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10 thoughts on “(READ) Trump statement after “not guilty” finding at Senate proceeding”

  1. Praise God! Thank you Sharyl, for your tireless work to provide us with reliable REAL news. You are a good person, and we thank God for you.

    1. Unfortunately, due to the fact I live on 315 dollars of my S.S. Security check ( Child Support gets the other half )

      That damned compounding interest makes it impossible to pay off the principal.

      Thank you Sharyl for your work. ……….. I wish I could help.
      How can I help as being an activist for the cause of good Gov.?

  2. I hope come next time these useless scum run for public office you remember how they treated the best PRESIDENT we’ve ever had. How they voted to impeach. Mitt Romney and the rest so jealous it shows in their hatred.
    WAKE UP AMERICA before it’s too late.

  3. Michael J Venturini

    Looking forward to his revelations, in the coming months. I expect a host of resignations, a box-load of arrest warrants and maybe a suicide or two, before all the pardons are signed.

  4. This statement ought to send at least a few of the wretched Demsheviks over the edge. Particularly the “our movement has just begun” part.
    God bless President Trump!

  5. President Trump, thank you, your family, and those loyal members of your administration, from the bottom of our hearts for your tireless and wise efforts to Make America Great Again, much of it at great expense to you personally and professionally. Your many and varied positive accomplishments to and for our Nation, have gone unnoticed and largely unappreciated by many. But many too have noticed and appreciated and will forever be grateful. We will never forget.

  6. I think long term, the Democrats have damaged themselves. The current feeding frenzy of ‘cancel culture’ will pass when people wake up out of their ‘hate Trump’ comma and realize what a mess the Biden regime is creating. Unfortunately, a lot will ride on what the following generations of kids are taught in U.S. History classes.

  7. Dear President Trump:

    If this is how you really feel, why did you hand our government over to them?

    A sad and bewildered Patriot

  8. THANK YOU Ms. Attkisson… A Walking, Talking, Intelligent, Beautiful, Brilliant Author and Public Service Entity… Donate what you can… when you can…

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