POLL: Majority of Republicans now favor a third party

Support for a political third party in the U.S. is at an all-time high, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Sixty-two percent of U.S. adults say the parties do such a poor job representing them that a third party is needed. This is up from 57% in September 2020, according to Gallup.

Fifty percent of U.S. adults now identify as political independents, the highest percentage Gallup has ever measured, they say.

The survey also addresses whether the Republicans and Democrats polled wish for their respective parties to align more conservatively or liberally.

Click on the link below to see the full Gallup article:

Gallup poll

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12 thoughts on “POLL: Majority of Republicans now favor a third party”

  1. Would that be the “foot-shooting” Republicans who can’t imagine that splitting the party will divide them in all future elections, thus guaranteeing a Democrat win in perpetuity?

    1. Like someone else sagely commented on another platform, the Whigs are unavailable for comment on this “point.”

      Keep making excuses for the status quo.

      Meanwhile, 80 million Americans have had it up to their eyebrows with it.

      PS — since the so-called “elections” are now demonstrably fraudulent and the establishment complicit, your protestations are sorta hollow and moot.

  2. The problem is that the DNC, the RNC, their cronies and the MSM don’t want third parties to participate in the mechanics of our election process. They shut them out of all the forums whether it is advertising, endorsement, media or televised debates. What ends up happening is that we get a cage fight between the worst of the worst from both parties where no outliers can join in. It is their party and America isn’t invited. So, what we end up with in the end is a two party political dictatorship. kowtowing to the oligarchs that finance them.

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    One of my chapters in, “Limbaugh Exposed,” is about his
    yearly hammering down of EVERY caller (( beginning in 1987 ))
    Supporting a Third Party—for serving real CONSERVATION
    of the Founders’/Framers’ CONSTITUTIONAL America.

    Limbaugh, as with all conservative talk-show hosts, is REALLY
    SHADOW-Elite controlled—he/she may keep his/her show if
    one doesn’t break 6 critical rules :

    1) :
    NO agreement, ever, on a creating a 3rd Party for C O N S E R V A T I S M.

    2) :
    Not, ever!, to speak of GENETICISM to his her/her audience—as “All men are created equal, “ genetically (( good genetics – good breeding – is universal for plants and dogs and men—Oops!, but not for men ? )).

    3) :
    Never express support for any EQUALITARIAN treatment of Palestinians.

    4) :
    Never make ANY critical comment against ANY of Israel’s interests.

    5) :
    Never repeat agreement with “Conspiracy Kooks,” as Limbaugh puts it, about anomalies in Feds’ stories—about strange terrorist events having no viable (( logical )) explanation..

    6) :
    Never try and challenge VICTIM-Status of any minorities or women—or Israel.

    KEEP following those rules,
    O’Reilly/et al., and KEEP your
    radio show—but lose your soul.


    1. P.S.

      7) : NEVER say anything of a NEGATIVE intention against Abraham Lincoln (( study black Professor Walter Williams’ Truth-Telling articles about same!; and Thomas Delorenzo’s many, many TRUTHFUL reports—REFUTING all popular-culture opinions about (rabid racist) Lincoln! )).

      8) : NEVER report the UGLY Truth about the life and (hidden) times of MLK.

  4. My understanding is that we have other parties such as The Libertarian Party and The Green Party, but they are not allowed to participate. They can’t even appear on the ballot. I would like to see you do an interview with Jo Jorgensen to discuss the challenges any third party candidate faces.

  5. Instead of a thrd party which will most likely be conservative, lets add a fourth “Progressive” or “Forward” Party with a number of left leaning beliefs that can pull away from the Dems also.

  6. In my State, Washington, by law it is nearly impossible for a new political party to get any traction. Your party’s viability is measured on turnout in the most recent Presidential Election. If you are new you have no history, don’t get invited to town halls, debates, etc. Party restructuring has to occur within the existing party framework.

  7. After four years of Trump what I learned is that the Republican Party does not care about doing what is right. All they care about is being the opposition party when the Democrat Party is the majority. Republicans promise the moon to become the Majority in the house and Senate. Once there they don’t do anything to fight for the values of conservatives. We are becoming more liberal and progressive as a nation. More deviant lifestyles. We have less and less of a conservative impact on this nation thanks to the inability of the Republican Party to fight for values and morals. I have had a problem concerning the Republican Party over the past 20 years. They refuse to fight. They refuse to fight when their own are in trouble They cower to the liberal left and do not fight back.

    The ultimate test for me was this election with Trump. Trump draws huge crowds. Biden can’t attract anyone. Biden wins with more votes than Obama? When Obama ran I saw tons of signs of support. Saw very little Biden signs but he got MORE votes than OBAMA??? Yeah right. Pure fraud and nobody went in Trump’s defense to fight to the end. They threw him under the bus.

    Surely I thought the Republicans would fight for Trump and all of the fraud that took place. Nope. Didn’t want to do it. This was because Trump was a fighter and made progress. Republicans don’t care about getting stuff done. They just care about being a politicians and then convert their time into Washington into money.

    After this election I will not vote for a Republican candidate unless it is Trump or somebody who fought for Trump. From now on I will vote third party or I will not vote anymore. My vote did not count. My time was wasted standing in line to vote. It meant nothing. When I hear somebody say to me: “If you don’t vote for the Republican candidate then the democrat will win.” The democrat will let all of this bad stuff happen if you don’t vote republican!” I will say: Guess what the country has already gone to hell in a hand basket. There is nothing left. It’ doesn’t matter anymore.

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