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2 thoughts on “The Transgender Divide and Lockdowns (PODCAST)”

  1. There’s an alarming new “diversity” program that the Navy is formulating which – if it becomes official policy, and is strictly enforced – could be used to exclude Christians from the Navy unless they explicitly renounce certain aspects of their faith, specifically, traditional views about gender and sexuality. It won’t be enough to say that you will treat others without hostility or discrimination, but you will required to be an advocate for the LGBTQ agenda.

    1. Stephen,
      and Full Measure Team,

      Let’s amend the equal
      protection laws to advance
      LIBERTINES’ “Equity”
      Movement!—to mean: “equal
      outcomes for everyone!,”
      E X C E P T for W H I T E
      People ! :

      Prohibit Any and All Discrimination Based On :

      POLITICS [[ anti-American communists may apply, though, such as was/is Obama’s secret COMMUNISTIC purpose in office; and ban all conservatives ]],

      LOOKISM [[ attractive people may not marry and have children together ]],

      RACE [[ same-race people may not hook-up and have children with one another ]],

      RELIGION [[ those “Kill unbelievers wherever you may find them!” Koranists must be elevated to the acceptance level of “Love thy neighbor” Christians; and atheists’ anti-G_d Satanism to the level of ALL religions. . . ]],

      SEXUALITY [[ pedophiles are to enjoy the same rights of all perverts’ among sexual perversions, including baby-rapists’ rights to love babies and kids as EQUITY partners—to be fair to adult men who LUST after babies and toddlers and children ]],

      NATIONAL BORDERS [[ are to be erased!, so nationalism is not likely to be an issue—nor is WHITES’ Preservationism (( not, as loony libertines’ put it : “White Supremacy” ]],

      SUPER PREDATORS [[ as Hillary correctly said of them, in the Nineties, must be FORCE-Integrated into ALL white communities—to be EQUITABLE and FAIR ]].

      Note: “The Constitution demands equal treatment. The 14th Amendment, for one, guarantees ‘equal protection under the law.’ Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.” . . . The “equity” policies do “little” to alleviate poverty and inequality, says the think tank. . . Equity used to mean equal treatment; now it will mean equal outcomes, and will replace ‘equality,'” Heritage says. :



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