2020 election fraud charges in multiple states

So far, at least 8 cases involving multiple instances of alleged voter fraud in 2020 and other recent elections have been brought in Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, Northern California and Mississippi.

Five people in Wheaton, Illinois were recently charged with multiple crimes involving election fraud during the 2020 general election.

The DuPage State Attorney’s Office and the County Clerk’s Office coordinated investigations into 32 cases of alleged election fraud.

Several of the cases allege that the suspect illegally cast ballots on behalf of other people.

Other counts allege that voters claimed they lived in the county for more than six months, as required to vote, when that they did not.

Earlier, we reported on multiple charges being filed against a Justice of the Peace and others in Texas for vote harvesting during a 2018 county primary election.

Also, four people, including two city council members were recently indicted by a grand jury for alleged election fraud related to a May 2020 special election in Paterson, New Jersey. [add link to other story in drafts]

Additionally, Senator Raphael Warnock (D-Georgia) is reportedly under investigation for voter fraud in connection with his service as board chairman of a voter registration organization founded by Democrat activist Stacy Abrams. Abrams lost the Georgia governor’s race in 2018, although she refused to concede.

A former U.S. Congressman, Michael “Ozzie” Myers (D-Penn.), was charged in July with a scheme to “stuff” ballot boxes in 2014, 2015 and 2016 primary elections. He reportedly conspired with and bribed a former Judge of Elections, who pled guilty to adding fraudulent votes to the voting machine (“ringing up votes”).

Fulton County, Georgia’s election board is reportedly under investigation by the Secretary of State for election “sloppiness” and weaknesses in election management. That, after the election board voted to remove its elections director in the wake of his handling of the 2020 elections.

And finally, two more new election fraud cases reported by The Epoch Times: the mayor of a northern California city reportedly resigned last week after pleading guilty to election fraud charges.

And, a Mississippi judge ordered a new runoff election after more than three-quarters of the absentee ballots were found invalid in a June 2020 Democratic runoff election, says The Epoch Times. A notary was arrested in that case.

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50 thoughts on “2020 election fraud charges in multiple states”

  1. so let me ask you something, with our bent courts and judges how do you expect to get these problems fixed? Send a few people to prison? So what. The structural problems will still exist to be used by scoundrels to cheat.

    1. Not Chicken Little

      Since there are no real consequences to the cheating except that they won, and no election is going to be overturned, the DemocRATS will keep on cheating. So what if they are later found out – no penalties, and their guy is still in office! What a country.

      1. Agreed. They’ve got no incentive to stop cheating. Anyone that think they will stop is fooling themselves.

          1. I hope we are above cheating. I believe God is ultimately in control. Let our brave Republicans do their audits then we can start screaming on every street corner

    2. Send everyone involved to prison and gitmo for life without parole. Death sentence for Rockefellers, Rothchilds,Soros and anyone else involved for mass genocide. Start completely over with our government. Put our constitution to it’s original state. Make it a death sentence change it. And we the people have the control of a much smaller government.
      Make it a death sentance for the government to be stolen from we the people.

      1. I agree 100%, but who and when are we going to do this. There won’t be anything left of our country if this isn’t fixed soon!

  2. Good reporting aggregate, however the penalties for fraud should be included. But notoriously missing on the censored list is the biggest and one of the 1st Alex Jones , Infowars.com and David Knight, owen Shroyer etal. I would have donated for the suit but this is too huge of a blunder.

  3. Thanks for the news, for real journalism that Rush Limbaugh always noted, of outsiders or
    independent reporters. Never from the lame stream media, which are part of the DIM\
    communist party. The latter two are the “all for one, the one is leadership.” And that
    tells us all we know.
    If enough of this fraud gets out, perhaps we can reinstate the rightful President: President
    If not, be ready for the Biblical end times, because the DIMs have already started their
    program against Israel, God’s chosen people and chosen land for them. This has to eventually
    be, to get many of the Jews to return to the God of their fathers-Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob\
    his 12 sons.

    Thanks fch sends

    1. The end times is coming no matter what – but we want to push it back into the future as far as possible – by pro-life, pro traditional marriage, and anti-pornography.

  4. For your Liberal Friends and Family who say there is no Voter Fraud…

    NOTE 1: There is an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF version at the link below that you can print out, and hang somewhere. and even send to your local and state representatives and senators. And print a few out and drop off at your local coffee shop, washateria, fast-food joints, and hangouts. Grass root, boots on the ground effort.

    NOTE 2: You can justify the purchase of a color laser printer (2-sided duplex printing) as it is the best bang for the buck if you plan to use it for several purposes, e.g. work, personal, and even the above, grassroots, boots-on-the-ground effort.

    You can Leave a print out in the Taxi Cab, the hotel room, the airplane back seat magazine holder. The airport waiting boarding area seating.
    Leave one Where you have breakfast in the morning.
    That is, before we look at voter fraud, why not look at the “general fraud of day-to-day city gov’t operations in a Blue City”?
    After which, we will get to voter fraud.

    e.g. Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, and New Orleans.


  5. In the Long Term view, Trump can easily win the Court of Public Opinion if this meme were a billboard.

    NOTE 1: There is an 8.5″ x 11″ PDF version at the link below that you can print out, and hang somewhere. and even send to your local and state representatives and senators. And print a few out and drop off at your local coffee shops, washateria, fast-food joints, and hangouts. Grass root, boots on the ground effort.

    NOTE 2: You can justify the purchase of a color laser printer (2-sided duplex printing) as it is the best bang for the buck if you plan to use it for several purposes, e.g. work, personal, and even the above, grassroots, boots-on-the-ground effort.

    Blue Democratic Cities – Nobody wants to live there, Hence, why trust votes from there?

    e.g. Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, D.C. and New Orleans.


  6. I truly believe that if these people committed voter fraud in the Presidential election, they should be tried for TREASON. And, if found guilty, EXECUTED. That might get the attention of future fraudsters.

  7. So the article left out the most important point – HOW MANY ARE IN JAIL?
    Or did some corrupt left leaning judge toss the case; give them a slap on the hand; no jail time but community service??????
    Report all the cases you want, but I want to see results.

  8. A quick dive leaves the impression that the majority of election fraud charges that are actually charged are against Republicans, it appears punishment is considerably harsher for the Republican fraudsters! I’m not excusing or minimizing their crimes just noting that of the millions and millions and millions of fraudulent votes cast in the 2020 general election we only get an occasional voter fraud case that the states and federal law enforcement identity and investigate on their own, and their almost always against Republicans. For Democrats to be charged it takes someone like Project Veritas to record, show it to millions of Americans and it must take hold before State AG’s or the DOJ acts!

  9. I am helplessly watching my country being destroyed by a fraudulent administration. I can see no promise of a remedy for this. I never imagined this great nation could be so easily stolen. I believe a majority of the people feel the same. If there is any justice in this world, I’m certain this will not end well.


  10. Thanks for updates on election fraud, the “no fraud election” story has permeated everything.
    These are all little cracks in that lie, they will only widen as each and every case is identified.
    More knowledge will lead to wider cracks until the entire structure crumbles.
    (also, include updates to states changing / fixing voter laws, as that sends the same message)

  11. The democrats and the Media are just another form of the mafia, except they really do own the Courts and the airwaves and think they have everyone fooled. Their time is coming,many believe the democrat party is not going to be able to overcome the scandals that most already know about! The bad things they are doing to our Republic are truly horrible and must be stopped.

    1. Which courts do Democrats control? Why did do many Repubicans vote to confirm the electoral votes of the fraudulent election? Was the Trump administration wrong to nominate Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett to the Supreme Court without confirming that they would honestly assess appeals based on claims of election fraud?

  12. Lying, Cheating, Stealing Elections, Corruption, Hypocrisy, Violence, etc…… it’s the fascist democRAT-Communist party way!

  13. This ubiquitous behavior by leftist Dems was otherwise circumstantially obvious by unconstitutional electoral schedules and practices, judicial activism, statistical analyses and well, just the idea that the old, confused face diaper guy hiding in the basement “became” the most popular pres* after a few months long “election.” When those in strategic positions of power and influence declare and impose “up is now down,” such a society beset with such amorality and rot in its institutions simply cannot survive this via peaceful remedy.

  14. Election fraud must be fixed or the country is lost to those who do not love or respect the millions of Americans past and present, who have died for freedoms Americans enjoy. Cartels will run the country and the lives of all Americans. Pray for deliverance and justice. Remember this is a Christian nation. From inception till today in which 52% identify themselves as protestant Christians. That means the Bible and it’s contents are their guide f0r living.

  15. I hope this all gets fixed because knowing that my vote really didn’t matter is completely disheartening. I’ve spent my life telling myself that it did matter but now… it’s been months and I’m still speechless about it all.

  16. Leftists have STOLEN every lever of power in the USA. They also control the federal “agencies” like the one that targeted Sharyl. They also control the courts, education, “media” (aka Operation Mockingbird Propaganda Merchants = the Ministry of Truth) & the Fascist, censoring, tech billionaire social media sites. You are NOT allowed to tell the truth in the USA without severe repercussions. However, there are MORE Patriotic American citizens than there are corrupt, lying, quisling, hate-America Leftists. You cannot appease evil, you must oppose it & defeat it.

  17. We’ve heard all this before; it’s all talk. Talk is doing nothing! It’s past time for ACTION. It is going to take a major revolution to fix this type of structural problem in the Republic. The government is out of control when it lies, cheats, and steals from the peoples (both major parties). The only way to make things right is to bring down this highly corrupt Leftist Fascist government and put the power back into the peoples’ hands. The revolution will need to be as bloody as it can be, like the French Revolution, so that even today the French government is still AFRAID of it’s people; whereas, in America the people are afraid of it’s government. The time for talk is OVER.

    1. i’m up here in Canada and what is going on with the Left communist liberals is very scary…..this covid shit is just that a stepping stone for the big change and I often feel both parties are complicit…..getting paid big time by the billionaires of the so called free world!

    2. Ditto a million times. Our country was brought into being by force and violence and can only be saved in like manner.

  18. I know, I know! But where is the ‘massive’ fraud. Where is the proof that the Dominion voting machines/programming actually changed votes from Trump to Biden? There is always fraud. But no one has proved MASSIVE fraud. I want some of the following to expose something. If not, then I will assume there was no massive fraud.

    NH – Another forensic audit will begin soon.

    MI – I watched part of this hearing yesterday. It appears that the Green Bay city government took control from the election authorities, illegally. There was a total chain-of-custody problem with the ballots. It was Zuckerberg’s money, donated to a non-profit organization, that was then given to various Democrat metro cities.
    Video – https://www.wbay.com/2021/03/10/former-brown-county-clerk-testifies-at-hearing-over-green-bay-elections-report/ This is a very long video, excellent details how the Democrats cheated.

    MI – The Antrim County search continues. Its mentioned at the bottom of this article.
    More: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/antrim-county-political-operatives-strong-armed-local-clerks-dominion-investigation?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=msn_feed

    AZ – The forensic audit of Maricopa County is moving very slowly….but for sure will happen.

  19. Something must be done to fix the current voting system. The fraud that occurred in the 2020 election is so substantial we cannot trust that out vote is counted at all. It appears right now that people put in government offices are predetermined. I believed from the beginning that the machines were suspect and if it’s true they can be manipulated from other countries that is beyond scary. What is also unbelievable is the lack of interest in the media, inteligence agencies and the courts. There is no doubt this was a stolen election and the people know it. How long had his been going on????

  20. A major difficulty with election fraud is the fact that once fraudulent ballots are mixed in with real ones, it’s impossible to identify or remove them. Even if ballots are run t5hrough counting machines multiple times, how can they be identified or removed? More ballots than registered voters? Which are bad?
    If a voter is told he already voted by absentee, there’s no way to identify or remove that fake vote.

    No wonder the courts are unwilling to take it on. Once the election system is corrupt, how can it ever get fixed? The party in power has no incentive to change it, so we now hear election fraud is ‘baseless’ and ‘false’…..


  22. Thanks for reporting the truth. There are very few independent, actual journalists these days, and it’s beyond concerning. Keep up the good work

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