3 fully vaccinated people in Hawaii get COVID-19


At least three people in Hawaii who were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 contracted the virus. That’s according to KITV 4 Island News.

The Hawaii Pacific Health Department calls people who catch Covid-19 after being fully vaccinated “break through” cases, says KITV.com.

It is not surprising or alarming that there are some occurrences of illness in fully vaccinated people, say sources for the story. In those situations, vaccine supporters say vaccination is still expected to lower the risk of hospitalization and severe symptoms.

It is unclear whether people who contract COVID-19 after vaccination are more or less contagious than others, says KITV.com.

Click on the link below to read the story on KITV.com:


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11 thoughts on “3 fully vaccinated people in Hawaii get COVID-19”

  1. Not surprising.
    1) so called “vaccine” not guaranteed for more than 28 days
    2) tested for only a few months before release
    3) release blessed by gov’t officials not normal standards

    1. You nailed it. When was a completely experimental vaccine fast tracked before? Results could be catastrophic for mankind.

      1. Which is either what they want or just don’t care because it’s all about control and taking away your freedoms. Or both. My guess is both.

      2. Read article top biologists say vaccine is to spread covid and strains will become more and more leathal through the vaccinated people. The vaccinated will be a danger to those not vaccinated

      1. The purpose of a vaccine is to 1) prevent infection and 2) prevent spread. Some have even used the term “immunization,” i.e., the act of making someone immune to a disease. COVID vaccines have a different purpose than a vaccine which is more the purpose of a medicine or drug, i.e., prevent you from hospitalization and dying, just as you say. So is it really a vaccine if it doesn’t prevent infection or spread? Even the Mayo Clinic only goes as far as saying Covid vaccines “might” prevent you from getting the disease and “might” prevent you from spreading it.

      2. there’s something really strange going on if, as you say, one can test positive for the virus and never have any actual symptoms. perhaps it’s the wrong test. or a faulty sample. or a sloppy lab.

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