VAXXED (CENSORED) documentary featuring CDC whistleblower on vaccine-autism link

When Robert DeNiro scheduled the documentary VAXXED at the New York Film Festival, those working in the interest of vaccine companies and other propagandists heavily lobbied to get it cancelled.

Watch a video about the censorship at the first link below:

Vaxxed and Screen Censors: May 8, 2016 When a current CDC senior scientist said he and his top CDC colleagues fraudulently destroyed data to cover up a link between vaccines and autism, especially in African-American boys, Congress wouldn’t hold hearing and the media wouldn’t report it. When a documentary was made telling the story, powerful interests tried to stop it.

Read more about VAXXED here.

Watch interviews with Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the link below:

Read the CDC’s information about vaccines here.

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19 thoughts on “VAXXED (CENSORED) documentary featuring CDC whistleblower on vaccine-autism link”

  1. Hello Sheryl,

    Thank you for taking up the fight on honest journalism and the attack on false, misleading and disinformation people are being forced to listen to and read through mainstream channels. Propaganda has always been the tool to enable a direct influence on those too naive to understand it’s improper use. Media is so important for people who are not knowledgeable or educated to trust the sources that provide them safe means to deal with everyday life. When that trust is broken, all heaven should unleash the grapes of wrath. My parents in verbal and non-verbal ways constantly taught me to discern what I was viewing. “Turn that thing off and go out and play”. Commercialism was a danger my parents saw. I saw it as a creative opportunity because I loved art and design. It was a career direction that never flourished. I didn’t realize why they felt that way until much later in life when I learned about my Father’s military career.

    My family has lived in this country since the 1600’s. We are daughters of the revolution, Civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq veterans, There has always been a fight for the American people but to what ends? My family values raised me, that America will only be a free nation for those willing to fight for it.

    2020 is very wrong in the world. We need to get to those too young and ignorant to understand. My 21yo, gamer and his “teams” are oblivious and think what BLM has done is acceptable because one person was not treated right, is not rioting, not destroying, yet much of uncovering and researching and finding information myself tells a very different story. That Trump is the enemy and do the opposite of what I believe he represents. The worst problem is the trusted sources. My kid cannot fathom how hateful and deceitful media resources are manipulating the populations across the globe. His disinformation and exploited view concept that 300k people have died from COVID is more than what is “normal” for a flu season. WE need to get our children back. I never distrusted or questioned, really my parents ideas, I was taught to think about them and form my own conclusion based on history, facts, and knowledge. Our kids are thinking for themselves going down what I perceive to be a dangerous path.

    If you have time, please look into these sources
    Catherine is right on target about how the plan is laid out “Mr. Global” is pulling the strings.

    My kid thinks David is a cult leader. He is a brilliant man fighting against tyranny – Faucci is his nemesis.

  2. PS, I would find a way to add a PayPal button to your fundraiser or this page. I do not give my credit card out, nor am I an FB user since before Christmas.

  3. Nothing need more be said. I have a little grandchild. When he lived in CA he was forced to get the MMPR Vax. Pictures of him before show a normal little boy, less than a week later images show him to be woefully changed. Now he spends all his time at home, can’t attend normal school. He runs from one point in the room and crashes his head into the wall and runs back and crashes his head into another wall. Great post Sharyl, I use your material each time it’s posted. I believe you to be one of the handful of credible journalists in America.
    Media Mistakes in the Trump Era: The Definitive List.

    1. I’m so so sorry for your grandson’s MMR autism injury. They know they are doing this to MILLIONS of children all over the world… but they keep it a huge secret. However, with 1 in 40 or 50 kids being autistic, soon they won’t be able to hide it.

      I just wanted to ask if his parents have pursued any metal detox therapies or dietary therapies with probiotics to restore his microbiome? So many parents, not all, but many, have had remarkable results with these therapies, so just wanted to mention them to you.

  4. Thank you Sharyl for being a beacon in journalism. We have been socially engineered to believe the big media/big tech and big medicine ivory towers. These institutions are destroying America through a reverse takeover of government with public health as the Trojan horse. The greatest medicine lies within us all, it’s the truth of mitochondrially derived energetics in service to our own genoimcis acting as our own internal pharmacies. The counter to the toxic media and toxic medicine lies in naturopathic approaches and hyperbaric regenerative protocols.. for those reading this who want a glimpse of the hopeful future, please search “Harch hyperbaric Eden Fogarty”. Smiles are likely after you see what you find there.

    1. Click “Vaxxed and Screen Censors” and when it takes you to that image, hang on a minute and an arrow should appear, it’s actually a video you can play.

  5. Of course science is a process – and part of the process is being open to information that disagrees with your “settled position”. Bigots kill the science process.

  6. Dear Sharyl,
    As you may know there are 1.2 Million “bar carders” in this country, and less than 1% of them are “American” enough to File Federal Criminal RICO Actions, against the Piggy Pharma Gang, and their “Poison Needle,” and “silencing the TRUTH!.
    The indoctrination, has our, should be first line of defense, as “criminal lawyers” against the mass murder, and maiming of the vaxxed, cowering in their fancy “law suits!” And, just like in 1933 in Germ-any, the lawyers were playing, “law suits,” rather than “Criminal Actions against the Genocide!”
    Same exact agenda, different TIME!

    I find this that this country is being “RADIATED” more than most of the so called “free” world, and that is why the majority of the people, are “yes master, just don’t beat me,” and believe anything that the RF Radiation News puts out even tho it is totally illogical and completely dangerous!
    Look up NMRI 1972, 2300 studies, PDF, and or, NMRI 1976, 2700 studies, PDF for their 122 PLUS side effects of “Non Ionizing” Radiation, and IT’S exacting “flu like symptoms!”)

    All of the viruses, and ALL of the so-called vaccines have be patented, and recorded as first attempt for patent, back to the Coronavirus-1999, aka CoV-1999, and now, poofy Covid-19, and first patent applied for in 2000!
    The US Supreme stopped that, because ……. .”NOTHING derived form nature can be patented,” so the “designers” went back, and removed anything that came, in it original form form nature, out of their so-vaccine, and got their first patent in 2003.

    And all of that INFO can be found on “google patents vaccines,” and or also on “justa patents vaccines” and or BMJ patents vaccines!

    SO THERE IS NO-Thing New under the sun!

    And very sorry for all that is happening here, and world wide, and this NOT a time to “sit around” doing the “chat” scene, as it is the time to hit the streets, YELLING!

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