WATCH: Trump interview with Newsmax

In a recent interview with Greg Kelly on Newsmax, President Trump talks about Rush Limbaugh, election fraud, Biden 2024, and Twitter.

YouTube censored the original video from the Newsmax TV channel.

When asked why the video was removed, Google (YouTube owner) told Epoch Times:

“We have clear Community Guidelines that govern what videos may stay on YouTube, and we enforce our Community Guidelines consistently, regardless of speaker and without regard to political viewpoints. In accordance with our presidential election integrity policy, we removed this video from the Newsmax TV channel.”

Below is a different link to the video that has not been removed as of this posting:

Read more about the YouTube actions in taking down the original video here.

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52 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump interview with Newsmax”

  1. Your research is amazing. From Covid vaccine info to illegal spying on your computer, its sincere and poignant. Reminds me so much of Rush’s concise content. Keep up the excellent work. Could even use much more podcasts. Cant get enough.

      1. No. Biden sat in the basement, and the Democrats cheated to get him elected. 320 million people in the USA, 44 million immigrants, 74 million under age, 11 million illegals, 10 million felons. How is it we have more then 200 million registered voters?

  2. Thanks Sharyl for posting this Greg Kelly interview with President Trump. Oh my do I miss our President. This election was stolen from us, the American people. But the demoKKKrats hate patriots like us and our President and they were desperate for power and look at the mess they are making. They are going to contaminate our children with Small Pox and drug resistant TB crossing our borders. God help us thru this terrible period. Keep up your good work.

    Mary Ellen

  3. Sharyl,

    I consider you one of the very few true Journalists in our Republic today. With your honest work you, in this way are a true Patriot of Our Constitutional Republic, thank you, Sharyl! It’s very refreshing for me to read and listen to your journalist commentaries on TV, your website, and your Sunday morning program “Full Measure”. I rarely miss “Full Measure” and it makes my Sunday mornings refreshed and informed, it “makes my day”! Please stay strong and true to your real journalism and may God Bless you in your great work of honestly informing We, the people of our great country.

    George Boland

  4. I am a patriot and I think Donald Trump was the only patriot we’ve had in the White House since Abraham Lincoln and even he didn’t do a good job is Trump dead but at least neither one of them are racist that’s a good point even though they were accused of being they are not racist not even close to junk people have no idea what racism is even isThey’ve grown up in a world where all they have to do is ask and it’s in their hand

  5. Would you be interested in writing a story about Americans with parasites?
    I have hundreds of people who are willing to speak out about this unspoken endemic.
    Americans can’t get help even though the CDC is fully aware that we have a problem. My guess is that it’s related to money making morbidity of big pharma with the ties to the CDC.

  6. Thanks for posting the link to the President Trump/Greg Kelly interview! Looking forward to your next broadcast of Full Measure.

  7. Haha they removed the video. So I couldn’t watch it. We live in some really crazy times. The world is upside down. Thankful for you, Mrs. Attkisson.

  8. Arthur Mofodopoulis

    Thank you, Madam, for all of your insightful REAL NEWS reporting about the Satanic forces that stole the 2020 election from Our One True President, Donald J. Trump! I believe these are the same entities that spied on your laptop!

    Only a heroine such as yourself, or perhaps Greg Kelly (who is also a journalist-hero), have the GUTS to report on important matters such as whether Joe Biden’s dog needs a bath.

    THAT IS A SCANDAL! Keep up the great work!

  9. Thank you for your honest reporting. The state of social and news media is despicable! YouTube has removed the video even you posted. Who the hell do they think they are?

  10. video now down on YT, as predictable as it is frustrating.

    how about doing a segment on the secret censorship catch-all called ‘community guidelines’?

    Thanks for all you do!!!! Please promise if & when they get to you, force you to compromise or censor your investigetions, that you’ll stop, rather than hang by the thin thread of ‘something’s better than nothing’.

  11. Why keep posting this on YouTube when free alternatives exist?

    Why keep giving YouTube traffic only to have the video taken down?? Why not post it on Rumble???

  12. I got up in time to watch you on TV but you weren’t there. I found your report on here. I really like the idea of negotiation with one hospital vs another hospitals prices. We do it in a lot of stores so it makes perfect since to be able to do it with hospital procedures I’ve been watching you for years.

  13. In 1933, many Jews read the tealeaves and left Germany, although most did not. “It could never happen here” was the belief by many. Then when it did start happening, it was “the world won’t allow this persecution.” Then when the next phase arrived, it was too late. The liberals have managed to eradicate education about the Holocaust and we never did have any teaching about the horrors of Stalin and Mao’s Cultural Revolution, so today’s youth have no idea what truly could “happen here.” The irony is, without significant funds to buy a Golden Visa elsewhere or to pay the 24% exit tax, most are stuck here. Communism and authoritarianism were the scourges we feared in my youth and we studied Orwell to learn what to watch for. Never thought I’d see them take root this in my lifetime.

  14. I am asking if you can find the real truth of our history? Is the Marshall report telling us the truth or are we being lead a stray again. hppts:// Thanks

  15. There is a video hosting platform called Odysee. I think they have an app for mobile phones. They don’t censor free speech. NewsMax and many others put great videos there.

  16. I don’t understand how you talk about Youtube censoring the video interview with President Trump and then you provide another Youtube link? why don’t you put the video on Rumble or another video player platform so that you will have a good link?

  17. Google i.e. YouTube is all about suppressing of anything election related as they are part of Big Tech support of Beijing Biden and sold out to China who knows how long ago. Biden is a foot soldier for Communist China

  18. The alternate link did not work anymore, YT spotted it and deleted it.
    This video should not be that hard to find.
    If they went so far as to have the interview and post it, why not post it everywhere?
    Bitchute, Rumble, Dailymotion, etc.

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