Ashli Babbitt’s family’s legal team releases statement

Attorneys representing Ashli Babbitt’s family recently released a statement.

Babbitt was unarmed when she was shot and killed by a law enforcement officer at the Capitol on the day of the riots.

For some reason, the name of the officer who shot her has not been released.

Babbitt attorney’s statement appears below:

The shooting of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021 by an unidentified U.S. Capitol Police Officer was an unjustified use of deadly force which violated her constitutional rights. It is clear from video footage that Ashli did not pose a danger to the officer, or any other person, when she was shot. Ashli was unarmed. She did not assault anyone. She did not threaten to harm anyone. There was no excuse for taking her life.

It is a universal law enforcement standard that a police officer should use no more force than necessary to accomplish a lawful purpose.  At 5′ 2″ tall and 110 pounds, an arrest of Ashli could have been accomplished by a single trained officer with a set of handcuffs. At the time of the shooting, there were over a half-dozen police officers in close proximity to the Speaker’s door where Ashli was standing. Some of those officers had just allowed protesters access to the door by stepping aside. Other officers, dressed in full tactical gear, stood among the protesters just a few feet behind the door. Still others stood casually at the opposite end of the Speaker’s Lobby, unconcerned with the activities of Ashli and the protesters around her. All of these officers were in a position to have aided in the apprehension of Ashli if it was necessary. Given her background as a 14-year veteran of the Air Force, it is likely that Ashli would have complied with simple verbal commands, thereby making the use of any force unnecessary.

However, the officer who shot Ashli never attempted to arrest her. Nor did he call on his fellow officers to arrest her. Instead, he fired a shot into her chest. Witnesses confirm that the officer did not give Ashli a single verbal warning prior to firing. In fact, Ashli was not even aware that the officer was present, as he was located in the doorway of a room off to the side of her field of vision.

To date, the officer who shot Ashli has not been identified. Neither the Capitol Police nor any other governmental authority has given an account of the facts surrounding the shooting. There has been no official explanation or justification for the use of lethal force in this matter. This lack of transparency impedes the public scrutiny which is necessary to hold government officials accountable in a free society. It also interferes with the ability of Ashli’s family to obtain justice for their loss.

My law firm and I represent Ashli’s husband and family members. We will continue to investigate this matter.  We intend to take appropriate legal action when our investigation has been completed.  We call upon the Capitol Police as well as the United States Congress to make public the facts and circumstances of Ashli’s shooting.

If you have information regarding this matter, you may contact us and receive updates on Twitter at Justice for Ashli Babbitt @ForAshli.  Emails can also be to the address alone.

Terrell N. Roberts, III

Roberts and Wood

Riverdale, Maryland

[email protected]

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206 thoughts on “Ashli Babbitt’s family’s legal team releases statement”

    1. If the Dept of Injustice can’t identify the incompetent officer and charge him with at least involuntary manslaughter, then load up and charge the DOJ with obstruction Justice!

      1. I have always questioned if that was a “plain clothes officer” as his arm showed a suit coat not a uniform. Or was it in fact one of the Congressmen, whom many have stated there were a couple of them that drew their personal arms. Where’s the transparency?

      2. Where are the Republicans? Why are they allowing so many innocent people to languish in prison? In solitary confinement? Beaten, starved, no court appearance dates, no access to attorneys , friends or family?

        How is this in any way justifiable?

        Instead they’re either hammering R v W or fundraising.

        They clamored to reinstate FISA, the Patriot Act against the will of those who enabled their worthless, milquetoast, homogenous flat asses elected?

        Between the corrupt establishment Uniparty and the clueless religious zealots, where are the members who are supposed to represent “We The People”?

        Aside from DeSantis, Nunes, Gaetz ,Burgess Owens, VanDrew,Vernon Jones and Ron Johnson…Brian Mast, Kat Cammuck?

      3. If they’re hiding the officers name from public then someone gave him authorization to shoot if anyone crosses the line. They do the same if you cross the barricade in the white house if the President is present. The Feds are not playing when corporate owned officials are around. Biden kisses little girls in front of his colleagues. Thats the type of power they have. If they can f your little girl in front of you. They can pretty much do anything they want. That’s something to take a drink and think about and let that seep in for min.

    2. Yes, they are desperately trying to shut this case down. I am so glad her family and lawyers are not allowing themselves to be silenced. May God give them courage to pursue this case to a truthful and just completion.

    3. I’m angrier with the cowardly, despicable lack of response from the Republican electorate.

      Why do we vote for these losers? America is one step from over and they remain SILENT!

  1. DemonRats are behind the entire Lie. They’ll do anything to make Trump look bad, even kill innocent Americans.

    1. It ain’t just the Dems. Look at what Bush and his family did! 911 was planned. Just another false flag like all the ones before it and after. We have a shadow government run by the alphabet soup groups and they are lawless. They do what they want! Remember… “You can’t handle the truth!” You really can’t.

      1. I can handle the truth and have issues with some government methods but not for a second believe Bush had anything to do with causing 911.

        1. Of COURSE, Bush didn’t plan 9.11! Bush couldn’t plan his way out of a wet paper bag. [It was Cheney and the Israelis. ] Bush DID, however, help with the coverup.

        2. Bush was complicit . Do your homework and maybe your beliefs will change. As a former Bush supporter it was hard for me to fathom. Look up the research of historian-investigative journalist Ryan Dawson and the work of Christopher Bollyn for starters. The idea of taking down the Twin Towers was discussed by Israeli Ultra-Zionists twenty years prior to 9/11. Ryan Dawson produced a 5 hour documentary with tons of video and documental evidence of what the truth is.

      2. Charles Alan Clemens

        No, it’s not just the Democrats, Homer; but there’s no need to bring up crimes committed twenty years ago. It just deflects and diverts attention from the worthless and totally politicized Justice Department that Joe Biden has put in place.

  2. Our FBI director Wray has not been honest yet again ?his testimony on the Hill was full of political rhetoric. He never mentioned the truth about Ashli or Sicknick. It was all about blaming & shaming Trump supporters as white supremacy kooks. I despise him for his complicity in the attack against conservatives and freedom fighters.

    1. He is me information: It was all BS, she was not shot and she is not dead. I didn’t believe it happened as it was going on and I don’t believe it today. Staged and cover up.

      1. AL ROLO,You are a perfect example of HOW stupid americans have become,I hope you live in a DEMONRAT city,THE US AIR FORCE will teach all you morons what they think about anyone killing one of their own…

      2. You are not alone, many people believe this too. If not, then why hasnt this been handled like millions of others with a Death Certificate (available to order on line)

    2. The day after he died, Sicklick’s brother stated that his brother died of natural causes….a stroke caused by a brain aneurysm. He further asked on behalf of the family that his death not be politicized. So much for his request! They just now released the info from the doctor? Jan 6 was a setup by Dems. No doubt in my mind!

    3. Because he is orchestrating the Cover Up. Many people believe Ashli is not dead, there is no obituary either.

  3. It seems to me that the cover-up of this crime is part and parcel to the duplicity by the authorities on the 6th of January, 2021. Hopefully, real journalist like yourself will get to the truth and give the American people the real account of what happened on that day. Watch your back!

    1. And the cover-up continues. MSM still reporting that 5people were “killed” in the protest. Only Ashli was killed (by a cop). Three died of natural causes (not killed) and the government is hiding the cause of death of the police officer ( not beaten to death with a fire extinguisher as previously reported by MSM). Is there no truth in government anymore?

  4. Where is her obituary? What hospital did she go to? Who was the coroner? Where are audio and video tapes? Why is there no footage of the ambulance arrive or leaving? There were 1000 cell phones.

      1. Are you kidding me? Have they covered it up so completely by not reporting it that you’re believing their law? Be very careful my friend.

      2. Look for the slow motion explanation showing how all the actor were involved. I’m sure it is being hidden by the boys who will meet their maker.

      1. Paperwork is the key here. This law firm SHOULD have access to the coroner’s report (autopsy required by DC law for violent homicide), MPD police report, Capitol Police report, DC civilian oversight board investigation for Police use of force, DC Fire or AMR ambulance transport records, hospital admittance information and time of death , physician/ME pronouncing death etc… This lawyer could EASILY release any of this info.

        1. You can order anyone’s Death Cert., online via the Office of Vital Statistics. I believe the COD will not be included unless you’re an immediate relative.

    1. I saw two different recordings from two locations. I’m not sure if it is still up, but the Antifa guy had it on his Twitter. The one who went in to “document” the sixth.

    2. Early on, I saw one very short clip of Ashley bleeding and being wheeled into an ambulance. No doubt there were many phone videos taken. Probably the bias social media banned every last one of them.

  5. Russell Brumfield

    Ashli was the wrong color. Had she been of color the police officer who cowardly shot her would have sparked nationwide riots & looting. Memorials to her would have been painted in the streets, etc. Since she was the wrong color the cowardly so-called police officer who shot her is still on duty, I expect. He may have been the right color as well.

    1. The “officer” did his part and was swiftly sent back home to Hollywood along with the other players! There’s plenty of videos!

    2. And if she was black, most of y’all here would have called the shot justified. Let’s be real. Or if you were in your house with a gun and someone violently smashes a window and climbs in, you would fire and it would be completely justified self-defense. Many more could have been justifiably shot that day. With over 50 cops injured, i think law enforcement had crazy self-restraint.

      1. Good Grief lady! I’m from a family of police and none of them can figure why a real officer would have shot her!!!!! Something was very wrong!! It just doesn’t add up!

  6. I’m so glad this is being investigated. I don’t think her death was justified, and the fact that the identity of the officer is still being kept secret (they will obviously LIE and say it’s “for his own protection”) says a lot about how confident they are about his innocence, in her (murder) death.
    As an aside:
    Nancy Pelosi’s nut-job ex-general recommends establishing a military style “rapid response” unit to quickly respond to events like the one on January 6th at the Capitol.
    I have a question?
    Did the FBI and Capitol police have “advanced” warnings that the protest would be massive and that violence (as with ANY crowd of THAT size) could possibly result?
    … Yes.
    Did Trump request 10,000 National Guard be there just in case?
    … Yes.
    My point being, what type of response is more “rapid” than having the crowd control people (National Guard, or otherwise) … ALREADY THERE? …. like THEY SHOULD HAVE … but CHOSE not to.
    This is typical government (Congress and Law Enforcement agencies) abuse of power and another effort to “always take advantage of a crisis” [ even an exaggerated one–like Jan. 6th ] just like they did after 9/11. There too, did they have “more than enough of the dots” (meaning all the warning signs a red flashing lights about what was being planned and who was involved) to connect. They even had their communications captured and COULD HAVE stopped them (pre 9/11) but THEY screwed it up a dozen different ways. Then what happened?
    What ALWAYS happens, they want: MORE MONEY–they got it… they get BILLONS and BILLONS more now every year to spy on everything we say and do; yet, they had all the information they needed to stop it (9/11) but they messed up. It wasn’t a matter of MORE people being hired into government, more surveillance equipment, more illegal/unconstitutional spying, less privacy … it was a matter of people DOING THER JOBS–correctly and professionally.
    End of rant. Thanks for reading, and thank you for all that you do.

    Robert P.

    1. Let me also add that the DC Police Captain pleaded with them to allow NAT Guard in, I believe the DC chief made the request six times and Pelosi and Mayor Bowser declined bcuz of optics.
      Now Pelosi and Bowser are no strangers. In 2016 when Seth Rich was shot, Pelosi and Bowser got to the hospital before the ambulance carrying Seth Rich, they needed to fleece him for that uSB with HRC’ and Podesta’s emails on it.
      So no surprise that Pelosi and Bowser declined assistance from the Nat Guard, although Trump repeatedly offered, and DC chief of Police pleaded.
      DC Chief resigned immediately after Jan 6th

  7. from the video footage i saw, there were at least 10 people around her and noone knows anything? same thing with officer sitnick. i smell something funny.

  8. Dear Sharyl, A heads-up: the email listed at the bottom of the article, above, doesn’t work: [email protected]
    You may want to let them know that people who may not be able to access Twitter– for some, ahem! reason–
    Won’t be able to reach them, at all.

  9. I’m glad you’re addressing this murder of Ashly.
    The media has been silent on this, indicating to me that there is a government conspiracy in this killing.

    1. First she is shot in the neck then she is shot in the chest???? Either way if a .45 was used there was still very blood. I call horseshit.
      She is still alive.

    2. A conspiracy of what? She was climbing through a barrier and breaking in unlawfully. It was a tragedy we all witnessed it, no conspiracy though! How could anyone witnessing the mayhem on January 6th defend the chaos and violence caused by the protestors that very dark day in history.

    3. If I’m jumping through a broken window to enter a premise I’m not supposed to be entering, Especially where there are Lawmakers. I would expect to get shot and consider myself lucky if I didn’t get shot. She would not have been climbing through a broken window-, she was breaking he law but they say oh if she had known there was a cop there, she would not have?! Its terrible that she was shot, But she should not have been doing what she was doing. That she served our Country makes what she did even worse- she should have known better.

      1. Really, you think trespassing is worthy of deadly force? That’s an incredibly ignorant argument, willfully or otherwise. I can’t even shoot an intruder entering my own home without first issuing a loud and clear warning to retreat or face being shot first. Nah, that’s not how law works, Pete. If she was holding a gun then maybe, but only after clear directions to drop the weapon.

        1. Christine Erikson

          she wasn’t trespassing so much as barging into a place to attackthe people cowering in fear there. get real.

      2. You might be right if she was the first one busting into the building, but as I hear it there were many already in the building when she was shot. Not a strong post.

      3. Finally, someone talking sense here. What i said elsewhere. Lucky more weren’t shot. Many more had death and destruction on their minds. Clear threat to life.

  10. Richard Ogrady M

    She wasn’t a black, oppressed criminal. That’s why they don’t care. The speaker of the house must resign over this senseless killing. She’s a American and has rights on government property. Polosi, and shummer need to resign over this American patriot who was murdered by congress!!

  11. The democrats ridiculously claim that the treatment” of the rioters would be “different” if they were BIPOC. Everything they accuse the police of during BLM demonstrations, excessive force, unnecessary use of deadly force, using force against people trespassing or violating borders, was committed against Ashli. The difference is they would have been fed and showered and given a place to stay and released without charges.

  12. And sadly none of the mainstream media or in the administration will care because she was a white Trump supporter. Where is the Department of (in-)Justice? Crickets.

  13. Kathleen Wallace

    The fact that barriers were removed and entry doors to the Capitol were opened by police to allow protesters in makes the whole thing look like certain politicians were using the incident for their own advantage, particularly when one notes the fencing around the building and the military presence have continued to this day while Commie Joe and the Congressional left wingers try to enact executive orders and legislation that violate our Constitution. Are they afraid of the American people?

  14. I was one of the 42k outside the Capitol who went in solidarity with my countrymen on 1/6/21 hoping the politicians would take a pause and consider the irregularities before, during and after the election. I saw the barricades moves and folks being waved inside. I thought, I’m going to get to see inside the Capitol today…. base on the actions of the policemen. The crowd was friendly, accommodating to families and elderly alike. No violence.
    Until police began shooting rubber bullets and teargas…..

    Something that has always bothered me though—if Congress was so afraid after the so called “armed insurrection”, why did they return ASAP? A woman was murdered, yet they all filed back in without so much as a pause. Yet on March 4th 2021, the House session was cancelled due to a conspiracy theory, despite thousands of armed National Guard and multiple barriers and fences. There was practically no traffic in DC that week, no sign of any type of gathering. It makes no sense.

    1. “Take a pause”? 2 months, 60 failed court cases, congressional hearings. I think that’s plenty pause.

  15. Ashli was murdered. The communist press aren’t interested, while the corrupted government looks the other way. How sad for the patriotic Ms. Ashley, and her family to ge treated with such disregard. Where are the chants to ‘Say her name?’ Ashli Babbit is a Patriot that deserves to be recognized as one. I recognize her as one!

  16. Imagine, yea just imagine if Ashli was “wearing a different color jersey” ( all you “identity politic HATERS” with an IQ above room temperature know who you are ) – yea, when do the riots begin???

    1. For what? Self defense? if you were in your house with a gun and someone breaks a window and comes in, don’t tell me you won’t defend yourself and your home and family. Same here.

  17. If you listen to the protester in orange outside the doors, at this time the gas is ready broken on most of them doors and that protester say he’s got a gun, he says this not once but two times.
    When he says this he is at the very left door, the officer was just a few feet inside. There is zero doubt that this officer hears the he’s got a gun.
    Does that officer understand that the protester was saying the officer had a gun?
    I don’t think so, that officer very well may have thought a protester outside the doors had a gun.
    Then within seconds she starts to climb in the window of the door and was shot.

    Again, the protester that said he’s got a gun was just a couple feet from the officer and the glass was broken. There is no doubt in my mind that there may have been confusion of the officer not knowing who else may have had the gun and did his job to protect those inside that chamber.
    You are not invited when when you are breaking down doors to get inside.

  18. I’m not certain that Babbitt was killed by a Capitol Police officer. If I recall correctly, the shooter was in plainclothes and did not appear to identify himself or say anything to Babbitt before shooting. It has also been pointed out that the shooter wore cufflinks, a bit out of character for an on-duty cop. The identity and position of this individual are critical, even though they may go against the Pelosi narrative.

    1. Exactly! I think the shooter wasn’t a police officer but perhaps someone should take a look at the actual hearing to see who was wearing cufflinks?

  19. After watching FBI director last week saying he can not release the name you can be sure there is a bona fide cover up on this one. I believe the name will NEVER be released. The standard answer is “It’s still under investigation”. You will hear that repeated until no one asks anymore – as it fades into history. The press is in on this one also, by being silent.

  20. So glad to see this action.
    I’m a retired police officer and upon seeing the video I had the same questions the attorneys are asking.

    1. whatever happened to back the blue? As in Back the Capitol Blue? You’re a retired police officer and can’t even defend one of your own from what was clearly self-defense and defense of our elected leaders of BOTH parties? Thank you for your service but your viewpoint is pathetic.

  21. I didn’t think that Ashli had committed a capital crime, punishable by firing squad, carried out by the Capitol Police, in the moment. What country’s Capitol did this happen in?

    If this is the USA, then there will be a trial, only it won’t be for a defendant named Ashli Babbitt. The cover-up by the Capitol Police implicates them in an actual capital crime.

  22. This was NOT and “election”. THIS was the “insurrection” the Dem-Lib-Left accused our president of. It is typical of their Evil pattern of behavior. They did this same thing on Trump’s last impeachment when HE drew attention to Biden’s blatant Blackmail of Ukraine’s prosecutor! When he withheld one billion in U.S. funds until they fired him. He was investigating Joe Biden’s son Hunter for “money laundering”. So to “get even” with Trump, they “drummed-up” FAKE charges over a perfectly legitimate phone call to the new leader of Ukraine. These police and FBI and CIA and entire DOJ, including the disgraced Bill Barr COLLUDED against our sitting POTUS! They just wanted SOMEONE to KILL as an example to others and poor Ashlie drew the unlucky hand. This was cold-blooded MURDER.. plain and simple and that officer (a disgrace to his peers) must be held responsible for his COWARDLY actions.

  23. ?
    Was that cancelled culture or opinion that may have so truth?
    So you moderate a very clear possibility of what may have happened.
    I suggest you watch and listen to the audio of her killing.
    Again, when you need to break into something, just maybe you were not wanted or invited

  24. i really believe Ashley was a sacrificed. i think antifa spotted her and herded her inside with the intent to kill her. the black dude who shot her was only playing his role in the False Flag.

  25. I did see a video of the shooting. There was no warning. The officer moved forward and fired at Ashli. There were other people including fellow officers in the line of fire. The shooting appeared both unjustified and reckless. Was this really a police officer? Hard to believe that the shooter had ever been trained to use a weapon. It violated every aspect of training I’ve received. It was an assassination. I was and am speechless.

    1. John Scott Forbus

      As I noted here earlier, there are many indications the shooter was NOT a Capitol Police officer (e.g., type of weapon used, lack of red 7white tape on slide like ALL other CPD officers had in the videos, etc.)
      This would explain both the shooter’s lack of weapons discipline and the unprecedented lengths being gone to to conceal their identity.

    2. Wake up people the reason the shooters name has not been released is that she is not dead but they are all crisis actors. Everyone in the video said she was shot in the neck and that she was dead within 21 seconds of falling to the floor.
      They rendered zero medical help at the time she was shot even with a medic on the scene within 10 seconds of her falling out of the window. All the people around her where just pointing at her and screaming she is dead. Police were at the door while they were beating on the windows right before the shooting and they just walked away and did not try to keep the crisis actors out. Wake up people we have all been lied to. This is the most traitorous thing to ever happen in my life time!

    3. If there was no smashing of windows and climbing through them, there would have been no reason to shoot. If the protestors remained outside police lines that day, there would have been no arrests, no shootings, nothing but first amendment right of free speech. Protestors became murderous criminals that day and babbitt’s shooting was 100% justified.

      1. Please. Shut up as you know little about anything but vocalizing your liberal hatred and ignorance. You and your ilk are the reason our country is in the state it’s in. Disgusting ?

  26. At this point, its not even certain that the shooter WAS a Capitol Police officer.
    Its been pointed out that, since a large number of officers in the Capitol Complex are “plainclothes”, they affix reflective red & white tape to their pistol’s slide on the side where they insert their fingers in the trigger guard. This ensures that, should the need arise to produce their weapon, the red & white tape is displayed as the weapon is unholstered and presented, letting other officers know that the weaponholder is a fellow officer, and reducing the risk they’re accidentally shot. Also, in the past, the majority of Federal LE officers have carried Glock Model 22 pistols chambered in .40 S&W.
    The video/images of Ms. Babbitt’s murder show that the shooter’s pistol is NOT a Glock, and does NOT have the “Don’t shoot me! I’m a cop!” red & white warning tape affixed.
    Why not?

  27. Why is the identity of the shooter being protected? If this was a Cop someone would have outed him by now. One possibility answer: the shooter was private security for a member of Congress (maybe Pelosi)?

  28. Why was there reports and footage of her being shot in the neck. Now its changed to being shot in her chest, and why is there absolutely nothing regarding her funeral and when it was, something this big, the media would of been all over it.

    1. The media only likes the numbers and shock factor. “5 killed in Riot”. But only Ashli was killed by someone, a cop or some other government official. Protester killed by cop wouldn’t be the headline they were looking for.

  29. Where is Officer David Bailey? No need to reply. Just a disgusted Air Force Vet that did some burial details.

  30. Why is the identity of the shooter being protected? If the shooter was a Cop he would have been outed by now. One possible answer: the shooter was private security (maybe for a high ranking Dem). That would explain why the shooter hasn’t been named publicly. Also why charges haven’t been brought.

  31. James Frederick Butterfield

    If she had been black….what would the response have been . BlM would have burned down DC and that would be fine with democrats. This was murder. As a former police officer, I have hundreds of questions. None of this appears to be legit. I believe politics were definitely behind this. I don’t care what her affiliation was and to whom. I watched the video 1000 times. Unjustified shooting.

    1. While “breaking and entering” is a crime, Ashli Babbitt clearly had both hands on the window frame when she was shot so the fact that she was not threatening harm to any other person is clear. Yet shot she was by a CPD officer that is now being protected by the CPD and the Democrat powers. As a former police officer, you know this was an unjustified shooting.

      1. Christine Erikson

        bullshit, the whole purpose of entry was to do harm beat the crap out of maybe kill by beating to death or a knife those miscreant legislators inside who were in terror. So were the guards.

  32. Just fyi she got shot in the neck not the chest!!!! You would think that these people who “write” these stories could get the facts correct!!!

  33. It is very disturbing that details of Ashli’s shooter, motive, etc., have remained hidden from the public.

  34. I don’t believe the person who shot Ashli Babbitt was a real police officer. If he was, then he planned to commit murder. He stood in the doorway for minutes with his finger on the trigger. Someone who was trained in firearms would never put his finger in the trigger box unless he was planning to shoot (pre meditated murder). Ashli was standing in the window spread eagle with her hands on the window frame when she was shot. He had a clear view of her hands. He new other people dressed as police officers where on the other side of the window and made no attempt to stop her. His actions were very reckless at best and put the lives of many others in jeperdy as well as killing Ashli Babbit. That man who shot Ashli should be tried for 1st degree murder. I am not sure that anyone dressed in officers uniforms around Ashli were actually real police officers based on film footage I have reviewed.

  35. The profane don’t dare storm the sacred halls of the best government that money can buy.
    Only enlightened beings roam the shining sulfur stench ridden swamp in the cesspool of corruption.
    Any kulak Trumptard untermenschen hillbilly scum who try to enter will be shot.

  36. If you can find anyone with authority over the Capitol police, the FBI or Congress who will act on this, let me know. Sadly this is pissing in the wind. The deep state commies are unaccountable. They intend to stay that way.

  37. Rest In Peace Ashli. Thank you for 14+ years of service to our fallen nation.

    You were more of a figure than ALL of our politicians. Wanting your unarmed voice to be heard by Congress should not be a death penalty, no matter what the snake Lindsey Graham says. It was a sad day watching the murder of Ashli Babbitt. I hope your family finds peace and brings truth and honor to your name, in court, and in popular opinion.

    The citizens of this nation were told all summer long, and more, that forceful, destructive and often violent protest is okay. What they said on and after January 6th is that it’s only acceptable when directed at innocent American citizens, not the guilty and corrupt politicians. I hope every politician that condemned what happened, without doing anything at all meaningful for the ongoing victims of the riots all summer long and beyond… I hope they rot in the worst hell imaginable. They are complete and utter failures at life, and they deserve the same as Lindsay Graham suggested patriotic protesters deserved.

    America First

  38. The assassin was armed and Ms. Babbitt was not. The gunman must step into the light and explain why he took the life of Ashli Babbitt.

  39. Stop lying attorney/CIA. Ashley Babbitt was not shot and killed at the capitol. It was a false flag event. Isn’t it nice that all this time the reports were she had been shot in the neck but now in your statement to the world you snuck in how she had been shot in the chest.

    You changed it all up to confuse everyone. Now nobody will remember that the first reports had her as shot in the neck and from here on out she was shot in the chest.

    How about this accurate report and I wasn’t even there-she was never shot. How about that liar.

    If you don’t believe me watch the full “training” video of the event for yourself. It was all a big lie.

    1. Christine Erikson

      a false flag is NOT fake, it is real, just the identity/uniform whatever of the perpetrators (who are your own people) is made to look like that of the people you want a war with to frame them and cause outrage against them.

  40. “For some reason, the name of the officer who shot her has not been released.”

    They learned well from Lon Horiuchi.

  41. Absolutely they are all despicablethey all need to go. We all need to call our “representatives” and make them tell who murdered Ashli!!

  42. William Thomas Johnson

    When a cop shoots an unarmed black his identity and service record become known almost immediately.. So why don’t we get to know the identity of the cop who shot and unarmed white woman? Double standard…???

  43. God Bless you Ashley your a true American hero! You died fighting for the right of children. I have nothing but love & respect for you and all who stand up for those unable to protect themselves.
    My heart brakes for your husband, family, friends, and all who witnessed and/or affected by this senseless murder.
    I watched numerous videos from every angle and you Ashley Babbitt were murdered in cold blood! You did nothing worth death! I’ll continue to pray that justice is had over your murder.
    The man that killed Ashley is a coward and I hope he can’t have one minute of peace knowing he killed an American Hero!
    I don’t know if the stories of the children are true, but I do know Ashley and many others believe it is. And I’m happy to know there are people who want to make this right and save innocent children.
    I know Ashley is in heaven and I know God is very proud of her.
    God Bless her husband, family & friends. And God Bless the innocent children and Americans who stand up for them.

  44. this takeon the videois insane. the whole scene was violent, the people hiding inside the room were terrified, Ashlli was trying to lead a charge past the armed guy, miscalculated there is no way that a young woman and some others, withher levelof aggression needed a weapon to do anything. I’ve seen the video this whole view of her is false.

    Ashli was a true warrior type, who died fighting for the wrong section of the Trump cause (Qanon) and the man who pulled the triger did absolutely the right thing.

    I can hoor them both. But she was breaking a log jame that would have had those people in there, as a security controller in the AF she probably knew how be dangerous unarmed, and in any case it is unlikely that a woman like her didn’t learn that stuff on her own. And not even that kind of knowhow is needed to be a clear and present danger to older, more frail and cowering not adequately defending themselves people.

    We focus on the weapons someone might carry, ignoring you can BE a weapon yourself. If Pelosi or Schumer were killed or maimed it would have been a full scale martial law crackdown excuse and suspension of the constitution and Continuity of Government type stuff. Q probably represents an element that considered them expendable, too high profile as the evil they are, and useful dead.

    Amazinglyk, none of you people posting here or writing this has any comprehension of violence. The video itself shows a dangerous situation escalating.

    I am pro Trump but the tack of using her as a martyr is bad it is dishonest it is stupid it can backfire.

    I saw the video where Alex Jones and two others were talking and one said, “do you want to make a m….” feed cut. yeah, make a martyr of her. PR value.

    Bad move to borrow from the democrat dishonst playbook, now you are allying or hypnotized so the obvious terrifying situation isn’t visible to you in the video. But its obvious to anyone with a clear head.

    This sort of outcry also se4rves evil by undercutting concepts of what should trigger a self defense reaction which is way undermined in law and popular thought as it is,making gun ownership irrelevant: most of what is common sense will land you in prison.

  45. I have not seen any evidence that Ashli was killed. As far as I can tell, it is part of the DS planned event. Actors….prove it before you lie to the public.

  46. The Man From Utopia

    She was breaking the law. She was someplace she was not legally allowed to be. She knew she was breaking the law and yet, she persisted. She was part of an angry mob that was trying to kill members of Congress and the Vice President in order to stop an election certification so that the guy who lost could stay in office. That cop was defending and holding the line between democracy and mob rule. Whomever was first through that door was going to die, and if anyone followed, they were going to die as well. The mob backed down once they realized that they would face consequences for their decisions. We should be grateful no one else was shot.
    Seriously, storm the seat of government in any other country on earth and see how they respond.

  47. There was some pushing and shoving going. But the cap police and the swat teams had these protestors under control. No one needed to be shot. So why did the police suddenly move out of the way? It’s in the video.

    Watch this video. (

    The man who shot Ashli Babbitt is clearly seen coming into view and firing the fatal shot. He was wearing medical face mask, of course. But he was black and was pointing his weapon at the doorway for several seconds before Ashli came in through the window. There was no reason for anyone to be shot this way. The shooter was identified. There were other security people standing right near this person.

    You can sue for “wrongful death” at a minimum.

    1. These are a lot of assumptions, unfortunately thats not how the US Legal System works. She is innocent until proven guilty but the issue this discussion is asking,
      Where is the Death Cert.?
      I was in DC and I didnt breach the Capitol for all the reasons you mentioned, it was dangerous. There were ppl planted in the crowd that I saw shooting rubber bullets at police. I went back to my hotel. Someone in the lobby was telling the story as he said he was behind her and saw the shot to her neck, she said she was ok and shortly after collapsed.

  48. Plus push to prosecute the unarmed Ashli Babbit….. She was murdered… plain and simple…. Not release cause I bet it was a black officer

  49. B”H It seems she was guilty of one major ‘crime’ which many of us share (and in some areas we have been here before, as, when busing began in my hometown… after much effort between the two neighborhoods it was fixed) and that is to have white skin. It’s a very big problem for many humans located on this continent, especially within the USA, to tolerate those of us who fail to display brown or black skin color. But, that can be fixed. When people of peace from both sides of the skin-color divide get together and are determined to find a solution, they can set up new rules, infrastructure, and activities, that will allow peaceful interchange (not just coexistence) without homogenzing the group and forcing people of any skin color, race, or religion, to relinquish their respective customs, beliefs, cultures, and traditions. It DOES take concerted effort and a lot of good will. This is hard to come by, nowadays, as we are all dealing with a changing climate and its consequences, and not always are the scientific standards re. how that is caused, and re. how to make it easier on all people, upheld. Despite the dangers of our changing climate and the waning of the strength of earth’s magnetic field, we are obligated to try. The survival of our species is on the line, and enough lives will be claimed by events that humans cannot control, due to laws that govern the non-human components of the natural world. We can’t afford to lose even one more life through violence, or, even, negligence. On the Homo sapiens team, we need ALL our players. Ashli, may her life and contribution to humanity be publicly and forever vindicated, was stellar. I often cry since then, and don’t feel happy, because it looks like I will never get to meet her. A female 14-year Air Force Veteran, who risked her life for years to serve her country! Amazing. She would have done many more wonderful things had she lived longer.

  50. the murderer is a BLM member. but since Blacks are now above the law, no punishment will be brought.

    Whites killing armed Blacks == murder conviction
    Blacks killing unarmed Whites == awarded with Medal of Valor

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