(VIDEO) Watch surveillance video reportedly showing van delivering ballots in Detroit after the deadline

The Gateway Pundit has obtained official surveillance video reportedly showing a van delivering thousands of ballots to TCF Center in Detroit, Michigan hours past the deadline.

Surveillance video shows a white van making 2 deliveries allegedly after the deadline for ballots.

Delivery of the allegedly illegal ballots coincides with an incredible overnight spike in number of votes for Joe Biden where President Trump had been leading.

Elections observers had previously described delivery of what they considered illegal ballots after the deadline and without proper chain-of-custody procedures.

You can watch the video below:


Read the story here.

At the link below, read the Detroit Free Press news coverage and watch the video of election challengers being kept out of TCF Center in Detroit on election night, as workers put up cardboard to block views.

Some Democrats as well as Republicans were excluded. Some Democrats say that proves there was no unfairness against Republicans. However, Republicans say keeping some Democrats outside while other Democrats were inside allegedly doing improper things doesn’t change the inappropriate nature of the exclusions.


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3 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Watch surveillance video reportedly showing van delivering ballots in Detroit after the deadline”

  1. This is terrible on so many levels. There is once again credible evidence that the election was stolen. Has it been conclusively proven? No, nor can it be until the full evidence is heard in court. And that’s where the plot really thickens and sickens. The courts won’t listen to credible evidence. They won’t allow it even to be presented. Not even the Supreme Court. This is the real corruption. The fact that there are dishonest, unethical individuals in cities around the country willing to forge ballots is not going to destroy America. Individuals with such motives have always been around. The real crime, the real threat to America is that the courts and our criminal justice system up to the highest levels in the land, including the FBI and DOJ, are all part of the cover-up. They simply refuse to investigate. And, apparently, there is no one on the side of justice high enough in these organizations to overturn these disastrous decisions. President Trump will be remembered down through the years, if for no other reason that he fully exposed the corruption rampant in the U.S. government on both sides of the aisle and in all branches of government. Where will this end?

  2. And, that’s the story of how “The Great American Experiment” ended, boys and girls. THIS is why it’s SO VERY IMPORTANT to NEVER question your leaders.

    Now, your two (2) hours of history are over, for 2049. “How to be a model citizen” is your next class (lesson), from after lunch (1:00 p.m.) until 3:00 p.m. That will conclude your “education” for this year; we know you’re all very excited to get back to your “contribution endeavor” (i.e., job) so you can help our community meet its 40-year quota from the best 10 year olds in our glorious world community!

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