Rethinking lockdowns and Covid-19 fatality claims: new data

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, the benefit of hindsight is calling into question a lot of early projections and actions.

Now, a new study co-authored by Stanford University professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya finds lockdowns were not effective.

The findings have dire implication for actions the U.S. took early on. The lockdowns destroyed the U.S. economy. Some states are still instituting version of lockdowns.

Bhattacharya’s study compared a dozen countries and found no difference in outcome between those that instituted strict lockdowns at the beginning and others, like Sweden and South Korea, that took less restrictive measures.

“We looked at places in particular, South Korea and Sweden, which in the early days of the epidemic did not put in place, mandatory business closures and shelter-in-place orders,” says Bhattacharya. “And what happened is there’s no difference in the rate of spread in the early days of the epidemic. If you compare the group of countries that had less restrictive versus more restrictive orders. The lockdowns, the very, very restrictive lockdowns did no better than less restrictive policies.”

Thousands of scientists have now signed onto a declaration calling for an end to lockdowns claiming they do more harm than good.

As for studies that have claimed lockdowns saved millions of lives, Bhattacharya says those were typically based on unrealistic modeling rather than hard data.

Now, he says, there are about 30 studies that form the same conclusion as his study did.

Another category that proved questionable is the Covid-19 fatality rate.

At the beginning of the pandemic, public health officials were assuming that coronavirus was far more deadly than it turned out to to be. The World Health Organization and White House Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci said the death rate was 3.4% (three or four out of every hundred) and “ten times deadlier than flu.”

But as I reported at that time, that fails to include the asymptomatic cases.

In fact, the death rate, says Bhattacharya, is actually estimated at .2% to .3%,

“And for old people the survival rate is something like 95% if you’re over the age of 70. If you’re under the age of 70, it’s a strikingly it’s 99.95%, five in 10,000 death rate. It’s a very, very high survivability if you’re under the age of 70,” says Bhattacharya.

As for the wildly incorrect projections by health officials, Bhattacharya says, “The policy implications were enormous and they created a panic I think, when Fauci and the World Health Organization sort of push those numbers out, which was a big mistake.”

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12 thoughts on “Rethinking lockdowns and Covid-19 fatality claims: new data”

  1. I’ve noticed that the Stanford professorsI have gotten it right from the very beginning (Bhattacharya, Levitt, Atlas, Ioannidis). In fact, the IFR numbers have not really changed since the Diamond Princess; Ioannidis nailed it.

    1. Mark and Sharyl—and Full Measure Team :

      What is VERY, VERY, VERY wrong with
      this sentence, re “Words Mean Things” ? :

      “ As for the wildly incorrect projections by health officials, Bhattacharya says, ‘The policy implications were enormous and they created a panic I think, when Fauci and the World Health Organization sort of push those numbers out, which was a big mistake.’ ”

      It is this :

      From BEGINNING to END, the
      “policy implications” were not “a
      big mistake,” but a Shadow Cabal
      machination!; for grabbing POWER
      and CONTROL of the whole world !

      As for how stupid the last two gen-
      erations of public school graduates
      ARE, taught to SING and DANCE
      and become ARTISTS and MUSI-
      about everything in themselves, and
      in the lives around them )), but not to
      THINK Logically—to conclude that :

      Masks are useless!, because a
      micron-sized virus is akin to
      throwing sand through a chain-
      linked-fence-type “MASK.”

      2. Distancing, socially, is akin to
      believing all AIR/WIND has
      stopped CIRCULATING.

      3. Or . . . that that Felon-In-Wait-,
      ing, Crowds-Too-Small-To-Let-
      Out-Of-The-Basement BIDEN
      had trounced Crowds-To-Big-
      To-Manage President TRUMP ?

      4. Or . . . that that Soros-STAGED
      “riot” wasn’t elaborate theatre!,
      or that that assassination of a
      FEMALE wasn’t a POWERFUL
      indication/message of just how
      serious Bolshevik GLOBALISTS
      are, to guard their plans for OUR
      enslavement to Global Economic
      Socialism (( my term, hatched in
      the 1980s!—to warn against the
      Oligarchy at work THEN!—Beck!,
      and Rush! and Hannity! and all
      rest of today’s so-called “conser-
      vative thinkers,” suddenly airing
      that WARNING today )).

      The psychological impact of MIS-
      EDUCATING two generations of
      kids is terrifying!, as focusing on
      GROWING/Training the right-
      hemisphere’s seductions of EMO-
      TIONALITY had opened the gate-
      way to the REPTILIAN/“OLD”/EVIL
      brain’s APPETITES of :






      ((aka: D R A M A T I Z I N G life ! ! ! )).

      Or, to say it a better way,
      to describe far better the
      entertainment industries
      of today’s Hollywood
      (( and “Music” and Books
      and Porn and Feminism and . . . )) :







      —Ad-Nauseum !

      No GRACE and no VIRTUE, today !
      —making of them UTOPI-PSYCOs
      or, said another way, “BRAIN-Blind
      Nuts!”—blind to HISTORY, to Current
      Events, and to the LOGICAL steps
      towards learning about how those
      PAST EVENTS relate to CURRENT
      EVENTS; and how those algorithmic
      steps (( left-LOGICAL-Hemisphere! ))
      are protective for SELF and SOCIETY
      —can PREDICT future BAD outcomes,
      such as passing through all grades kids
      not being able to READ, to WRITE, and
      to do simple MATH, then they’re handed
      a Graduation Certificate and, then, an
      TIVE-Sexism job in a major corporation!,
      where the more-well-educated are
      FORCED to cover for HIM / HER , as
      “Social Justice Warriors,” keeping THEM
      hidden from ANY honest accountability!,
      and as the highest High-Culture Civiliza-
      tion in history collapses into the dustbin
      of human histories.

      Finis ? !—for this once-MERITOCRATIC
      republic ? !


  2. No mistake. They knew exactly what they were doing. Why am sure about that? Because they clearly know it was a mistake now and they aren’t recommending anything but more draconian measures. That was their intent regardless of evidence, logic, or science. This has been the greatest con-job in history, and the purpose has always been increasing social control by the Elites.

    1. Jeff, I agree. partially….. , THE “greatest con-job in history” is our presidential election fiasco! Sadly, the Elites are winning even though the evidence is overwhelming. The military in Myanmar (Burma) has shown us the correct response that MUST be used to save our USA!

  3. I’m thankful that a handful of journalists look behind major narratives pushed into social media/news …., and let the facts be known.

  4. It’s a pleasant surprise to see posters/readers /citizens so aware of the fraud and deception that is Operation Covid.

    Anthony Fauci should be indicted for terrorizing the US populace.

  5. The following may be of interest:
    Are COVID Death Numbers Comparing Apples and Oranges?

    This article argues that the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)’s April 2020 guidance for filling out death certificates for possible COVID-19 related deaths strongly encourages, if not requires, assigning COVID-19 as the underlying cause of death (UCOD) in any death where COVID-19 or the SARS-COV-2 virus may be present, which appears to differ from common historical practice for pneumonia and influenza deaths where pneumonia was frequently treated as a “complication,” a cause of death but not the underlying cause of death.

    This means the number of COVID deaths should be compared to a count of death certificates where pneumonia and influenza were listed as a cause of death or even a lesser contributing factor, a historical number which appears to have been at least 188,000 per year based on the CDC FluView web site. The proper comparison number may be even larger if deaths that historically were listed as heart attacks, cancer or other causes than pneumonia or influenza are also being reassigned due to the April 2020 guidance.

    Full Article:

  6. Only “covid-porn” could destroy Trump’s 2020 SOTU address – one by one by one. Nancy Pelosi declared war on the US when she tore up the SOTU address and unleashed “covid-porn” hysteria.

    However, sufficient numbers in the US were only too happy to drink the kool-aid. We need to understand why that happened – mass hysteria. It happens for reasons not immediately obvious. I hope we can explore why so many were willing, even needy, to play their role in this “covid-porn” hoax.

    1. I understand how the hysteria over covid happened, but what I don’t get is why aren’t more people hysterical about who is sitting in the White House and what he is doing to move into communism???

  7. Please use leading “0” as needed….. and absolutely in the following sentence. “.” are very hard to see, especially in some fonts. “In fact, the death rate, says Bhattacharya, is actually estimated at .2% to .3%,” Should be …. 0.2% to 0.3%

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