Parler is back

The popular social media site “Parler” is back online after a coordinated effort to censor and cancel it.

The following is a news analysis.

Parler is a Twitter option that promises not to censor legal speech for political reasons, as other social media companies are doing.

As such, it has been a target of coordinated attacks.

For example, propagandists in media have tried to link Parler to the Capitol attacks, even though both left wing and right wing activists involved communicated widely on Facebook and Twitter.

The Wikipedia description entered by agenda editors and propagandists borders on the ridiculous:

There are also efforts to link Parler to “The Russians!” even though it was Facebook that the Russians used, according to analysts, to try to sway the 2016 election.

Defenders of Parler say they expect the attacks to continue, particularly because the platform welcomes free speech that supports Donald Trump and opines about possible election fraud.

It also welcomes speech that opposes Trump and denies election fraud.

It’s sort of like being in America, again.

Impact of Parler

As an example of how manipulated popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook have become, compare my professional accounts on those mediums versus Parler. Others have experienced much the same.

After 15 years on Twitter, I have somewhere under 300,000 followers.

Starting almost a decade ago, I began getting routine reports from people who say they are automatically “unfollowed” from my account and cannot see my posts. My followers sometimes disappear by the hundreds or thousands over a short period of time. Last month, I lost more than 55,000 followers.

I have videos showing “impressions” (views) of my tweets rolling backwards in real time, which is impossible.

Before the “down throttling” of my account, an average post or tweet could get 150 views every few seconds. Today, the count on same type of tweet often only rolls forward at about 6 views at a time every 5-10 seconds.

Likewise with YouTube.

I have watched as the views on one of my popular TedX talks roll backwards in real time. Days go by and there are fewer views than there were days earlier.

My professional account on Facebook is also down throttled. I only have about 55,000 followers after many years, but originally a post would still easily get 10,000 views. Today, many of my posts sit idle with the metric of “0” people seeing it.

In contrast, Parler doesn’t manipulate follower numbers or reach. And it’s easy to see what happens on an unrestricted platform like that.

In just a few weeks, I amassed over 1 million followers on Parler, compared to the under 300,000 on Twitter in 15 years.

The exact same post that gets a few thousand views on Twitter gets 100,000 views on Parler.

Find me on Parler today.

I’m also on Gab.

Considering how alternate platforms are under attack by powerful interests and political figures, it seems wise to diversify and use multiple platforms.

Happy posting!

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16 thoughts on “Parler is back”

  1. I have followed you for a long time and love your books and Full Measure show and have followed your suit with the DOJ…. I am glad that you have been willing to join Gab. Not sure why so many have been unwilling to make the move. I agree that diversifying platforms is a good idea. Thank you for your journalistic integrity and all of the work you do.

  2. YAY! I just went to your site to see what you’ve been writing about lately and see Parler is back. Thanks for the heads up! I’m headed over there right after I peruse your site.

  3. Parler requires a phone number to sign up. This is a threat to user anonymity, and thus undermines free speech.

    Other apps that some misguided conservatives have embraced require similar unnecessary intrusions into privacy, e.g. Telegram, which requires users to install an app onto their mobile device, giving the app enormous access, to contacts, the user’s geolocation, and other personal information.

    Whatever happened to signing up with an email address and a username+password?

    1. I’m assuming it will work once resolves properly for you. Try it using a web browser first. Once that’s working, then try the app.

      Can’t speak for Android, but I presume it has a similar architecture as Apple, which now works for me.

    1. Works for me. Does work for you? If not, then you need to wait until DNS updates propagate throughout the internet. Should take hours, but possibly a day or two. Rebooting your computer may help to pick up the updates.

  4. Yay! Glad they’re back!

    Be patient if you have trouble accessing Parler’s new site. Their new IP address needs to propagate throughout the internet and it may take up to a day for to become recognized once again.

    Additionally, Parler’s login page may appear took me dozens of attempts before it finally worked. Undoubtedly, their servers are currently overloaded.

      1. You can access Parler via web browser. I still had the Parler app on my iphone and it now works after logging in again.

        However, since it appears that Apple has not reinstated the Parler app in their app store, if you don’t already have it installed, you’re SOL. I suspect Google is doing the same.

        Beware of an apple app named “Parlor” – it’s not the same!

    1. Try again. It can take up to a day for new domain registrations to propagate through the internet. My internet provider didn’t recognize it until this morning.

      Once on the site, it also took numerous login attempts before being successful.

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