CANCELED: Science challenging Covid lockdowns

Thousands of scientist have signed onto the “Barrington Declaration” claiming that strict lockdowns do more harm than good.

According to

The [Barrington] declaration, which has so far been signed by nearly 800,000 individuals worldwide, including tens of thousands of medical professionals and experts, expressed “grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies,” and urged public officials to adopt more targeted approaches to virus mitigation.

The scientists have substantial science backing their claim, including peer-reviewed, published data.

One of the latest such studies was co-authored by Stanford Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya. He was an early voice speaking out against lockdowns as a method to supposedly control Covid-19.

In the new scientific study, comparisons among a dozen countries found that those who instituted strict lockdowns early on, such as the U.S. did not have a better outcome than those that took less restrictive measures, such as Sweden and South Korea.

The Facebook page for the Barrington Declaration was reportedly removed from Facebook without notice or explanation on February 4.

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8 thoughts on “CANCELED: Science challenging Covid lockdowns”

  1. Even with the science, it has to spin it to the capitalist view to manage to remain up. Unable to make it sound like supporting the Far Left, consider it may be removed without notice.

  2. Our leaders are trying to put us in a Twilight Zone scenario where they control everything. Thankfully I believe in a God that gives strength to those that believe in Him.

  3. If I were in the Navy today (was in until 2003), I would hope I’d voice my disdain over this unconstitutional government reach. I can’t say that I would have… it depends on the information I was able to access, but I hope I’d take the punishment and speak up.

    Recommendations are constitutional, but mandating against the pursuit of happiness and liberty is not the America I would serve. And mandating according to medical consensus, which there isn’t, is still not appropriate when peoples’ core beliefs will be violated because of the mandates (regarding future vaccine mandates that we all know are going to be attempted).

  4. I agree! PS- urging all co servatives who visited the capitol and have video clips showing you or your groups being positive, respectful PATRIOTS to please send into FO
    (YES… I still hold a lit l hope) or NEWSMAX stations and what the hey BOMBARD CNN AS WELL…
    showing the thousands who were there supporting PRES Trump s call to be strong in ALL THE IMPORTANT WAYS!!!
    Do not let ‘ the few’ have control over this impeachment trial!
    We must continue to support him in his time of needs … AND IURS!
    God Bless the U S A! ??

  5. “Half the Truth is often a great Lie” Quote from Ben Franklin
    “A half-truth is a whole lie.” Yiddish Proverb
    These truth are incredibly evident in virtually all media today. Clearly, when someone does give you the whole truth or story they are first censored by demonization, personal attacks and lies and then cancelled.

  6. le_berger_des_photons

    virus mitigation? 1946, Stanley wins a Nobel prize for his playing with tobacco plants. The “experiment” has no control. It’s not repeatable. Why would you bother repeating an experiment with no control?
    This is supposed to prove to us that “pathogenic virus” exists.

    1954, Enders runs an attempted experiment which he himself said that he had the same result with variable and control and that will need to be looked at again. He then won the Nobel prize. I don’t see who’s looked at it again. This is to make us believe that polio exists.

    Two Nobel prizes, two frauds. This is why 8 billion people believe in fake pathogenic virus.

    If you think I’m wrong, please show the experiments which prove using logic that such a thing exists.

    Good luck.

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