to racemic epi SVN as opposed to IM epi. Patient admits that psychological stress may have been a component of her symptoms. The admitting physician does not consider this to be an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccination.
I received the vaccination on 12/14 no problems 3-4 later sore arm. After went home next day on 12/15 had a sore arm went to work as normal. At work left early felt tired went to bed early around 8pm. The next day on 12/16 overslept important morning meeting reported to V-safe was feeling tired, mild headache and had severe fatigue. On 12/17 felt much better not as tired returned to normal and no headache.
Joint Pain , tiredness, Body Ache . Injection site pain, fever
5 minutes after I received the injection, I experienced a mild headache and metallic taste in my mouth, with very slight dizziness for a couple seconds. I reported the mild headache and taste disturbance to the RN in the Covid vaccine room before I left for her information. I stayed 15 minutes , then walked to my car. I sat in my car, then began to feel cold, dizzy, and my heart began to race. I walked back to the Neurology clinic where I work as an NP, and sat in the Neurologist’s office, who observed me to be pale and sweating. I continued to feel dizzy with tachycardia for about 7 minutes until this resolved. The only symptom remaining after this was a headache and metallic taste.
Around 4:15PM, employee’s arm felt very hot and extremely itchy. Light pink rash on left upper arm around injection site. No respiratory symptoms. She received diphenhydramine 25mg IM; 15 minutes later she stated her symptoms and rash were improved.
1. Left arm very sore, could not abduct more than 40 degrees, hard time sleeping, lasted for about 26 hours 2. Elevated temp to 100.2 F with chills and myalgia, lasted about 8 hours on second day 3. Diarrhea and indigestion for 2 days
About 20 minutes after the injection, the arm i received the injection in became very cold, changed color like I was not perfusion to the limb. This was gone in about two hours. Woke up eye lid continually twitching.
numbness to right ear and in front of ear. Also right ear feels plugged/underwater sound, Very sore left arm injection site.
Loss of taste
After an hour I got vaccinated, I started to feel nauseated and started throwing up. Theres pain and heaviness on the injection site. I had a headache as well.
Patient reported she was pregnant at time of screening. Patient confirmed that her and her OB/GYN discussed the COVID19 vaccine and determined it was the right decision for her to receive the vaccine. Upon receipt of the vaccine, she stated she was feeling flushed, nauseated and felt she was going to pass out. The vaccine clinic team took her to the ED for evaluation and monitoring.
Palpitations, shortness of breath, lump in throat
Racing heart, itching throat. Heart racing resolved in 45 minutes, Itching throat never worsened and resolved after taking Benadryl and sleeping. Woke up 12/17 feeling fine, but also has a golf ball size knot and redness at injection site.
6 minutes after receiving the vaccine I became lightheaded. I was the worst for about 1-2 hours after the vaccine but then symptoms improved some. 11 hours later I am still mildly lightheaded.
Headache, fever, malaise, body ache
I developed moderate to severe pain in my deltoid (of injection) that lasted 48 hours. I would describe the pain as 8/10 and moderately affected my ability to use my right arm on 12/16/20. I reported the side effect to VSafe, who called me and asked me to submit a VAERS.
Soreness injection site Headache Prickly sensation of skin Weakness/fatigue Stomach pain/nausea/ loss of appetite
Noticed Arm pain at bedtime on the day of the injection. Soreness lasted approximately two days.
Warm flushing feeling within about 10-15 seconds of injection, as well as metallic taste in mouth. Repeated on an off for the next hour. Taken to ED of hospital. Noted right arm mild rash distal to injection site and on chest, mild to moderate nausea.. IV Bendadryl 50mg given, IV Solumedrol 125mg, IV Pepcid, IV Zofran. Discharged home with PO prednisone x 4 days. PO Pepcid and Benadryl PRN
10:00 am received vaccine @ medical center right side of mouth felt strange on the way home. 13:00 pm right side of mouth continued to feel strange. Looked in mirror and noticed uneven smile, right side of mouth drooping. 13:35 pm messaged my primary care MD. And called Nurse triage. 14:00 pm Nurse triage advised me to go the emergency room ASAP. 15:00 pm @ Emergency room. Stroke code called, labs, CT, MRI completed. Diagnosis Bell’s palsy. Went home with steroid and anti-viral. Symptoms are improving.
tachycardia, HR up to 130s 1 hour after vaccination. Tachycardia while sitting down. Lightheadedness. Tachycardia improved but still100-118 while at rest for hours
SOB, tingling
Nausea, myalgia, injection site pain, malaise, diarrhea, chills, joint pain, headache, nasal congestion,
40 min after injection my throat and tongue started to feel weird and tight, pharmacy at my work hospital gave me 25 mg Benadryl and 650mg Tylenol. At about 1 hr 45 min after injection my throat got to the point of so swollen and itchy I couldn?t swallow. I went to nearest emergency room hospital they administered decadron orally, Pepcid P.O., and Toradol via IM.
I received 1st dose of the vaccine at 4:30pm on the 15th, felt well and at my baseline. The morning of the 16th (~1030), I woke up with my face and cheeks swollen and mildly red. I then took 50mg Benadryl and 10mg zyrtec, and iced my face (1 zyrtec in the morning, another at night). I began to see improvement in my swelling. The morning of the 17th I took another 50mg of Benadryl and my face is back to it’s baseline.
Headache – centralized at front of head, from temples to forehead; no treatment taken; resolved after a nap; lasted about 4 hours
Patient reported that she started to feel unwell immediately after the vaccine with some nausea. She presented to the Emergency Department where she was treated by myself approximately 17 hours vaccine administration. She was having vomiting, diarrhea, diffuse rash, and throat discomfort. She was successfully treated for anaphylaxis and was able to discharge to home.
Fever and chills that started approximately 24 hours after injection lasting for approximately 8 hours.
hot flushing feeling, light headed, legs heavy gave patient a chair to sit and candy symptoms resolved by 11:36
Seizure approximately 24 hours after vaccination
vasovagal response – dizziness and nausea which lasted about one hour after injection – resolved with supine position and dry cereal
Immediately after administration felt a strange sensation on nostrils and mouth that dissipated after the initial 15 minutes. Then I started with mild itching in the next arm and neck. About 30 minutes after administration my eyelids became swollen. No shortness of breath or tachycardia. I received Benadryl and solumedrol at ER. Stay at the ED for about 2 hours and left home. After that I felt strange for a while and could not sleep at all. The next morning everything was fine except for mild left arm side of injection pain.
Headache. Aleeve X2 taken Thursday 12.17 at 2p. went away after several hours. Have another headache this morning
Hives at the injection site 2-2.5 hours later extremely itchy and bumpy, self limited to the upper arm, resolved 3 hours later only intervention was ice as uncertain if Benadryl or steroids would have blunted an immune response
5-10 minutes after vaccination, vasovagal syncope: pallor, diaphoresis, dizziness, tunnel vision, nausea, weakness, tingling in arms/legs, BP 103/69
undiluted dose given
soreness in right hand…seems to go away as i start to move my arm
undiluted dose given
severe, acute hearing loss and tinnitus in R ear.
Right arm soreness, headache, hot flashes.
Received the vaccine at 2:30 PM. Approximately at 2:50 I started feeling paresthesia of my left leg, approximately 1 to 2 hours later a progressed to my left arm. Around 8:00 PM it progressed to my right leg, right arm, torso and face. I subsequently took Aleve. No significant shortness of breath, or weakness noted. This morning paresthesia continues but less apparent. It feels more apparent in my left side. I can no longer feel it on my torso or face.
Fever with max of 101.9, headache, chills, heartburn, cough, fatigue.
Breastfeeding toddler developed rash to torso, back, and cheek
Metallic Taste in the mouth; lasted for a few hours.
Chest pain and tighness, generalized with stabbing pain intermittently elevated blood pressure 180/95
She became diaphoretic, her throat felt dry and as if it was beginning to close. Rapid response was called and she was transported to the ER. She was tachycardic, experienced chest tightness, and shortness of breath.
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA – Sore and sensitive right arm
fever, fatigue, injection site slightly red and raised
31 hours after the vaccination I woke up at 11:00 p.m. and had two and a half hours of alternating sweats and chills that went away with 1000 mg of acetaminophen and 600 mg of ibuprofen. I did not have a fever, my temperature was 98.8, and I did not have diffuse muscle lakes. this was similar to but much shorter lived in milder than my reaction with shingrix earlier in the year.
Dizzy,Hives on neck and chest, body aches
Monitored 30 minutes in clinic, woke up at 930pm itchy hands/arms, then spread. No respiratory issues, but called to ED. Spread to thighs, and back of legs rash. 10:30 ED medicated with IV Solumedrol, Pepcid and Benadryl. Sent home with Prednisone, Pepcid and taper. Dr. spoke with this am and plan to pre-medicate prior to 2nd dose, but does approve. Monitor another 30 minutes . Rash resolved minimal on forearms.
pruritis of upper extremities. Erythema of bilateral palms and dorsal wrists
Severe headache, fatigue, muscle aches
Headache, fatigue sudden onset at 10 am, resolved after acetaminophen
hives all over body. with swelling.. Red eyes.
About 5-10 minutes the vaccine I began to get tingling and a itchiness in the back of my throat , notified personnel and vitals were checked and stable. The tingling and numbing sensationent away and came back and benedryl was given. The symptoms came in waves of about ever 2-3 minutes so I was transported to ER and somumedrol was given was monitor for 1-1.5 hrs and the numbness and tingling sensation continued for about an 1-2 hours and finally subsided and was released to go home
Swelling, redness, warmth at the injection site starting approx 15 min after injection was given. Then severe itching starting in right arm, right side of head approx 25 min after injection. Then itching progressed through the entire body including toes Claritin 10mg taken approx approx 2 hours prior to inj Allegra 1 tab Diclofenac 50mg Tylenol 1000mg Pepcid 1 tab Solumrdrol 40mg IM All given at approx 8:30am Itching continued. Inj site reaction started to improve. At approx 9:20am Benadryl 50mg taken at 10:00am Benadryl and Pepcid repeated at 6pm due to return of itching Facial flushing and temp of 100.1 orally noted at 6am the next morning
Ear pressure followed by bilateral under arm soreness. Later in the day both arms warm to touch and felt swollen. Face flushed and overall body aches and inability to stay awake. 600mg ibuprofen and rest. Felt myself in morning except as expected left arm pain at injection site and a little left arm tiredness or weakness.
Sore at the site of injection, and sore.
Rash – noted all over body – mostly trunk, neck, upper arms bilaterally – mostly macular with slight papular component. Significant itch.
Approximately 90 minutes following first dose of vaccine, developed severe headache, chills, joint pain and full body muscle aches. Continued throughout the night and were improved by next morning, but not fully resolved by the time of this submission.
Hypothermia with body temp of 95.0 F. Treated with heating blanket and covers.
“5 minutes after the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine administration, the patient developed flushing, hives, felt warm and eventually short of breath. She started to wheeze and was wheeled into ER c/o “”I can’t breathe while holding throat and thrashing with facial flushness noted. PT took 2 Benadryls and had several Epi shots. She was then discharged from the ER and later on that day, started to feel short of breath again. In the ED today she was audibly gasping for air, however had no wheezing, had a normal saturation and a normal blood pressure. She had taken another dose of her EpiPen IM and diphenhydramine 50 mg by mouth prior to coming. She was then admitted to the hospital for further observation. While on the floor, she started to feel short of breath again (about 9 am on 12/18/2020), which required an RRT . Patient received another dose of diphenhydramine IV, methylprednisolone 125 mg IV and several doses of IM epinephrine. She also required oxygen. She was then transferred to an ICU for further care.”
My symptoms started with bodyaches and fatigue. Quckly followed by a fever that reached 102.4. Later that night I had congestion, cough and headache. Woke up the next mornign with moderate/sever bodyaches, chills, cough and headache. Moderate fatigue as well. Had to miss work.
Entire left side of body muscle aches and joint aches. Started about 2 hours after getting injection and worse the next day
After I received the vaccine about 1 1/2 hours later I started experiencing a metallic taste in my mouth. I am also experiencing no appetite. Throughout the night I had to force myself to eat. I’m still experiencing no appetite and this is very unusual. The metallic taste is still present, but it is getting better
patient presented with a (L) hand numbness + coldness (ipsilated to vaccine) right after her vaccination symptoms resolved after a warm shower
Swelling locally in arm began within 12hrs. No systemic symptoms, started on dose pack (Medrol) antihistamines, Ice bag.
on 12/16 i was given the vaccine at noon and finished my day as usual, I had a beer before bed and fell asleep at 9pm, at about 1am on 12/17/2020 I woke up with severe chest pain like something was crushing me, like a car being crush it felt like. I went to the ER at 3am and I was told I had a severe reaction to the vaccine. I had a weird taste in my mouth, cough, watery eyes, pain in all limbs, jaw pain and neck pain. I am going to get tested today 12/18/2020 for covid
First day right after the vaccine the left arm was extremely sore, the next day I felt like I had the flu. body aches , headache, knees aching , abdominal pain, could not eat, lots of chill, breaking out in sweats .
Diarrhea the day I got the vaccine and 1 time the day after
Injection site reaction. Mild localized redness and swelling. Reaction occurred on 12/15, the day after receiving 1st dose of Pfizer covid vaccine. Day 4 12/18 injection site is circular redness, approx 2.5 inches in diameter. Mild discomfort, not painful not itchy. Have been applying over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream with some relief.
Symptoms began 30 min after vaccinated was tired then HAd fatigue. Took Tylenol/Advil. Fatigue persists > 24 hours Sore @ vaccine site. No induration . nl appetite. Increased fluid intake. takes Allegra + Flonase regularly. Recent sinus surgery in Oct.
I didn’t eat after because I lost my appetite. I was nauseous with chills , sweating and vomitting and tired.

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51 thoughts on “READ: Adverse Events reported after COVID-19 vaccine, so far”

  1. It is shameful that we are living in an era of ignorance. The average person just goes along with whatever they’ve been told. When I share facts with those I know I am dismissed because they paused any sense of skepticism because social media has indelibly imprinted their brain. Those of us who ask the obvious questions are late to the game. Unsocial media is much to quick and impactful to be overcome by facts and logic.

    Unfortunately, those of us who are alert to corruption in government, science and media and called conspiracy nuts will need to save them all once again. I an 68 years old, work to stay in good health, take D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Vit C and f few other supplements. I work in 2 small business I started, am caring in hospice for a mother-in-law….neither me, my wife or mother-in-law have had as much as a sniffle. I think one of my upcoming fights will be to NOT take the vaccine. I don’t even take one for the flu.

  2. Sounds so more dangerous than HCQ. But, while one cures it and it harmless, the other might prevent it and give you chronic illnesses for the rest of your life. I would just rather have HCQ over the counter. I think a simple cure is better than anything the subhuman opportunist Bill Gates & Co. will ever come up with.

  3. I may have incorrect information but isn’t a booster required 21 days later? And I’ve read (again……check this out to be sure) that the second shot has more “stuff” in it? Can someone with vaccine knowledge respond here?

    1. Timothy Herrick MD,

      The doses are identical, but the second dose of either vaccine has been known to cause more side effects.
      The side effects listed here need to be compared with millions of vaccines being administered. And while frightening even these reactions are generally temporary, and do not indicate that, if they occur in the first dose, the person should not receive the second dose.

  4. I work as a nurse. This morning I received my second vaccine (Pfizer) at 7:30 am in my left deltoid. I waited 15 min before leaving as advised. Felt fine and started driving home. About 30 min after injection, I got a horrible taste in my mouth. It was almost like I had eaten soap or a nail polish residue. Five hours later, it is a metallic taste and I have increasing nausea. I’ll update this post tomorrow, I’m hoping this is the worst of it. It’s still better than having COVID.

  5. Alarmingly less than 12 hours after covid Med. Vac.- swollen upper lip- similar to an allergic reaction???
    Still swollen. Yikes~

  6. This information would be more meaningful and useful to your average person if the side effects mentioned were compared to the side effects experienced from other common vaccines.

    Most of these seem to be pretty harmless, and if there is a 95% efficacy in me resisting getting the virus, then I’m all in .

    I had my 2nd shot of the Pfizer vaccine about an hour ago, and aside from a slightly sore arm and a weird metallic taste, I appear to be otherwise fine. I know from experience that the sore arm will get worse tonight and tomorrow and be gone by day after tomorrow – same thing happens with pretty much any of the vaccines I get regularly.

    Much ado from people who can’t even balance their checkbooks.
    Trust the science and we’ll all be fine.

    1. Your reply “Much ado from people who can’t even balance their checkbooks.”, shows the superiority complex you have. This is not the venue to tell others how smart you are.

  7. First Pfizer shot today and immediate metallic taste in mouth. Nothing outside of that one thing. Hoping it doesn’t happen with second dose, but if that’s the worst, it’s not bad.

  8. Moderna vaccine on Thursday night, felt the wave of a full body flush within 10 minutes after shot. Tjis sensation was much like an IV sensation for CT scan from iodine solution. Not sure if I will get 2nd shot in 30 days~

    1. Hi Pam,
      I too had a flushed face & neck within a minute or 2 after receiving the Moderna vaccine on 3/1/21. I too am allergic to IV Iodine.
      Have you received the second shot?
      I am worried, but I can not find any reliable info as to whether this was a side effect?
      The CDC says if you have a side effect, you should not receive a second shot.
      Any response will be appreciated.
      Thank you,

    2. Hi Pam,
      I too had a flushed face & neck within a minute or 2 after receiving the Moderna vaccine on 3/1/21. I too am allergic to IV Iodine.
      Have you received the second shot?
      I am worried, but I can not find any reliable info as to whether this was a side effect?
      The CDC says if you have a side effect, you should not receive a second shot.
      Any response will be appreciated.
      Thank you,

  9. Had Pfizer vaccine day 1. Numbness left side of face and left hand 24 hours after vaccine. Seen in emerg day 3, no explanation for symptoms. Some ataxia nd diplopia ..Day 4 no change in symptoms .Will not be getting booster dose, and have cancelled appointment. I am thinking the vaccine has caused some inflammation in the trigeminal nerve, amongst others

  10. 4 hours after my 1st moderna shot, I felt prickly and achy. Didn’t want to deal with anything. Have always had to schedule flu shots on a Friday because of a flu like reaction… nothing I cannot handle. Get it,, do it..

  11. numb lower lip ten minutes after getting the first Moderna shot…bit of a weakness..95% o2 and high pulse for a bit 2 hours later…not sure about whether to get the second dose…

  12. Had moderna #1 on 2/27. 3 days later developed tinnitus. Still have it. I have an appt with ENT. There is no cure. Treatment with sound masking etc. is not covered by Medicare and health insurance. I hope this is temporary. I will not get shot #2.

  13. Family member took the first dose of Moderna vaccine (age 40). Due to history of allergy/asthma, took Benadryl prophalactically and continued for five days after the vaccination. Within days, developed a numb foot. MRI and physical therapy ordered for a diagnosis of “sciatica”.. History of back problems but not an entire limb numb. No improvement three weeks after onset. No acute injury to explain the persistent nature of the parasthesia. Family member is operating under the assumption that this is a coincidence and has NOT reported it as an adverse event.

  14. A few hours after receiving my second Pfizer shot, I had a feeling in my ear like I had fluid or like I had gone swimming and got water in it. That only lasted a short amount of time. To me t thought I sounded funny every time I talked. The next day I just had a very sore left arm. The next day I had the sweats and thought I was running a fever, but every time I checked I was not. The temperatures ranged from 96.5 to 98.5. I was prepared for a fever but never had one.

  15. Hey I’m 26 years old received my first moderna shot April 2nd and had the usual side effects but the next day I woke up my face puffy and red feeling flushed and this feeling still has not went away almost two weeks later. Should I be concerned and see a doctor?

  16. Had 1st Morderna shot March 30, next day felt flu like symptoms and sore arm. Two days later right leg and arm went numb for 5 minutes – could not walk – had to sit on floor where I was. Cleared up in 10 minutes. Next week had right side numbness on different days at different times. Checked into the Emergency room for tests associated with a stroke. They ran every test – MRI’s, CT’s, X-rays, blood test, Heart checked – could find nothing wrong.

    Not getting 2nd shot – this was due to the first shot – no question about it.

  17. I am a nurse, had Pfizer vaccine #1 12/29/21 had severe body aches x 3 days, had #2 1/19/21, no side effects at the time… I went in for a simple ovarian cyst removal surgery on 3/8/2021 , approx 14th surgery ive had over my 32 year life.. never had any issues until this one. Came out of recovery, was told surgery went well…never had anything that i didnt have in the past, medication wise. 30 minutes after I came out of surgery i started having seizures, major convulsing, oxygen dropped in the 70’s, i was so out of it and dazed. ended up having a total of 6 seizures that day only when i would fall asleep. The next few days-weeks I couldnt remember my birthday, phone number, couldnt get my words out correctly. I am now almost 2 months out and am having anywhere from 10-30+ seizures daily.. all only while sleeping. On seizure meds, have had Brain CT, MRI, multiple EEG’s and no answer… the only difference in this surgery was that I had covid vaccines. I have now lost driving capabilities, can only do desk work and no one has any answers, but I am seeing more and more patients that had the same vaccine and now have unexplainable seizures months later.

  18. After having my first Pfizer injection in March I had absolutely no side effect at all. I had my second Pfizer vaccination on April 7, 2021 and all hell broke loose. Within 5 minutes after receiving the injection my chest began to fill heavy, my pulse was racing and I was experiencing difficulty breathing. I am a nurse and most of the time we nurses tend to ignore our own symptoms. I waited my fifteen minutes, made my way to my care and my symptoms began to worsen. Our vaccination site keeps paramedics on site so I had them check my vital signs. My blood pressure was very high for my and I an EKG indicated an irregular heart rate and rhythm so I was encouraged to go to the ER. My granddaughter to me to the emergency room where I was found to be experiencing multiple episodes of couplets and triplet PVCs. BP was extremely high for me with systolic over 200 and diastolic over 100. I was placed on the cardiac unit for observation for 24 hours and was discharged with a cardiology consultation. I have been undergoing testing and have been connected to a home cardiac monitor for over a week now. They are still trying to figure out why my heart continues to be experiencing PVC’s. This has been a major life changing event for me. I stay weak most of the time and am unable to function like I was prior to the second vaccination. I am praying they will find out what has gone wrong and how to fix it. I would never discourage anyone from taking the vaccination. As a nurse I believe the good that vaccine has done is helping us get control of this pandemic far outways the bad that unfortunately befalls some of us who experience side effects from the vaccine. I do worry though that we see many more side effects as time goes by.

    1. Do more research.

      The juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

      Actually, we’ve trained the virus to become stronger rapidly, courtesy of the vaccine rollout.

      Before you reject the thought, take the time to check in to it.

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