Safety questions about COVID-19 vaccine for ‘frail’ and people who’ve already had coronavirus (PODCAST)

Scientific questions are emerging about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines for “frail” people and those who have already had COVID-19. CDC is looking into reports but says there is no cause for concern, so far.

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5 thoughts on “Safety questions about COVID-19 vaccine for ‘frail’ and people who’ve already had coronavirus (PODCAST)”

  1. When I listened to part of the recent ACIP emergency meeting, a doctor asked, after a presentation given during the 1 pm session, about the “anecdotal” reports that people who had recovered from COVID were having more severe responses to the vaccine. Usually, ACIP meetings are posted on YouTube, but I cannot find that meeting. I think the presenters gave the same type of response:

    Thank you SO much, Sharyl, for your investigations and balanced reporting.

  2. The fact that Merk is distancing itself and acknowledging the value of herd immunity is significant but not widely reported.

  3. Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    My sister had taken the
    polio vaccine (( 1953 )) then
    contracted polio—iron lung!,
    then months of recovery!

    Lessons from History :

    The Great POLIO-VACCINE Folly :

    “Immediately following the government’s licensing of the Salk vaccine, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis contracted with private drug companies for US$9 million worth of vaccine (around $87 million today) – about 90% of the stock. They planned to provide it free to the country’s first and second graders. But just two weeks after the first doses were administered, the Public Health Service reported that six inoculated children had come down with polio.

    “As the number of such incidents grew, it became clear that some of the shots were causing the disease they were meant to prevent. A single lab had inadvertently released adulterated doses.” :

    The great polio vaccine mess and the lessons it holds …

    “Gallup polls found that by June 1955, almost half of the parents who responded said they would not take any further vaccine shots – and the full regimen of polio inoculation required three doses.”


    “On Aug. 30, 1954, Bernice E. Eddy, a veteran scientist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., was checking a batch of a new polio vaccine for safety.
    Created by Jonas Salk, the vaccine was hailed as the miracle drug that would conquer the dreaded illness that killed and paralyzed children. Eddy’s job was to examine samples submitted by the companies planning to make it.

    “As she checked a sample from Cutter Laboratories in Berkeley, Calif., she noticed that the vaccine designed to protect against the disease had instead given polio to a test monkey. Rather than containing killed virus to create immunity, the sample from Cutter contained live, infectious virus.

    “Something was wrong. “There’s going to be a disaster,” she told a friend.” :

    Tainted Cutter polio vaccine killed and paralyzed children …

    “Apr 14, 2020Starting on the evening of April 12, 1955, batches of the Salk vaccine made by five drug firms were shipped out in boxes marked “POLIO VACCINE: RUSH.” About 165,000 doses of Cutter’s went out.”


    Really? Testing Covid-19 Vaccine on 6-month-old Babies ? :


    Prion Disease from Covid-Vaccine ? :


    Simple Arginine/Lysine Cure ? :


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