POLL: 96% say Biden administration doing “bad” job so far

Over ninety-six percent (96%) of the 5,000+ people who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say that the Biden administration is doing a “bad” job.

Forty-nine percent (49%) say the administration is “worse than expected”.

Forty-eight percent (48%) say the Biden administration is doing a bad job, as expected.

Read the full results below. Meantime, be sure and vote in our latest poll at SharylAttkisson.com on the home page. Look for the black box in the right sidebar or scroll way down on the mobile site!

The Biden administration is doing:

< 1% Great; better than I expected

<1% Great; as I expected

49% Bad; worse than I expected

48% Bad; as I expected

1% Too soon to tell much

<1% Some bad; some good

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34 thoughts on “POLL: 96% say Biden administration doing “bad” job so far”

  1. Very disappointed in Biden’s arbitrary executive orders. His actions worse than I had expected especially when it comes to policy. Open borders, attack on energy, lack of action on school re-openings, weak on China and Iran, announcement to G7 America not first and a stimulus bill where less than half goes to Covid related issues.

  2. The 45 and below voters in this country have no clue about the Soviet Union, Red China, or what Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were really like AND what gave birth to them. They are so arrogant to think they can solve all the world’s problems. And it will only get worse. Even the French are worried about what is being taught (and what isn’t) in American universities. Harvard is a disaster for anyone who wishes to think for themselves and doesn’t toe the left’s ideological line. A friend read recently a Mao quote in a scholarly journal from Harvard. Sad to say, such praise of murderous despots is not unique to Harvard. We’re doomed as a united country. We are united in name only as it is.

    1. This is in reality the essence of our present conundrum. We are in danger of the ramifications of allowing the tyrannical left, in conjunction with illiberal foreign entities to take over and force us into what Detocqueville called a “despotic democracy”.

  3. The results of the poll are no surprise as it appears your audience is overwhelmingly anti-Biden, anti-Democrat Party anyway. I for one feel it is too soon to say much about rating Biden’s administration although there are some decisions I disagree with and some I am ok with thus far.
    I am glad your audience reads your work as I feel your reporting is much needed in the overly slanted news we get from all the major media outlets. Please keep up your balanced reporting.

    1. I was going to add that it would be nice to see how the general public view Biden. It would help identify how much the biased media is protecting him.
      Overall, I personally believe Biden has been terrible. There isn’t a single decision I can agree with.
      Certainly I am not aware of any bipartisan outreach by his administration.

      1. Since you asked, re-joining Paris climate Treaty but don’t like illegal immigrant policy, citizenship is for those here legally.

        1. You think it’s ok to give 4 trillion in tax dollars over the next 10 years. For what, what are they doing with it. Do you know that during Trump presidency was the lowest emissions we’ve ever had. Do you know over the last four years the earth has cooled off or down to the entire temperature that he gained over the last 50 years. We will not hear this on the news if they tell us we are back to 1959 temperatures Then what they have no powers grab and it’s only about a power grab. GW is about loosing freedom and Marxist gov. It’s a joke we need clean air and clean water and work on technology to advance clean environment. every answer like nuclear power that powers boats for 40 years that we can do on a smaller smaller scale, and bury it where it has no negative even if something bad happens. One 8 inch by 14 inch nuke reactor will power 21 to 24,000 homes 24/7 at. 1/10 the cost. Oh my god the taxes they would loose can’t happen. That’s when I knew that this was a total hoax besides the point when I was in high school in the early 90s they told me the earth was going to end and then again in the 2000 then again last week then again , I’m still waiting. Like electric cars it takes 12 1/2 years to equal a gas powered car without disposal of battery, replace, and the batteries disposal . So electric cars are actually worse for the environment. When he said no more pulling oil out of the ground in the US let’s trust another country to do it better I know it was bullshit. Then let’s have the oil come over by boat then by train then by truck instead of a pipe. I know it was all bullshit you can go on and on and on and on. It’s a power grab money grab and I still go back to it what is it going to help to pay $4 trillion to the Paris climate accord what do we get for it, you don’t even now we got nothing but that’s the question we gave $4 million to the Paris climate accord what does it do what do we get adding to co2 until 2035 China gives zero they collect money and they pollute like animals. What’s the use if we reduce production in USA to buy products other places that produce more CO2 it’s all bullshit wake up. It’s to weaken and remove America’s middle class. Like welfare to illegal immigrants who bankrupt America. It’s a plan to spread money out world wide. Sad part one day we won’t be able tI pay Aid then welfare and we are Venezuela. Only faster. Go search now. List a chart of dollar amount and countries USA giver financial aid. You will throw up when you realize how many homeless are In our streets. Blacks are so bad off. Let’s get them correct before we help the world not make it worse. It’s all crap. America first a strong America can help more and one country as time. Spread it out don’t fix anything.

        1. You and biden are job killers, not climate protectors. Trump policies were far better to our climate than and G7 and all communist nations combined. How does rejoining make China stop right NOW? It does nothing except give “lurch” kerry a job and a jet for when he can’t ride his stick broom (what was that???) to climate accords.

        2. Knee jerk as in: kill keystone, stop border wall, stop deportations, wear a mask or two every time you peek outside, falsely accuse police of murder for doing their job, deny corruption while committing it., deny his son is a drugged out loser while saying the laptop was Russian disinformation? That knee jerk? #Kneejerk is LIEberal speak for, “I have no clue how to defend my position”.


  5. I’m unimpressed…but in no way shocked. I’m an optimist but my level of despair has soared to new heights in just a few weeks time. I have money and free time to enjoy it but my outlook is bleak for the country, culture, legal system, and economy.

    Good luck everyone.

  6. It’s mind-boggling to think about how horrible this whole administration is. So far, it looks like all of Biden’s actions (Executive Orders) are vindictive swats at President Trump. Screw “We The People”.

    1. Wait a minute, that’s like saying all of Trump’s executive orders were vindictive swats at anything Obama! Which most were!

      1. Uh phool, I mean Phil, what President Trump did was create the best economy and safest border ever. what was a deal with lurch kerry buddies in iran doing for the world? Blowing it up, of course. All Trumps order fixed things. Name one thing obidenbama fixed…. and if it ain’t fixed yet, he ain’t did it. They can’t even claim obamacare fixed anything except higher prices. Name one thing that was hateful by Trump??? It was all “Common sense” which the llame-o biden admin just told America to use, THIS MORNING. when wearing a mask. HOW DARE LIEberals??? All I heard for 4 Trump years was “he lies.” Never what is he lying about? NEVER. Obidenbama lie about everything. Specific” keep your doctor, I didn’t know about Benghazi, My dealings with Ukraine were legit, I never took a dime from China, (billions maybe, a dime, no) I against gay marriage, I will close Guatanamo, 7,000,000 shovels ready full of lies, I could literally do this all day. Obidenbama war the LIE everytrhing they did was in SPITE to Amertica. Mr Trump help restore the love of America for millions. Thanks and GOD bless President Donald John Trump. Please phool, name any lies he told that did any damage like bidens wall of shame….

  7. I refuse to visit news sites that don’t allow comments. I find what the common person thinks is as important as the content of the piece itself.

    My comment here was censored, so as a result, I’m unsubscribing to the emails and regret my donation.

  8. A large number of Americans including apparently Congress people don’t understand that executive orders are only to be used by the President to regulate within the executive branch. Many presidents are guilty of misusing this. We must correct this.

  9. joe biden is bankrupting america, they want 100 trillion more to give to other countries, and to keep for their selves, they are in bed with george soros , and china
    we will lose our country if we dont step up and put them out of office. our grand kids will never pay this debt off
    thats why the fence is around the white house , that is why they want to defund police, thays why they want american guns our kids and grands will live under china rule.

  10. Andrew W. (Texas USA)

    Terrible decision to roll out the red carpet for the immigrant invasion. Over a million and still coming. Mass majority of folks here in my native home state of Texas are not happy about it. Everyone is talking about it. Especially those of us not far from the southern border. Joe Biden is proving to be a total failure. Both he and his cackling sidekick Kamala. It’s a comical nightmare she is vice president.

    1. Perhaps paying more attention in school may have given you better communication skills therefore more opportunity to earn a better living, just saying……

  11. We now live in a communist country, the left badgered trump every chance they got to get rid of him. And with help from china, they finally got their wish, with the coronavirus. (Which by the way was invented in the U.S.). Every thing biden does to america is ok to the traitorist left that feels he can do no wrong. They refuse to hold him accountable for every crisis and calamity he created since he stole the presidency. There must be a way to get him (biden) out of office, it may be difficult but, not impossible. the president works for the people, not the other away around. Just like any job where someone can’t do their assigned duty, they get fired. Today desperate times call for desperate measures, the american people must rise up and put an end to this tyrannical regime, while we still have a country.

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