Strong majority supports the idea of a state “seceding” from U.S. (POLL)

Most people support a state “seceding” from the U.S. whether the action is peaceful and legal– or not.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of about 1,700 people at

In all, a combined 83% support secession. But 15% of that group said “only if peaceful and/or legal.” Sixty-eight percent (68%) offer no such qualification.

Thirteen percent (13%) do not support a secession.

I would support a state “seceding” from U.S.

68% Yes

13% No

15% Only if peaceful and/or legal

5% Not sure

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28 thoughts on “Strong majority supports the idea of a state “seceding” from U.S. (POLL)”

  1. I did not participate in the poll. My opinion is that because all institutions failed and allowed the new regime to be installed, it doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not. Secession could be seen as a duty.

    1. In the case of the U.S. Civil War the federal military prevented the southern states from leaving, so that was neither foreign nor an invasion (secession being the polar opposite in fact).

  2. When the government chooses not to listen to the people then they cease to be a government of, by and for the people. When the government takes our money and gives it overseas in staggering amounts w/out regard of how the people want their money spent, then there should be a way for the people to opt out. If a state were to secede on such principles that is the state I will immigrate too.

  3. Election maps – even in blue states – show that a large majority of counties in the United States are red. (The US has an urban/rural divide that calls to mind the split that existed in Spain prior to the Spanish Civil War.) Despite this clear bifurcation, Democrats like to invoke “democracy” – determined solely by the nationwide popular vote in presidential elections – as determinative of the direction the entire country should pursue.

    But that is contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, which recognizes differences in local cultures and local economies, and which is structured to keep most power at the state and local level. “Democracy” is only meaningful if people feel they have control of their own lives in their own communities, under their own elected officials, and according to their own values and circumstances.

    Modern progressivism rejects all of that, and – despite its prattling about “diversity” – values top-down administration centered – not only in Washington – but increasingly in international bodies and agreements largely beyond democratic control.

    A good example is the Paris Climate Accord, to which Joe Biden has recently re-pledged American compliance. Among its many provisions, the treaty mandates certain kinds of content – and even demands student activism on behalf of its goals – in school curricula nationwide. This is utterly offensive to any notion of national sovereignty, much less local control, and makes a mockery of “democracy.”

    We are at a critical point. The first days of the Biden administration have given the lie to the notion that the Democrats seek “healing” and “unity.” They have doubled-down on the most controversial and divisive aspects of their agenda, and my only hope is that they will overstep and pay the price in the 2022 election. If they try to impose an agenda repugnant to roughly half of the country, the violence of the last seven months might seem like the good old days.

    1. Unfortunately , without election integrity , the 2022 ‘ election ‘ will go however the people programming the voting machines want it to . It doesn’t matter who casts the vote , what matters is who ( or what ) counts the vote .

    2. So far the most thoughtful comment I’ve read.

      Several years ago I was “introduced” to Mark Levin, I couldn’t stand his tone, and I thought he was extreme for suggesting a Convention as put forth in Article V of the Constitution (I think he calls it a constitutional convention). I don’t think it’s extreme anymore. (His TV show on FNC is actually a good forum for him, because it’s an interview style.)

      I believe it’s more productive to pursue this path than that of secession. I live in a blue state dominated legislatively and bureaucratically by one party. If TX secedes, for example, we have nowhere to go! Or, we’d have to emigrate, etc. etc.

      The internet has provided ordinary people with a way to act collectively. Dan Bongino suggests acting collectively *strategically.* Strategically, not emotionally. Pulling together under Article V needs to be part of a strategy. A strategy is needed. First, we need platforms on the internet that cannot be shut down. Then we need leaders who represent a variety of views AND who are committed to our Constitutional Republic, as demonstrated by their actions in the past (past behavior is the best predictor of future performance). Then we need a plan of action. This is going to take years. What we are experiencing today has taken decades of actions by people who just kept at it. And kept at it. Now we need to do the same, to ensure Americans can live under the banner of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, with equal opportunity (opportunity! may not lead to equal outcomes) for all.

  4. This could be a nightmare like the Allied dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after WW1. The various Hatfields and McCoys were so intermingled that no borders for the new nations could separate them cleanly. What does a state dominated by Group A do when its major city or cities, including transportation hubs, happened to be in areas dominated by Group B? Also, what happens to Federal property? You may have noticed that there are world-class armed forces working for Uncle Sam. who are not currently distracted by foreign wars.

    1. A more recent example would be the conflict in Balkans during the 90s and early 2000s. If there was a 2nd civil war it would resemble that.

  5. United we stand, divided we fall. This nation cannot allow this to happen. The Chi/coms are licking their chops. This is exactly what they want.

    1. Right on Target. A Communist regime gains power by dividing the people. They put them into categories, tell them the government will protect them. If we don’t Unite, our Children will be making .23/hr in Global factories. Wake up people, reach out to your neighbor, stop the talking heads on your tele from spreading hate, you only have to refuse to be a part of it. If the right and left and us independents showed up, millions strong, at the Capital demanding term limits, the gig would be up.

  6. Well, to state the obvious, Sharyl Attkisson subscribers are not representative of people in general – not even close. However, this is still an amazing poll result. Not sure how many would actually pursue secession if it involved financial or physical threats – talk is cheap – yet it’s reassuring and surprising that so many people are entertaining this possibility.

    I would completely support secession at almost all costs, given the ridiculously fraudulent election that suggests we may not see another honest federal election in our lifetimes (without nearly impossible to enact election reforms).

    1. I am kind of shocked that you guys are thinking of secession. So you’all think the courts are bought, and our own Georgia officials corrupt? I have deep distrust of Congress, and our monied elite, but to wholesale steal the election without a trace, with a Supreme Court that is mainly conservative….. I just can’t get behind that.

      1. You’re repeating narratives pushed by a few to deceive many. On this website, there is a list (that’s not fully complete and a little out of date already) that shows the traces that the narrative pushers claim don’t exist. I won’t even go into the rest of it; I don’t want to be on a list.

      2. Naive or willfully ignorant. The GOP wanted him gone as much as the Democrats. It wasn’t
        a lack of evidence but a lack of courage. Chief Justice Roberts is an establishment hack and the reason the Supreme Court passed on hearing the case. The establishment wanted him gone and they closed ranks. The real test will be if state legislatures in the disputed states will clean up and fix their election laws.

  7. Today the government in place in DC is no longer of, by & for the people. They are elected to office yet do not listen to the people. Consider that we are forced to pay taxes only to watch the government in DC give staggering amounts of our dollars to other countries that did not pay a single penny in taxes. When people realize they are no longer a concern to many in office then they begin to ask, “why are we staying w/this system that has abandoned us.” I no longer want my dollars to be spent in ways I do not agree with & the state that is courageous enough to secede is the state I will immigrate too.

  8. I’m fine with states seceding, not only that I’d go even further and say Americans take a vote as to whether some states can stay in the union. Particularly California, since they haven’t really been part of America for a couple of decades now. Possibly Washington State and Oregon too.

    If a simple majority of Americans vote that we don’t want CA to part of this country anymore, 90 days after the vote any citizen still in CA loses their citizenship and CA is no longer part of America. All federal troops and employees will be recalled, all federal buildings imploded and a fence put up between the US and CA.

    To be fair to the saner parts of CA, within that 90 days, they can secede from CA and petition to form their own, new, state and remain part of the US.

  9. Seceding should be reversed. The states wanting to keep their vows to the Constitution ARE America. Those that are violating it with continued impunity are the ones that have seceded by default. They should be removed.

  10. I would go for segregations of public schools – (conservative vs liberal), schools are and important part of our issues. School committees & teachers unions will always be an uphill battle.

  11. The ‘sanctuary’ cities have been in de facto secession for years – flouting any laws they pleased and protecting criminal illegal aliens as well. The precedence for States to secede is thus well established. In a Republic it is the consent of the governed that authorizes the authority of the government. If the people vote to secede then let the negotiations begin. The Supreme Court and the Federal government have repeatedly violated the Constitution and exceeded their stipulated powers. The SC in fact has the blood of 60,000,000+ defenseless babies on its ledger – there has never been a greater crime in Western Civilization and the Progressive justices blood lust is not yet sated – they thirst. They have also destroyed marriage and gender and stripped Christianity of its status as a free exercise of human liberty. Let Texas lead us to a New Nation under God – many will follow them.

  12. Sharyl thank you for fighting for all of us, I just donated, I have been reading and researching about this whole situation and you are brave and tenacious don’t give up!
    Deborah Hiner

  13. Geoffrey E. Harris

    A lot of states are rebelling by pushing mj/thc too. Also Oregon has decriminalized hard drugs. Note that the factions are incompatible, the differences irreconcilable, the divide an unbridgeable chasm, a split inevitable.

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