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7 thoughts on “Should you get vaccine if you’re already had Covid-19? (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl,

    Ought you to build your NATURAL Immunity,
    or subject yourself to GENE Therapy, injected
    by the Shadow Cabal—deeply / irreversably
    into your body ?

    Covid-Hoax as Cabol-effected Power/Control/
    Profit/Sex-Dominance explain all of it
    (( aka : Applied Bolshevism )) !

    Study Jon Rappoport’s analyses/conclusions !


      1. P.P.S.

        Go to JAIL, and live a comfortable life ! :
        FREE meals, medical care, dental care,
        classes, exercise equipment, therapy
        —and conjugal visits (( why recidivism
        rates had sky-rocketed soon after prisons
        shifted from PUNISHMENT to “Rehab,”
        from about the late-1950s to thereafter.


  2. Society worldwide is being conditioned to accept a passive, subservient role in life. If we allow this slow slide into Communism we lose our freedom forever.

  3. Where can we find links to the documents Rep Massie discusses with conflicting information regarding the prior Covid infection and whether those people should receive the Covid vaccine?

  4. I’m signed up for donating convalescent plasma and can give every 7 days for up to 8 donations in 3 months. It is being used in hospitalized covid patients. The American Red Cross will only accept it from those who have naturally recovered from the infection and have antibodies and will not accept it if you’ve had the vaccine. That means the pool of donors will likely be reduced by those who would be otherwise eligible to donate who subsequently get the vaccine.

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