Three mass shootings in 3 days

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa (left), Ahmon Adams (center left),
Nyquez Baker (center right), and Devin Dorsey, Jr. (right)

The Boulder, Colorado mass shooting last week was followed by one in Virginia.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, whose family emigrated to the U.S. from Syria, is charged in the Boulder tragedy.

Some of those who know him say he may suffer from mental illness, “had a temper,” was anti-social, and had grown increasingly paranoid.

He is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one charge of attempted murder after the rampage Wednesday.

The New York Times reported that Ahmad Alissa was already on the FBI’s radar because he was linked to another individual who is under investigation by the FBI. That’s been the case in numerous mass shootings in the U.S.

On Friday, there were two mass shootings in Virginia Beach, blocks apart, that did not get as much attention.

At least 10 people were shot; two of them died.

Charged in those cases are: Ahmon Adam, Nyquez Baker, and Devin Dorsey, Jr.

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33 thoughts on “Three mass shootings in 3 days”

  1. The FBI is a joke. They’ll go after a sleeping 70 year old man and his wife with a swat team in the middle of the night with a press crew like Gestapo at the behest of their leftist political masters,but are completely incompetent at actually doing their job to protect American citizens.

    1. Exactly because they are paid off by the left deep state and, George Soros like the fake media, Antifa , BLM, rioters, Fact Check, Snopes, politifact, Google, USA Today, Forbes. All greed while destroying America and our children’s freedom. All BAD CORRUPT PEOPLE!!! And thanks Bozo Biden voters we told you we needed the wall. Now people are dead! Brilliant! But Biden has a wall..he can be xenophobe?! No logic! And now people are dead all bc of greed and TDS! Stupid!

    1. It means they knew of the individuals due to their dealings or being involved with the dealings of others being investigated. And we see, once again, that the FBI is useless to stop anything.

    2. it means a) you are a true-blue danger to America; or b) somebody doesn’t like you. The difference is “investigation.” And in the good old days between the cross-dresser JE Hoover and the out-and-out liar Comey, that is what the FBI did. It asked questions, weighed motives for comments and evidence, and if there was nothing there to see, they passed the candidate. But now? it all depends who commits the crime. You could be given a real pass by today’s politicized FBI, or maybe, you could go to prison for a set-up that pretty much forced you into a lie they could use against. This was a tried and true KGB tactic in the USSR. Back in the, back in the, back in the….

    3. it means the FBI knows about these killers and either supports them directly or assists indirectly by doing nothing. FBI, another tool used by Democrats /Globalists used when they are pushing the agenda and want results fast. The “gangbangers” featured here are doing what they do daily but suddenly it’s reportable. The Syrian? duh.

  2. We can not legislate for good behavior. We can only punish the guilty.
    If not guns, it will be knives bombs and baseball bats like in Britain and other gun free countries.
    We need more mental health facilities and the ability for families to commit relatives for observation. We need the death penalty to rid society of criminals whose heinous acts commit them to never be free again.

    But we can get smart and regulate immigration from countries where their dominant religion demands they murder unbelievers, and where they are taught that women are chattel commodities, and children can be sold or bartered or give in marriage at a young age. These fundamentalists do not assimilate into our culture, but rather demand we accept theirs. This is unacceptable.

    1. happy to see a women understand this, it seems a lot do not. I would add that from countries where violence is extreme , does anyone think that those people fleeing are not violent themselves at least on a higher level because of the very fact they have lived it? example : we had an influx of people from Philly to a small city , williamsport , pa. , attracted by the false promise of big drug and welfare programs that didn’t really exist and Philly willing to export their problems, any guess as to the result? crime skyrocketed in williamsport , sure good people fled Philly but sharks followed and even the “good” accept a higher crime rate as better then what they left , the new normal is high crime. the weak suffer

  3. thank you again and again for merely reporting fact. it helps to ground the rest of us in reality when all around us the real true blue Big Brother tries to brainwash us with falsity.

  4. Just say it, Sharyl…this is an attenpt to cut through an ‘advocacy’ media narrative that intentionally promotes racial division to serve an agenda for their employers.

    1. all of them obviously white supremacists… there is no way Democrats or Globalists benefit or orchestrate this.

  5. Richard G Campbell

    Thank you Sharyl for exposing this and bringing it to light. The main media is too focused on political correctness and hate for the Republican/conservative values and views they will not report this story.

  6. Your story on the latest shooters will NEVER be seen by the public on the main Media broadcasters! The way we can tell there is a cover-up is when the report is short and doesn’t show a white person as the shooter! I call them as I see them, Sharyl! Thank you for showing us the pictures of the latest shooters!

  7. Where is the FCC? Fox CNN and the others run these shootings 24/7. Including our children, who is watching? The next copycat. The TV media and FCC are irresponsible. Are they not? The families should be able to sue the TV media for excessive broadcast of these mass shootings. For $100’s of millions.

  8. Until this past year I had never spent my days thinking of gay rites, transgender equity, racism, Wokeness, my Whiteness or if my elected government officials we doing the right thing for my family and my country. Now it’s all I seem to think about. WTF just happened??

  9. Still waiting for some common sense WRT young male violence with guns. Where’s the law against lying politicians with zero wisdom?

  10. The amount of publicity given to mass shootings – or to violence in general – seems very dependent upon who the killers are and who the victims are. It is all very much based on “intersectionality” and the hierarchy of victimhood.

  11. They’re not a joke they are a threat to us and our way of life. The FBI let this happen. So leftist can pursue taking guns away from legal owners. Illegal gun owners on the other hand will not give up thier guns nor do the authorities have a list of illegal gun owners or they would have taken thier guns already and arrested them.The left owns the FBI now and does whatever the left wants just like the puppet president. We the People are better off abolishing the FBI .

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