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3 thoughts on “Risperdal: When a drug impacts a child’s feeling about sex and gender (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Drug therapy for autism in children, which can
    alter sex hormones, might be LESS concern-
    ing than, say, the Hollywood Porn Industry :

    Generally, a woman seeks to be DOMINATED
    in order to feel SECURE while a man seeks to
    DOMINATE and GUARD his mate from other
    men !—as the popular book-and-movie franchise
    strongly / deceptively / wrongly hints.

    That GIDDILY popularized show, among certain women!,
    who excitedly touted it as “fun” entertainment (( and
    by AIR-headed female reporters on ALL the major
    networks ! )) :

    “50 Shades . . . ,“

    —showing pornographically TWISTED male/female
    sexuality, SUGGESTING to young BOYS (( and to
    ALARMED girls! )), SNEAKING a peek at that sexually
    DEVIANT Drama!, logically ASKING themselves and
    each other :

    Do women/girls LIKE a
    bit of TORTURE with sex ? !

    [[ “Should I like torture during sex ?,” ask the girls! ]].

    Have you exposed that Evil DANGER
    to society, on your Full Measure program
    —about what those Marque-de-Sade-
    steeped, LIBERTINE leftists in Hollywood
    feed our sexually impressionable boys
    and girls (( and those still-seeking/-learning
    adults )), Sharyl ?


  2. Thank you for this podcast and for your research. Our son was on Risperdal (we took him off yesterday) but we have seen some strange side effects such as tardive dyskinesia and, so far, mild gynecomastia. He’s been on the drug less than a year and it was a drug we felt we were pushed into trying despite our insistence that we were happy with a different medication and we didn’t feel our son needed an anti psychotic. Our son’s psychiatrist recently asked me to “up the dosage” and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was praying and searching for answers to back up my gut feelings that something wasn’t right and your podcast showed up on Parler. Thank you for putting this information out there- it’s not readily available (even now) and our family physician had never heard of these kinds of issues. This kind of side effect should absolutely be made known to anyone considering this drug for their child. We would have never allowed our psychiatrist to push this drug had we known gynecomastia was even a slight possibility and it was never mentioned when we questioned him thoroughly about potential side effects. We were also brushed off when we mentioned other side effects earlier in his treatment. I feel like an idiot for not trusting my gut sooner.

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