(FORUM) Why no traditional president’s speech to Congress in February?

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Normally, an incoming president gives a speech to a joint session of Congress the February following his inauguration.

As of this posting, there’s been no such announced speech for President Biden.

Strangely enough, this hasn’t made the international headlines it would have made if it were President Trump who had taken office but failed to schedule a speech amid questions about his competency.

In fact, when the question arises, it’s typically followed by media reports insisting there is no constitutional requirement for a February speech to Congress– which nearly avoids the whole question.

Within 24 hours before this post, Wikipedia’s agenda editors deleted a page that said Biden would soon be scheduling his February speech to Congress.


What do you think?

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57 thoughts on “(FORUM) Why no traditional president’s speech to Congress in February?”

  1. It’s obvious his puppet masters know he is not up to the task. They want to avoid any possibility of “gaffes” (a corporate media term) that could be used against him.

    1. It still amazes me how they think we are oblivious of what is going on and that he is just a temporary stand in so they can say how they were the first to elect a woman president. Pretty obvious why Pelosi wanted to test the water with the 25th amendment before the election??

  2. So the corporation Dc albeit illegal
    Can’t do it because the military has them contained And it is just a matter of time before a new legitimate government will take its place somewhere in this country.
    It is a show a movie if you will?

    1. Actually it’s their excuse why the National Guard is still there….waiting for that event. So the longer they put it off, the longer the “show” goes on. They think it makes President Trump look bad.

  3. Yes, I agree with Gene as well. Also think they are simply biding their time to fully expose / sacrifice him and install his successor. It’s a bit too early for that just yet.

      1. The first time I saw Jeff and Walter, I told my wife that that looked like Biden and that was some time ago. Now replace Jeff with Biden’s “handlers” and you have the same scenario.
        Just think this guy has his hands on the nuclear football The so called powers to be don’t want to trot him out in front of the world to see what a web of deceit that the dems have weaved.

  4. With Naps and All, Basement Biden is Too Busy Reversing Any and All of Trumps Accomplishments.
    Its All About Trump Cancel Culture.
    Cancel the Pipeline.
    Cancel the Wall.
    Cancel all Restrictions on Real Friends of America, like Russia, China, etc.
    Anyway, when you Own the White House, Senate and Congress you simply have One Agenda –
    If It’s Bad For America – Get It Done!!!

  5. I think what has been considered “normal” with past Presidents will not apply with Biden. The media seems to be willing to give Biden a complete pass on anything that he does!

  6. After seeing recent videos of Biden not even being able to follow a TelePrompTer, it’s not surprising that his handlers don’t want him doing this.

  7. Frankly, I’ve never felt more on “shaking ground”. I keep praying for new leadership in two years, but that now seems so far away. The idea of an uprising is terrifying.

  8. I think I remember the Dems insisting that President Trump provide his health status via a physical examination when they were questioning his ability to lead our nation. I haven’t heard either side demanding President Biden to provide results from his physical examination? He definitely needs a full neurological exam-we need to know if he is “fit”.

  9. All of us who’ve watched a loved one slip into the darkness of dementia recognize the signs. Biden is incapable of the responsibilities of POTUS. Shame on his wife and the Democrat party for nominating and voting for this corrupt, demented cretin who can’t keep his hands off children.

  10. Mr Biden isn’t well, most people can see it or see it and overlook it, he’s not the same guy he was a year ago. How Biden got into office and still is in office shows how broken are political system is, America is a joke to the world with Bidon in office, are shining city on the hill is losing its shine, everyone must stand together and reclaim are country or it will be lost.

  11. He is not capable of making the speech, and frankly I don’t want the world seeing how he is not mentally fit to be the leader of our country. His handlers are using a the “threat” of some kind of an attach on the day of the speech to keep the truth of his dementia from coming out. Praying every day for our country to survive what is happening in DC right now.

  12. Because as of January 20, 2021 at 11:50am, I believe it was, the US officially stopped being a Constitutional Republic and entered into the era of Communism. As such old traditions don’t matter.

  13. No way Joe could make it through an entire State of the Union speech, so that’s why the Uni-Party establishment has quitely agreed not to have one.
    That’s ok by me. As far as I am concerned, the results of the 2020 election are still unclear. Maybe they only acted unethically so Joe “won” with that aid alone, or they stole it illegally (i.e. using any means necessary). Either way, Joe isn’t my President.

  14. Biden has proven already that he cannot keep up with reading the teleprompter, and obviously his handlers know this.
    As gaff worthy as Biden is a few mis-statements or flubbed lines will prove how poor of a choice he was.

  15. Every video I have seen of Biden in the last couple months was very heavily edited, and even then, he did not seem cognizant. Check out the two “weekly conversation” videos on the Youtube White House channel. The editing to cover Joe’s incompetence every couple phrases are GLARINGLY obvious. The killer is likes/dislikes run less than 1:10, and this for a guy we are supposed to believe won by a landslide!! Trumps WH videos like/dislike ratios pretty much usually mirrored his polling data, i. e. close to 50/50. His farewell speech, for instance, has well over 800,000 views, like/dislike ratio 75% favorable. (A little favorable for a guy the country was supposedly eager to remove from office…) This does NOT pass the “smell test.”

  16. I believe there is a constitutional requirement that a State of the Inion report be issued to the House and Senate. The public address just became more of a tradition, and is dependent upon an invitation from the Speaker. Remember, Pelosi toyed with not inviting Trump in 2020. I wonder if the report was given? It goes in the record, so it should be released publicly so we can find it easily and read it.

  17. Then there’s the fact that the Biden Administration doesn’t need to begin his presidency with any speeches in a gesture of offering a spirit of cooperation or informing congress about his goals and wishes in the execution of his office; he can just by-pass congress altogether with Executive Orders, and congress will just sit back and allow it, because they can get Mr. Biden to enact their laws without having to negotiate, make deals or break a sweat.

  18. Why put Biden in that position? The actual state of the union is becoming very clear- the leftists at the federal level are doing whatever they please, including ramming a crapola ‘stimulus package’ down our throats that does not ‘stimulate’ much for those suffering. But it sure does stimulate the heavy campaign donors. Our great-grandchildren will be paying this off. Meanwhile, the middle economic classes are under financial assault, anyone who voted for Trump is being demonized, human sexuality is being abnormally re-defined, we are now sanctioning and funding mass termination of children in the womb here AND abroad, preparations are being made to infringe on our second amendment rights, there are still governors keeping their states on lockdown, there are still teachers drawing salaries while kids experience at-home learning, the plug was pulled on investigations shutting down child trafficking, and the color of one’s skin has never been more important. I’m sure I am forgetting something….
    If Biden were to give an honest appraisal of the ‘state of the union,’ we may just need those fences and armed troops in DC.

  19. And that’s why 81 million people voted for him — because he’s not really senile; but he does gaffe a lot

    But no mean tweets about Somali refugees going back to their homeland. That’s the important thing!!

  20. From skimming through all the comments, it is very telling that everyone is fully aware of how incapacitated Biden is. How long can this charade go on?
    It is obvious that Biden is a puppet being used by the DC swamp to promote a socialist agenda.
    Keep up the good work, Sheryl!

      1. Require an immediate competency examination by both a neurologist and psychiatrist. This sham of him as the US president must end. All of his signed executive orders must be rescinded. This is cruel. Have some compassion. Representatives and Senators, get on this.

  21. The bloody Democrats need to pretend that DC is “under siege” by “white supremacist Trumpsters.” The Democrats are always playing the victim — while trying to pick your pocket and steal your wallet.

    BTW, I should be out of FB jail [again] in approx two and a half weeks. ~:<)

    Signed, Osamas Pajamas

  22. Article II, Section 3 of the US Constitution states:
    “He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,”

    This is not an optional thing that can be cancelled at the whim of the President or the Congress. It is a Constitutional requirement that he must do.

    1. This is true, but, as we’ll be reminded incessantly by his protectors, there’s little specification as to the frequency and/or timing. There’s already news flurries stating the Capitol Police have intelligence of significant threats, and there’s always COVID as the go-to excuse.

      That Biden won’t stand behind the podium in Congress and speak for an hour should not surprise anyone. It was clear during his campaign that his faculties were diminishing rapidly and that the least popular, most radical Democrat in the primaries would be tagged as his successor.

      Watching this is no different than a five-year-old magician making a tennis ball disappear by putting it in his pocket. Parents laugh and cheer just as the Democrats will surely do when Harris is coronated as the first woman (of color) elected as POTUS.

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