WATCH: CDC misinformation on COVID vaccine

Today we begin with an investigation regarding the Covid-19 vaccine shortages. There are serious questions about an incorrect claim made by top scientists at CDC: the nation’s premiere public health institute. Critics call it misinformation. CDC chalks it up to an “honest mistake.” Whatever it is, it resulted in vaccines going to some who are said to need it the least depriving others who are said to need it the most.

Like a lot of Americans, Congressman Thomas Massie already had coronavirus and wanted to know if he should still get a Covid vaccine.

Most everyone who’s had Covid-19 is considered immune. But how long immunity lasts is unknown—whether it’s after infection or vaccination.

An award-winning scientist himself, Massie quickly found that vaccine studies showed no benefit to people who’ve had coronavirus. Vaccination didn’t change their odds of getting reinfected.

The controversy began when Massie noticed the CDC was claiming the exact opposite.

CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices had just issued a high profile report authored by 15 scientists. It wrongly claimed Pfizer’s study proved the vaccine is highly effective or showed “Consistent high efficacy” for people who’d already had coronavirus—“SARS-CoV-2.”

Rep. Thomas Massie: It says the exact opposite of what the data says. They’re giving people the impression that this vaccine will save your life, or save you from suffering, even if you’ve already had the virus and recovered, which has not been demonstrated in either the Pfizer or the Moderna trial.

The mystery deepened when Massie contacted CDC for an explanation. Massie says he was so alarmed by the misinformation, he decided to record the calls.

On a December 16th call, CDC’s Captain Amanda Cohn seemed to agree that people who’ve had coronavirus shouldn’t rush to get vaccinated.

Dr. Cohn: People who have had disease, given that there’s limited doses right now, we’re, we are suggesting that those people wait.

Rep. Massie: Right.

That suggestion, to wait, hasn’t always gotten out.

NBC News Clip, Dec. 10, 2020:

Anchor Lester Holt: Should I get the vaccine if I’ve already had Covid?

Dr. John Torres: Most experts say it’s a good idea because they’re not sure how protected you are after recovering.

Our Full Measure investigation examined the database reporting illnesses after Covid vaccines. It shows numerous people are getting vaccinated— even though they’ve already had the virus.

Some experts say that’s depriving others who need the vaccine most.

CBS News Clip, January 21, 2021:

Anchor Norah O’Donnell: Health officials in many states say they don’t have enough vaccine.

CBS News reporter: It is happening across the country, promised doses not delivered.

On the call, CDC’s Dr. Cohn thanked Massie for flagging their mistaken claim that vaccines were proven to work for people who’ve had coronavirus.

Dr. Amanda Cohn: I think we read that thing so many times that when, you know, we just skipped right over it. We know we can’t be perfect, we know we’re gonna miss things. You will forever after be known in our office as “Eagle-Eyed Man.”

Rep. Massie: They said, “Thank you for finding the mistake. We’re going to fix this.” And I thought, “Well, okay, problem solved. This is how government works.”

But it didn’t quite turn out that way.

Two days later, the same Dr. Cohn who’d promised a fix, joined other CDC doctors in repeating the false information, this time in an online session for medical professionals. They claimed studies show people who’ve had coronavirus do benefit from the vaccine.

Dr. Amanda Cohn (CDC video): “So Sara Oliver, what, should people who’ve had Covid-19 be vaccinated and should they be vaccinated now?”

Dr. Sara Oliver (CDC video): “…Data from both clinical trials suggests that people with prior infection are still likely to benefit from vaccination.”

Then, this past week, a full month after CDC promised to correct the false information, Massie found it was still on CDC’s website.

Rep. Massie: So I called them up on Tuesday, as soon as I could, to ask them why it hadn’t been fixed. And it was like, I was starting all over with the same people. And instead of fixing it, they proposed repeating it and just phrasing their mistake differently.

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Anstice Brand: I’m always happy to talk with you.

This call with CDC’s Washington DC Director Anstice Brand:

Rep. Massie: If there’s a “they,” who is refusing to fix something that is factually and provably wrong, I wanna know who “they” is. Because this is gonna result, and it’s already resulting in misallocation of the vaccine.

Brand: Let me check that and get back to you as soon as possible.

Massie also argued the point in a call with Dr. Sara Oliver, the CDC scientist who gave the misinformation on the web video.

Rep. Massie: Hi, this is Congressman Thomas Massie. Is this Dr. Oliver?

Dr. Sarah Oliver: Yes

Rep. Massie: There was an error and I noticed you are an author on it and I wondered if I could get your help in getting this error corrected. You can’t say it’s efficacious for people with prior infection. That’s an absolutely untrue sentence

Dr. Oliver: Yeah, I mean, we’re- we’re still recommending that individuals who have prior infection receive the vaccine. Um, but we wouldn’t want to put out that if you had COVID before, you shouldn’t get the vaccine.

Rep. Massie: Actually, if you’ve had COVID before, and there’s a 75-year-old person who can’t get the vaccine and you’re 30-years-old, you are, you should not get the vaccine because you are wasting resource. It will lead to people who- who die or have medical complications because we have a limitation of the vaccine. That’s why I think it’s important that that document get fixed

Dr. Oliver: Okay. I- I can, um, I can talk with MMWR, and with Dr. Cohn and see, if, if we can tweak that language a little bit

Full Measure found several other scientists equally critical of CDC’s incorrect claim. Jay Bhattacharya is a professor of medicine at Stanford University.

Sharyl : CDC has had a scientific policy guidance on its website that claims the coronavirus vaccine has proven equally safe and effective in all age groups, races, and so on— and including for those who previously had a coronavirus infection, COVID-19. Is that your understanding— Is that true?

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: That second part is not true. People who have had previous infection, the vaccine, the evidence, the trial evidence shows that it is not effective in additionally preventing the disease. Why would it be? You’re already immune. If the CDC has on its site, that it is doing the public a disservice, both to people that get vaccinated that don’t really need it because they’ve been previously infected, and also the people who should be prioritized to vaccine, but aren’t getting it because of shortages.

We asked CDC, Dr. Oliver and Dr. Cohn for interviews but they declined.

Some of the agency’s response was summed up during Congressman Massie’s final call with CDC this past week. It was with CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat.

Thomas Massie: I feel like right now, we have the tail wagging the dog, that the folks who want to do the messaging, the folks who want everybody to get the vaccine, have pressured the folks who are doing the science, i.e. reviewing the Phase III trial from Pfizer, not to correct the document—but the document is false. So the CDC can do whatever messaging they want. That’s, that’s the CDC’s job, not my job. But they cannot propagate false and incorrect science. So that’s my position. And I’m-

Dr. Schuchat: Sure.

Thomas Massie: … really disappointed it’s gone on a month without being fixed. Like, really disappointed

Dr. Schuchat: As you note correctly, there is not sufficient analysis to show that in the subset of only the people with prior infection, there’s efficacy. So you’re correct that that sentence is wrong and that we need to make a correction of it. I apologize for the delay. But in terms of a large scale, you know, trying to mislead people, I just give you my word that that was not the intent. So really apologize about the confusion that we apparently caused, and perhaps the, as you say, you know, people who are fairly low risk rushing to get vaccine ahead of people who are higher risk.

CDC has now issued a correction. But Massie and other scientists we asked say the new wording still wrongly implies studies show vaccines work in people who have had coronavirus.

Rep. Massie: And instead of fixing it, they proposed repeating it and just phrasing their mistake differently. So, at that point, right now I consider it a lie. I think the CDC is lying about the efficacy of the vaccine based on the Pfizer trials, for those who have already had the Coronavirus.

Sharyl (on-camera): As for how 15 scientists who could have originally signed on to a paper that so plainly misrepresented vaccine studies there is no clear answer.

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26 thoughts on “WATCH: CDC misinformation on COVID vaccine”

  1. Am I correct in thinking I do Not need the vaccine if I have had covid? My Dr suggested I edit 90 days but if I don’t need it. I sure don’t want it

  2. Good article; I cached it in my archives to review in the future when the memory-hole monitors some day claim that that never happened. Because they will one day pretend they never made those claims; and for the most part no one will remember.

    And to para-phrase my innocent and naive friend any time we discuss some of the sketchy things done by our scandalous scoundrel ruling-class: “Why would they do that?” I can never give her a proper answer because of my cynicism. I sometimes wish I were as naive and innocent as she.

  3. The CDC is clearly lying. And people should be asking themselves why they are lying, and what else they are lying about. I wouldn’t get this shot if you paid me. Something isn’t right here, folks.

  4. The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are deadly; causing neurological damage and death.
    It is best to pass on either vaccine; instead take a therapeutic drug or drug combination.

    Tragedies reported after taking COVID vaccine; California has worst virus spread in US
    NTD – Jan 2, 2021 – 11:40 – 654,689 views
    Deaths Reported After Taking Virus Vaccine. Questions arising about the safety of the new Pfizer vaccine. Some elderly people are reportedly dying hours or days after taking the vaccine.

    Vaccine Trial Catastrophe: Moderna Vaccine has 20% ‘Serious’ Injury Rate in High Dose Group May 22, 2020 Children’s Health Defense
    Despite Moderna’s cheery press release this week, the clinical trial results for its groundbreaking COVID vaccine could not be much worse.

    TGA releases statement about Pfizer vaccine deaths in Norway
    Sky News Australia – Jan 16, 2021 – 2:09 – 114,806 views

    Additionally, the annual flu season for the Northern Hemisphere began in October. Have you read
    any articles on the annual flu? No! The annual flu virus can increase infections and deaths.
    Do hospitals test for the annual flu and COVID-19?

    SARS-CoV-2 has mutated into several variant strains since February 2020. Will either vaccine
    be effective again the new variants. Not 100%, 95%, 80%, or 85%. Most likely only 70-30% effective.

    Doctors explain why mutated strain of coronavirus that is dominant in Houston is more contagious but “not more deadly”

    10 months ago the FDA refused to approve drugs and drug combinations (for U.S. doctors to prescribe) that would have prevented patients from going to hospital. The drugs/drug combinations saved thousands of lives in the rest of the world; hundreds perhaps thousands died here in the U.S.A., who should have lived.
    The drugs and drug combinations are: HCQ + Azithromycin + Zinc; Ivermectin + Doxycycline Hyclate +Zinc; Dexamethasone; Favipiravir (Avigan). These therapeutic drugs and drug combinations are
    safe and effective. No patient has died directly from taking the above drugs.

    Medical News | Australian Researcher: Triple Therapy (Ivermectin, Zinc, Doxycycline) for COVID-19- TrialSite News – Aug 17, 2020 – 23:27 – 25,410 views

    Ivermectin treatment caused ‘amazing improvement’: Melbourne COVID patients
    Sky News Australia – Oct 8, 2020 – 7:37 – 104,996 views

    A cheap, widely available steroid called dexamethasone reduced COVID-19 deaths by a third in ‘severely ill hospitalized’ patients, according to researchers in England.

    Doctors stand behind President Trump, call for reopening America thanks to miracle drug
    OAN – Jul 30, 2020 – 4:08 –

    CDC Reveals Hospitals Counted Heart Attacks as COVID-19 Deaths
    OAN – Oct 27, 2020 – 3:24 – 90,765 views

    Dr. Birx, early on, gave Americans a heads-up on what she saw happening (5/10/2020):
    Doctor Birx said ‘there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust’ in a White House coronavirus task force meeting – Birx and others reportedly feared that the Centers
    for Disease Control and Prevention was using inflated data on coronavirus death and case rates.

    1. Donald R. Hames,

      Excellent report !

      Bottom line, re those vaccines :

      It’s a global psy-op, used to test
      GENE Therapy!, for some result,
      not to cure any virus—as the
      normal year-to-year flu bug has
      been WEAPONIZED through
      MSM and a gullible public, by
      an immoral health/medical

      Who’ll expose the truth of it ?

      Well, if THEY can steal an election,
      by installing an illegitimate, felon-
      in-waiting interloper, then . . .

      If THEY can keep lying about more
      V A R I A N T S arriving from ANY-
      WHERE, to keep us locked down,
      then . . .


  5. People who don’t learn from their mistakes, are not scientists. People who don’t admit they’re wrong when the data clearly shows they are wrong, are not scientists. People who refuse to change after they’ve been repeatedly shown their error are operating from an agenda, not an objective point of view. Such people should not be listened to.

  6. This is the same CDC who claims “vaccines don’t cause autism” when a CDC scientist whisleblower said they literally threw the evidence in the garbage. See the documentary “Vaxxed” for more information. The CDC always lies and can NEVER be trusted! Don’t get the experimental corona virus vaccine. Don’t get any vaccine for that matter! You are gambling with your life!

  7. In my opinion the CDC should be abolished because it is corrupt as hell and it is an enemy of the American Republic.

    The Zelenko Protocol should have been nationwide ASAP, with production of HCQ ramped up and a dozen alternatives for it found, too.

    Budesonide along with the zinc and antibacterial antibiotic should have also been used.

    And high dose vitamin C should also have been part and parcel of the strategy.


  8. Sharyl – where did your After Hours podcast go on this topic? I listened to it (delighting that investigative journalism was still alive) and wanted to share it with my media-junkie husband.

  9. We follow the science – heard that all last year and it’s become obvious that most of mainstream media and politicians follow scientists they agree with…echo chamber anyone? Always appreciate your work and your courage for standing up for what’s right. As your story states, you can hide results for sub-populations by adding them to a larger group. Officials at the CDC absolutely knew they were misrepresenting the results and continued to do so even when challenged by a congressman. Outrageous!

  10. It’s no easy task being a patient in the age of Internet, neither is simply trying to be informed. After reading positive reviews of the Zelenko Protocol, finding it’s nothing but the product of a quack is just an example of how lost we as potential patients can be. Who is right? Who to believe or trust? I personally don’t have the scientific knowledge of making my own assessments, and reviewing just some of the information available is beyond troubling. Since way back in March there have been videos of physicians from all over the world criticizing CDC recommendations. Leaving aside the personal dislike I may have for Dr. Fauci, the Messiah of Covid-19, it’s difficult to ignore the undisputed facts of his transferring all NIAID research plus millions in funding to the University of Wuhan after Obama declared a moratorium on risky virology research in 2014. Is Dr. Judy Mikovits a deranged scientist gone benevolently postal in her attacks against Fauci/NIAID/NIH et al? Her credibility has been shattered by Internet fact checkers, but we all know how reliable those sources can be when evaluating narratives other than the sanctioned ones. But there is also Dr. Lee Merritt, MD (so far I have been unable to find anything negative about her) who questions in her video the need to use vaccines when there are perfectly good remedies for the cure and prevention of the virus. Dr. Mikovits stresses the same point. There is a need of vaccines for illness often deadly like polio and rubeola, but according to both scientists the new anti Sars vaccines have not been tested enough, and long-term effects are unknown. My doctor recommends getting the vaccine, but after all the warnings against it, I’m not too sure what to do. Dr. Merritt’s video may be troubling at the beginning because she openly talks about warfare and that may turn off many viewers, but keeping an open mind … what is exactly what we are living …? How did we get here, or rather, who got us here?

  11. There are blatant lies in many places on the CDC website. Not just related to covid.

    For example, on the website that describes the Natl Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, they go into great detail about how paraphrasing…. ‘just because someone is compensated, it doesn’t mean it was proved that the vaccine caused the injury’!!!

    However, if you go to another place on their website talking about how vaccine injuries are compensated, it clearly states that the injured party/family must prove that the vaccine was responsible for the injury and that it must be a “table injury” eg, on their list of approved timeframes and vaccine injuries, in order to be compensated!

    So the former statement is a blatant lie.

    In addition, in explanatory text for the VAERS reporting system, CDC says that vaccine injuries are “1 in a million” (a complete lie) implying that there’s nothing to worry about and no risk involved in vaccines.

    In fact, per the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care study, only between 1 and at most 10% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. Most doctors and healthcare professionals do not no about VAERS or how to utilize it. So if those numbers are taken into account, the injuries would represent far more than 1 in a million.

    And suddenly one realizes why SO FEW families are compensated for vaccine injuries via the NVICP system (which is incredibly bureaucratic and where the injured and their families are treated like dirt and ridiculed and made to grovel to be compensated at all…. read the book written about the horrors of “Vaccine Court”)…. because they obviously have orders to refuse compensation to keep the numbers down to “less than 1 in a million” as well. The entire system is based on lies, and is rigged, to prevent the American people from knowing just how many people are actually sereiously injured with lifetime disabilities and even killed.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the CDC’s lies. It’s encouraging that Massey is pursuing this lie that he discovered.

    But the real issue should be that giving a vaccine that renders cells as spike protein replicating machines for someone who already has antibodies from having had the infection, is setting them up for incredible autoimmune malfunctions also known as diseases.

    And given that 4 coronaviruses cause the common cold, who knows how the vaccine will react to those antibodies? That may be why CDC is lying and telling people who’ve had covid to get the vaccine. The insanity of this house of cards never ends.

  12. Nick James Here is the definition of vaccine used by the CDC before the start of the Covid pandemic.
    Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.
    And here is the CDC’s definition of vaccine today
    Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.
    They changed the definition because vaccines produce immunity to a specific disease. Take the polio, small pox, chicken pox, or measles vaccines for example. Once you have received those vaccines you are immune to those diseases.
    The CDC defines immunity as “Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected”.
    The immunity aspect of a vaccine created a problem with the inappropriately named Covid vaccine because it does not produce an immunity. Instead it acts more like an antiviral drug. Antivirals are medications used specifically to treat viral infections. They aim to minimize the symptoms of an infection and shorten its duration. They also can help reduce transmission of a virus. Rather than killing a virus directly, antivirals usually suppress the virus’s ability to infect and multiply in your cells. Which is exactly what the Covid shots do.

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