When given choice of nuance, most do not identify as “Democrat” or “Republican”

Most people do not identify as “Democrat” or “Republican” when given other choices.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Only 5% described themselves as “Republican” and nobody described himself as “Democrat.”

Eighteen percent (18%) said “Patriot” fits them best. Sixteen percent (16%) said they would describe themselves as “Independent.”

Fifteen percent (15%) called themselves “Non-establishment Republican.”

The biggest single group among the responses called themselves “Conservative”: 39%.

Which description fits you best?

5% Republican

0% Democrat

18% Patriot

16% Independent

15% Non-establishment Republican

1% Non-establishment Democrat

1% Liberal

39% Conservative

5% Mixed, depending on the issue

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13 thoughts on “When given choice of nuance, most do not identify as “Democrat” or “Republican””

  1. Full Measure Team,

    Next time you hold an overall-reassessment session (( brain-storming )) of your Full Measure program, consider registering this name :

    “ What Really Happened?—Full Measure! “

    Farm out that idea to Fox
    executives for, say, a new
    mid-week show.

    Think how rich that approach would be, such as :

    What Really Happened to the CIA, after the Church Committee findings/conclusions ?

    What Really Happened to the CIA—after the last committee hearings on JFK’s murder.

    What Really Happened to Lincoln’s secret policemen—after they threatened, beat, and wrecked all opposing newspaper reporters/editors and their shops; and does that secret police work behind the scenes today ?

    What Really Happened to federal dietary guidelines, after the pyramid switch from high-protein (( 1950s and before )) to high-carbohydrates (( post 1950s )) ? —Why the switch, as this scribbler was taught in the 1950s how high carbs made one fatter, than if more protein is consumed ?

    What Really Happened to weight-control in America, after some AGENCY put MSG in all processed foods, which molecule is used by DIABETES researchers to F A T T E N rats up for testing new anti-diabetes DRUGS ?

    What Really Happened to our collective I.Q., after poisonous (( and I.Q.-lowering )) fluoride was added to most of U.S. water supplies (( used in Nazis’ camps as chemical suppressant, to make prisoners DOCILE ?

    Well, that approach is R I C H with Program Material.


    1. Or could be titled “The Lies We Have Believed.” Love your comments in regard to dietary guidelines!! Yes, egg yolks bad…raise cholesterol. Don’t eat butter! Do eat margarine (only one molecule away from being plastic) Cream? Whole fat milk! Big no no! Skim milk only. Avocados are high in fat…Avoid. lies, lies and more lies!!

      The lack of trust in any edict coming from government will be met with skepticism!

    2. Great post. Traditionally, answering these questions would place you in “conspiracy theory” territory. That term, however, now has less teeth than the octogenarian spooks who weaponized it. 9/11, Covid, and the 2020 presidential election are the elephants in the room imo. If we can reach critical mass with 9/11 alone and show people that our own government blew up 3000 people in NYC, then it’s game over for the deep state.

  2. I bailed out from the GOP in disgust in 1990, and became a rake-no-prisoners Paleo-Conservative. At that tome, I wrote:

    “Democrats and most of today;s Republicans are the two wings of the same loathsome Socialist carrion scavenger.”

    Politically illiterate and misinformed voters have turned our constitutional republic into a Marxist hellhole. Nothing short of a 1775 stance will rescue our republic.

    Forget the two traditional fossilized parties. We need to form he Resistance Party – or perish.

    1. durabo,

      May we put Glorified Gossipers (( my term—aka: “Journalists” )) into
      the camp of, as you have put it :

      “ . . . the same loathsome Socialist carrion scavenger[s] . “ ?


      1. P.S.

        Speaking of G L O R I F I E D Gossipers, durabo :

        Leftist is Leftist until Leftism Bites Him :

        Glorified Gossipers Won’t Touch This :

        Glorified Gossipers‘ N E W S E U M Failed because . . . :

  3. Identify as you want. The real important question is; Are you pragmatic?

    You can identify as Democrat or Republican but vote for what is best for America. A perfect example is whether open borders is good for America. EVERYONE should have voted for the party that protects are borders. We should all be for America first.

    LOVE AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have been pretty much a “Law and order” Libertarian since after high school. I’ve voted for candidates in 5 parties, so I’ve never been partisan, until the my full exposure to the Kavannaugh SCOTUS process, while remembering Clarence Thomas proceedings. It wasn’t a one off, it was “their way”.

    I identified as Republican from ’98 until the scope of “The Patriot Act” was reveled. I was serving in the US Navy at this time.

    Law and order, conservative leaning Libertarian probably still fits me best. But I’ll never waste another vote and risk the Democrat agenda getting in. So, whatever candidate has the best chance of defeating the Democrat agenda is who I’ll vote for, hopefully.

    I just wish someone would do a “history of the Patriot Party” so these new “yeahhh, Patriot Party!!” creeps would understand there might be a case for voting Democrat over associating with that name. I’m not sure I could vote Patriot Party anymore than I could vote Democrat.

    1. Roy Pevlor,

      Speaking of the U.S. Navy, the late Bill Cooper
      (( “Behold a Pale Horse” )) was a long-time
      correspondent of mine (( he and I were
      six months apart, serving in ‘Nam, at the mouth
      of the Cua Viet river, a few clicks below the DMZ
      —he served in Navy Intelligence and I in the
      Marine Corps, as a Crypto Intelligence grunt )).

      Find and study his book, as you may learn why
      he was killed (( a couple of days after our last
      discussion )), and why we’re now in this sorry
      political/cultural/social/medical state.


      1. P.S.

        Cooper’s 1993 book, “Behold a Pale Horse,”
        is revelatory, such as page 174 :

        “Heart disease used to be a very rare illness.
        Now it is epidemic. Go and look at the statistics.
        I do not know who is causing this, but 80 years
        ago people consumed more salt, fat, cholesterol,
        and everything else that heart disease is blamed
        upon, but the disease was rare. Why is it now
        one of the leading killers?”

        The answer to his question is SUGAR, as that
        industry bribed Harvard researchers to target
        FATS as the primary cause!, after results showed
        sugar as dangerous (( turns out, saturated fats
        are necessary and healthy for us )).

        Page 225:

        “[T]he shooters were all ex-mental patients or were
        current mental patients who were ALL ON THE
        DRUG PROZAC [[ his emphasis ]]! This drug, when
        taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level
        in the patient, causing extreme violence [[ and mass
        murders ! ]].”

  5. I do not have to Register in my state.
    I think I selected, “Non-establishment Republican”
    I don’t recall the last time I voted anything than Republican.
    But, Romney, McCain, and others are Establishment Republicans and I am not. But neither was 0bama.
    I voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020. I was not keen on Trump because he was a life long Democrat and supporter of all things Democrat. He has supported Hillary & 0bama in 2008 & 2012I was not sure what to expect. I gladly voted for Trump in 2020.

    In Congress Independents vote Democrat.
    I am not Liberal, Democrat, non-Establishment Democrat because they all vote the same, lockstep with Pelosi & Schumer. AOC and her crowd make those two seem like moderates.
    I don’t vote on issues because no matter the issue, if you side with them on one issue, you get the whole package.

    Many people thought it was time for ND to have a female Senator and voted for Heidi Heitcamp, a Democrat because she was so ‘moderate’, She gave one more vote to 0bama and never wavered, even on gun rights and it cost her next time..
    Some conservatives scare me.

    I Am Me, 100% of the Time. Stick with the Intent of the Constitution.

  6. I don’t identify as a subjective adjective. I leave that for insecure people. If anything I identify as an objective noun. A Constitutionalist.

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