UPDATE: Parler status from CEO John Matze

The popular Twitter alternative, Parler, is under attack by Big Tech, propagandists and censors.

It recently lost its ability to operate due to coordinated efforts, and has been looking for a way to come back that doesn’t rely upon the monopolists who control the Internet space.

The same people and entities (including Big Tech) that are blaming Parler for things such as inciting violence ignore the fact that the FBI found rioters — both left and right — allegedly posting and communicating on Facebook, Twitter and non-Parler platforms.

Parler’s CEO John Matze provided the following update over the weekend:

Now seems like the right time to remind you all– both lovers and haters– why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise the rights to both. We will resolve any challenges before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!

John Matze, Parler CEO

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29 thoughts on “UPDATE: Parler status from CEO John Matze”

  1. I hope they come back, because they don’t deserve to be shutdown, while other platforms are allowed to stand. Parlers problem IMHO they were becoming very successful very fast.

      1. But yes, their “problem” was definitely being very successful and very fast. A huge threat to the Tech monopolies who would like to retain full reign over the exchange of information in the public square,

    1. The reason is nothing to do with success, it’s to do with free speech, the control of speech and narratives. We have a competing and now popular platform – Gab. Gab’s servers are their own.

      We live in dangerous times. What happened in Europe with open borders, free movement of people, single currency, sets of laws and regulations that supersedes individual nations’ laws and unelected government officials is looking like the forerunner, the experiment, for what may take place for the US and then the world.

      First open borders, Biden has EO’s on that. Superseding your current laws or constitution and doing something with the currency (USD) is next (I haven’t come across evidence yet though).

      I am Australian and have never set foot in USA, so I could be wrong, but we need to thank people like Sharyl Attkisson who provide a service to build better, more informed citizens.

      1. On the contrary. A new site proving to be highly successful in providing free speech and alternate views (conservative) was/is anathema to big tech. They will do anything to suppress it and see their way clear to do just that with good old uncle joe running the show.

      2. I believe you are on the correct track with your assessment. One of the problems I have noticed is the lack of serious coverage of world events. It is not just world news, but I have found less and less reporting of even my state and local news. We used to be able to buy a newspaper and read about events in the state. Now it seems we must go online and subscribe to every news source around the state’s regions to know what our neighbors are experiencing. It is expensive and time consuming. And I feel it is on purpose.

  2. I miss Parler so much! I have a hard time getting used to any other social media platform. I pray that they are able to come back,soon!!! ???

      1. As a Parler user I like it a lot but after I dumped twitter and Parler was taken off for just a shot time I pray, I started using Gab as my social media go too and have found it very user friendly after I figured it out..I plan to use Parler and Gab both when Parler comes back Bob I am @Grumpy1992 on Gab and Parler

  3. Government wants no free speech. Thank God for this let’s all ? it comes back fast and strong. 330 million Americans vs USA Government. We need to be heard. We have homeless we have starving people in the United States yet were sending billions of dollars to foreign countries how about we take care of our country and our citizens 1st. Who is then feel free to squander our tax dollars to help other countries

    1. We the People are the government. We the People have decided in favor of convenience over freedom of thought/speech/exchange. We are still free to vote with our attention and dollars.

    1. Ditto. Though it may be too late, this may be the issue that finally galvanizes Americans, one that many people regardless of political affiliation can agree upon? I believe if MLK were alive today, many of his pronouncements about equality would be censored by the Dems.

  4. Thanks to Sharyl. And thanks to Parler! I miss being there. I hope they will be able to overcome the fascist attack they are under.

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for the update. Since few days we can see the message on Parler.com “page”.

    We would like to show and express our support to John Matze. We also have solutions for him like hosting rpoviders in other countries than the USA. Outside of the techno-fascist clutches and of the globalist cabal under imposter and fraudster Biden.

    Where could we contact John Matze to inform him and propose real alternatives in better environments?

    Thank you to anyone who has info.

    Please reply on the comment’s page of this website: https://rforresistance.wordpress.com/2021/01/04/r-for-resistance-foreword/2/

  6. I believe the most frightening thing of all is that censorship and political persecution (let’s face it folks, this is the evolution of the innocuous sounding “cancel culture”) would be of concern to all fair-minded Americans, not merely those who are targeted and who could be next on the list. Germans and many Italians (after the beginning of the press racist campaign in 1936 the Pavolini conducted) sat on their hands because they were just fine with Jews being targeted. Their complacency paved the way for bloodshed. If tomorrow a GOP administration were coming in under the same set of circumstances — control of two branches of government, unwavering support of Big Tech and the media, and political persecution) I would be just as frightened as I am now. The fact that this fascist behavior is coming from the party that historically claimed to be the protector of the Constitution makes it all the more shocking and terrifying. Jonathan Turley is a lone voice of reason. And to those who defend Big Tech’s behavior on the basis that they are “private” companies, may I just say that the Founding Dads, when they crafted the First Amendment, never dreamed that one day the dissemination of news and conduct of free speech, expression, and association, would be controlled by a small group of powerful companies, led by the richest men in the world, would align themselves with a single party as GAFAT has done with the Democrats. GAFAT executives after tomorrow will be The Harris Administration’s and Congress’s third party vendors of censorship. Ergo, IMHO, it is censorship by the government through outsourcing. Wouldn’t that be a fascinating issue to bring before the Supremes?

  7. Thank you for keeping us posted Sharyl. It’s good to hear some encouraging news from Mr. Matze. We are standing steadfast with Parler and looking forward to getting back our brilliant new sounding board! I know they’ve been through devastating days but we are holding you in our hearts and know that there is no stopping people of good will who love America.

  8. Such a load of BS!!!! – If Big Tech thinks they are going to permanantly silence 75 Million of us – they got another think comin…………

  9. Thanks for the update Sharyl. I can see Parler becoming bigger than they ever dreamed thanks to the satanic dogs trying to squash them/us. Years ago I read one of your books where the government was spying and trying to intimidate you. I really enjoyed it, my library says your new book is on order, I look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work….God Bless!

  10. There are other large companies with the infrastructure to support Parlers large user base and web traffic. Call Dell and ask how they can help.

  11. I have said for many years that the only way to get the Media Attention and respect is through a Charlie Hebdo style operation which will serve as a warning

  12. I’m here. I stand. I will be waiting for you to return and take your place in freedom’s front line. You have been greatly missed, but will not be martered. We are all stronger for your stand and need you back here. Lead on. We will follow.

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