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4 thoughts on “Del Bigtree: Uncut and UNCENSORED (PODCAST)”

  1. It is about the results, the results that are in practice. Through the disclosure of what makes a “Free and Open Society”.


  2. Hi Sharyl A!
    Thank you so much for following the censored. We know who the important thinkers are, when they are silenced. A few items related to censoring I thought you and your readers might find interesting:

    This morning Alex Berenson retweeted this hilarious thread by a physician about the dangers of platforms like substack, where there are no journalistic standards!
    Are doctors being encouraged to say stuff like this, I wonder.

    Recently journalist Naomi Wolf’s factual video about nanotechnology and vaccines was removed from several platforms. I have long encouraged her to contact you and read your work. Maybe she’d be a good interview subject?

    When RFK, Jr. was kicked off instagram recently, all the reporting repeated how his “misinformation” still remained on FB and twitter, and The View had a segment talking about how dangerous it was to leave that up. This appears to be an effort led by Media Matters to encourage people to demand that these platforms be censored– at least that’s my take on it. Sneaky.

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