Sour Notes, Coal Contest, and Why can’t the U.S. win wars?

Music City hasn’t been the same since the Covid-19 shutdowns. And it’s not just the hit to businesses that’s taking a toll. We could be losing what would have been the next generation of Nashville, Tennessee music artists.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’m in Nashville to investigate the impact of the pandemic response on an important industry.

Country music star John Rich talks with Full Measure about Nashville in the age of Covid-19 restrictions

I’ll also have a fascinating look at a contest to see who can come up with the most innovative and profitable way to make use of CO2 pollutants from coal plants. Scientists are turning it into concrete blocks to hand sanitizer.

Wyoming coal country

And an interview with a military analyst about why the US can’t seem to win wars, anymore.

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10 thoughts on “Sour Notes, Coal Contest, and Why can’t the U.S. win wars?”

  1. Maybe with a taste of hard times the next generation of music artists will return to writing real country music and not so much of the disco/rap stuff they’ve been churning out. Just sayin’…

  2. If this new music generation is woke, why bother worrying that they’ll be lost to us?
    So sad to hear so many of the old guard speak out and we discover that they are Christian socialist.

  3. Since both sides of the wars are funded by the Central Bank, to the Deep State it doesn’t matter who “wins” as long as they continue to generate profits.

  4. We are fully capable of winning wars. The Leftist and otherwise gutless politicians manage to lose any gains made by our troops on the ground. Or they give everything away at the peace conference.

    In WWII and every successful war since the beginning of time, the was ends when the enemy surrenders.. We kill them until they surrender.
    Our gutless leadership has not allowed that since WWII.
    1. MacArthur thought he was supposed to win in Korea and executes a brilliant move and Truman fires him.
    2. Vietnam, we won all the major battles and 85% of the firefights. The only losses came at the peace conference in Paris.
    3. The Moslems have never surrendered, but we stopped killing them when they could still fight on.

    Moslems will never surrender because the Koran does not allow peace with the infidel. The Koran only allows for a truce to prevent a defeat and then it is only for 10 years, max. When they are strong enough to begin their aggression, the truce is over.
    == I can produce the Koranic verses is someone wants, it will be when I am back home, I am on the road.

    When Israel retaliated against Hesbollah in Lebanon, they were pulverizing them, this was 10 or 15 years ago. Soon, the Moslems are demanding a Long-Term Truce, Hezbollah was not forced to surrender, then Israel bows to world pressure and stops fighting before victory,

    1. Sharyl ( and Kevin, and Full Measure Team ),

      “And an interview with a military analyst
      about why the US can’t seem to win wars,
      anymore,” you write.

      Four questions for a
      future “military analyst,”
      Sharyl :

      1) Are U.S. GENERALS (( et al.: U.S. President and family ; or U.S. Congressmen/Senators; or Intelligence Agency folks )) allowed to hold stocks of various Military-Industrial-Complex companies (( see the many lead-up-to-war intelligence “mistakes,” in order to attack Iraq—such as ambassador April Glaspie’s purposeful LIE, told to Saddam Hussein, that the U.S. would be disinterested if he militarily punished Kuwait for slant-drilling and stealing Iraq’s oil )) ?

      2) Has the Pentagon/DoD been helping China to prepare and defeat America in a future war ?

      3) Was it a BIG mistake – a PRIORITY-One National Security Mistake ? ! – for American businesses to ship their manufacturing facilities to Red China, leaving America IMPOTENT if needing to gear-up its gutted manufacturing for needed weaponry and vehicles—to go to war ?

      4) Could there be TREASON-Level military officers and politicians in Washington, trying to disable our military by such means as: a) allowing openly Gay men and women into the services; b) working to allow women into frontline combat positions, dumbing down rigorous tests and training to that end; c) and inviting trans-dressing/trans-sexual folks FULLY to integrate among the MAJORITY of NORMAL-Minded men and women in our military services—severely stressing them Socially and PSYCHOLOGICALLY !, and, ergo, threatening their COMBAT-Readiness in offices, in submarines and on naval ships, and in the support and combat fields ?

      Which U.S.-“friendly ” nation-state, Sharyl, has been secretly helping China’s military—to defeat America in a future war, while “our” Pentagon has – for years ! – been giving guided tours of our military facilities and technologies to Red Chinese generals and staff (( to Chinese generals who have PUBLICLY bragged/touted – YEARLY so, from about 1995 forward – about their intention to defeat America in a future war; and NOTICE that similar American-style build-up of post-WW-II Russia, secretly handing BOMB-/Missile-building technology to her; and, more recently, to drive home a critically important point with this QUESTION—Which two “American” missile-tech companies had secretly helped China to ROCKET into outer space—then to the moon ? )) ? :

      “The Biden administration is allowing Wall Street to use the cash of ‘scores of millions, up to 160 million Americans’ to ‘fund ICBMs targeting their families, to fund concentration camps in Xinjiang.’ Most Americans will have no idea their retirement and other savings are being used to finance their own destruction …. financing China’s war on America.”

      Quote in this report :



      Kevin, this Koranist verse is the one revealing EVIL
      intent :

      “Kill unbelievers wherever you may find them.”—an
      extremely Un-Christian idea.

      1. P.P.S.

        How is the U.S. Military like Big Medicine, Sharyl ?

        How to keep making Big PROFITS ?

        Possibly, making certain the war doesn’t end !—
        or that the virus isn’t killed !

        “When an investigation is led by individuals with financial and professional stakes in the outcome, what happens? Nothing. Despite the silencing of doctors trying to warn citizens, the deletions of key data and the reluctance to share genetic sequencing, the lies are unraveling.” —Dr. Mercola :

  5. I watched why the United States doesn’t win wars. The fact that you mentioned the military/industrial complex earns you an A+. We are forcing the United States into the era that existed in Russia years ago. The Russian families were so poor that the only way they could stay alive was to send their children into the military so that they could send money back home to support their family. After all, our congress men and women have to eat so why not receive a little of the millions of dollars their military/industrial complex corporate handlers are making while killing the nation’s young.
    While watching the information on the new coal plant, I noticed you only mentioned CO2. You said nothing about the huge mound in the background.

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