SCOTUS to consider whether several high-profile election fraud cases can proceed

This Friday, February 19th, the Supreme Court will have a conference to consider what cases they will hear later this year.

Several high profile election fraud cases filed by Trump-aligned lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are among those to be considered.

A lawsuit by Republican Rep. Mike Kelly in Pennsylvania is also on the list for consideration.

The Supreme Court may not ultimately accept any of the cases for review. Four of the nine Justices must vote to hear a case in order for it to go on the calendar.

The Court declined to “fast-track” the election fraud cases earlier this year, before President Biden’s inauguration.

If the Supreme Court decides to take on the election fraud cases, it is likely they will not be heard until October.

The Court typically announces which cases they agree to hear the Monday following the conference.

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65 thoughts on “SCOTUS to consider whether several high-profile election fraud cases can proceed”

  1. Even though the proverbial horse is already out of the bar, these cases still must be heard. Hopefully a majority of the SCOTUS judges understand that that – and realize they messed up big time when they didn’t hear the Texas lawsuit.

    1. Agree, the Texas case raised a unique and novel point of law which can only be heard under SCOTUS exclusive jurisdiction and which also has universal constitutional impact – disputes among the several states.

      What are the legal thresholds for bringing such cases directly to the US Supreme Court?

      Do state elections for federal offices have primary impact or secondary impacts on other states? Should there be minimal federal standards for state legislators to follow when imposing their exclusive jurisdiction election laws on their own states?

      1. Lets say I owned land that was surrounded by land surrounded by 19 other people.
        I proceed to dump toxic waste on my land, and of course, the toxic waste leaks all over the land of the other people.
        The people sue me and the court says that since the toxic waste was not dumped on their land, they have no standing.
        That is exactly what SCOTUS said to the 19 States that sued over election fraud.
        They claimed that the toxic elections leaked their poisoned results all over Texas and the other States, and SCOTUS said “so what”.
        If SCOTUS refuses to addresses these claims, they are telling each State that election fraud not only doesn’t matter, but it will become a race to see who can cheat the most.
        And not just elections, but the census as well as anything else a State decides will gain some advantage.
        And of course, they will be proclaiming that the very idea of free and fair elections are forever meaningless in the United States.

    2. Roberts is afraid of the democrats because only they would pack the court and put the last branch with a modicum of respect in the political trash heap.

      1. Roberts is afraid his connections to Jeffery Epstein and his visits to pedo island will be exposed. He’s being blackmailed, America is paying the price

      2. He knows they have evidence that he illegally adopted his children thru Epstein! Hello…Robert’s! The world already knows! Man up,save our Country and you will be a hero and we won’t care as long as you have been a good father.Way more pressing matters at hand,I hate to say,but we’d have to let him make a deal if he was to be indicted.

    3. When we hope for something happening it sounds like we don’t have a solid ground for that. It seems like we are praying for god’s help. With that sense, our SCOTUS is hopeless. They are scared of the Democrats! they knew so well that their lives will be endangered if they rule against the Dems!

    4. Have you taken a look at Pelosi’s HR-1 bill? That would make everything illegal that happened legal if it gets through the Senate and to Biden.

      1. Now you know how California dropped into the toilet so quickly once Democrats got the super-majority in this state, after term limits were imposed.

        Ironic – we threw the bums out and got taken over by the government employee unions self-protection racket.

        Once Democrats were handed this super-majority blank check they wrote the future election rules so they can now never be dislodged. Very scary stuff – Pelosi drinks from the same poisonous well as her home state Democrats.

    5. The entire world,including them know that there was not only foreign interference but Domestic as well! What makes it so bad it was so obvious even if they did not have overwhelming evidence.We saw city after city tens of thousands of Trump supporters while Biden when he came out the few times drew a crowd from avg.size 30 to maybe 100.It was bad.He made no sense,thought he was running for the Senate and it was clear those against the USA Sovereignty were for Biden! Even when Obama campaigned for him in Fl. still was not a big crowd. We witnessed so many videos,witness testimony,etc.of fraud it sickens any voter! It’s obvious our Govt.has been captured by enemies and that includes SCOTUS that military must step in for ” We The People” even if it means having another Election,paper ballots,ID required,signatures matched,and full transparency of each parties over seeing.We don’t have a problem with any of it.The only reason any objection is you have something to hide.Treason and Sedition was committed in a massive scale! People must be arrested! Our law enforcement,Intelligence agencies,FBI,DOJ,and now I believe SCOTUS as well,has been infiltrated and are cirrupt.Watch and see.

  2. Hopefully they will take as many as possible. We need to know what happened and assure the process is not corrupt and fix anything and everything that is not honest and fair.

    Honest and fair elections are core to our system of government.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Is that true….only four out of nine Justices must vote for a hearing on cases? If so, then what is the damned problem? President Trump put three of them there. Are they “afraid” to vote in his favor? Don’t tell me they are being intimidated by the left-wingnuts. That needs to stop. The election WAS RIGGED big time. You know it. I know it. They know it. God knows and Satan himself knows it. I’d be willing to bet the farm we haven’t had an honest and fair election in my lifetime….three quarters of a century. (That’s if I had a farm!)

      1. Susan, I agree with you 100%! The SCOTUS should take ALL the cases. Yes everyone knows the election was rigged. Hopefully SCOTUS can expose some of what happened.

        The Democrats, Big Tech and many other corporations are very corrupt and do not care about America. They know the MSM is very dishonest and in bed with them, so they do as they please. The survival of America depends on a strong, honest MSM that loves America first and only!!!

        I suggest that one of the MSM firms should hire Sharyl Attkisson as CEO.. You would see very honest reporting which the Country needs and their rating would go through the roof. All other MSM outlets would be forced to follow and America would win!!!.

        1. EVERYBODY does NOT know that the election was rigged. It wasn’t. It was a free and fair election. Trump lost. 50 states and 60 failed lawsuits say so. Georgia is suing Trump for trying to tamper with the election. Be careful what you wish for, because most of the fraudulent votes that they have unearthed (which I admit are very few) were cast for Trump.

          1. Scott, you are not telling the truth. Stick around and see why your claims do not hold up. We have heard this tired party line from types like you so no reason to even correct you. Look it up yourself. Just wanted you to know, no sale for what you are selling. Not here. Not anywhere.

        2. I heard a leak that Roberts overruled Alito and Thomas and bullied the “junior justices” into standing down. Anonymous and possible hearsay, but it it was discussed in a State Legislature and makes sense in that the report stated that Roberts would not equate Bush v Gore with Texas because “this time there are riots”.
          Why would a judge, living the dream, king of the court, king of the country club, king of the neighborhood, with he and his relatives enjoying all manner of privilege, open him/herself to Antifa and BLM on the front lawns. Look what happened to mayor of Portland.

      2. The best recourse to fend off the asinine Dems assault on America is to start handing out indictments. Nearly all of the front line Dems are up to their ears in corruption.

  3. Sharyl,

    Speaking of Fraud, is SCOTUS
    & Team aware of this issue ? :

    Recall/Find that newspaper
    headline I had posted in one
    of your reports—PROVING a
    DANGEROUS/Deadly disloyalty
    afoot!, behind the PENTAGON-
    Faked Scenes of No-Problem-To
    -See-Here News.

    More Truth :

    Israel Sells U.S. Weapons Technology To Asia ?

    Israel Threatens to Join Russia/China AGAINST America ?


    1. P.S.

      My first contact with Civilian-Trump was
      in the Eighties—then, for a time thereafter,
      by way of two Levitic Jews – one, a well-
      known NYC education critic; and the
      other, a NYC industrialist and friend to him.

      Those two Jews welcomed my many
      essays about the ROOT Causes of our
      decline—sent to them using a different


      -just spent time comforting my wife,
      re TRANSITION of Rush, as her sobbing/
      blubbering is truly heart-wrenching !

      There is no DEATH!, only a TRANSITION!,
      if one studies and understands Eastern
      and Western occult spirituality—or if one
      has had out-of-body and/or ghost exper-


    1. I agree with uou. They’ve already knocked it back to October! Can you imagine the damage this administration will do by them?! I thought these cases were supposed to BEGIN on Feb 19…NOT BE CONSIDERED. Our courts have already failed us. I doubt they will step up now.

  5. How can they not hear at least one case with 50% of the voters left wondering if there is any truth to the claim of voting fraud? Otherwise, you leave many convinced there was and that the core of our election process is corrupted by a government that is no longer “of the people, by the people, for the people”. It’s a sad and dire time in our country.

    1. The election being rigged is not a narrative, it is a belief backed with stupid insane amounts of proof.
      If this is not political, it could only be military.
      Lets hope it stays political.

  6. My prediction is that SCOTUS will not take up the cases and the excuse will be that they fear it would be perceived as “political” and adversely impact the 2022 midterms.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    1. They have these last chances to save the Republic.
      If they refuse to do so, they invite a civil war, just like they did with Dredd v Scott when they took the cowards way out.

    2. I think you are right! they do this just to save their faces after hearing backlash from people! it is another theatrical political game! Nothing will be good probably just another slap in the face of people!

  7. The last election was a complete fraud accomplished through mail-in voting which allowed illegal votes to be counted.

  8. I have no confidence in our judiciary anymore. This presidential election showed how corrupt and compromised our judiciary is, including the Supreme Court. President Trump gave us 3 seemingly wonderful justices, but they failed America greatly by refusing to hear the Texas case. I am not optimistic that any of these cases will be heard.

  9. Yeah, meanwhile the imposter “president” is totally hosing America with his pen and his phone. Those Supremes need to get off their dead cowardly butts and fix all of the election processes that violated the Constitution.

  10. I have gotten used to the idea that all US courts are either too corrupt or too scared to hear a single case of election fraud.

  11. It all depends if they all Truly believe in protecting the Constitution. It all depends on if they Truly believed in the oath they all took. It all depends how much courage they actually have. It all depends on weather they want the United States of America Republic to survive. It all depends on if they believe the right of all Americans “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Lets just wait and see.

  12. The SC may or may not hear cases but what they are ultimately deciding is their own legitimacy and whether they and the US Constitution are still relevant to the American people. This Republic will not last forever. If it’s time for a change, then so be it. We, the people, will reform our nation if necessary.

  13. I think the election fraud should rain supreme in being looked at. If the Supreme Court choose to not look at these cases. Well, then we need to remove them from their seats. They do NOT work for the Dems or Repub, they work for the United Stated of America people. They need to remember this. They are doing an injustice if they do not hear the elections cases. They will show us they are no longer effective for us.

  14. When half of the citizens of a country like ours feel that they were cheated of their vote and many states feel the same way it is the duty of our Supreme Court to listen to all the facts and decide what is true and what is false. It is the least they can do for the country they serve and only they can possibly stop a civil war by providing true accouintability

  15. Is just a show. The corrupted Supreme Court will never take Biden out no matter what violations and unlawful proceedings took place.

  16. I thought Sydney Powell was addressing the SCOTUS either last Fri or this Fri, 2/19.
    CJ Roberts should be indicted & tried for Treason, beside everything else he worked closely with Quen Liz.
    When Kavanaugh raised his hand to be sworn in before the Senate he used the ‘elites’ signal, a space between middle and ring fingers so we know where his loyalty lies.

    This makes me more than angry, every person in this country who voted have just been told we don’t have the right to vote, the Shadow Government will make the selection for us and we will be happy with it.

    If this illegal administration keeps up the pace there will be a good chance there won’t be a country or Constitution to defend by Oct.

  17. A few comments:
    1) I doubt that SCOTUS will take up any of the voter fraud cases if for no other reason than there is no practical remedy. They aren’t going to overturn an election. It’s possible that they will rule on some of the lawsuits that claimed that changes to voting procedures were unconstitutional since they were not done by state legislatures (although I don’t know if those lawsuits are even under consideration). These suits were originally dismissed for the logical reason that the remedy should have been sought before the election, not after. But now that the election is over, SCOTUS could rule and clear things up before the next election. That might be for the best.
    2) Once again, this newsletter spares no ink in keeping the voter fraud story alive. There are likely many other cases of interest that SCOTUS might take up, but we have to be reminded (continually) that those lawsuits are out there even though there is almost no chance of anything material happening with them.
    3) I remember when Republicans inveighed against “activist” judges who, in their opinion were basing their rulings on desired outcomes rather than the law. Now some apparently wonder why SCOTUS won’t vote “in Trump’s favor”. Well, voting in someone’s favor sounds an awful lot like judicial activism to me. Whatever happened to judicial restraint?
    4) No, I don’t know that the election was rigged. And neither do any of the courts that have heard the fraud cases. And neither do state election officials who have conducted audits and hand recounts and certified the results. I have asked in these pages several times for someone to provide a logical explanation for how such a massive fraud involving countless poll workers and election officials of both parties (including ardent Trump supporters) in multiple states could have been perpetrated with no evidence being left behind. I have yet to receive anything other than the declarative statement that the election was stolen. What I do get are diversionary stories in this newsletter about violations of Benford’s Law and 1-in-15,000,000,000,000,000 odds despite these claims not being mathematically correct. And mysterious white vans in Michigan despite there being perfectly logical explanations that didn’t involve voter fraud. And voting machine shenanigans in Georgia despite them having done a complete hand recount. And simply false stories such as the one that too many absentee ballots were returned in Pennsylvania or the one that more people voted in Detroit than were registered.
    But there is one thing that we all really do know. There is nothing, zip, nada that will convince those who still believe in election fraud to change their tune.
    So tell me where I’m wrong.

    1. The issue of voter fraud must be settled before 2022 or people will be rioting in the streets. If we are not reassured that voting was legit or shown to be tampered with, we do not have anything but a 3rd world joke of a country. WE care that each and every vote
      cast was done so by the rules. And any cheater must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nice reporting, Sharyl.

    2. There were only six suspect counties, which had sufficient suspect ballots to make a material difference in the final election outcome. Why still conflate 2020 potential election fraud to be a massive, nationwide conspiracy with casts of thousands? Target those suspect counties only.

      How did this media echo chamber get started – to wit: no evidence of “widespread” election fraud. Always with the caveat – no “widespread fraud.” No one was claiming widespread fraud ever – but very reasonably concerned about highly suspect strategic fraud – which election officials refused to look into and courts rejected on standings or other non-substantive technicalities.

      You cannot look a the Fulton County, Georgia video surveillance tapes and ask what was happening that night.

      You also cannot have a fair and honest election using proprietary voting machines which cannot be independently and transparently audited.

      538 is running a gaslighting article bragging how low the ballot rejection rates were this election. The cover-up continues. Vote harvesting and fake news will be the demise of America. And to think with all that effort, they still got just Biden and Harris. What a pay off.

      1. I’m happy to have gotten a response. This is good. Here are my comments:
        1) The reasons that I, at least, use the phrase “massive fraud” are two: (1) to emphasize that the supposed fraud would have had to have taken place in multiple states and involve many people, and (2) to preclude the deflecting argument that there was no fraud at all. No serious person believes that Biden got exactly 81,268,924 votes (nor Trump 74,216,154), but I strongly believe that if I (or anyone) had said that there was no fraud, I would have spent time explaining that I meant “no fraud sufficient to change the outcome”. So consider my “massive” just to be shorthand for “not a one-off”.
        The reason that I think that the “multiple states” fact is relevant is that I believe that it would be a lot easier, for example, to commit election fraud in five counties in one state rather than one county in five states. For every state that is added brings in a whole new set of election officials, none of whom can be allowed to spot the fraud. One of the key elements to me for deciding if some conspiracy theory is likely to be true or not is the number of people required to keep it going. Once it gets to be very many, someone is either going to talk or slip up. It’s just human nature. So every state that is added to the fraud mix decreases the odds greatly.
        2) It is true that some courts rejected lawsuits on procedural grounds. But hardly all of them were thus rejected. But ALL of them were ultimately rejected. Here is the opinion from a judge in Pennsylvania on one lawsuit that actually was heard: “One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption. Instead, this court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by the evidence. This cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters in [the] sixth most populated state. Our people, laws and institutions demand more.”
        I think that that says it all.
        3) Regarding targeting specific counties: Wisconsin conducted a complete recount of its two most populous counties and the result was a net gain for Biden of 87 votes. Arizona audited Maricopa County, far and away the largest county in population, and found sufficient errors to affect about 100 votes worst-case. And, of course, Georgia did a complete hand recount and found nothing. And Georgia also did an audit on the voting machines which according to UPI “used forensic techniques and verification processes to confirm no tampering, cyberattacks or election hacking”. The results were summarized by Georgia SoS Raffensperger thusly: “We are glad but not surprised that the audit of the state’s voting machines was an unqualified success”.
        How these facts can continually be ignored by those who claim that “no one is willing to look into these charges” is simply mystifying to me (well, OK, it’s not really that mystifying). This election has been subjected to more scrutiny than any in my lifetime. But it’s never enough.
        You are technically correct that you can’t have an honest election using “voting machines which cannot be independently and transparently audited”. But I don’t think that is the case here (at least there has been zero evidence of that presented thus far). First, the machines are rigorously tested before and after the election (via either an audit or a recount). Second, why is it a given that voting system makers would want to cheat on an election? And if they wanted to, why would they necessarily want to cheat for Democrats? People just throw that charge out there without any evidence or even a logical basis for making the charge and expect people like me to take it seriously. Sorry, I pass.
        The only footage that I have seen from the Fulton County video surveillance was when the “mysterious” ballots showed up at night, and they were stored under a table until being brought out for counting. Is that what you are talking about? For that was explained away by Georgia election officials using completely logical reasons. And again, ask yourself how likely it would be that the three top election officials in Georgia (all ardent Trump supporters) would all say that the election was free and fair if it wasn’t?
        I don’t know anything about the 538 article that you reference. But let me say that just because some statistical anomaly has been shown doesn’t prove anything. At best it gives you someplace to start looking. And according to the Georgia SoS, .15% of mail-in ballots were rejected because of missing or non-matching signatures in 2020. The percentage in 2016 was .24% and the percentage in 2018 was .15%. According to the U.S. Election Project website, there were 1,320,154 mail-in ballots in Georgia in 2020. So even if you had the same rejection rate in 2020 as there was in 2016, that would mean that an additional 1188 votes would have been rejected. That’s not enough to swing the election even if all of those votes had gone to Biden. So let’s go somewhere else.
        I believe that I have addressed all of your points (I chose to ignore your snarky comment about Biden and Harris – that was a cheap shot that has nothing to do with the discussion of voter fraud).
        But let me add one more point. I made several claims based on facts. But I didn’t get anything back that disputed a single one of my facts, nor provided a single new fact. Nor was any detailed argument made that my logic was faulty. Nor was any specific argument even made to support election fraud. All I got was the same arguments again. That’s not refutation. That’s regurgitation. Yet somehow two other people (at least) thought that my arguments were completely eviscerated. Needless to say, I don’t see it that way.
        When I say “specific argument” I am referring to statements such as “you cannot look at the Fulton County, Georgia video surveillance tapes and now ask what was happening that night”. This is such a broad-brush argument that I don’t know how to agree or disagree. What exactly is being claimed by this statement?
        And one more point – I certainly agree that fake news will be the death of America. But I doubt that we would agree on where the majority of the fake news is coming from. There are those, like me, who are basing their election fraud arguments on publicly available facts (such as lawsuit dismissals and official recount stats) combined with the logical arguments that no fraud has been shown and that election officials in multiple states have certified the results to present what seems like a convincing case. So far, the other side has been awash in incorrect, a.k.a. fake, facts (some were cited in my earlier posting, but there are others) or have simply relied on conjecture and innuendo and speculation. And since you can’t prove a negative (no one can PROVE that there was no fraud) they just continue to say “what about this”? And despite the lack of any evidence, they say it with such conviction. They just KNOW that there was voter fraud. By admitting that I can’t prove that there wasn’t fraud, I am more circumspect in my language, and all of the facts are on my side. Go figure.

        1. You replied ” “used forensic techniques and verification processes to confirm no tampering, cyberattacks or election hacking”.” Yet that doesn’t rule out the machines did exactly what they were programmed to on election day.

          No tampering, cyber attacks or hacking needed.

          As far as they had been tested, so what? VW diesels when tested met EPA standards, when used in real life, on the roads, they performed much differently. Coded/programmed to do so. Pretty simple actually : If day does not equal 11/3 count accurately, if day does equal 11/3 do something else. Since the source code is proprietary and closed there is no independent review or verification.

          As for why they would do this?

          Political beliefs. Why did Democrats spend 4 years protesting an election and attempting coups and trying to disenfranchise millions of Americans?

          Money, Get Democrat leaders to pay for the machines and software updates for promised results.

          You’re right, a person can’t prove or disprove a negative. Yet you’ve claimed the election was legitimate with no proof, no evidence. Your only argument is let’s ask the accused if they committed the crime, then accept it when they deny committing it. Hardly amounting to “facts”

          1. You are arguing that the voting machines could have worked fine when tested on some day other than election day but have provided phony results on election day itself and those phony results are the ones that were used to determine the election winner. That is certainly technically possible. But the thing that I believe that you are missing in your argument is that the results were compared to a total hand recount in Georgia and a partial hand recount in Arizona and Wisconsin with the results shown to be accurate. I truly don’t know what else could be done to prove that the machines were accurate. That is why your comparison to the VW scandal is inappropriate. In the VW case, they had no other independent means of verifying the results. They, in effect, had no paper ballots.
            So who within Dominion was in on this supposed scam? Was it the CEO or just some lower-level programmers who were paid to do bad things? How many people were involved? And how do you know with such certainty?
            You ask “why did Democrats spend 4 years protesting an election and attempting coups and trying to disenfranchise millions of Americans”. The simple answer to that is that they didn’t. And it’s a particularly ironic comment about disenfranchising voters when it is Republicans who have sought to limit ballot access by changing voter ID laws and limiting polling places in minority areas.
            It is not true that you can’t disprove a negative. In fact, it should be easy. All it takes is one example. I am claiming that there was not any widespread voter fraud. But if someone comes forth with evidence that there was, I would have to admit that my assertion has now been proven false. My negative assertion has been disproven. What you can’t do is prove that there wasn’t voter fraud, meaning that you can’t prove a negative. Let’s look at it another way. Let’s say that they run 1000 tests on the voting machines and all of them pass. That doesn’t PROVE that they worked properly on election day. All it proves is that those 1000 tests didn’t find the fraud. It doesn’t mean that the 1001st test won’t. Those who came up with the tests might not have thought of the perfect test that would have exposed the fraud. But if ONE of those tests hadn’t worked work correctly, it proves that there is something bad going on.
            And I didn’t simply ask “ask the accused if they committed the crime, then accept it when they deny committing it”. I asked them to provide evidence to back up their claim. And that’s what they have done.
            All of this sums up the frustration that those of us on the “no fraud” side feel. It’s a rigged game. We are required to provide ironclad proof that there was no fraud, while the other side doesn’t apparently feel compelled to provide any evidence at all. They just point to something that is suspicious in their minds and claim that there is the hard evidence and ignore any other explanations. As I said, all it takes is one example to prove widespread fraud, and not a single piece of hard evidence has been provided. Sure, people can claim that ballots stored in trays under tables or mysterious vans delivering ballots at 3:30 a.m. just absolutely PROVE election fraud. But if you were a juror on a trial and that “evidence” was presented to you and the defense pointed out the totally logical and benign explanation for why it doesn’t point to fraud, I would hope that you wouldn’t vote to convict because of built-in biases. And I dispute your claim that I haven’t provided any evidence that the election was fair. That’s pretty much what all of the election officials and election audits have provided. And that is another frustrating aspect of this. Nothing has been shown to have been amiss with the election, i.e., all of the evidence (and it is evidence) has shown that the election was fair and no evidence has been provided that there was any fraud. And more than that, every single argument that has been made by those claiming fraud has been shown to either not be true (such as by the hand recount) or by providing a rational, benign alternative explanation. And yet those claiming fraud just won’t give up. There’s no critical thinking going on. It doesn’t matter if any hard evidence has been provided – all it matters is that Trump lost. That seems to lead inevitably to the conclusion that fraud was involved. QED.

    3. Wide spread fraud isn’t required. There are just a few key swing states, in which there are a few swing voting districts. Often the win margin is very small. Change those, you change the election results.

      Realistically only a relatively few areas need to be tampered with and then only by a relatively few votes. When you consider that around 50% of the registered voters don’t vote and eliminating simple security measures (especially when it comes to mail in votes) to ensure the ballot cast was cast by the person who supposedly cast it..

      For instance Michigan has 8,136,483 registered voters of whom 5.5 million voted. (about 69% if my math is correct). There are 1,411,749 voters in Wayne County, 1.038,405 in Oakland and 969,354 in Macomb (those 3 counties make up the heavily Democrat Detroit Metro area) For a total of 3,419,499 registered voters.

      Biden “won’ Michigan by just over 154,000 votes

      In Wayne county 878,102 people voted, in Oakland county 775,379 voted and in Macomb county 497.098 voted. A total of 2,150,579 (or 63% of registered voters) in those 3 counties.

      If we just focus on those 3 counties that means about 50,000 fraudulent votes per county. Not a lot considering the number of voters. Even less when we consider that there was no election security.

      The Post Office delivers an absentee ballot to an unsecured mailbox and the ballot is filled out by someone (hopefully the voter it was sent to) and returned, with no verification of any kind.

      This would be like you, or someone claiming to be you, calling your bank and saying “I can’t get to the bank but I need $1,000, just deliver it to my house and put it in the mailbox”. So the bank does so, using a clearly marked envelope that screams BANK on it. Hoping you called and, assuming you called, you got your money.

      The absentee ballot is received in some manner by the election officials and it’s in an outer envelope. A reasonable measure to ensure ballot secrecy/privacy. The outer envelope is supposed to have a signature and that signature be verified, which many states nullified that requirement. The outer envelope is opened and the ballot removed then the outer envelope is discarded (after, supposedly being verified). However we have no way of knowing if the ballot is actually from the person who supposedly voted.

      Knowing all this, a person who also knows that his/her neighbor or family member doesn’t vote could get an absentee ballot for or from them, without their knowing about it, and vote for them. The neighbor or family member would never know unless they try to vote in some manner.

      Recounting fraudulent votes means nothing. To use the money analogy, if you have $10,000 in $20 bills, of which 10% are counterfeit, it doesn’t matter how many times you count them, you’ll still have $10,000. You have to verify each and every $20 bill to ensure it’s not counterfeit.

      With votes the only way to do that is to contact each and every voter and ask them if they voted (not HOW they voted though), otherwise we’re counting counterfeit votes. Even then it’s a moot point since, at least with the absentee ballots, we have no idea how the vote was cast once the ballot is removed from the outer envelope and the envelope is discarded.

      Let’s say we did contact each and every voter that we received a ballot for and found 160,000 who claimed they didn’t vote or were ineligible. While we can assume that many of those went for Biden we can’t PROVE that they did and most people (I assume at least) would resist discarding those votes all for one candidate (or any candidate). Just as we wouldn’t be able to invalidate the entire precinct and disenfranchise all the legitimate voters who legally cast votes.

      This is why election security is so important BEFORE the votes are accepted and counted.

      At least in Detroit, it’s not a false story. YOUR story is false though. In 2016 37% of precincts in the Detroit area had more ballots cast than people on the voter rolls who VOTED in that election. It wasn’t registered voters in total. Naturally the cheaters deflected to some kind of “error”

      Please enlighten us though, what legitimate purpose do white vans pulling up in dark alleys to polling stations after the cut off time for ballots to be submitted have? If it was legitimate business at that time of night they’d be using lighted entry ways not dark alleys. Especially in Detroit. Coincidentally enough, shortly after those vans arrived then left, Biden started taking the lead.

      We do agree on one thing though. There is nothing, zip, nada that will convince those who still believe the election wasn’t fraudulent to change their tune.

      1. My comments:
        1) I don’t think anyone could claim that it wasn’t mathematically possible to steal the election. My “massive voter fraud” characterization is based on the fact that it involved many tens of thousands of votes across at least five states. Compare that to 2016 when Trump’s wins were narrower and involved only three states that put him over the top. And no one cried foul that year. Your story seems to involve a lot of effort from a lot of people to fraudulently cast enough absentee ballots to swing the election. I can’t say it didn’t happen. It just seems like a lot of work for people. Remember that many of the election fraud claims involve “fake” ballots arriving in the dead of night. Clearly people voting illegally in place of someone else couldn’t have been the source of those ballots because they would have had to have planned their skullduggery many weeks prior to election day. So which is it, fraud executed many weeks in advance or fraud executed on the night of the election? Or both?
        2) I agree that election security it important prior to, during, and after the election. I don’t know anyone who would disagree on the concept although some will disagree on the specifics. But I don’t see how this is relevant to this discussion.
        3) Regarding Detroit… the article you reference was from the 2016 election so, again, I don’t see its relevance here. But I did find an article on the 2020 election which stated that “Detroit has reported only 357 mismatched votes across all out-of-balance precincts” so that would not have been enough to swing the election. Overall about half of Detroit’s eligible voters actually voted. So I don’t think that I am wrong.
        4) I, of course, have no proof that the mysterious white van in Atlanta wasn’t up to no good. All I can do is cite one Georgia election official who said that the van was actually delivering the final load of mail-in ballots received that day. And to point out that the total number of ballots delivered was about 13,000 – again not enough to swing the election.
        5) I can’t say for sure whether there is anything that would cause me to change my tune or not. I’d like to think that I would, but you never know. Give me some evidence and then I’ll be able to tell.

        1. I just realized that I made a mistake in one of my claims. If the mysterious van in Atlanta actually did deliver 13000-odd ballots as stated by the Georgia election official (and I have no reason to doubt him), then that would have been enough to swing the election to Trump if all of those ballots had gone for Biden. I highly doubt that that is true, but it is mathematically possible. I apologize for confusing the Michigan margin of 154,000 with the Georgia margin of 13,000.

        2. You obviously have forgotten about the 2016 election. There were massive protests and rioting in DC and many other cities. Democrats were talking impeaching Trump even before the election. Let’s not forget the efforts to nullify the Constitution with interstate EC voting pacts or the incessant “Trump isn’t the President because he lost the popular election” (but won the EC). It looks like acceptance has many forms.

          It doesn’t take thousands of people. Get, or print, ballots, fill them out, put them in totes and deliver them in the dead of night, after the deadline. Yes it could take a little time for 150,000 ballots but not all that much when it’s a single candidate ballot. A dozen of fewer could do that in a day. I have looked but haven’t found the percentage of single candidate votes cast for this election compared to the national average for Presidential election.

          If people can forge money and coins and government ID’s, ballots can sure be forged. It would be even easier is those involved were also involved with formulating the ballot security measures (if any).

          Election fraud in person would be hard, via mail in ballots not so much.

          1. I have never said that it took thousands of people to commit the fraud. My adjectives of choice were “countless” or “a lot” which was intended to show that it was more than just a handful. I stand by that. And, again, those “countless” would have had to have been in multiple states.
            But consider that a previous poster actually postulated that someone could vote for a few neighbors that he/she knew weren’t going to vote by stealing their ballots, filling them out, and returning them. That would have to have involved a whole lot of people.
            You claim that “a dozen or fewer people could do that in a day”, “that” being to forge roughly 160,000 ballots. But let’s do the math on that. Assuming 12 people and 160,000 ballots, that would work out to 13,333 ballots/person. Given that each person would have to grab the ballot, fill in the vote for President, and sign the return envelope, I would think that it would take at least 10 seconds to do all of that. That would mean that one person could forge 360 ballots in an hour. So it would take 37 hours of continuous, nonstop work by each person to get to their quota of 13,333 ballots. So, to me, the math doesn’t work out. And, of course, this time estimate doesn’t include any time to figure out what signature to put on the return envelope since there is signature matching, and it had to match to something.
            And the signature matching requirement is another thing that no one has been able to explain away. In Michigan, clerks match the signature on a voter’s absentee ballot return envelope with the signature on Michigan’s Qualified Voter File to make sure the person who mailed the ballot is the same person registered to vote under that name. If people are fraudulently filling out ballots what signature do they put on the return envelope? Maybe someone wants to claim that these fraudulent ballots were not mailed in but somehow snuck into the processing process downstream of the signature matching step. But that would mean that the number of officially processed mail-in ballots wouldn’t match the number of ballots counted. So neither way works.
            I wasn’t able to find any exact data about ballots that had only a Presidential vote marked either. I found an article that said that in 2020 in Michigan, 5,526,912 voted for president and only 5,467,094 voted for Senate. That’s about 60,000 votes, not enough to swing the election to Trump. So if you want to get to 160,000 some of those claimed fraudulent ballots would have also had to have included a Senate vote. And I also found an article that said that in 2016, about 5,000,000 more people across the country voted for the President than voted for a House member, the point being that incomplete ballots are not that uncommon.
            So here are a few questions to help me understand the fraud claims:
            1) Was the fraud perpetrated by manufacturing fake ballots? How were these not caught by the signature matching step? And how did these fake ballots not result in significant issues with ballots processed and ballots counted?
            2) Was the fraud perpetrated by rigging the voting machines? How was this not caught by the hand recounts and audits and other tests performed by state election officials?
            3) Who perpetrated this fraud? Were the state election officials in on it?
            4) And, above all, why haven’t we seen any evidence of fraud?
            I do remember the protests (but I don’t remember any riots) in 2016 after Trump won. But these were not protests that the election was stolen from Clinton (and remember that Clinton conceded the day after the election, something Trump has yet to do). And, yes, people did then (and still do) object to the EC and have attempted to get around it by mandating that their state’s electoral votes go to the national popular vote winner. The whole EC issue is a legitimate one, but not germane to the discussion of voter fraud in 2020.
            Sorry, the idea that the election was stolen by manufacturing fake ballots or rigging voting machines still seems like wishful thinking to me. The story is just too full of holes to be believable.

  18. I believe the SCOTUS is political motivated to stay on track with its cultural & political activism that is systemic in our legal system. I serious doubt they’ll consider any of the Election Fraud cases. Globalists have come too far to turn back now and they’re fast tracking this train all the way to the NWO Depot.

  19. Democrats, their Antifa, Black Lives Matter & Chinese Communists allies will not stand for their BIG LIE to be exposed resulting in Biden & Harris not being lawfully elected. Civil War will likely happen where thousands of out gunned Democratic Party Communists will be killed by Armored Vehicles, Helicopter gun ships with National Guards men & United States Marines using fixed bayonets on loaded rifles. Automatic guns as well. This Civil War will kill tens may hundreds of thousands of COMMUNISTS. Can I help, I want to KILL communists also. Donald J Trump stops the Old World Order & their DEEP STATE Globalism, as God Almighty desires.

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